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Hola Hola. shaytaan rajim Bismillah AR Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more serene Satana Muhammad Ali your cyber Jemaine, my beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr. de como rahmatullah wa barakato

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. We begin by praising Allah and the shadow Allah, Allah and Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and our greetings so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam to His pious and his pure family, to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah blesses to be amongst them mean well, hamdulillah hamdullah we continue with our series on the first man Nebby item, and we mentioned that maybe Adam are

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coming to the earth, after the fall of the falling from from the from the garden,

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he comes to the earth, and he repents to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala forgives him, and then sends him instructions. And really, this is where we the juncture we are at a line forms and they'll be Adam that Oh, Adam, you and your children, us, you are on earth for a set number of years. The Earth is not a place for you to live eternally. It's an exam. It's a bridge. As the as hustle bustle. He says, The world is like a bridge, you don't build on the bridge, you just crossed the bridge. We're just here to get through and to get to the other side.

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So what do I need to do here? Allah? How do I pass this exam? Well, Allah says, I'm gonna give you instructions, I'm not going to leave you to decide to figure it out on your own. And we started off by mentioning Well, what are the instructions that we need to follow? How do I pass this exam? What are the things that I'm going to be questioned about in the day of piano that I need to fulfill? And Allah has given us a primary objective, there's a primary objective, and then there's secondary things that are less important and things that are even over these important, but it definitely is one primary objective. And Allah subhanaw taala wants from us to worship Him alone exclusively.

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That's what the Kalima means. The Kalima means that there is none worthy of worship besides You, Allah, that you are the only deity the only object of worship. And if you were to give your worship to anyone other than Allah, then you have failed in this exam. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that he will pardon every sin, even the serial killer, even the person who committed Zina, Allah and Qiyamah. We're not talking in the dunya in the dunya, even chick is forgiven, even the person who can worshipped besides Allah who worship an idol, if he stops, and he makes Toba and Allah has forgiven him, that's not a problem. We talking about the day of karma, if you if you think of this

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world, like an exam paper, you got everything wrong on that paper. It is at the discretion of Allah and Allah will do you don't give Allah and energy but he can even forgive the mistake. But he promised he will not forgive Shere Khan, the Deaf karma, that you will not forgive. And the consequences of sherek as Allah says that whoever comes to him on the day of karma dying upon check that he has made Jannah, forbidden for that person. And that is really our objective in this life, worshiping Allah exclusively alone, do not come a chick. If you achieve that, I think we ended up with that hadith. If you achieve that, even if you were not the best person, even if you committed

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major sin, even whether we like you drank and you committed Xena, and you weren't, you know, consistent on your Salah, or you had some major deficiencies. The believer out of cinema gem, our belief is that if you go to Allah was to hate worshipping Him alone, acknowledging that there is no god other than Him, and He alone deserves worship, and you did not associate worship with anyone else besides Allah, that insha Allah in sha Allah, you will achieve gender, you will achieve gender. Now that's the Islamic purpose of life and then I'll go into details for the how do I pass the exam? And what else do we need to do? And I just think a side note is not in the slides. What is the

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purpose of life from a Christian perspective?

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Because we agree with the cushions in terms of the story of the creation of NaVi item, the eating from the tree, the same to the earth, we tell the Christians if they ask all Muslims, why are you on the earth what What is your religion say our religion is here we should we should every man for himself. Every man must carry his own deeds. Every man must stand before Allah and present what he did on the earth. And if he can present an account, without children worshipping Allah alone, then in sha Allah, you've you've basically got one foot in the Jannah. Now we say to the Christians, what is your view of how do we get through life? We in the Christians on the same page, the world isn't a

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place for us to live eternally. We need to get through this world to the next life. The Christians will say Well, according to our belief, our theology

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The G the purpose of life is that every single person is born into sin. All of us are damned. All of us are cursed. When Adam when Hawa Nabi Adam and how Allah Salaam. When they ate from the tree, they souls became cursed. This is the Christian belief. It's called original sin.

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And no matter how much Toba they made, and how much they asked Allah for forgiveness, He will not forgive, he cannot forgive them, because they invented sin. And that sin entered into them into the souls, it got corrupted, and there are damned in eternally going to Janna.

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Not only that, no matter how much doba and is certified and fasting they make Allah will not forgive them. But it gets worse. When they gave birth to kids, those children inherited that sin. So you hear this term in Christianity, man is born into sin. What does that mean born into sin? Every person is born going to Johanna.

