The Minor Signs of the Hour

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In this episode, Ahsan Hanif explains minor signs of the hour as prophesied by our beloved Prophet Mohammad SAW. A thought provoking talk which gives us a wake up call to get close to Allah SWT with authentic knowledge and sunnah acts of worship as the hour is approaching us rapidly.

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The importance of religion and culture in shaping Islam is highlighted, including the use of signs like Yama to indicate the beginning of normal pm and the trend of massagin being spread throughout the world. The use of the symbol Yama, which is the removal of mountains and things that will cause people to be so distant, is a reminder of the importance of protecting one's religion and family, and the importance of learning how to deal with these signs. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting one's religion and family, as it will affect their personal and family, and the shift in mindset is due to the way people are seeking information and knowledge. The speaker also discusses the importance of technology and technology in bringing people to know the message of Islam and the shift in mindset due to the shift in people's behavior. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting one's religion and family, learning how to deal with these signs, and learning how to deal with people who are so distant. The speaker also discusses

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh smilla from the de la salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was talking to human Wada.

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tonight's lecture as has been advertised is on the minus signs of normal piano.

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And usually when this subject is taught requires a lot more than a single session or a single lecture, and the pastor might have taught the subject of the signs of Yamaha piano. I've taken a whole weekend doing this two full days. So to summarize this into a single lecture is somewhat difficult to give you a comprehensive overview of the signs of Yamaha piano. So we will do a shallow tality speak about a number of principles and a number of a wide concerning how we interact with the signs of human piano. What is the benefits and wisdoms behind them? And how do we approach the subject? Whenever you study a subject in Islam, whenever you study any of the sciences of Islam, if

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you can master the foundations and the soul, the provide the principles by which you master that science by which you interact and learn and study and apply that science, then the details of that science will become easy for you. But if you spend your time and you're preoccupied with the minutiae and the detail before you learn the principles, you will have a lot of information but it will be disjointed and your understanding of it will be incomplete or sometimes incorrect, and sometimes completely the opposite of what is being attempted intended. So therefore, it is always important to understand principles. We are a religion of principles, the Koran is full of

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principles, the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is full of principles, the scholars of Islam for generation upon generation, and the books that they wrote volumes upon volumes, it is full of principles.

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Allah subhana wa tada in the Quran.

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He mentioned things that are extremely important. And this is the first principle that the Arabs before Islam used to be the custom, that if they wanted to denote something's important, they would give it many names. And they would repeat its name or it's mentioned many times. So the Arabs if they considered something to be important, they would give it many different names, all of them refer to a single entity, referring to a single thing. For example, the word sword in the Arabic language has many, many names. Why? Because the Arabs before Islam, they were tribes and the tribes used to fight. So war and courage and bravery and sword and so on and so forth. These things are

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important to them. So they would give it many, many different names. And they would repeat it often in their poetry and so on, they would repeat these things often. So in the loss of Hannah Tyler revealed the Quran in the language of the Arabs, some of these traits of eloquence, Allah subhanaw, taala, kept within Islam, and he expounded upon them and he obviously made them better because the speech of a large soldier is the most eloquent of speech. So therefore, you will find in the Koran and in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the same principle being applied if something is important in this religion, it is given many different names. And these different names

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are just simply because Allah Subhana Allah is giving us eloquence without any benefit or wisdom, but rather, it's because we may so that we may pay attention. This is an issue and obviously all have the Quran is important. But this is an issue that is being highlighted because it is at the crux of the matter. It is something that you should pay attention to should be one of the things that you prioritize. So for example, our Prophet son alone while he was silom, has many names. Many names that he is known by many titles that he is given Islam just simply because they were giving him titles without alarm soldiers gave him names is to denote his importance, because this is the

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way that the Arabs is to show importance. For example, the Koran has many names. Why? Because the Quran is something which is extremely important. I will Lord and create a loss of Hannah Diana has many, many names, because a lot of zoa gel is extremely important. Likewise one of those concepts that is extremely important and deemed to be important is yomo. piano, the day of judgment, and everything that is connected to the Day of Judgment, how fire power dies, the signs of normal cuyama you will find that these things are repeated many times and often they are given many different names all of them referring to a single thing. Gender has many names, Yama, Yama has many names. The

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Hellfire has many names. So this is the first principle when you come across something that is repeated many, many times.

