Bilal Ismail – Corona Fiqh 103: Zakah & Estate Distribution

Bilal Ismail

Issues covered

Zakah Matters
– Meaning of Zakah
– Zakah as a pillar of Islam
– Only 2.5% of your Zakatable assets
– Who pays Zakah?
– Zakah on the wealth of Kids/Mentally deficient?
– Understanding the annual cycle
– Deduction of Debts
– Zakah calculation
– Paying Zakah early
– Zakah recipients
– Assisting Imams, Masjids, Islamic Organisations

Estate Distribution
– Importance of having a Will prepared especially in the West
– Who are my heirs?
– Who will always inherit from me?
– Do I chose my heirs?
– What constitutes the estate?
– Practical example of estate distribution
– Rules related to a Wasiya/Bequest
– Settling debts
– Distributing one’s estate while alive
– Distributing during one’s final illness

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