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Yaser Birjas
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hamdulillah mommy and now this is the second night of the third, the second third of the month of Ramadan. May Allah subhana wa Tada make it a blessed month to all of us out of Brahman and ask Allah to continue to give us more blessings as we go through the month of Ramadan, and to grow through with our Brahmin. Now if you guys remember the resuscitation that most of the recitation tonight was from spirit with Surah What did Allah subhana said about the surah?

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Cos what does that mean?

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The best of stories

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not just the best of saw the best of storytelling even.

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And what is so special about the story to make it so so unique like this to make it sound process? What is so something so unique about that story? What is it as your mom?

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It's true story. It's real. Man. Can you imagine all the event that you read about Saudi Yusuf Ali salaam, they happened

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him going to his father speaking to him about his dream, and then his brother plotted against him and then thrown him into the world and then by stretch has been taken away to faraway land in Egypt. All these amazing things happen in his life. Subhanallah now when we say they're amazing, because now we know the whole story.

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But at the time when things were happening, we just like oh my god, it breaks your heart. misses a few So Tara, it's just thinking about what could happen to such a young man like him or young boy out in the world. But overall, if you want to think about the story itself overall the story what could be the reason why Allah subhana wa has given us the story us the valet, Sir, what's the reason for that? What's the lesson? What do I need to learn from the story of use of RSM I'm going to share

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with you these words about the sort of use of insha Allah Allah so we can at least understand the secret the hidden message that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has put for you, in us in our courses, the best of all stories. But before that, let's go back a little bit. Who knows when the sort of use of was revealed?

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After 5am, a husband, the year of sadness, after five, the year of sadness, what happened that year, the prophet Salah Salem and his people, the believers and his family were all trapped in a concentration camp culture of Abu Tada for three years. They were trapped for three years, meaning Subhanallah they were just kind of surrounding them and not allowing any food to come in or out on, like three years left to starve to death. May Allah make it easy for the people because the arable

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element is not new in our history. Joomla

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is not new that people target the believers. And then happened before and Allah gave them victory literally.

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Three years later, the Prophet saw us and he comes out and obviously his uncle of Bhutan of his big political support died, and his big emotional support his beloved Khadija Delana, she passed and died as well. And now he feels vulnerable, because we took over from Barack Obama Hashem, his uncle, Abu Lahab.

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He wasn't very friendly with him.

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So the Prophet I want to find somewhere where you could find a place to go to to support his Dawa his message. So where did he go? He went to UCLA off, spend about 14 days Sunday say 40 days in which the professors and describe where the worst, most difficult time he spent in his mission as a prophet.

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Look, he spent 10 years in Makkah, but it wasn't as difficult as the few days he spent in life. Can you imagine the harsh treatment he had to go through and endure Salawat Allah wa salam Ali, and as he was coming back from a Thai he was completely disoriented, didn't know where he was going. He find himself all the way down to the valley. We spoke about this when he came in he says, Where are you from? He goes from 9am He goes, Oh, the town of UNICEF and Mata because we're talking about you

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doesn't matter what he's a prophet. I'm a prophet to the Prophet Salla settlement that moment his treat will bleeding he was tired, he exhausted and when he tried to enter Makkah, he was not even able to enter Mecca, His own hometown,

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who said spent three days and three nights in the mountains, looking for someone to give him asylum or to afford or protection to allow him to go back to his house. And then he did eventually, but that would Allah Subhan bless him with two things. One Surah Yusuf Shala told him it's the best story like the Prophet SAW sermons given the story why why do you think that the Prophet was given that that story actually

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giving a message was master wasn't given to give him comfort? Like you think you're going through a hard time?

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You think what you've gone through was difficult. Well look what happened to Yusuf

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and not just wasn't one year or two years or or they were to a lifetime.

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An entire lifetime almost you could say you had to go through all these difficulties but use of LSM and that's the story that tell us that we need to learn the the secret message the hidden message and solid use of use of eraser and was consistent throughout all his ordeal. And you can imagine throughout all the phases of his life, so don't tell me he was too young to old, every phase in his life when he was a child.

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I will describe with one thing. When he went to prison, he was a scramble. Another thing when he came out of prison was given a description. All of this, the Scripture was consistent about use of Ali's serum. Who knows what what the scripture that was given about use of Vanessa ran throughout all these phases.

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Sovereign Jamil beautiful patience now

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in an era canon Mycenean

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we see you among those who are Mycenaean which means what are you perfect?