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Attention, something important. Our profits on a low value are seldom to show its importance. These two often see when speaking about the highest level of a man, the perfection of the completeness of a person's a man. He would often say, men can you know Billa he will yo Mila whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day. Now we know that the pillars of Eman are six, belief in Allah and belief in the last day are only two of them. But the professor wouldn't say whoever believes in Allah, His angels, his books, his messengers, the decree and the day of judgment that led him to such and such, he would only single out these two. And the scholars say that from the wisdoms of this is that the

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other pillars of Eman and Islam returned to these to Allah subhanaw taala his books, His angels whose decrees messengers, these are things that are large that will bestowed upon those people or their his speech in terms of his books, or his angels are one of his honored creation, but then also paradigma singles out Jomo piano, because of its importance as well. So the professor Sonam would often see men can uh, you know, be law, he will your will ask, if you believe in a lot on the last day, then I didn't speak good or remain silent. If you believe in Allah and Allah stay, then be good to your neighbor. If you believe in Allah and Allah stay, then be hospitable towards your guests,

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and so on, and so forth. So therefore, even in Islam, this concept of repetition is present. Allah subhanaw taala also showing the importance of this issue, and especially in relation to what we're discussing here this evening, the signs of Yeoman piano, Allah Subhana, Allah says in Surah, Mohammed for helium balloon a lesser actor, and to whom bata do they think that the AI will will come upon them will strike them suddenly, that it will come with that warning for Khadija Sharapova but rather the signs have already come.

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It signs have already come for an Elijah from the crowd. So then therefore, which of these signs will be a reminder for them? And this gives us the second principle when it comes to the signs of Domino piano. That the greatest purpose and the greatest wisdom behind the signs of human piano is as a reminder, because Yama, Yama is coming. Yama, Yama is coming for its exact time, when it will take place. This is knowledge that a large region alone knows it is not something which Allah has chosen to share with any single person, human profit, non profit. No one has this knowledge except a large xojo is lucanus. Ronnie sir, they asked you Oh Mohammed Salah, well, he will sell them

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concerning the our call in mohar in the law, say verily his knowledge is only with Allah will mail you the de calor, Allah socrata kuno kariba. What will make you know that the hour is extremely close at hand. The point being, therefore, that the signs of normal piano are not to show that Yama Yama is coming, meaning that it's something that will happen because we know that it will happen. The point of the signs of Yamaha piano is to show how close attended is so that it may be a reminder for me, I knew that our time on earth is limited, it is finite, that this earth and everything upon it, and within it, it has a limited timeline. It has a limited timeframe that a large region has

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given to it. So therefore it is a reminder for us for another home, either from the crown. And that's why when you look through the signs of normal piano, and the signs of normal pm are often split into two categories, minor and major, the major are 10. And they are considered to be the major ones not because the processor them said they were major signs, because the processor never categorize the signs of normal piano as minor or major. But rather, what do you said in a single Hadith is countin, before yo mo piano, and he mentioned that the germ and the coming of our Isa and the Jews and Jews and so on and so forth. So the scholars said that these 10 because they are found

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in this one single Hadith. And they were and we were told to count them before the hour actually strikes, they are considered to be the major signs. Every other sign therefore, is minor. And the minor meaning the authentic narrations go up to nearly 100 100 authentic minus signs. And there are other signs which this color is different over its authenticity or lack thereof, the point being that there are many, many minus signs. And those minus signs are often also categorized by the spot as they're divided into three four to further categories. The signs are of past, the signs that we see all around us today. And the signs that will come in the future.

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These signs

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The vast majority of them, they are there as a reminder,

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the signs of Yama, Yama, and this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make are not there to give rulings. They are not can we do not derive our religion or our rulings from the science of human opium.

