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The speakers emphasize the importance of fixing deeds and maintaining good deeds to avoid losing deeds and hold them back. They advise against fixing first transactions and maintaining negative deeds to avoid negative consequences. Finding forgiveness is crucial to maintain healthy deeds and avoid unnecessary fight. Finding forgiveness is key to maintaining a positive life and embracing oneself for success in life.

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The process that we did last year. I mean, it disappears within after the six days of show. Well it disappears. What are we doing wrong? Why is our Ramadan not keeping and staying as it should? Because only all we need is one Ramadan that's accepted for us to get the answer in 3040 Ramadan's come and go and we still can't get the in something is something is seriously wrong. And Allah says in the Quran, well, learning well Lavina you too, no matter where Kulu boom YG la, la Robbie him Roger on hula, you can use anywhere for the Pharaoh to whom Allah Subhan Allah says, and they are those who give the charity, while their hearts are full of fear. They give sadaqa and the arts are

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very, very scared that they're going to return to Allah. They are the ones that Allah says they try to do as much good as they can. And they outstrip everyone else. And so I showed her the Allah on how she asked her to be some others if she said, these people that do good deeds, but are full of fear. Are these people that do good deeds, but they drink and they commit sin on the side that nobody says no. So you responded to I said, No Oh daughter of acidic, no daughter of a worker. Rather, these are the ones who make Salah and they pray and they give charity, but they feel that they do not accept it by Allah. And they are the ones and therefore they constantly push themselves

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to do more and more and more. And so it is part of iman to question to ask, Have I done enough on my deeds excepted by Allah, I've done the thick of it. The Thick of fasting and Salah is easy, up and down, touch the ground, don't eat, don't drink and to market from father to son. So that's easy, but it's really, really accepted. And that mindset Subhanallah we see it in the in the hijab, especially the judge of old, who knew for certainty, I'm only going to get to Makkah once I have one Arafa in my entire life, I need to make it count. And so the entire life is geared towards that. And the minute he comes back from Makkah, he's a Haji. Now he knew before but I couldn't lie and I couldn't

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dress in a certain way. But now that I'm IG I really really need to maintain it. And it's life transforming transforming the Hajj. Ramadan should do that. And if it hasn't done that, then perhaps something is going wrong. So what are we doing wrong? And what are the things that hold us back? So many of us when we think about this Ramadan must be my best Ramadan you already planning last year I did one hard time or two I'm gonna do three and a You can't force more than we already fasting. I may 20 raka starway I'm gonna make 25 raka started with the reality is the Sahaba did not make her terms on her terms. Many of them will not have the Quran and they didn't have a Quran in front of

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them and was half liquid and then even many of them did not stay the whole night in touch with Antara we, we know from the Sunnah, that it was seldom or it was ad hoc that they would make Salah in JAMA with an OB Salam. And then until the time of Satan almoradi Allah didn't become formalized at 20 Rakas. And that was it. They didn't spend the entire night in surah. So where was the focus? The focus was to avoid things that spoil your good deeds and hold it back. And for example, for example, this hadith which we should think about whether the responses or people, Allah is pure, and he only accepts deeds that are pure and in particular, charity only accepts charity this cure pure.

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So Allah commands the pious to follow the same command, Allah commands the believers to follow the same command that he sent to the messengers that should eat only halal. Then the reasons mentioned a man who has traveled for and long and he journeyed. Maybe he came all the way to Makkah on Arafa he's, he's tired, he's exhausted. He came in. He's haram. He's disheveled. And he's covered in dust and he puts his hands out he's sincere, he's crying before Allah. And he says, Oh Allah, Oh Allah forgive me, help me except my dua. But then Allah looks at this man. And His food was haram and his drink was haram. His money was haram, his body was nourished from haram. So Allah asked, How can I

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accept this man's dua?

