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This is the 21st supplication in our series as found in Surat Al-Isra’ (Bani Isra’il).

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters Welcome to Quranic supplications today's surah is slaw Sora bunny Islamic eel, the beginning of the 15th of June 15 Bara Ayah number 80. We said this da and you can check your notes could be read on several occasions when actually starting entering into a physical location or starting an act in your life, starting something new and venturing out into a new journey a new journey or a new phase in life or actually reaching a city or a place. So let's make the two are together or I'll be at the healing knee. Moodle holla slader to you what regeni Maha Raja

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Maha Raja slay Do you watch I Li Mila done can pack your lips and smile. Sunil Sunil on and Nestle la soudal Vaughn and Nestle Utah this da we're going to practice it by taking the first two words or or B add the heel knee Moodle holla Slidell Do you want a re Genie mo Raja Swedish Do you watch IE mill Dune castle porn and Nestle raw soudal porn and Nestle raw beauty beautiful da I recommend that you make it not only when entering a physical location, but if you're a college student of parents who are sitting down to discuss college or discuss a new venture in life. Start out the conversation or I'll be at the hidden me Moodle. Hello sweetie. regeni Moo Roger Slidell what john D Miller done

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casselton and Nestle at all the last person here. The last portion what john Lee Miller don't get suit on and sleet or turn these words over to Allah subhana wa tada Humble yourself in these words, for you are truly telling Allah subhanho wa Taala that we're about to make a new step in life. Maybe get a talk about marriage, maybe college, maybe a new job, maybe the decision on Oh Allah i've i've made the commitment to wear hijab I've made commitment to go from one phase of life to a more mature phase and I'm asking you what your early Midleton does hold on and NASA so grant me from you a supporting authority someone

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a partner along the way when things get a little tough. Isn't Allahu taala encouraged you to make these doors remember Allah subhanaw taala much. This is Surah Bernice de la isla Surah Surah Ayah number 80 This is your brother with Sam Sharif for unex applications. I'll see you in the next episode was Santa Monica walk to LA