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Therefore, for example, if a person was to come across the sign of Yama, Yama, for example, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that from the signs of Yeoman, Yama is that people will construct or compete in the construction of tall buildings, they will compete in the construction of tall buildings. We do not take from this hadith that it is haram to construct tall buildings,

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or that it is even disliked to construct tall buildings, because that is not even the essence of the sign. It is not even what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted us to take away from the sign, the sign speaks about something else. So therefore, for a person to take this and think that it is a sign of Yamanaka, or the ruling that it is not allowed for us to compete, or to even construct or buildings, then this is something which is a misunderstanding, it is a misuse of this Hadith, it is a misunderstanding of the sign of Yamaha piano. For example, we know that there are Hadith of the melody, that the melody will come towards the end of time, the time of peace will

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come. One of the greatest mistakes and especially in our time, what we see people doing is taking these Hadith and similar a hadith. And thinking therefore that it justifies certain actions in the name of Islam. These are the Hadith and these are the narrations that people will use when they go and perform suicide bombings. These are the notions that people will use when they try to establish some type of a life of their own accord. Why because they say that it's something which we find in the Hadith. But again, they have misunderstood those a hadith. Those are Hadith are not meant to give you rulings. That is not the point. And that's why in 1970 or whenever it was, when those

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people went and they laid siege on the harem in Mecca, they went and they held hundreds of people hostage people therefore tawaf for Salah for reading Quran, they held them hostage, why for a number of days, because they claim to have with them the melody, the ruling the fact that the professor mentioned the MACD, it is not a ruling. Nor is it a commandment for you to bring about the circumstances in which that money will come. Or to bring about events that will hasten the coming of the mahadevi. All of this is a complete misuse of the signs of Yeoman piano. And it is from the traps of shape on the shape on comes and he makes you understand something which isn't to be found

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that and that is why we find that in the time of the companions of the Allahu even though the companions were given many a hadith concerning Yeoman piano and the signs of yom Okayama, you don't find that the companions would hasten to implement them in their own time, or that they would derive rulings from them. But rather, very rarely do you find the companions even questioning something about one of those signs of Yamaha piano, they will take them as they are, they are meant to be about informative. They are telling you of things that will take place, when they will take place how they will take place, that is for Allah alone to decide. And that is why also from the mistakes

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that people have from using the signs of normal cuyama is to think that a single sign applies to only a single place or time. For example, we say for example, that from the signs of normal piano, the professor seldom said is indiscriminate killing that something which we find today. But to say that that Hadith is speaking about us and our situation, that is from the knowledge that we have in Islam, the prevalence of them didn't pinpoint the UK or the 21st century or a certain group of people in a certain location. It is I am it is general news. It is a general Hadeeth it can apply to our time, it can apply to a time that will come after us. It could have been applied to a time

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before us It can apply to the UK may apply to other parts of the world. So therefore, again, the signs of yarmulke Yama are there as a reminder, a reminder first and foremost for you, for you that your time is near a hand for you that our time will come in a large so gentlemen resurrect each and every single one of us and hold us to account for everything that we did that Alonzo Virgil will question us for every single small and big D major and minor, open and secret and that a large soldier will present to us a record. Nothing will be hidden from it, that the people will say Mally heaven keytab now you heard the rosary, rotten woolacombe rotten Illa What is with this record?

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Code of deeds hasn't missed anything that is neither big or small, except that it has accounted for it. It is a reminder of your real piano. And that is why the companions are the one who said that one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came out to us for vigil. And you let us in the federal prayer. And after fudger, he went, and he stood upon his minbar, and he began to give us

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a sermon. And that sermon lasted all the way until the heart all the way until the heart. So you can imagine that's 567 hours, the professor misspeaking, nonstock the companion who's reading this hadith he says that when the time of Lord King in the process of pseudonym descended, and he led us involved, and then after lower, he went on to his member, and he continued to speak. And he continued until last

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time, he came down. And again, he led us in prayer. And then after also, he went back on his main board, and he continued to speak until the time of modeling came in. And then he came down, and he led us in Madrid. And when he went home,

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the companion was waiting was happy, the people that he was narrating it, too. They said, What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speak about in this football?