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You look perfect. You are perfect. What does that even mean? See, I looked actually Mycenaean and Surah Yusuf, it was mentioned five times in an Bakara. And that way, it was mentioned two times three times actually, I'm run twice, so at use of shorter metoden, but I'm run and sort of the Bhaskara was mentioned five times with the word myrcene. Which means again, the most the excellent doors and it was measured also Asana, Asana across multiple times as well, too. So the word sound

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was mentioned many, many times. The story of use of Alison I'm ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala sending us this message. Instead of using Look, you're gonna go through olders you're gonna throw difficulties and hardships and trials, everybody did that. Everyone is going to go through difficulties and hardships. And these hearts and difficulties may be different mine different than yours. What you consider difficult for others is easy. Some people Subhanallah that test is in financial. And for

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them they can't handle no losing money or losing their job, but they can have the physical pain or health issues as Allah test them with their families, their spouse, their marriage, their children, some there were whatever reasons, many, many different ways but the message that we learned from Surah Yusuf consistency of Sal, which means always be that perfect person in terms of your Ashleigh, your manners, your steadfastness. Let's go over this a little bit right now. So use of Valor is when

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Allah subhanaw describes him as he was growing up in the house of Allah as is what it is about him. How well am I Bella I should do it now. Hoekman Wilhelma choleric and ZIL mas Janine when he as he was growing up, and he became a young man, strong enough to become independent. Dinah Hoekman were Elma we gave him knowledge and wisdom.

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What is the knowledge the wisdom important for someone in that age group is your mom if you look at Tiktok you know why it's important

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because you find many many people who are supposed to be wise but because they don't have the proper knowledge and that wisdom is lost. They make poor decisions

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and some other people they have their own the knowledge but unfortunately because they don't have the wisdom they mess up a lot

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and that's why it's extremely important in the youthful age is to have not just the knowledge of man also the good judgment that you know what to post what not to post what to say what not to say how to show exercise patient otherwise how to handle difficulties deal with pain with difficult people in your life your friends your family use of RSM from the very beginning Allah it now hookman world

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okay, that energy mastery, this is the way we reward those who are good doers, the excellent ones

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and then moving forward he went to prison unjustly what was his crime a drama and one was one was crimes visible?

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Because she she wrote so she was tempting him. No, that wasn't his crime. Actually. He went to prison. His crime was yeah, he was handsome.

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Anyone would like to go to prison for this crime drama. All of you problem. I like the proof of this one, right? Being handsome. That was his crime.

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He was so handsome. These women going after him and they said you know what, lock him up. Otherwise the whole town is gonna go after him right now. So they put him in prison unjustly? Subhanallah and after some time two young people come to him and they give them their dream. says look we have a dream. One of them says called Irani acid or camera I'm kind of like preparing juice wine. Another one says I was carrying bread over my head and I see the birds eating off of it. Not being able to

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really in America. Middle Messina. Could you please give us interpretation we see your mashallah us. You look very fine. Good man. Great man. Excellent person in prison.

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Who has even the energy to be so good and prisoners in MMA a lot of terms in prison. I don't know if you know that as your mind has to protect that he had to survive there. But he's allowed his manners put them above everything. People notice that says you know what? You don't even have to say a word. I can see it.

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We can see it in you. You such a good man. Could you please give us into British of our dreams? And he did. But before he did that, what did he do to them as your mom gave him down says I'll do that. But here's the thing. First, let me tell you something, who's your Lord, who's your God and you give them dower before he told them what their dreams were about. And subhanAllah when he realized one of them is going to be there.

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Lacey says for Karla Linda Ivana Naja Minh Huma with Quran and Arabic as the one he thought he's going to be leaving, he said to him said, listen, when you leave, could you please remember me remember me? Talk to talk to your boss, talk to your master about me. But what happened when he left, too excited, forgot about us.

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Forever that decision is with us and he said a few years in prison for no crime, but being handsome. And then some holiday comes. Eventually, Allah subhanaw taala bring him out of the prison. And man he stands you know, for the Kingdom of Egypt right now being the treasurer of Egypt, ALLAH SubhanA wa Psychedelica machinations with a lot of this is how we gave him the confirmation and the position on this earth being he is now the master of the land. And he says about him, God, Allah has about

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him what? Learning through agile Mycenean we're not going to lose cause those Messinian there are agile to be wasted. Those are good doors like look or what you've gone through. We've given you the word in the dunya before the alpha now you're the master of the land.

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He didn't just come out of prison as your man he came out of prison to become what?

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The master of the land

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all Egypt treasure right now under his control. And the king says, I trust you Subhanallah

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change of affairs in his life. And then his brothers comes, you recognize if they did not, the story goes on bring their brother from Philistine to Egypt. And when he meets them after that, what have they said what did they say to him? says in that whoever chef and Kabira you know he has an old man. Could you please take one of us instead of that young boy, please? In Nana Raka and then my sin, we find you to be a good man, someone who's mashallah Marcin will good man's good of luck. You know,

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this happened in one of those critical moments for use it as well too. Why? Because when he was searching into the language of his brothers, and he then he took that cup from the measurement cup from the from his younger ones. luggage and he says we found it. They come to him. What do they say about their brother? Color yesterday? Bakasana caller who? You know, oh my god. He's just like his old brother. He had a brother before he was also a thief like him talking about home.

