Zakir Naik – If Allah can create anything instantly, why did He take 6 days to create the Universe

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that Allah's creation of the world was due to a desire to create a love. The creation should not happen in a single day and should happen in a length of time. The length of time is not a factor in achieving the creation.
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a Salam Alikum Radha, her question is When Almighty Allah can create anything why did it take six days for him to create the entire world?

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The sister that was the question that I like and create anything.

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The Why did it take six days, Sister, if a loved one did you grew up in one day, but then you will ask divided Allah hated one day when only six days. So because Allah wandering six days. Quran says Allah can create whatever which many verses For example, Allah says in the Quran in surah Al Imran Chapter three verse 59, in number Salah etha in the light commercial Adam halacha Myntra some Mikado confocal that Allah created Adam, peace be upon him same as Jesus Peace be upon, he created from dashed and said, Be and it was, so for Allah to create anything he says Be and it is, he does visit and it becomes if Allah wills that you shouldn't be born in nine months, you're born after nine

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months. If a love is in one second will be born in one second. Now Allah will, the creation shouldn't be made in three days he made it not that Allah can do in one day, you can do in one day you can do in one second also, Allah will lead six days, therefore it happened in six days. For whatever Allah wants,

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he exists his gun fire can be and it is even the creation was be and it is but Allah wanted it to be the death. Therefore it is not that he can't do it in longer period or shorter period. That is what he wanted. And whatever a love is, it happens easily hope that answers the question.

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