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This is like a full day seminar. It's not even like a lecture or whatever. This isn't a 30 minute thing that you come and attend on Juma on Friday. A whole day What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speak about? He said that he mentioned everything that will happen until you move

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away for the last one. The companion who was well known for being well versed in these issues, issues of fitting of trials and so on and so forth. He said that sometimes something happens takes place, and it jogs my memory. And I remember that sitting with the Prophet son alone while he was older, that the prophecy seldom told us that something like this would happen. And it happened before my eyes, jogs my memory, because the vast majority of the companions weren't able to memorize everything that the apostle Solomon said from Virgil, all the way until Martin, but they remembered snippets or when something would take place, it would remind them to jog their memory. So the signs

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of Yama Yama are there for you to take benefit from. Because the signs of Yama, Yama, you will find that the vast majority, especially the minor ones, they show that as yarmulke, Yama comes closer and closer, the people become more and more distanced from Allah Subhana retirement. And the way that they will become distances in many different ways, is not just in terms of religion, but it will also be in terms of their social issues, in terms of the wealth that they have, in terms of their family ties, and kinship. All of these different things will deteriorate so that as Yamaha piano gets closer and closer, that people are more and more distance from a loss of Hannah Montana. And

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this is something which the prophet SAW Selim told us anyway, that there has never come a time, except that the time after it will be worse, there has never come a time except that the time after it will be worse. Why? Because with every generation, the people become more distanced from Allah subhana wa, Tada. That doesn't mean that they become less number, because also from the signs of normal piano from the minus signs is that the Muslims will be many in number. So it's not that they will be deficient in number, it is that they will be distanced from a large soldier, their understanding of Islam will be less, their practice of Islam will be less, their understanding of

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what is authentic, about Islam will be less so they will become distanced from Allah subhana wa Tada. That is what the signs of your multiarch are telling you. So that when you see these trends and patterns emerge, you're aware of them, and you're able to protect yourself and your family safeguard yourself and your family, from being from amongst those people who fall into those trends and patterns, who become more distanced from Allah subhana wa Tada. So I will give you examples.

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The next principle, I don't know which number we're on, but the next principle of using the signs of Yamanaka, Yama is when you find the signs of human pm and group them together, I'm not going to go through all of the 100 odd signs of the minus signs of Yamaha piano, you will find them in many books, you just have to Google them and you'll find them. There are books that have been published in English that discuss what they are, but what they normally do as they normally categorize them in the classical way, which is signs which have already passed signs which are yet to come and assign sorry, which are all around us and signs which are yet to come. But one of the things that they

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don't do, but if you do it you will find these trends and patterns emerging is you feel them together as well. So the signs of normal piano find themes, and there are only six or seven themes. For example, those signs that speak about religion.

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worship of Allah knowledge, take them together, the signs that speak about wealth and money, bring them together, the signs that speak about power and battles and so on, bring them together, the signs that speak about social issues, bring them together. And when you do this, what you will find his then if you divide them, between the signs that have passed, the signs that are around us today that you can see a which there are many, the vast majority of the signs of human piano are actually all around us today. But most of us are unaware that their signs of normal piano because we've become so accustomed to them. And then the signs that are yet to come, you will find these trends

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and patterns in each of these themes emerging. And each of them more or less, basically show that as Yama Yama comes closer, we as a nation as an oma, are becoming more distanced from Allah subhana wa Tada. We are becoming more materialistic, most superficial. And that's the time that we live in any way, especially today, where everything is very surface, very fast, everything at your fingertips. But it also means that within us as well our spiritual self, we have become distanced from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Let me give you an example. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about worship, and he spoke about issues concerning religion, and knowledge. One of the things of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to us and it is a sign which has already passed is the emergence of a group known as the average. And the average are a group of people who, even though they are people who outwardly seem to be extremely pious, because the professor seldom said to the companions that when you see these group of people, and you compare your prayer to their prayer, your fasting to their fasting, you will demean your sounds, you will look down upon yourselves and you're not

