Bilal Ismail – Corona Fiqh 102: Prayer Makes Perfect AT HOME

Issues covered in the video

– Praying at home but getting the rewards of the Masjid
– The best place for non-obligatory prayers is the home
– Do I need a fresh wudhu for every Salah?
– Does the hand sanitizer affect my wudhu?
– Do I need to wash off the hand sanitizer before Salah?
– Do I need to give the Adhan in my home?
– Do I need to do the Iqamah before the prayer?
– What if I leave out the Adhan & Iqmah?
– Is it allowed for a woman to do the Adhan?
– Ensure you pray of time
– Ensure you perform your Sunnah prayers
– Ensure you are dressed appropriately
– Is it allowed to wear gloves and the face mask while praying
– The Musalla in the house is not a Masjid
– Remove anything that will disturb your prayer
– Use a sutra
– Does the wife stand behind the husband in congregational prayer?
– If two males are praying, how do they stand?
– Can those under 5 years stand in the middle of the saff?
– Can a woman lead a mixed congregation?
– Can a group of sisters pray in the congregation?
– If space is limited, can one stand to the right and left of the Imam?
– Can a kid of 6 years lead the prayer?
– Social distancing in Salah & standing apart
– Walking in front of the one who is praying
– Changing the sequence of the Surah’s, allowed?
– What happens if I repeated the same surah in both units of the prayer?
– Can I read from my phone while in Salah?
– A woman saying Ameen aloud behind the Imam?
– The Woman saying Ameen aloud in Salah?
Note: If praying with close family members (mahrams) then a woman can say Ameen aloud
– Does a little bit of movement in Salah nullify it?
– Smiling & laughing in salah
– Sitting after Fajr until sunrise & it’s the reward
– How many units is Salah al-Tarawih?
– Read from a book after every salah The main elements of each and every salat and how to make this the best Ramadan for your household.

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