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him in his face.

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But what did he say in his heart? He just got clobbered and the devil anthem, Sean McDonough

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horrible people. He didn't say it. He said it he basically he thought about in his heart. He kept it in his heart out of what? His son

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his son, he has the power to finish him in that moment. Right. But what did he choose to do? Sorry, overlook.

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I have the power that I will overlook that why because in anarock animosity because he was indeed, of the masculine, always good deeds doing well. And the last thing obviously when he disclosed his identity to them,

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he gave the reason he gave the reason when they asked us in the color and your use of color and it was of

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Carmen Allahu Elena. And now this is down the line in the story that we need to remember in Houma, yet have a whisper in Allah, Allah will do agilon My sin He gave us his secret.

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Use of Allah Salam gave us his secret.

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You guys will know that.

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That's his secret that have been given to all of us that if you have those ingredients in your life, you shall get the exact same same treatment of use of La Silla.

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Just be consistent with that what is it called in now who may yet have the whales but two things use those crucial Taqwa conscious of Allah subhanho wa taala. Few of Allah has those on their heart. All was consideration of Allah and their life and everything. And cm and hamdulillah is that is the time for it to exercise that Taqwa. always mindful of Allah subhanho wa taala. We are spur that requires what a lot of patience, a lot of suburb, which means you're going to be pushed around, you're going

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to be hurt, you're going to be insulted, you're going to be dealt with in different ways. You need to stay consistent. Now that doesn't mean to be a pushover though.

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That doesn't mean no even when you have the power to push back you can push back if you want to. But you need to be consistent with it or clap and your image and your furnace and your justice even with your photos not just with it with your friends. So here that consistency now my yet that they were split for in Alana Messinian Allah will never cause the deeds of the mastery to be able to be wasted in the dunya and in the alpha. So the story sort of use of violence that is all about this. Look at

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the consistency of use of valet Sam's Club throughout the entire story. Find me a place where he failed you.

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You want in all his affairs whether

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Financial temptations,

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intimate temptations, revenge, anger, temptation, whatever you want to call every single fitna, you go through us Walesa had to go through but he was consistent. And why is that so important? Because when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala highlighted the purpose of this release of this life, what do they say? Hola. Hola. Hola como el Hialeah blue? Akuma Yocum?

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Asked anomala. He could add life and death to try you who is going to be the best and your deeds, right?

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The best interviews so the whole creation is about worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala with a son. And how do we do that? The Prophet says and describe that to us. He says call and talk with Allah aka Anika Torah, you worship Lord as if you see him. And if you couldn't get to that level of certainty, then you worship him absolutely certain that he sees you. Now that is a sun. So your job my job throughout not just this month of Ramadan. after Ramadan throughout your life as a man this

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is a principle that you need to highlight in your life. There is two things a Taqwa was Southern, as Allah subhanaw taala says was an Eminem and mutton. You had to not be eminent dilemma. Sabado wakanow Yatta goon we made the leaders among them in this life, which means examples role models, the best of all y la Masaba wacana con when they persevered and patients and they showed Taqwa the exact same two qualities you want to be you want to be basically someone who's a role model on this

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life. You would like to be that example. You need to show consistency with these two qualities are server what Taqwa is it going to be easier Gemma

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is it going to be easy? But I guarantee you it's worth it. Do you agree with me or not? So work on it. May Allah subhana Watermaker some of those LaMattina robola Lemon. We ask Elijah to give us that that Sabri or Bananaman, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to fill our heart with that Taqwa. Will that conscious of Allah subhana wa Donna, we ask Allah as well to give us the ability to exercise patience in our lives. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us the ability to be grateful to him. We

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us I'm going to make some of the righteous ones you are but I mean, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to raise us among the righteous ONERA but I mean, we ask ALLAH SubhanA to make us the company of the Gambia and the salah hen and the company of use of Allah is Allah Allah mean we ask Allah subhana wa Tala to protect our brothers and sisters because they are Allah. We ask Allah subhana wa Bucha to protect our brothers and sisters as they are but Allah mean

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we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easier and Allah to guard them and protect the metal but I mean, protect their livelihoods, their lives, their children, their families, yada but I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to restore peace and tranquility into their lives here Allah herbal Alameen swiftly Arabic element, we ask Allah Subhan for those who pass to be shahada, Allah accept among the shahada, Arabella al Amin, those who are ill to give them Shiva those who wanted to give

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him recovery we ask Allah subhana wa to give safety to the children and the families here Allah Allah Allah mean ya Allah we ask the given the victory that you promised your beloved I mean protect them from a person's your Allah euro but I mean your Allah we ask you to enter occupation yada but I mean, you're allowed to store the peace and trigger in their life. So Allah Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah wa salam ala Muhammad wa

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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