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speaking to me a new 1400 years later, he's speaking to Abu Bakr and Omar RS man, and earlier the Allahu anhu, that you when you compare your Salah, your fasting, your ibadah compared to these people, you will look down upon yourselves you will belittle your worship. But those people even though they read the Quran, it will never pass beyond their throats, meaning the other than the words that come out of their mouth, none of the meanings the wisdoms the benefits, the effects that the forum brings, none of them will penetrate them. But rather they will leave this religion as fast as a as a as an arrow leaves the ball. That's a sign of your microbiome and the place it is

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assigned. To show us that as Yama Yama comes closer and closer, we will become more distant and detached from Allah, in terms of our knowledge of Islam.

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And this knowledge of Islam, how will it become less so amongst us even though we are more in number one, even though we are more in number, it's because of the way that Allah subhanaw taala will remove knowledge from this oma and the way that we will become detached from that knowledge. And that's why for example, in the past, even if you were to read the books of history in the past, the scholars of Islam would travel for 1000s of miles. And they would spend months making the journey, sometimes only for a single Hadith, or to meet a single chef or scholar, just to spend a few days in their company. And this is how they would seek knowledge, there was a lot of time and effort that

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was placed into it simply to learn a single Hadith, or to benefit from a single scholar. But today, if someone comes with a lecture that's slightly too long, or if we're told, for example, that this is a course that is going to take a weekend or three days or four days, or there's a seminar or intensive course lasting a week, it's too much for us. We find it too much too burdensome. In fact, the shorter the better. One of the most popular things available today is short YouTube clips, tweets, Facebook posts. And so what we're doing now is we're seeking knowledge and learning our religion through this way.

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And by the way, that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with short YouTube clips, I'm not speaking on Twitter, or Facebook or anything else. But it's a mindset that has changed. The now instead of these things being on the side, supplementing our religion, and our knowledge, they have become the essence. These are the basics. This is how we learn our religion. And everything else is just for those few amongst us who actually want to go and study actually want to go and you know, maybe become an Imam or something else. So the whole mindset changes. And it's not also because we are less able, because the Prophet told us on a low while he was selling them concerning this issue as

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well from the signs of Yeoman farmer in the ministry of the Sati. The whole column from the signs of normal piano is the emergence of the pen, the whole column. What does that mean? According to some of the scholars, it means education.

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The whole problem because the Arabs before even in the time of the Prophet of Islam, the vast majority of the companions were illiterate. They weren't able to read or write, they would memorize, but they weren't able to read or write. And that's why in the time in the early generations of Muslims, the vast majority of the studying was done by mouth by memorization, writing and reading came later on. So the whole column from the signs of normal piano is that people actually more educated, more able. And if you were to compare ourselves today, especially those of us that were born in the UK, with, with the generation of our parents and our grandparents, we are generally

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speaking more educated, we have better access to information and to knowledge, it is easier for us, more of us now are taking higher qualifications. We're having master's degrees, and PhDs and so on, it has become more of a norm, rather than becoming something which was an exception to the norm, the wardrobe column. Now you have information at your fingertips on your phone, on your computer, on your laptop, your iPad, where you can simply google something, and all of the information that you could possibly want on a single topic will be at your fingertips. No longer do you have to travel. Now with YouTube and live transmissions and so on. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your

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own house to seek knowledge. vooral palom. But even so, the Prophet told us on a law while he was telling me that our time will come when knowledge will be raised, and it will be raised with the depth of the scholars so that the only people left that people will go to to seek knowledge from will be the ignorant, for F Toby lay there in so they will speak with that knowledge for Baloo Baloo, they will misguide themselves and they will misguide others. There's more ability, more resources, more time, we're able we have more capabilities, but even so, we have become more distanced from a loss of Hannah Montana. That is an example. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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from the signs of Yeoman piano is that a group of people aside from the signs of Yama, Yama is that people will boast about their massages

