Abu Bakr Zoud – Defeating Laziness

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The challenges of avoiding laziness and pursuing Islam's great purpose of worship are discussed, including the road to Islam full of hardships and difficult conditions. Personal growth and showing gratitude towards Islam are emphasized, along with the importance of remembering oneself and others to worship Jesus. The "has been praying for" journey is discussed, including historical moments and the "has been praying for" journey. The importance of finding the right person to pray for and finding the right person to pray for is emphasized.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah bada le or Swami as Mayan. All praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam. Tonight, I want to answer with you a question that is very important. And the question is, how does one defeat laziness? How does one overcome lazy laziness? How does one fight laziness in his life, and especially when it comes into matters of worship? You know, the biggest problem we have with our worship is laziness. People don't wake up

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for solid and fresher because of laziness. People do not continue their fasting after Ramadan because of laziness. And because of its difficulty, they think it's difficult. And everything in life is like this. It's laziness. That is the big problem. And as technology advances and develops in this life, laziness becomes even more and more, right? When you have everything on the phone. When you can do everything on the phone. When you can do everything online. People become lazy. So how does one defeat laziness in life? And we need to understand that the road to Allah subhanho wa Taala is a long road. It's a long road, and it's a difficult road as well. There's a lot of

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hardships on the road. And this is why this is one of the wisdoms for why Allah subhanho wa Taala made his house and GABA, he made it in a desert. He commanded that it's built in a desert in a place that is cut off from the world. You know, when you get there, it's difficult. The question is Why did Allah azza wa jal order and command for his house to be built on the coastline next to the beach on the shoreline? Where there is greenery and Daniel hamdulillah? There was a Why Why not? And on MLK mahoma. They said the road from here to Mackay is a difficult road, full of hardship. In a valley. It's difficult. It's hard. This is to teach us that is the road to allow. The road to Allah

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is full of difficulty. It's just like the road to Mecca. So as you undertake this journey to Mecca, it is supposed to teach you that's the road to Allah azzawajal that's the difficulties that you'll encounter in life. So the idea is, how am I going to continue and not allow laziness to be an obstacle before me in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala? That's the question we want to answer how to defeat laziness, my brothers in Islam.

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We need to understand that the greatest purpose in life is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the greatest purpose in life.

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And this purpose to worship Allah, Allah azza wa jal made mention of it in the first surah of the Quran, which is sort of the Fatiha what is the central idea in Surah Al Fatiha it's er Cana Buddha yakata Stein. That's the central area. This area in Solihull Fatiha is actually a summary of the entire plan. As a matter of fact, it's a summary of the entire life of one person, ear canal boat. We have been commanded by a law that we declare on our tongue and in our heart, that you alone we worship, worship, that's the purpose. How do we worship? How does one worship Allah? What's the tool? What's the means to worship Allah, that no worship of Allah requires dedication, it requires

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commitment. It cannot be affected by laziness. The second half of the area tells us how we're going to fulfill this purpose. And that is what we're going to stay in. And you alone, we seek help. Even the purpose of life is to worship alone. Now, how are we going to worship Him? What's the means of worshiping him? You need to always keep in your mind and in your heart, ear can a Stein you alone, we're going to seek help when worshipping you, and that is the only way you're going to fulfill the purpose of worshiping Allah azza wa jal, and In brief, that is the answer, that you always seek Allah subhanahu wa taala is help when it comes to your worship. And this is why from the drop of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which he talked to my husband Jebel Ali Allahu I know. He said to him.

