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Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 21 – Controlling Your Behaviour During Fasting

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Bilal Philips

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The Fast thing is not related only to our physical being.

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But it must also

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psychological, spiritual and emotional being.

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So, the prophets, I send them I'd said, fasting is a shield. So the fasting person should avoid lewdness and ignorant behavior.

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And if someone fights him or curses him, he should tell him twice.

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In me saw,

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I'm fasting.

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So in these five days,

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we try to implement this principle, which we want to exist throughout our fast of Ramadan

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that we avoid

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in our speech and in our actions.

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Any form of lewdness or corrupt behavior or ignorant behavior.

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And if people seek arguments, then we just say I'm fasting. Sorry, excuse me.

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I'm fast.

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And if we are able to do that,

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then we have set the stage for a Ramadan which inshallah

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will be one

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acceptable to Allah, Allah, and one, which would make a difference and a change in our lives in

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la isla