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and the mosques will be used as pathways. That is two different signs. The first that the multiple people will boast about them, massage it, and number two, that the people will use the mosque as a pathway, meaning that people will become so detached from Allah subhanho wa Taala that rather than preserving the essence of what the message should be, the messages as it was in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the people will become more preoccupied with the apparent furnishings, they will become more more preoccupied with the surface, they will become more preoccupied with the fabric of the building. This will preoccupied them more than what they will

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actually should be preoccupied with concerning the massage. And that's something which we see today. If you were to compare the masjid in the time of the prophet or sell them to the way that the masjid is today, it is two completely different things. The time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The Masjid was the place where the companions used to gather. It's the place where they would sit is the place where the children would play is the place where they used to be a hospital, used to be a homeless shelter, used to even be a prison in times of war. That is where they would hold people, the the prisoners of war, they would come and they would be pleased in the masjid. When

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the people have met john king, the Christians have not drawn to learn about Islam. And they said O Messenger of Allah, we want to pray their Christian offerings, they want to pray the process Adam told him to go to the back of the masjid. He made the memory and he said do your prayers that everything was done in the masjid. It was the center, the courthouse where the processor with consult with his companions. If there was an issue, that is where they would come and the time of aid, the people would wrestle and they would play in the masjid. That was the masjid. Whereas if you were to look at the actual physical building the structure of the masjid, it was made out of deep

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palm tree trunks and branches. In fact, when it would rain, the ground which was bad it was sand, didn't have rugs and carpets, it was sand, when the rain would come would fall through the roof because it was just branches wasn't a real roof. It would come and you and the water would mix with sand and they would have mud. So when it would rain and that's where we get this ruling from the when it rains you pray Our home. The magazine would call out pray at home if it was rain in the time when the prophet SAW him Why? Because otherwise they'd be praying in mud. So this is how the masjid was in that time. Today, we have the opposite. We have Mashallah beautiful Mr.

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And the point of this isn't that remastered shouldn't be comfortable that a mystery shouldn't be pleasant, that it shouldn't be a warm and welcoming environment. But when that mustard is so nice, the no one is able to do anything in the mystery. Because we're afraid now that this carpet is going to get destroyed. We're afraid none of this money that we spent on this machine, if we allow children to come in, then this machine isn't going to last very long. When the machine loses essence that all we do in the machine is the solar and the Juma prayer, and read some Quran and maybe teach some children, but nothing else is allowed to take place in the masjid. That is what the prophet

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Selim is speaking about. Today, we have more massagin than probably ever before in the history of Islam. And they're spread all over the world, not in just just Muslim countries, all over the world. But the vast majority of those massagin, unable to live up to that standard set by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that is the essence of this sign of normal tiama. It is not just simply to look at it and say that we shouldn't beautify our massage or don't spend any any money on the question. That's not the point. The point is that the professor is showing us how there is a trend emerging, how people are becoming more distanced from Allah subhana wa Tada. And when they do so

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when they lose their religion, when they become distanced from Allah, when their worship of a larger which is more superficial, when they feel less spiritual connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala than every other category and theme and every other facet, other facet of their lives will also become worse and worse. So for example, in social issues, the people will become also more distanced from Allah subhanho wa Taala. In this regard, they will lose the morals and the characters that they should have had as Muslims. For example, the prophets on a low while he was seldom said that from the signs of your will piano and tell you the amateur of betta, that a person that the slave woman

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gives birth to her child. According to some scholars, like even Rahim, Allah tala, the point of this Hadith, and his explanation of the sign, is that it means that children will be disobedient to their parents. So the child will treat will treat their parents as a person will treat their slave as a master would treat their slave. That is the meaning of the sign of human piano. So therefore, the fabric of the society, the things that Islam came to put into place, so that the society can flourish, all of those things start to break down. And then people become more materialistic in nature. So we have the science of wealth of money. So when it comes to wealth, people will fight

00:32:47--> 00:33:06

over wealth, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that assignment come up as a sign of normal piano will come, where a river will dry and it will come from it will emerge a mountain of gold, and the people will go to fight over the gold from every 199 will die.