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In the book of Allah, Allah means teaching wild something, listen to what he teaches him. He says, falletta, Donna dubara Kula Salatin and the whole he's teaching him. He said to him, oh wife, I love you for the sake of Allah. And that has its effect on itself. This is a statement that is Yanni teaching us Nevis our cell and how he used to deal with his companions. Look at the love and the mercy and the compassion he had. He wants to teach him something important. He said to him, Do not leave out of the every solid that you say and make this door Allahumma

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Allah Vika

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You cricket was near a bed attic. And

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they say that this dryer is supposed to be said at the end of the solid before a tasleem. Before you make a salad and you exit the solid, make the last dryer you say Allahumma I Niala victaulic. Allah gives me the power and the strength and the ability to remember you give me the ability, because on my own I cannot do it on if I if if I was to rely on my own ability, I would fail, because I'm lazy. But give me the ability to remember you

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or should click and the best of Vicar to Allah is the one that makes gratitude of Allah when the click of a shoe click and to thank you and the best of gratitude June to Allah Maha snare abetik the excellent worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala to master and perfect your worship. So you're asking a lot of social in this wire to give you the strength and the ability to remember him to be grateful to him. And these two should lead to house near a better thing to perfect the worship for Allah azza wa jal. This is why you're supposed to say after every solid, this is five times and even in your Sudan at the end of the solid, you're supposed to say it. And in this, you are acknowledging that if

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you are left on your own, you'd be able to do nothing. You know, now my brothers in Islam I share with you something else. This is a drama, that you're asking Allah to give you the ability and the strength to worship him.

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You know, in the in the event when the the cola makes the event, we're supposed to repeat after the event what he says. He says Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, what are we supposed to say? Allah glottolog When does it change?

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And Hayato saw that

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when the model says Haryana Sala, which means come to Sala the Muslim is calling all of us he's saying come to Sala Haryana come to success come.

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So that is success. What are we supposed to say? We don't say

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he's calling us to say that we don't say

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we say La hawla wala quwata illa villa. You know why? I tell you why. La hola means I have no ability. I have no will.

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It's as though you're saying he's telling you come to solid. And you're saying that I have no ability to come to solder.

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I have no way to come to solder.

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And I have no strength and no ability to come to solid whatsoever. illa Billah. Except if Allah has to give me permission. And you repeat this again, when he says hi, Yan and Farah is an entirely new sailor Hola, como la villa. You're acknowledging your weakness, the more Anthony is calling you to come to salette and you're you are told by vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam to say, Tell him No way. There is no way for me to come to Sadat. And there is no strength for me to come to solid illa Billah except if Allah was to give me the strength and ability to worship Him. subhanho wa Taala isn't the word law how La quwata illa Billah is the greatest Vicar you're going to say when you're

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seeking laws help to continue in your worship and to defeat laziness. scheffel Islam even taymiyah Rahim Allah He says that the people use the word there how La quwata illa Billah incorrectly. They use it incorrectly. He said people use it when there's a disaster or a calamity they're facing something of travel trouble happened. Now hold on, of course. Incorrect usage. When trouble happens, you say in any level in de la hora Giroux la how La quwata illa. billah is a vicar you're supposed to see when you're feeling down when you're feeling lazy. When the morphine is seen come to solid when you're being called to come to the goodness when a fundraiser is being called. And people are

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urged and encouraged to give money to worship sailor hold on a call with a biller and engage in the worship. You will find that a lot of social so Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you the ability and maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says that La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there wouldn't mean a boy Bill genda It's a door of the doors of the paradise, meaning anyone who says it, it will make the worship easy for him. And as a result the door of the paradise opens for him and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says La hawla wala quwata illa Billah Kansan kunzelmann coluzzii lagenda that it is a treasure chest of the treasures of the paradise. What does that mean? That you know the entire

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Paradise is a treasure

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But when interviews Allahu alayhi wa sallam says that this word is a treasure in the paradise, meaning it is a treasure compared to the treasure that's already in the paradise. And you understand something Yanni, moneta, its reward is huge. That's what it means. That the reward of this word is so huge, with the door of the paradise on its own. For the one who continuously used to say it, or consuming canoes agenda, you know, a cans a treasure a treasure box, what's in a treasure box? What's inside the treasure box? Money, gold, valuable gold. It's already collected for you. You don't have to collect it. In other words that hola quwata illa Billah and Ronaldo Hama, Hama, la

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they said this one phrase collects a lot of meanings within it. When you say that how Noah quwata illa Billah it affirms the fact that you are relying on a lot of social there's reliance of a lot inside dissent statement. When you say that, how would I want

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to do lol if they fall in Allah? It also implies that you are acknowledging your weakness before Allah azza wa jal. There's so many meanings within the hola quwata illa would never use Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in a hadith that learn how La quwata illa

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de louche. It's underneath the Hush. But if I ask you a question, what's written on top of that ash, and pay attention so you can learn something incredible in this? What's written on top of the hour? Who knows?

