Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Salah Is A Tool

Mirza Yawar Baig
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen salat wa salam ala via he will mousseline while early he was happy he has made about Allah subhanaw taala said in sort of the Baccarat yeah you are living in a monastery you know with somebody with salah

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and that's what I did I said oh you believe dig is the analytic help from server or Sala

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the concept of server in Islam as I've explained before is not a concept of simply sitting in one place and expecting something to happen server Allah subhanaw taala used the word savarin for Mujahideen,

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you have visa Viola is the ultimate in effort of the and let's call them jadine sabaidee. So therefore sobor is to work server is to do your ultimate best in trying to achieve something for the sake of the design of the dino wireless router. And then Allah subhanaw taala put server was Salah

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at the end of summer is Allah and why Salah because of two things number one, so that the slave understands that the effort that happens is with his business right Allah and His bit of utility Allah with his COVID and ultimately it is not his effort which will get him something it is the honor of Allah subhanaw taala and therefore he goes for Allah and he as well as Ramadan. Salah is a tool, Salah is a tool, Salah is something that Allah Allah gave this Omar Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Allah Allah says Allah because this is the last oma and he is the last NaVi there is no NaVi after every celebration, but the work of Nawaz has to continue and for the work of the board to

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continue. The people doing the work of Nova which is the entire Omarosa needs to get help from us. vanozza and that is why Allah subhanho delegates Allah has to Salah is the door to come into the court of Allah subhanaw taala to come into the presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala at will. So the oma to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is given the honor, that he can walk into the house of Allah, he can walk into the presence of Renata at any time he wants, except for the fact of Salah which are no other than that 24 hours of the day, there is no limit to how many Salah you can make to add any time as long as you conform to the rules. You can walk into the house almost Ronald Allah

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or you can stand and you are in the presence of honors Renata, no matter where you are, on the side of a highway, in a parking lot in a park in a forest on top of a mountain in the desert anywhere we stand is a lot better than the mountain also lies is that was unobserved when this when the slave makes loot, he is not making sutra on the earth, He is making sense that before the actual Rama

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so in his dungeons Allah has dealt with that. We have to remind ourselves that I remind myself when you have others that Salah is something that we have to understand and make use of unless it is dynamism to select where in this life or in the in the next life is the

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very near this like Salah is what this life is there's no there's no Salah on the Day of Judgment there is no salah and Jana, Salah is here and we make use of the Salah to solve our problems of this world and to open the doors for us in the future. And that is the reason why it is very important for us to work on the Salah like anything else. Like anything else. Somebody asked about the Leonardo Da Li was the founder of the work of the public in order to I will translate it for you in English

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Jackie Bahama jobs Allah Allah

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Gaga, Holly namazi Puccini hota gah hollyburn. Dr. Golden liberty, Alexandra samantabhadra. Somebody asked him what is the use of simply simply you keep on saying Salah, what's the use of only Salah

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in the word Holly means only it also means empty right. So, the man said what are those are Harley's are meeting empty Salah. So, what I realized that there is no use of empty Salah. He said there is no use of an empty gun also no to put a bullet and he said there is no use of an empty shop, you have to put some material in that sock to set. So, in the Salah also we have to put material the material is the material of Hakuna Matata Yaki Ravana Swan Odin, the material of Cujo or qaddafi Sala

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Allah Xenon v Salatin cartoon, the momineen has succeeded, and they are the people who have Cujo in their Salah, Salah where we start before last vadodara never said that we are standing we were less volatile, where we are actually connecting to Allah asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us the topic and to make it possible for us and bring these caveats into our Salah. So that

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When we started the forum, we actually connect with him and we converse with him when we speak to him and we hear him and we when we recite his garage

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so when we recite the

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listing Carlos Ramadan inshallah, so he asked us to bring his greatness into our, into our silhouette and to accept our silhouette and make ourselves the source of goodness and the solving of all all our problems in this dunya while I was all alone, and I will carry values. I wish me

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