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That is the you know, I'm not a an authority on Christianity. I don't have the right to speak on Christianity. But what I'm saying check this out. The researcher, and if you are a Christian who have Krishna asked him, What does it mean to be born into sin? What is original sin? What what does this mean? Because every denomination of Christianity believes in us, Catholics, Protestants, they all be they are Christians who don't believe in the Trinity, but they all believe in original sin. So okay, okay, let's go with a sigh. Every person on earth is born with a sin against the name. And how do I get rid of the sin? How much Hajj must make to get there? How much charity must I get? No,

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no, you can't get rid of the sin. You are like a permanent disease on you. So then what's the purpose of life? If I was born liable for a sin I didn't commit, I'm going to be punished for a sin I can't get rid of then what is the purpose of my life says, well, there is a way out to the soul.

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You need to take the vaccine, you need to accept a special kind of medicine, or you take that medicine, you are now cured, and you will go to heaven. What is that medicine? Well, someone has to pay for that sin, and that someone was Jesus.

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So Jesus was sent to die.

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And when he died, you accept his death as your Savior, and then you are now absolved, and you can go to heaven. But Jesus, of course, as we know, you add the term into it, where you have to be like Jesus, Allah Himself. So the theology of Christianity is, Allah condemned all of mankind to hell forever, and he will not forgive you. No matter how much Toba you make. The only way is he had to send himself down to die. Allah sent via himself down and died. And with his death came the salvation.

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And through that, you accept the salvation. Now you get to go to heaven, your deeds, my deeds are irrelevant. We are condemned for sin we didn't do and we go to heaven for sacrifice we didn't do now this is Christian theology. And you have the right you should actually know and the research is through. This is what Easter is all about. Easter is holier than Christmas, because Easter is a way that salvation came about. We allegedly allegedly we of course, do not believe this. But nubby Issa was crucified, God died, and with his death came the salvation. And all of us were given life. That's the Christian, he took on the sin of the world. That's why you hear this, Jesus took on the

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sin of man, the sin of the world, this is what it means. So that's Christian theology. And that's the path to salvation. We of course, disagree with that. And we say that Allah says, None bet, none carries the burden of another. Everyone will be accountable for what you have done. And this makes sense. Whether we, whether we are Christian, Jew, or Muslim, the original experiment of mankind was ALLAH is going to give an individual free will to choose and to look at his choices, and then to hold him accountable for his or her choices. That's the purpose. If the whole story was someone else coming from the sun, and someone else paying the price, what is the purpose of humanity?

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And there's more questions we can ask than this. So what about all the people that died before Jesus came? How did they get salvation? They didn't even know there was a Jesus coming.

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Anyway, that's not about Christianity, about our theology. So this is the direction worship Allah alone, avoid *. Now, if you do that, in sha Allah, we said that we have great hope that we'll enter Jannah and there's so many Hadith that gives us so much happiness and contentment and that's why one of the one of the purposes of this talk is for us to feel that every single person has the right to attain Jannah and every single person no matter how bad you are, or sinful, you are Janna is not unattainable. Yes, it might be that the US we are still far away from getting the but Allah has made Jana xe

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Sibyl to even the worst amongst us. And Allah has only required one thing from us. And we have so many Hadith where the prophet Allah mentioned that one of the Hadith that is central to our theology is the man of the beat, aka the man with a little piece of paper. On the day of karma, a man will be presented before Allah, Allah tells us about the future, a man will come, and He will have scrolls 99 scrolls,

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and it will be rolled out until you can't see anyway, it keeps rolling until you can't see the end of it. All of these scrolls are just some mantis ditson Xena, whatever son you can think his email.

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And then in his right hand, he's got a piece of a little piece of paper with a good deed on the so then Allah subhanaw taala says no covenants way, and the man almost he says he Allah, what's the purpose? How can I even what why are we even weighing these things? So Allah says, No, today is the day of luck. Every atom must be weighed. And the man places that little piece of paper and he got it outweighs the sun.

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What's on that piece of paper is La ilaha illAllah.

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A Man did not come a chick was a criminal gangster, whatever he was, but he believed in Allah and he worshiped Allah alone. So now he's entitled to Allah's prerogative. Now Allah mas synthesis men, and Allah then decides, because you are a believer, I will forgive your sin, go to Jana, as possible. We also have another beautiful Hadith that I've mentioned so many times, where the believers will cross over the snot, they'll cross over. And when they look back, those that were with them, because we will, we will be on piano in groups, Zoomer or groups, groups will be judged and will be sent to general Jahannam in groups. So a group of believers will cross over the bridge of Jannah. And when

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they cross over and they feel hamdullah, I've made it I've crossed over and go to Jannah they will see some of them fell down.

