The Strangers Episode #18 The Dunya and the Akhirah According to the Strangers

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The speaker discusses the strangeness of Islam and the temporary nature of the dams, leading to feelings of hopelessness and distraction. They stress the importance of focusing on the reality of the dams and not just looking at the leaf. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning the Darrow clock and not becoming overly attached to it.

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miss Mila, who will hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy he Ultramarine another welcome back to another episode of the strangers. In this series, we have been looking at the Hadith, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Islam began as something strange, and it will once again returned to being something strange in the same way in which it began, for to value hoorah that, so give glad tidings to the strangers. And so when Islam began, it began as something small few followers, who wants they abandoned the ways of their people. And they followed their leader, the prophets of Allah who will sell them and follow the teachings

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that he was receiving from Allah. And they changed their ways. They were looked at as being strangers, until Allah subhanahu Attallah causes Islam to prevail. And that strangeness faded away. And so, once again, that strangeness will come back as the prophets from Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us, and there is no doubt that today,

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these days in which we are living, there is no doubt that we are living in a time when that strangeness has once again returned,

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where every single Muslim, who actually adheres to his religion is looked at as being a stranger. Whether it be a Muslim living among non Muslims, or a Muslim living in a Muslim society, among his own brothers and sisters, in the religion, brothers and sisters of faith of Deen, even they look at him as being a stranger. Why, because they are not practicing the religion, which he is practicing. They have abandoned the true teachings of Islam, and he is now coming and trying to revive those true teachings of Islam. And so he's looked at as a stranger. And so in the last few episodes,

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we were going through some important pieces of advice for all those strangers out there, in that time of strangeness of Islam.

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And so, in today's episode, we're going to mention one very important piece of advice for all strangers out there, in order for them to remain steadfast and firm upon the straight path of Allah subhanho wa taala. In order for them, not to change with the wings, not to be blown to the right or the left, not to become distracted. One important piece of advice, and that is

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to hold the dunya in contempt,

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and to hold the Asteron as being something significant.

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And so, for the stranger, the dunya should not mean anything, whereas his eyes should be upon the ACA. He shouldn't be looking at the dunya and its glitter, its glory, rather, his eyes should be on what comes after this dunya death and what follows it.

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And so among the greatest pieces of advice, for the strangers of today, is to keep their minds and hearts focus on the reality of this present dunya this world that we live in, how short and temporary it is, and to always remind themselves of death, the reality of this concept of death, and what follows it, what comes after it, and how the hereafter the akhirah is something permanent, in which there is no death.

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It is forever and ever and ever, whether it be in the abode of paradise, or the abode of the Hellfire.

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And that is simply because the stranger if he does that, if he keeps his mind focused on that reality, what it will do is that it will make him firm and steadfast and not give up. What Allah subhanahu Attallah has in store for him in exchange

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forgiving up the strangeness that he has chosen in this life. And so the Muslim stranger became a stranger, because he read a hadith. Or he read something in the Quran that caused him to wake up. And so if he was not praying, now he's praying five times a day. And so when he goes to work, he never used to pray. And so now he asked his boss, I need to take some time out to pray. His boss will say what happened to you? When did you start praying. And so he becomes a stranger. Similarly, that Muslim sister, who never used to wear hijab, she was heedless, thinking only about the glitter and the glamour of the dunya, wanting men to look at her. And so she woke up one day, and she was

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reminded of the Command of Allah in the Quran, to the believing women to adorn themselves with hijab to cover their beauty and your adornment. And so she feared Allah and His punishment. And so she started wearing the hijab. And so her own husband says, What happened to you? And so she became a stranger to her own husband. And so this is the reality of the strangers of today. And if they were to remind themselves, of the temporary nature of this dunya and what Allah has in store for them in the akhira, they will emerge from their strangeness, because a lot of factors will come in play, to try to distract them, to tell them to leave the strangeness why, why should I look strange? Why

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should I grow that beard? I have now grown the beard. Yes, because I know it's important. But now, people are looking at me strangely.