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And so even if this man may 10 hedges 10 hot items, he did not fix the problem that is preventing his deeds from moving forward. And so in these two weeks before we prepare for Ramadan, it is important to look at what are the things that are stopping my Ramadan from succeeding Why is my fasting that I do like everybody else my salah like everybody else might or we Am I caught up not maintaining with me, perhaps there is something else blocking it. And one of the key factors and again, I just know this, before I go and hedge, I need to sort out my money offense. I need to make sure my money is in order, no point going to Arafa and I have people I haven't paid. I have people

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that have cheated and robbed I have interest that I'm paying or earning. Then what's the point in going to Alpha fix that first? Ramadan is the same. Ramadan is the same. So that's one advice to me and all of us. Look at our money affairs before we enter this month of Ramadan.

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To make Ramadan effective, fix all haram transactions, clean our accounts of any interest stop paying any interest on your bonds go to Sharia compliant financing and funding your call your bond move to Sharia compliant financing. If there's anybody that you've cheated, any dispute with some person on money

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sorted out before the month of Ramadan, Allah it's not worth it to lose your Ramadan, to lose your Jana to lose your mafia for the Ophira on a few rands and pennies, fix it in sha Allah before it prevents our good deeds. The other reason why good deeds are not accepted. There'll be some says there are three people who Salah will not rise, even a hand spent over their heads they Salah doesn't even go up to Allah, it doesn't even move. Who are they? The imam who leads the people, but the people hate you. This panel if you hate your email, if you if you butcher not so nicely should not lead the people who are perhaps in Ramadan, we should think about this, we should think about do

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we talk too much talk too little do we recite not correctly too long, too short. You don't want to be standing in Salah for hours and you're actually committing sin because the people behind you are displeased. And number two, and we listen to this, whether we like it or not a wife, who spends the night while her husband is displeased whether she didn't do her duty to her husband, and she upset him and this is she was at the wrong year. Obviously, if the husband was wrong, and he's upset, well, then it's his mistake. But if she did something genuinely wrong, and the entire night went by, and there was friction, and she refused to fix it, when her Salah is not accepted, not my words, but

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my words, words of Rasulullah Salah Salem. So you spend sister, and this can go for as well, me as a son with my mother, you with your brother, you've hurt somebody, and you've really taken the emotional hack of somebody, and then you spend the whole night in Salah. But it's not going anyway, because you have heard that person.

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Now I don't know every one of you must think is the someone that is sitting and upset with me. I know in my mind, there are people that I need to perhaps phone and say math before the month of Ramadan. The IGS do that before hudge. They understand I need to fix my money. I need to find that uncle and that person that I've wronged and say look math, because I don't want to go to Arafa all the way. And my deeds not accepted because uncle so and so is still holding a grudge. And I didn't fix it. And two brothers who sever the relationship even worse, family members, they don't talk to each other at all. So Allah says the Salah is not being accepted until they fix this thing. Another

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Hadith, a person's dua will continue to be answered, Allah says He will answer every single dua so long as that person does not make a sinful dua, or the person who breaks his family ties. So as you into the month of Ramadan, it's not going to benefit by making another hot arm. If your family situation is in disarray. If you have a tension and unnecessary fight with a relative, you're not talking to this brother or that system over something which happened many, many years ago, we had an argument over something small and then Subhanallah there is a problem.

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Then maybe someone says in this in the slides, that the person who does not give up foul language or silly talk during the month of Ramadan, and Allah is in need of Him to give up his food and drink. Meaning it is not that the extra hard time that you need to get that Ramadan to be accepted. But it's the things we say around the Iftar table. The things that we say to one another about one another behind someone's back. That is what's preventing the tagit from being accepted. That is what's preventing that hot spot and Allah Allah is so generous, a person a lady she gave, I should have the lady came too big. And a mother came to bake. And I gave her one date. And that lady took

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that one date and she shaved it between the children. And for that that lady went to Jana. How many 1000s do we give in charity? One date can get you into Jana, if it's done properly. But how much good deeds do we do so much more good deeds, but it's spoiled by silly unnecessary things that we should avoid? Sometimes it's easier. It is easier to maintain heart amps than to pick up the phone and say math. I'm sorry, I was wrong. You know what that money that I'll pay you that 5000 Rand is no problem, but about the money just so that I can say math. Now you must ask what is more important, your pride and it's an issue of pride now, or your genital failures. And that's what

