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The speaker discusses the two conditions of the Marriot Allah subhanaw taala, which is the foundation of achieving the pleasure of being in a place and working on one's clothing. They also mention the importance of being caught in a storm and not let go of their feelings. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being caught in a storm and not let go of their feelings.

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Under a little bit alameen salam and I should have said he

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was happy about

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those around that I said in the La harminder the not taco livina Hamas you know

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Sokolov under the Allah subhanaw taala, which means, Verily Allah subhanaw taala is with the one who has taqwa

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with the people who have Taqwa and with the people who are on the hands, who do

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really align with the ones who have Taqwa. And we're the ones who

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The two conditions of the Marriot Allah subhanaw taala, the two conditions to have a lesser holiday in your corner, the two conditions to have a turn of support. The two conditions to have under help and those

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are taqwa and s and

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I remind myself a new one brothers and sisters.

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That taqwa is the root is the foundation of all goodness. The core is the foundation of achieving the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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As we approach Ramadan, about which Allah subhanaw taala said that could devalue museum or come up with a valid

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token that fasting has been prescribed for you as it was prescribed for others before you so that you will become a pain so that you will become people of taqwa.

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telkwa is the foundation of everything.

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somebody asks and I'm what I'm gonna call Baba Golan, who was

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taken out of the lung replied with another question. He said to him, how would you walk if you had to work on a nanobots between Fon Bush's demands that I would gather my clothes around me tight, and I would walk very carefully, and look all around me to make sure

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that my clothes,

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do not get snagged on any of the funds, and so on lower the beautiful description of the quad

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to work in such a way that your clothes don't get snagged on the funds.

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And this is duck one duck Weiss lives life in such a way that you don't get snagged on the thunder of the disobedience of Allah, on the tongues of religiousness with a law that's all together your clothes around yourself together your good deeds around yourself together your

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your your Eman close to yourself and work very carefully to ensure that no action of ours that no speech of ours that no nothing that we do

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ever, displeases Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the path to holla Hola, I'm sitting here

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on this

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in this beach resort,

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very exclusive Beach Resort called the Golden Sands

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called Gold Coast in Malaysia.

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The villas are on still in the sea. It is a bay,

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the waters not very deep. But I'm sitting here just before further dark skies, heavy winds,

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whales as the goal for this place, quite high. And I think to myself, what must be the state of those who are actually on ships, which are caught in the storm that is brewing off the coasts in the Indian Ocean.

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At times, like they are like those, when you are on a ship and continent strong.

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You feel really close to Allah that

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you feel because all other

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all other sources of help are cut off and you get a true sense of your helplessness. And at that time, you get pretty close to Allah subhanaw taala because that's the only one who can help you in that situation. The only one who can control the sea is Allah, the only one who can ensure that you come out you come home safe is Allah and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in the Quran and give this this specific example of being caught in a in a storm when you are on a ship

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and lost my beloved but when they come to the shore, they go back to the always remind myself I knew that deeper the quote the meaning of changing is to change permanently. The meaning of changing is to change permanently and turn towards the last round. So that

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Do not again turn away from others ever, under any circumstances. I've got lots of data to help us and to guide us to do that which is pleasing to Him. And to help us and guide us, never displeasing either by word, or by action, or by thought and never do two displays in any way whatsoever. And that when we meet him, it will be a meeting of honor. It will be a meeting where Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with us sallalahu Lana bill Karim while he was having his mind that Athletica humbly let me