00:33:07--> 00:33:50

Every 100 group of people that go to take the wealth board 99 of them will be killed. But still the people will go because the prophecies seldom said every single person will say, I will be the one survivor. I will be the single survivor. So they will continue to go. And this is how they will approach this issue of one. Compare that to the beginning of Islam. Because from the signs of Yama, Yama from that which has already passed, is that the prophet SAW Selim said concerning this issue of wealth, that our time will come when the people will find no one to accept this occur. You can't give us a car to anyone, because every person that you come to will say I don't qualify for a car. I

00:33:50--> 00:34:32

am not eligible for the car. And it is said that this took place in the time of Ramadi bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah to Allah, that the people would go around, looking for the poor to give them as a car and no one would be able to accept it. So then instead, they would give their money to the treasury of the Muslims. So the point being here is look at how things deteriorate. Now once we fight over because we've become so materialistic, so that people lose their religion. From the final signs of Yama, Yama is that our time will come as the Prophet seldom said that people won't know the meaning of Salah Osaka, or fasting or Hajj, these concepts will become lost to them, they will become lost

00:34:32--> 00:34:45

to them. But rather you will only find the Hadith says the elderly from amongst them. The old man and the old woman who will say that we used to hear our forefathers say la ilaha illAllah. So we say it as well.

00:34:46--> 00:35:00

So, religion becomes culture, tradition, something which was just passed down the essence of the religion of the meaning of these institutions of salah and Zakat, and so on, become lost and that

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Right from the signs of normal piano was, indeed from this hour will not be established until you follow in the footsteps of those who came before. Because that's what happened with the past nations. They would lose their religion, they will become detached from Allah, they will stop seeking knowledge about their religion and their scriptures, so that their religion will become culture, or it will be mixed with so many things that it is difficult to discern what is religion? What is what a law wanted? And what is those things that we just added over time, culture and tradition and so on. Things will change over time. This too will happen to Muslims, because the

00:35:38--> 00:36:18

professor told us that we will follow in those footsteps. So rather than being aware that this is something that will happen, and then seeking to safeguard ourselves, yes, it is a trend that will appear generally amongst the ummah. But the point is that for you as an individual, first and foremost, and that is the point of the signs of Yamaha piano, not to look at them as the oma will fall into this. But what will you do? First and foremost, you and your family, what will you do how will affect you? At the very least you safeguard yourself from falling into this and you safeguard your family, so that people become so detached from Allah subhanho wa Taala that the Prophet told us

00:36:18--> 00:36:44

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that from the categories of the fields or the signs of Yama, Yama, his nature, nature. For example, in the time of the prophet SAW Selim, he split the moon with from the signs of Yamaha pianos Allah says in the Quran, Dr. Robert asako, one shall come on, The hour has drawn close and the moon will split from the signs of Yamaha piano, that miracle of the Prophet cillum was a sign of Yamaha piano.

00:36:45--> 00:36:59

So that sign of human pm is a sign about nature, something happening in the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Those signs as Yama Yama comes closer and closer, become greater and bigger and more amazing and more crazy.

00:37:00--> 00:37:21

Yet still, even though that is the nature of the way that these signs will progress. For example, the Prophet told us a lot while he was tell them from the signs of your will gamma is the removal of mountains and things that will amaze you. mountains will be removed, you will wake up one day and you will see that there is a mountain that is no longer there.

00:37:22--> 00:37:57

From the signs of Yama is that the Arabian Peninsula will return to greenery, it will be green, we turned to greenery, meaning that it used to be green and it will return to weary there is one interpretation of the sign of Yama, Yama, things will happen when it comes to the issue of, of nature, that will be so great and so amazing. Meaning that they will be so extraordinary, out of the ordinary, but still the people of that time when they see those signs, because they are so detached from a larger agenda. It will not be a reminder for them.

00:37:59--> 00:38:22

And that is also a warning. Because Allah subhanaw taala used to give miracles to the prophets. Yes for those people who disbelieved at that time, but also for the believers. And sometimes those people despite seeing those signs, even the believers amongst them, they would be groups who despite seeing those signs and miracles from Allah, they would still in disbelief, like for example, the people of Musa alayhis salam.