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There's something written on top of the hour, Allah wrote it and it's a book and he stored it on top of the hash. It's a few words.

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Allah azza wa jal wrote in our mighty Saba katabi. That's on top of

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it means Allah Zoysia said, My Mercy, mercy precedes my anger. My Mercy overrides my anger that's on top of the

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underneath our lair how La quwata illa villa.

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What's the relationship between the two? On top of the house Allah is teaching us how he deals with the servants, how he deals with us. He deals with us with mercy and compassion. And under the harsh what is written is how we are supposed to deal with the law. And that is that we cannot do anything except with Allah subhanho wa Taala is helping aid and support from the drought of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to say Allahu madonie Allah guide me he didn't used to stop there. He used to say why a city, Luda Lee and made guidance easy for me. To You know, for us. A lot of the times it's very easy that we ask Allah azza wa jal to make our worldly life matters easy.

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You're going through a difficulty. You see a brother Brother, make a lot of a lot makes it easy for me. Someone is struggling to get married. brother asked a lot that he makes it easy for me. Someone is going to court tomorrow. Brother, please don't forget me and you'll

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make Dharma makes it easy for me. Someone's going through financial difficulty or law. Make my affairs easy for me. That's good that's required. But what about your worship? How come the 100 selected for God you missed? You didn't even care to ask after it. Allah helped me to get up for selecting physio

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and the Qur'an that you're reading, and you keep stuttering and you just gave up? Why did you ask a lot to make it easy for you to read? Why didn't you ask Allah azza wa jal ease in Islamic religious matters? Why is it always asking a lot is in this wealthy life, you know why? That another heart has been corrupted. Hello. The heart only looks at worldly matters. That's all it's caring about. And the honest the bottom line honesty is we don't care about the worship. We don't care. If we cared we would have would have said Dr. Cyril Huda Lee made guidance easy for me. Make it easy upon me that I get up and attempt salata Gemma and pray with the congregation of the Muslims make it easy for me

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that I continue my fasting after I'm about how come that's not included in the dry

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season we need to learn that this is supposed to be an integral part of our life that we continuously and consistently ask Allah subhanahu wa tada that he helped us in aid us in our worship. We shall establish and Tamia Rahim Allah He says that among to fee and five,

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checklist even taymiyah when he speaks when speaking about someone who had a huge look into the deen of Allah

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Someone who allows origin like gave him she intelligence and intellect and listen to what he's saying. He's saying I sat for a long time, to Amalfi and fight.

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And I pondered, and I pondered, and I reflected time and time again. What is the most beneficial for us? That's what he's saying. He said, so I found and I concluded that the most beneficial for us is to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability and the strength that we worship him. Then he said, and I found that in solothurn Fatiha when Allah azza wa jal said, What year Can I stay in?

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This is the this is it, this is the door, this is how you defeat laziness, because I tell you something, defeating laziness doesn't have anything to do with physical ability. I'll prove it to you have a 20 year old.

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He can't get up for solo, and he can't do anything of the worship. You have a 95 year old. He's praying on time, solid algebra. He's fasting. He's making liquor. What was the difference? What's the difference in body strength, though? It wasn't. It was here, and it was here. That's where it was. You might have 220 year olds, how come one worships one doesn't worship?

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Because one, Allah azzawajal gave him the ability gave him the strength of the heart, to worship and the other wasn't given any strength of the heart. Understand bottom line, that the lesson the idea of the lesson is to increase your heart in the understanding that you are supposed to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give you aid and help in worshiping him so pada hautala and this is the entire life that's that's what it's all about. It's all about who's going to continue to worship Allah until the last day who who's going to continue in this world? Perhaps even Tamia Rahim Allah, He said that there are people that fall in love so much with the worship,

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that the desire this worship for them to be in the in the grave as they're in the grave. And how do you think Allahu alayhi wa sallam he serves as a measure of him Allah He collects on the habit of Abdullah of the Allahu anhu. He said that either the halal meat will cover when the dead person is put in his grave.

