Q&A – Haifaa Reciting Al-Fatiha When Praying Behind an Imam

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the opinion that President Trump should recite his Walkman song, but they question whether he will. They also discuss the meaning of a "haronous" statement made by the head of the Church about a solar sector being recited. The speakers agree that reading the song is crucial for success in praying.
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Bismillah your Walkman

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should we recite to the party How was the email or not? This is a different opinion scholars differed depending on the many have used but one of them is la sala tellem alum Jacobi, Omar Kitab the Salah, there is no Salah or that person as if he or she did not perform Salah if they did not read a Fatiha but then there is an ayah is why the holy Al Quran festa mula when the Quran is being recited, you need to listen to it. So when the Imam is really good Fatiha and that's a poor, I need to listen so the scholar is combined these two and I think I prefer this opinion where they say if the Salah was solid to enjoy here if the prayer you are performing behind the Imam is one of those

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solar that the Imam will read loud, so if it is effort your Salah, or if it is more Uppsala or if it's an Isha sola evening sunset Salah or the morning Salah, then you actually listen because the Imam is reading then most of the Imams will give you a break they call it a sector after he recites Al Fatiha, there is a time in that time the moment the person who's following the Imam read Al Fatiha as quick as he can. And once the Imam starts reciting the surah that's that's that he is planning to recite then you start listening again while in the

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not God Salah or the Salah to heart with the Salah that is not a mom will not read aloud then yes we have to read the

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Oh everyone, including the Imam but we read it because he's reading silently and we will read silently