Ramadan Series Day 07 – The Month of Allah’s Pleasure

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The meaning behind the month ofiroj is discussed, with Islam being praised for its pleasure and actions of its followers. The importance of finding the right person to talk to is emphasized, along with guidance on finding the right person to talk to. The speaker also discusses his past experiences with Facebook and Twitter, including his desire to be a member of the Church of Allah and take advantage of the "harvest" of Easter.

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Ma Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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one of the names that also was given to the month of Ramadan which is really

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not only heartwarming, but it's it has to give you a special feeling. It's the month of a real one shot one is the month of our laws pleasure.

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Now remember, we talked about it yesterday, it's the month of Allah, Allah rushman hospitality to generosity. Allah shows his generosity shows his hospitality and he just expect me and you want to me not only expect one to and me to do more and to do with perfection. Now is the month of a one. So here I am. I did that to Allah. I did my best. I really fast it was so difficult, but I but you made it easy. I was able to perform my Salah tarawih although it's late and I'm tired, although i was i was a I'm sorry. I was able to read my Koran I was able to control my tongue I was able to do what pleases you, your Allah.

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What will I get?

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Are you the one why that's why it's called shadow blonde, the month of Allah pleasure. Allah Subhana will be pleased with you and me. To get you close to understand this when we mentioned the name of any of the Sahaba, the companion of roswaal usato Center, what we normally say are all the Allahu anhu May Allah be pleased with them. It's a dua to supplication, you're asking that Allah will be pleased with them. This is the month

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Ramadan, that's when I perform and do what Allah wants me to do. I will be deserving to be around the loved one, because it's the month of red one, I will be under the umbrella if you want to look at it or under the shade of the pleasure of Allah. Now imagine if Allah is pleased with me and you, what will I get?

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What would I get and if you want to look in the Koran, when Allah use the word, all the Allahu anhu model the one Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with him. Who are these people are savvy akuna volume, the fourth runners then will hygena will answer from those who migrated with a roswaal he saw to Sarah and the helpers of Medina.

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A savvy one that wallonian mo hygena will onsolve willamina turbo Honda and those who follow their footsteps with excellence What's happened?

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Probably Allahu Allah is a pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah. Ramadan is the month of Allah pleasure.

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The fact that is Ramadan, the pleasure and a loss pantallas pleasure is there, I need to

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not only expected but I need to expose myself to the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And just to give you an example so that it will be easier for you. Let's look at this hadith where the word the pleasure of Allah is there. And let me look how can I and you get the pleasure of Allah in the month of Ramadan in the law higher lawyer conference. Allah is pleased for you three things Allah who will be pleased with you, if you do these three things, what they are your Allah, taboo who want to stick with me, he say, you worship Him and you do not associate anyone with him which will hamdulillah we all do as Muslims one to one tahsin will be heavily llahi Jamia, hold on to the rope of Allah and the role of Allah is his Koran. And I think six months ago maybe more we did the

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whole Tuesday night program about the rope of Allah, it's on YouTube, you can go back to Watterson will be heavier Hold tight to the words of Allah to the other end the month of Ramadan is the month of Quran and I'm reading it day and night. I need to hold to it understand that so I get the pleasure of Allah. So Allah is pleased with me when I worshiping Allah Hi. Sadie is pleased with me when I worship him and I do not associate one and that person will be heavily Lucha Jamia hold to the rope of Allah, which most scholars agrees that this is the origin and number three will utter for Rocco, don't disperse. Or your Corolla come. This is what I want to focus and he dislike that

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you do these three. These three, I'll feel while Paul

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vane talk. She said he said

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In the insignificant talk a while all it's a figure of speech in the Arabic language that this is basically not significant. Doesn't mean doesn't make sense. What is the point? Dude? Well, I'll walk you through it so as too much questioning, questioning meaning Why did you do that? Where are you going? How did you do that? Where are you buying this? What did you eat for fr ketra too, so are too much. And aloha yeka opposites pleasure, your krahula calm he doesn't like and he will call too much talk worker for too soon, too much. Asking questions is not related to me. What you lost to mind and wasting of the money shuttle read one the month of Ramadan is the month of Allah pleasure. I need to

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look at the things that pleases Allah and I need to do it already hamdulillah we are doing the most important thing which is fasting that Allah said that as we said earlier, it is for him especially when zeebe fasting is for me and I'm Allah what a word for it. That's something pleases Allah Alhamdulillah and I am doing my best to perform Knights Allah Alhamdulillah and reading Quran Alhamdulillah but I can do more and there is more it's the month of pleasure of Allah meaning Allah so pleased then this month that he wants us and He gives us opportunities to gain his pleasure so let's look at the sad second one I shared with you What is it Joe Hold tight to the words of Allah

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don't just read it let us let us not be of those people who only know the words but we don't know the meaning and not I mean the word toward me but what does it mean in my life and I even if I know I don't do it and they let me stay away at least from the three I shared with you in the Hadeeth insignificant talk wasting my time basically talking texting reading online a lot of the long time in this month online and reading this post and that post and saying and responding and commenting no

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and capital to so on include the same thing because if I talk too much, I probably will ask also too much what you got to learn don't waste the money. It's the month of generosity was gonna come to this later on. Let me use my money to the best in every step that pleases on last panel with your ally academia who jaqua your May Allah subhanho wa Taala makers of those who are on the Allahu anhu model the one Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah. And in the verse I shared with you in the beginning when Allah mentioned this word this isn't so what what tober are all the Allahu Allah is pleased with them. He said to Jerry Tata home will enhance the journey. And the

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heavens they are in the heavens, rivers flow beneath them, not under them, place them in tacky him, tattoo him under them. You're alive, make us on those people, your be me, make a stick opportunity. Take advantage of this amazing, spiritual, beautiful, generous month that we gain your pleasure. We take advantage of your hospitality. We take advantage of your mercy. We take advantage of your reader of your meanness, your biani Sara Marie Kumara Allahu Baraka