Daily Reminders – To Kill Or Be Killed By a Prophet

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All right,

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Mohammed in Salalah Han, he was alone.

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He was selling to steam and caffeine.

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So in these last two lessons in Charlottetown, that I'm going to just draw from sort of Ibrahim. I wanted to actually talk about tonight in particular, or this lesson, something that I find very interesting when we're talking about the mission of the profits. We talked about how the mission of Mossad is Saddam was not to drown the Federal Home that wasn't merely his mission. But his mission was to guide and for their own turned away from guidance and so for their own becomes defined by his rejection and his punishment. Mossad is saddam continues to guide as a last panel what Allah has decreed for him to guide. Now we know that throughout the history of prophets, you have prophets

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that were killed by their people, and almost always rejected by their people. So some prophets that were rejected to a point of being murdered some you know, who had to undergo assassination attempts but escaped their assassination attempts or lost or saved them from the assassination attempts of their people and some prophets who were actually murdered. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He talks about the station that the worst person on the Day of Judgment is longitude on Katana Namibian, oh kata, Allahu NaVi, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that, you know, a person who kills a prophet, or is killed by his prophet, you know, a person who kills a prophet or is

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killed by his profits. Imagine the state of that person on the Day of Judgment. not solely, I've seen a lot of comments on mentions a person have even a job, who goes to his people who's a messenger of the messengers. He's not a prophet, but he said that he calls his people and as he calls them, they kill him. And when they kill him, data the whole agenda Kalia later call me Yala, mon Bhima faraone, Robbie journeymen and Romina lots last pantai says that after he was murdered, he is told to enter into paradise. And he says if only my people would have known how Allah subhanaw taala forgave me and made me amongst the noble. So it's not uncommon to find that those who bear

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guidance are going to be responded to with disdain, even though all they want for their people is goodness. And Paula today actually posted something in the capacity of nausea. And the capacity of sincere advice that your best friend is someone who are the best of friends are the ones that tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. And they would rather that you be angry with them. And you know, and even compromise the friendship and the process that you'd be mad at them, but you do what's good for you, then you'll be pleased with them. And they continue to harm themselves. So when you think about the profits and the messengers, they came to their people with

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all forms of goodwill, they want to good for their people in this life and good for their people in the next. And so you'll find in the language of Satan, the nucleus of Noah, when he when he calls the people and he says for political stuff we roll up back home into who can or felt like you're a citizen on a Commodore William did can be a modern web anywhere Darla, come Jeanette, and we adrenochrome and how right that you know, if you were to believe if you were to seek forgiveness from your Lord and you were sincere and seeking forgiveness from your Lord, for the sake of attaining that forgiveness, then the rain will come the wealth will come the children will come the

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goodness of this world will come to you but you have to embrace that faith for that faith not for some form of of worldly vanity. And so first, it has to be a sincere embrace of the faith and then the goodness will come to you collectively. So the prophets called upon their people and they brought them the glad tidings for this world and for the next. But faith had to be embraced sincerely, and they did not want anything right. You know, it's who metal is alchemy. agilon what they're doing, they don't ask their people for anything, right? The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was not asking for anything from his people abroad he might he's not was not asking for

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anything from his people was the idea. Saddam was not asking for anything from his people. And so they were sincere in their goodwill to their people. And still, with all of that potential and I mean, the profit slice Allah who was sent as a mercy to the worlds these prophets and messengers that Borg guidance and glad tidings were rejected, and harmed and turned away by their people and the prophets.

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Selim says the worst of them is someone who kills a prophet or is killed by a prophet. Now we know the stories of prophets that were killed. Right? If you look at Zachary, it is

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Yeah, he it is Salaam, john, it is set up, right. We know the stories of prophets who had, you know, they're people trying to kill them. And in the case of the Prophet slice of them, you know of one person we know one person, there was only one man who the prophets lysozyme killed. And that was available Hadith who, who charged that the Prophet sly someone who swore that he would kill the profit slice on the profit slice and rather, I will be the one to kill you in the profit slice on through a spear at him as he was charging for it and it nicked him on the neck. And he said patella named Mohammed catellani, Mohammed, Mohammed seisen has killed me, Mohammed has killed me. And the

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wound did not seem significant, but he indeed did die from that wound. And that is actually the context according to some of the scars or had the for the profit slice and I'm saying, you know what a miserable person, the Messenger of Allah is sent as a mercy to him as a glad tiding as a bearer of guidance, and that's what he responds with and that's what his fate ends up being being killed by the prophet sallallahu Sallam by the hand of the one who was sent as a mercy to the worlds there's also another element to this which is, you know, when when the Hadith, the Hadith quotes in which the Prophet sighs I'm Suzman addley, or rather than Allah has said that he will he will help that

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whoever takes one of my beloved ones one of my earlier as an enemy than I have waged war on that person. What then of the MBR were the greatest of the zodiac right the profits of a lot, who are the closest of friends who are the most beloved to Allah subhana wa tada what happens when a person takes one of them as an enemy may last concept protect us from from ever being in opposition to our messenger? sallallahu alayhi wasallam even after he has passed, right, what would then happen to those people? And so you see, the destruction that came upon the people that rejected their profits? And and what would happen to them? What is the lesson that we can take from this? Or what are some

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lessons that we can take from this? Well, for one, what I wrote about earlier today, this idea that sometimes you might bear the best of, of, you know, of good news, and you know, welfare and well being you might bring all that is good and pure to a person only meant to extract what is in their best interest and they respond with hardship and they lash out at you. And instead of seeing you as an you know, as an ally, they see you as an enemy instead of seeing you as one who is trying to guide them. They see you as one who's trying to take away something from them. That can happen, right that can happen. And the profits are the greatest example of that. The second lesson we should

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take from that as well as pen testers Yeah, you're looking at amarula tokunbo colombina, either Moosa Oh, you who believe Don't be like those who harmed masahisa Don't be like those who harm Mossad ease. Right? So morsani salaam is sent to take the people from darkness to light, all the prophets and messengers were sent to take the people from darkness to light. Don't be like those who respond to the light bearers with darkness and hardship, and with rejection, and in the process, only humiliate themselves and of course, our Prophet Mohammed slicin them is not with us, or we are not we are not in his presence, the way the companions were in his presence, but still,

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do not reject his message, do not raise your voice above the voice of the prophets lie some raise your opinion above the Sunnah of the Prophet slice alone, but Humble yourself to what is left of the messenger Cicilline for us, even though we have not physically had the blessing of accompanying him, right, there's something there. And then lastly,

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on the other side, if someone is trying to give you good advice, and someone is trying to bring you back to to goodness, or trying to give you advice, that's hard to hear. Try to see the you know, the good intention there. And don't reject good advice because you don't like the way that it's being given to you. Right, don't reject good advice, because you don't like the way it's being given to you remember that these people rejected their profits, because of selfishness and greed. And because they felt like their wealth and their prominence and their power was being threatened. And that's why they rejected their profits. And had they listened to their profits, they would have been

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honored and they would have maintained even greater positions of prestige as a result of that, and the dunya and the article would have opened to them this life in the hereafter the goodness of this life in the hereafter we're open to them. So don't reject a person who is giving you good advice because you don't like the way that it's being given to you or because you feel like something worldly is being threatened as a result of

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That try to pay attention to guidance and mercy in whatever way it's coming to. And sometimes it's going to come to you in ways that you don't necessarily like but don't reject it in that way. We pray that a loss parents make us people have guidance people who are guided vessels of guidance to others. We pray that Allah make us the people that deliver sincere advice and that receive sincere advice as well. alumna I mean, does that mean well, Hayden was sent on Michael to lie