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And then some will return back over the bridge, go back to Allah go back to the courtroom and say, Yeah, Allah, I would like to intercede, I want to argue with you about my brother so and so that fell into Jana. I testify for him. What a prophecy says no one is more severe in arguing with Allah than a believer on behalf of his brother such a beauty. I mean, what do we have friends like that? You have any friends who is going to cross over hell to go and then Allah will say, Okay, go into Jahannam now go into the fire and find him. And if you recognize him and any believer, take them out. So then the believers will go in and they will take out whoever they can recognize as a

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movement. And the angels will intercede and the Gambia until the only people in Jahannam are people that had no semblance of Islam or Eman.

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Yet inside there was maybe some goodness some Iman, and then Allah will say, in a manner which was his majesty, he will say, the angels have interceded and the prophets have asked for mercy and the believers have asked for mercy. Now it's my turn for the most merciful to show mercy and you will extract from Janam whomever he wants from Jana, again, we mentioned this hadith. So while we know we are in a exam and life seems difficult, and we know we are sinful. We also know Allah has read this exam so that everybody can pass. Allah is objective is not to put you in Jannah Allah's objective is to get you to Janna. That's what he wants. That's what his his plan all along was and we will

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intergender so no one is excluded all the way from the Mercy of Allah so long as you do this one thing of la ilaha illa Allah worship Allah alone. Then of course, after that comes the other priorities, the other priorities and if you want an action plan, a game plan, how do I survive? How do I survive in this world? How do I get through it after your to hate? You know, whenever a person embraces Islam, a new Muslim, they say, you know, it's a lot to take in. Every Muslim I meet, they give me different advice. This one will tell me you must do that then you must recite this iron, you must memorize that and you must make go for a fifth class and unhedged class and Arabic class and

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Christensen had that instinct yet so much, you know, it's really confusing. I don't know, where do I Where do I begin with with with with us? Systematically, how do we begin to hate first, on top of which, the second thing is in a hadith, which is called the Hadith of the Wali, to be a friend of Allah, what is the ingredients to be a Wali? Allah says he tells you, Allah says, I declare war on anyone who shows hostility to one of my Olia and then he says, and the most beloved thing with which my slave comes to me to become a wily, the thing I love the most, how do you become a Wali? Allah says is what I have made compulsory on him start with the fourth

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start he didn't I'm not saying it's wrong but Allah didn't make learning Arabic Correct. Or learning inheritance. Fourth,

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don't start the Allah says Begin i the things that I love the most are the things which are compulsory before our it and he comes closer to me through those things and they

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He does more and more additional mouthfeel until I love him, the more good deeds he does, then I love him. When he reaches a level Allah says, where I become his sense of yearning and his sense of seen and the sense of sight and his hand with which he grew up. So whatever he does now, it has this enlightenment that ALLAH SubhanA is guiding him and I will give him when he raise his hands to ask me I answer these two as very quickly. But the beginning point is to focus on the federal aid. And the first thing of what his fault is, after the after the Kadima, the firt, the next question Qiyamah is sada. Sada with F Tiama. Two very big questions. Two very big question. First question

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is, do you have to hate or ship? If the answer is no, then that's a big thing. That's it. That's you failed. As for the ones who have Eman who have to hate. The next big question is what is the status of your Salah? Have you performed all your works on time the fourth surah

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if you pass that question then the resources if your Salah account is in order, then that is the key to Jana. Now you've got over 50% Now you can that person and then a business's once he passes that that audit the interrogation of Salah the rest of his questioning on PMS easy. Just get through those two things. This is to avoid Jahannam completely to get to January so head to avoid Jahannam is Salah on time.

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Insha Allah we continue next week with the rest of the list of things to focus on. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us a good life. May Allah grant us the armor to stand firm on what is true am Allah grant us to die only in the state of Eman in the state of Islam and grant us and all those who have passed away gender to famous couple of announcements.

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In sha Allah this coming Sunday, Sunday morning, half past eight, we will have an umara course a number of people are hamdulillah going for, for for umara during Ramadan. So we don't usually have classes in Ramadan. So if anyone would like to join the Umbra classes is they also there's anyone that wants to join online, and we have people from all over the world. So there's an online link as well. And also those who have been accredited for hedge half of hedge O'Meara and it might be difficult to time constraints come for the Umbra class it will put you in good stead for the hedge class inshallah. We have Oberon orphan program during the month of Ramadan so we take some time

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again during Ramadan you an orphan, you don't have the family social that we have when we have Iftar so we take the orphans one day in the year we should do more than that. We take them we give them an outing and then we give them you know, a goodie bag, station and hand those things. So if you'd like to sponsor an orphan show every family should at least one so one orphan during Ramadan, at least for Ramadan, it's 400 Rand per child, so inshallah make an effort. I mean, we are obviously having Iftar and or giving out our soup kitchen during the month of Ramadan if you'd like to contribute to it. We're also collecting funds as well to feed someone during the month of Ramadan, feed those in

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need to psychological so much so that they can work with the library cattle.

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