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Shade in the Hereafter

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Daood Butt

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Episode Notes

Coconut tree reminder

Episode Transcript

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said Mr. Ajay Kumar, good morning brothers and sisters here on our last morning in Langkawi. And, you know, I'm trying to catch some shade underneath this coconut tree.

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Because yesterday I kind of got sunburned. And, you know, my wife was reminding me that on the Day of Judgment, the son won't be millions of miles away, it'll be right above our heads, people will be drowning in their own sweat.

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Because of the amount of sins that they committed, and the fear that they have. From the last panel, which is punishment, we must not forget that the sun is going to be right above our heads, which will probably be burning our skin much worse than it does here on Earth. So we should all be working towards those seven types of people that are shaded on the Day of Judgment by Allah subhana wa, tada, throne.

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And that's pretty much my message for today. You know, let's just work hard and try and be underneath this shade of a las panatela thrown on the day of judgment and try and be better people try and spread goodness and shallow data to others, which is a little hidden Santa Monica.