Ramadan 2019 Reminders 11 – Have you Experienced the Real Fast

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Prophet Muhammad wa sallam was known to be charitable, generous, whatever he had he gave it but in Ramadan he was known to be even more generous.

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He was known to be even more generous.

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Where is our generosity? There is no motivation.

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The collections made at the masjid.

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Not much different from

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collections outside of Ramadan

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collections for the masjid for the place that we are praying.

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Why generosity hasn't been stirred.

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Hunger hasn't been felt. So it's just the routine Okay, we have some money. When I was a Christian as to go to the church we had a my parents used to give us some coins you give put this in the plate, we're doing the same thing. Just the ritual.

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Let us renew our intentions today for the next week

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to the end of Ramadan

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to turn this fast around and make it truly a fast for a loss of what Allah

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let us experience the fast. The real fast for a lot of sick one in which hunger pangs hit us.

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hunger pangs which we rarely experience hit us every day. And remind us

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to be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for what he has given us

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and to be concerned about the rest of humanity who don't have what has been given to us