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AI: Summary © The importance of dressing up during events, including La La, is highlighted by the use of the Koran in shaping culture. Fasting and praying are also emphasized, as it is a celebration of one's spirituality. The upcoming month ofoff is also emphasized, with a focus on being a person and not just a coworker. The importance of fasting and gratitude for the Koran is also emphasized, and a recommendation to donate is made.
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Salam Alaikum Quran Weekly, below salatu salam O Allah so Allah Allah and he was it is my second reflection I wanted to share with you guys about Ramadan. Continuing with our conversation about the word La La is in the shadow of Milan and living in Zilla feel Quran who the Lyndsey avenatti middle hotel for con Herman shahida mushara for the awesome woman cannot believe and elyda phi determine a woman or you need to let her become looser whether you need to become a nurse, when he took me to the wedding talk a bit Allah Allah, Allah Allah come touch Quran, Allah azza wa jal in this ayah ends the long injunction with La La Quinta Kuru, hopefully, perhaps, and so that you will be

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grateful that all of you will become grateful. So whatever Allah has said, in this sutra, or in this ayah, particularly, the point of it is to make you and me grateful. Last time I talked to you about the point of fasting being that we develop taqwa and how that's kind of related what the logical connection there is. But here I want to highlight what is it that Allah wants us to be grateful for in Ramadan, the sooner begins, you know, and when the way it begins to me is remarkable. When we think of Ramadan at least me the way I was raised and the way our society and community is when you think of Ramadan first thing that goes in your mind is fasting. If thought parties thought are we

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you know, there's a sequence of events and probably the biggest thing is fasting before anything else you think of fasting, a lot of rearranges our thinking about Ramadan. When he introduces us to Ramadan and decide this is the eye of Ramadan in the Quran, there is no other eye on Ramadan in the Quran, Shadow Ramadan and the unzila female Quran the month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was sent down. And this is actually rhetorically it's a really beautiful expression. Eliza that's a shout out on Madonna Levy, Angela who Angela for the month of Ramadan is the one in which we sent the Quran down. He didn't mention himself he says Lindsey, Latvia or Anu the Quran was sent down in

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it. The difference between saying we sent it down and it was sent down is huge rhetorically in Arabic We won't we don't really notice the difference in English. The idea is Allah is highlighting the Quran, so much so that he doesn't even mention himself. He highlights the Koran to that extent in this ayah to show us the role and the importance of the Quran. If Allah had said einzelner feel like Angela, we sat down water from the sky, Allah highlights himself and what does he send down water? Of course Allah is the one who sends the Quran down. But he highlights its importance by making the verb passive and just alluding to the Quran directly saying this is the month in which

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the Quran came down. So the first thing you should be thinking about in Ramadan is the Quran. So you should be the month of Quran. It's the month in which the celebration of the whole month the entire ceremony of fasting and celebrating the need at the end all of it has to do with the Koran. So going into Ramadan, you and I should be thinking, how am I going to come out of Ramadan, truly having gotten closer to the Quran, because the entire spirit of Ramadan, according to the ayah is the Quran itself, Shahada, Milan and the sila feel for on. Two things happen here that I've talked about in other lectures, that in from a historical point of view, you know, Jews used to have their own days

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of fasting, and they had their own revelation. And Allah azzawajal made us a distinct nation. And part of our distinction is that we have our own revelation. And part of another part of our distinction is that we have our own month of fasting. Another part of our distinction is that we have our own direction of prayer, we used to pray in the same direction as the Jewish community before until the revelation came. This surah makes us distinct in every way like a few IOD before this ayah in the same surah we were just reading about the changing of the Qibla why we've been made a distinct nation now we're reading what else makes you a distinct nation, the revelation and the