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Siobhan is about when he talks about the 15th of Siobhan and but he will look at the context of all the Hadith that mentions it's a night of forgiveness, except for a mushrik or a murderer or people who cut ties with one another. It is about fixing your relationships before you enter the month of Ramadan. And this hadith again we mentioned this hadith the gates of Jana open on Monday and firstly, it's kind of like we don't have to wait for Ramadan to get forgiven or for Arafa to get forgiven. Allah subhanaw taala forgives, He has like you know you have an amnesty sauce or the traffic department says look anyone who

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This finds bring your finds this question

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that doesn't only happen in the month of Ramadan, every Monday and Thursday although does this in fact, every moment is a moment is there far but more so on a Monday and Thursday, the gates of Jana opened on a Monday and Thursday. And everyone who does not come a chick with ALLAH is forgiven, except a man who has had an argument with his brother, with his sister with his mother with his house with her husband with his wife. And Allah says so before they are forgiven, Allah says wait for these two until they reconcile wait for these two and Politico's let the forgiveness wait until they reconcile with each other. So my German misdemeanor speak to myself first and I like you need

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to think Is this my last Ramadan my last chance to get my sins forgiven to get my place in Jannah guaranteed I just need these 30 days to go well.

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But I can't do anything different to what I've done last year in terms of foster I can only foster were fostered always. I can only make dogs with Tara we have come to the masjid like all of you can make as much harm as we can. But still, it's not enough something is is not doing right. I don't feel like it stayed with me. I haven't done any extra fasting or any extra salah or any extra hot items. So perhaps these are the things that I need to look at. And each and every one of us needs to do that same introspection. Each and every one do that introspection, what are the things that I need to fix? Before I get to the month of Ramadan, I want to conclude on something positive. One of

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the things that is also very important that makes your deeds go up is sincerity. And since it's not about showing off, but also being sure and conscious and to be determined with Allah subhanaw taala that you genuinely believe in your heart of hearts that my previous Ramadan were accepted. And this one is going to be bitter. So the Muslim is always between the fear that is not accepted. But the firm belief that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is so generous, he would not have lit my last 1020 30 years of living off my food and drink. When everyone was eating lunch and going around. I made sure no matter how much it pained me and now headaches and all of that I put my whole life on hold your

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Allah for your sake, Allah will not let that go to waste. Allah says in the Quran, you will not live the good deeds of a person go to waste never will elliptical to waste. And whoever wants to achieve the highest pinnacle of success. We believe that it's not just for the Olia and the Gambia it's for the worst of sinners as well. If you want it Allah's Mercy is there for you. And so part of preparing for Ramadan is to increase that Nia and that excitement, like you know, if you're into a competition or you into an exam, I believe I can be number one, believe at least have the belief at least have the belief and so the resource on them says

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Call upon Allah. And also make dua to Allah. Make Salah to Allah make us defer to Allah, give sadaqa to Allah, worship Allah by being certain that he is going to respond that you will accept, but he will give you the full reward. Be sure in your heart, even though I know I'm weak, I know my EBA is not good enough. But yeah, Allah you are perfect. And when you accept, you take the little and you accept beautifully and that is what we need to focus on. So in sha Allah, this is part one of preparing ourselves mentally for the month of Ramadan to make the most of it. We make now that Neerja Allah, please see this Ramadan be the best Ramadan for all of us. May we get every single

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blessing and the reward of that month of Ramadan, and may we exit the month sinless, completely sinless, without a single sin on our scale? May Allah guarantee our bliss in Jannah in this month of Ramadan, and May Allah save us from eternity of Jana, in this month of Ramadan. We make dua and Stefan for those who are not here was Ramadan last year was the last Ramadan May Allah forgive them and pardon them and Allah grant them genital fit of those. I mean, exactly. Was Allah say no Mohammed Well, earlier, Islam was selling and handloader billion, Amin said I wanted To