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I'm looked at as a stranger, before, I never used to wear hijab, I never used to be looked at as a stranger. Now that I wear my hijab, I cover myself from head to toe. Now I'm looked at as a stranger, why should I live a strange life, it's not good. And so a lot of temptations will come to you, a lot of distractions, from the people from your society, from your own family members. And then on top of that you have shaped on and his whispering, if you were to forget all of that, and remind yourself of the temporary nature of the glitter and the glamour of this dunya compared to death, that could come at any time. And what comes after it, of either reward or punishment, nothing

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will distract you, absolutely nothing will distract you in this dunya. And so becoming attached to the dunya becoming a tashmoo Dunya is something that Allah subhanahu Uttara told us of in the Quran, in many, many different places. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala said, pulling it out dunya Colleen, will ask you to Hyrule Limani. Taka say to them, oh Mohamed, that the dunya is something small, something insignificant, something temporary, it is a few days and then it's all over. As for the Astra, what does Allah say, when you're not too high, you don't limit the car and the hereafter, it is better for her not for everyone? No, for those who feared Allah for those who are always

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conscious of Allah subhana, who want to hide any so many other places in the Quran, Allah explains to us the temporary nature and insignificance of the dunya. And he gives us so many different examples of that. And so the reality is that all of mankind, not just the believers, not just the Muslim strangers, but rather all of mankind are strangers in this dunya and there is no place for them in this dunya and there is no home for them in this dunya Rather, they are strangers in this world. And that is because they were not created for this world. They were created for the actor. And so every single human being his true home is not in this life. This life is temporary. And that

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is the reality, the very real and true nature of this dunya That's why Allah refers to it as being something small, a small enjoyment, a temporary enjoyment, a few days of enjoyment, and then it's all over. So don't think that you can live a long life. Don't think that you're going to live to 60 or 70 years. You could die today while you're young. But even if you live to 6070 8090 years

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And even then, it's a small life compared to the life of the akhirah.

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And so how can someone not be a stranger in this life? When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned to his companion, it been Omar couldn't feed dunya Nico Hareem Oh, have you said he'll be in this dunya as if you are a stranger or a traveler passing by a traveler going from point A to point B he stops and rest on his way. This is how the believer should be in this dunya as a stranger, he comes to a place a town a country in which he is not from those people, he is looked at as a stranger or as a traveler going from point A to point B, he starts to take some rest. He does not take all of these provisions with him. He is going to his real home. That is how the true

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believers should be and a true strangers should be in dystonia will continue after a short break.

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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back. Before the break, we were speaking about one of the most important pieces of advice for the Muslim stranger in this world today. And that is for him to concentrate and focus on the reality of the nature of this dunya and how small and insignificant it is compared to the akhirah the final abode compared to the permanent home that we are eventually going to and so how can one not be a stranger in this life? When he will not come off of his means of transportation. He will not come off of his animal when he's traveling, or his car or his plane or his ship he's traveling you will not come off of it until he becomes one of the

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Have the grain. That is when his journey finishes, from the time he's born in this life, until the time of death. And so, of course, he should be a stranger in this life in this world. And he should be as if he is a traveler. And so what does a traveler do, He only takes with him what he needs for his travel for his journey. He doesn't take everything he does not hoard, he does not buy everything he finds on his travel on his journey. And so that is how the wise believer is in this dunya. The same way, he lives in this dunya, not for the sake of this dunya. And so he's a traveler, he takes off the dunya what he needs, and he leaves the rest, he does not enjoy himself to his fullest in

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this dunya, because he will enjoy himself in the final enjoyment of the asker. So he takes with him of the dunya what he needs, and what he does not need, he does not hoard he does not collect, whether it be wealth, whether it be anything of the dunya. And here I wanted to mention a story of one pious and righteous individual. Perhaps he was a scholar, who was sitting with a group of believers.

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And he wanted to basically make them to look at the dunya as being something insignificant. And he wanted to bring their minds to the great significance of the Astra. So what did he do? He took a leaf of a tree. And he placed something very, very insignificant, something small and insignificant on that leaf.

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And so what he did, is, he took it, and he showed it to his companions.

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He showed it to each one of them, that's all they took it, they looked at it and pass it on to all of them saw this leaf, and this insignificant thing that was on it, every single time, every single time that one of them looked at the leaf. He was surprised and astonished, you know, and started to laugh. What is this? What are you trying to show us. And so after he was finished, and after everyone had looked what was on this leaf, he said to them, this small and insignificant thing

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that I showed to you was

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the wing of a fly. It was the wing of a fry. And this dunya and all its people, its possessions, its desires, its rivers, its lands, is more insignificant to Allah, then this filthy wing of a fly. And so

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these individuals, this group of believers,

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they woke up from their heedlessness. And so they said, after that we discovered

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what he was talking about. And so we recovered from our heedlessness, and we felt a strong blow to our heart, which shook our souls. And we realized that his intent was to remind us of the Hadith, that saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said, If this dunya

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was equal in value, to the wings of a fly in the sight of Allah, Allah would never have given a sip of water to a disbeliever.