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month you should celebrate that revelation that to Subhan. Allah shall hold on hold on let the Koran is the celebration of Muslim identity, the fact that we're a new nation, the fact that we are now the nation that Allah chose to give guidance to, it's you know how nations have like the Fourth of July their independence, or people celebrate you know, the day that the day in which their nation was formed or their constitution was passed, etc, etc. For us, our day of our month of constitutional celebration, when we were inaugurated as a nation, that is our month, the month of the month of Ramadan. So Panama. Then he says something beautiful, he says suddenly not guidance for

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all people. You know, the previous nation believe that guidance is just for them. everybody else's less than them. They don't deserve

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The guidance. And although said No, not this time, it is revealed to these people that are going to observe the month of Ramadan and celebrate this book. But it's been sent as a guidance for people. In other words, you get so close to the Koran in this month, and really make it like it's running through your bloodstream, like that. And then now you're going to share it with the rest of humanity hudl in us, well, you're not in mineral oil for corn, and it's got clear proofs and evidences from guidance, and which distinguishes between right and wrong. So we're going to be the people. Once we become people of Quran and Ramadan, we're going to carry its mission out we're going to be

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rejuvenated with its passage, and we're going to take it out to everybody else and show them the clear proofs of the guidance and the criteria. The distinction between right or wrong, inspired by this book. That's what the purpose of Ramadan is to get the oma back on its track. You know, now compare that huge, enormous, amazing message to like, what we've reduced Ramadan to fried food, and like, we were yawning, some arguing about eight versus 20. Which machines are we going to go to? I think those guys recite fat faster, we should go there. Or we should just go maybe we'll take it seriously when the 27th night or something. We've made it this into a cultural festivities type of

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thing. And that's all fine, but it's built upon a really grand spirit. It's got this huge identity. You know, we talk about Muslims having an identity crisis. Ramadan is the month where we resolve our identity crisis. That's what it's supposed to be a lady on the left who Koran who then Linda's urbinati middle who's our procon and then gives us certain instructions, whoever fast this month and you should you know, or whoever among you fast or witnesses this month, you should fast the entire month, how the sick can make it up in future days, etc, etc. But the whole I remember how it ended so that you can be grateful.

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The question then is what should you be grateful for? The first thing you should be grateful for isn't Milan itself. you're grateful that you actually complete Liberty talk Milan de political para la llamada con, La La conditional so that you must in order that you complete the count, you declare a lot of greatness the way he guided you. And so you can be grateful that you got to complete the 30 days of fasting. You should also be grateful. Hopefully you'll become grateful for the Quran itself. Hopefully you'll be grateful for being made a new nation, a distinct and honored nation that received this revelation. Hopefully you'll be grateful that Allah give you an opportunity to cleanse

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all of your sins and start fresh with this month. There are so many reasons to appreciate Islam and the Quran and this message and Allah all knew in Ramadan, the point of Ramadan so that you can be hopefully you will become grateful. The point of fasting, you should get taqwa the point of Ramadan is more grand, you should become grateful. You should just be you should appreciate what allies origin has given you. So I pray sincerely that this is the month in which we truly show a lot that we're grateful for having the Koran that we read more Koran that we've ever had before. We try to understand it more than we've ever tried to understand it before. We memorize more of it than we've

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ever memorized before. We really become people of color on this coming month of Ramadan and that perpetuates us inshallah Allah throughout the rest of the year barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum Quran Weekly,

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Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly. The prophets Isilon told us that lawndale high profile he the one who points to something good is gets the same reward as the one who did the good itself. Do me a favor and do all of yourselves a favor and sharing the goodness if you benefited from these talks in these videos, make it a point to share them with friends and family and get the word out. This is such an awesome project I really really appreciate the effort hold on weekly folks have made and I pray that Allah blesses them even more and brings even more and more good from them. These kinds of efforts you know we law tells us whoever doesn't think that people hasn't thanked Allah, the prophet social

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and teaches is that so we should do that we should appreciate the effort that's being made here and the best way to appreciate their effort is to help them get more award and get yourself more award at the same time by spreading the word inshallah. Tada thank you again. serological. This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate

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