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He sees that the sun is setting. Allah shows him that the sun is setting the right amount of hammer home Allah said that this is an implication that he sees that his life has come to an end. Just like when the sun sets, the day finishes and then the night approaches. And in the night people sleep and for him sleep is a long sleep, which is death.

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So the angels they finish questioning him and they go, and he yakun facialists he sits in his grave.

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he wipes away the dirt, the fresh dirt that has just come on theme, he wipes it away from his eye. And then he says Thou only suddenly

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leave me now and let me pray. And how much was he in love with a salad and the worship? That Allah did not deprive him from this worship, even in his grave? Even in his grave, he is praying for it and we need to understand where did this come from? This came because people like this understood the importance of always asking Allah to make worship easy for them. And that once again my brothers and sisters in Islam in conclusion, two things number one, Allahu

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Allah Vickery Kawasaki Kawasaki Riba. That's the DA and the vicar for any better be on your tongue day and night, day and night, which is lair how La La La quwata illa Billah. This is a vicar that believe Nila heeta Allah. Once you say it, you have acknowledged your weakness. You have said I have got no ability whatsoever. Except if you were to give me this ability, and even Saba, you need sovereign was sovereign itself. Where does it come from? You think sovereign is self acquired? Allah azza wa jal, he says was built while Sadhguru can elaborate

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on how incredible Allah says and be patient, but your patients can only be through Allah. Your patients can only because patience is a worship, it can only be through Allah, that you then you've made plenty of this liquor law, how La quwata illa Allah and we conclude with one more Hadith and that is the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in way he says, There was one night in where he only this is the journey that he took from Mecca tbaytel Mk this which is known as what what's the journey

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and it's not only El Mirage is when he went up to there, and Islam is the trip from Mecca, tbaytel mark this

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says on that night when he undertook this journey, and then he went from beta lock this to a summit in the seventh heaven, who did he what prophet?

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Ibrahim Allah. He said, we brought him Allah He said he had his back to a house. What was that house called? unabated Mahmoud. And beta mahmudul is a house that Allah azzawajal made for Ibrahim alayhis salam in the paradise in reward for the house he built on Earth, which is the Kaaba, and he's got his back on it. And that's how I met him.

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Well wait till my mod is a house that 70,000 angels enter it every day they worship alone, they never return to it. But anyway, this is a meeting between who also Lhasa xlm and Ibrahim Allah, his two of the best creation of a lot to ever walk the face of this earth. And this is the first ever meeting yet. In other words, this is the most historical historic meeting that ever ever happened between the two greatest men that ever walked the face of this earth. This is the most this Yani, this is it. This is the peak of conversations, you know what they spoke? What did they say to each other?

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They didn't speak about politics.

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They did not speak about economical situation on Earth, that now we're going to solve it. They didn't speak about the environment and how we're going to solve the environment on Earth. None of that is relevant. What they spoke about is supposed to teach you and I that that's the most important subject, and how on earth and in history, there are two generations I share with you the other generation that concerns us. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam he said the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he said yeah, Muhammad more matter can you kill me murase Jana?

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Oh Mohammed, going commando nation that the you kill woman of the Rasul Jenna, that the plant so much in the paradise plant a lot in the paradise. What does that mean for newbies? I tell him he said to him, woman.

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How do we plant the paradise for Ibrahim alayhis salam he said to him, how La quwata illa Illa de la sua, that this word is that which plants for you plants in the paradise, a conversation was over in a few seconds. That's it. It was not teaching us that this is the core of life this Vicar because this thicker, it's going to fuel your worship with a large origin and as a result, secure and earn that place for you in general for those whilst Allah subhanho wa Taala and Deanna were you Yes, children who delana and we asked him subhanho wa Taala and you're a Nana Allah decree or shoukry

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in the Hollywood elocon father, it was on the lawn of cinema Bella Garden of Eden, Mohammed Wada le or Savi as many

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