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And so, he assures us the insignificance of this dunya. And so, when we belittle the wings of a fly, rather when we belittle even a fly itself, and we dislike it because of how unworthy it is, because of how insignificant it is, then it is even more befitting that we do not become overly concerned for the dunya and everything that is in it. Why? Because it is even more insignificant to Allah than that fly. And so we need to look at the dunya as being something insignificant. That does not mean that we abandon the dunya and everything. It does not mean that we should not study to make a good earning and get a good job. It does not mean that we should not marry women and have children. It

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does not mean any of that, as the Prophet sallallahu either you ascend them reminded his companions, those who thought that this is what it

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went. And so one of them, he abandoned women, he said, I will never marry women, and other one of them, he said, I will no longer eat food. Another one of them said, I will pray first night, and so the Prophet sallallahu it will send him, brought them and said, This is not what I meant. This is not what I mean by abandoning the dunya rather, what it means is that it should not enter our hearts, we should not become so attached to the dunya that it distracts us from the reality of this dunya and what follows. Rather, our hearts should be attached to the era and what comes after death. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he advised his companions, he said, visit

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the green rooms, the graveyards, the cemeteries, visit them. Why? Because they remind you of the ACA and also we have the hadith of ibn Umar Radi Allahu Ahad. He says, I came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam among 10 individuals, we were 10. And so a man from the unsought he got up. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, who are the most clever and determined of people, he said, those who remember death, among them, they are the most clever, and those who not only remember death, but those who are prepared for death. Those who are prepared for death, they are the most clever among people, they left with the honor of the dunya and the dignity of the ACA. And so remind yourself of

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how Allah subhanho wa Taala tells you Kulu enough sin is that you call to note, every single soul shall taste death, wake herself up from her heedlessness and remind yourself that one day I'm gonna die, remind yourself of where Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us. I innama according to mu direct, cool mount while I'm quantum field, Guru Jin Masha Yetta, wherever you may be, death will come to you. You cannot flee and escape from death, it will come to you, even if you are in high, strong buildings and forts. And remind yourself of how Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in the low talent of your rune, I mean, who the inner who will actually come say to them, that the death that you tried

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to flee from, it will surely come and catch up to you, the Angel of Death is only outside our door. And when he comes to take away our soul, he is very close to us. When he comes to take away our soul, he will not come knocking on the door. Rather, he will destroy that door and come and take away our souls without permission. And so the stranger in the dunya today, the Muslim stranger, he needs to remind himself constantly of this reality, the reality of death. When he does that, everything else will seem insignificant. Everything else in this dunya will become insignificant for him. And so the stranger who decides to adhere to the teachings of Islam, adhere to the Sunnah of

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the Prophet sallallahu it he was sending them and so he grows his beard, he stays away from haram. He stays away from consuming haram, from eating haram from consuming haram wealth. Our sisters, they stay away from showing their beauty. They remain modest, and they only show their beauty to their husbands, these strangers, nothing will affect them, no matter what it is, when they remember this reality, the insignificance of the dunya and the significance of the ACA. Why? Because they understand that what is with Allah is far more significant than me abandoning my strangeness simply because it was strange. And so they understand that for me to remain a stranger in dystonia is more

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pleasing to Allah, and the reward of it is waiting for me with Allah subhanho wa Taala as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when he promised them for two that you know who, Radha to give glad tidings to the hoorah that the strangers, it will some scholars, they said that the meaning of to that is paradise, or that it is a tree or particular tree in paradise, whose width is the width of more than 100 years in traveling

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I ask Allah subhanahu wa Tada to make us those strangers who earn that reward in the akhira. And to consider this life as being insignificant, and to focus our eyes on the asker and what comes after death. With that we come to the end of this episode of The strangers and we will see you all again on another episode of the strangers until then Subhanak Allahu Allah will be handed a shadow to Allah era Allah and pesto Fuuka water to buoy Lake wa Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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in New Jersey Namie from those who love you, and for those who love you, love me too.