00:38:23--> 00:39:10

given so many miracles to the Prophet Musa fetus we are yet in Illa Allah says, nine signs we gave mind distinct miracles we gave to the Prophet Mousavi Sarah. Yet, even after this and even after they saw Alonzo will destroy Pharaoh and his army in the seed round them in the ocean. The first time that Mousavi Salaam leaves them to go to speak to Allah subhanaw taala on the mountain of a toad, what do they do? They build a path and they worship other than Allah. They make a calf and they begin to worship other than Allah, they can assure, you will think that they've seen so many signs of Allah, so many miracles of Allah subhana wa tada that he would cause them to be strong and

00:39:10--> 00:39:57

steadfast in a man. But no, rather what will happen. Sometimes what happens is despite those signs because people are so detached from Allah, so distance from Allah, those signs don't benefit them, doesn't benefit them. So likewise, the people towards that time, they will see these signs, but instead of attributing, attributing it to Allah subhanaw taala, ascribing it to the power of Allah thinking and contemplating about a larger origin, they will be so distanced from Allah subhanho wa Taala, that they won't connect the two and they won't serve the signs on serve them as a reminder. So last panatela gives us the site and it gives us many signs, the vast majority of them are around

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

us today. For example, from the site

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

of normal piano is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that a time will come when the people will ride on saddles. Similar to the beasts that we ride upon, they will take them to the doors of the mystery.

00:40:13--> 00:40:53

saddles and beasts similar to the ones that we ride upon, they will take them to the doors of the masjid. Contemporary scholars would say that this refers to cars, saddles, we ride upon them, they're similar to animals, because approximately didn't say it's a horse or a cow or a donkey, whatever else a camel, he said, it will be similar to what we write upon. millionaire is not something that they are used to know about. So the signs of normal pm is sometimes are not explicit in this way, because obviously, the process of them didn't know the future, didn't know what the people will be writing and so on. But he prophesized this, from the signs of Yama, Yama is that a

00:40:53--> 00:41:33

time will come when people will jostle together on the streets, they will draw some together, some of the scholars say that this is the great populations that will emerge. So if you were to see rush hour in London, in New York, in Tokyo, and you have so many people walking in a single space, it's as if they're about to bump into one another clash with one another. That's a sign from the signs of normal piano, from the signs of normal piano is an increase in commerce, in trading, from the signs of normal piano is the wife helping her husband in the business? It's a sign of normal piano. And by the way, from the principles of these signs, is that these signs don't necessarily mean that it is

00:41:33--> 00:42:13

right or wrong, that it's halal, or haram. As I said before, we don't take rulings from them. So no one said to the wife, look, you can't help me my job anymore. It's a sign of Yama, Yama. That's not the meaning. But the point is that the problem is prophesizing these things, and it shows us the truthfulness of our profits on a law where it was seldom the fact that he could, that he foretold so many of these signs that we see around us today. The point being that these signs of Yama, Yama, the point that I'm trying to make is that they are primarily for our remainder. So when you come to the signs of Yama, Yama, and as I said the easily available, authenticated signs of Yama, Yama, take

00:42:13--> 00:42:56

them and feed them together, and look at the trends that emerge. And rather than busying yourself with the minutiae, and the detail, rather than busying yourself with what they mean, what they don't mean, what ruling could be a recording be, take from it the reminder that Allah wants you to take, because the first sign of normal piano was the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his death was the next sign, and the death of the companions was the next sign. From that moment those signs of Yama, Yama began, and they will come one after the other after the other until the major signs appear. And then the Prophet seldom said, the major signs it is like a necklace that has

00:42:56--> 00:43:39

beads. If you were to cut the string, the beads would fall out, fall, one after the other in quick succession, meaning that once we come towards that time, those signs of Yama, Yama will come extremely rapidly before one even finishes, the next one begins. So we have these signs around us. Look at these signs all around us today. It is a reminder from Allah subhana wa tada Alonzo john wants you to look at them, and to take a reminder from them. What is it that Allah subhanaw taala wants you to do with these signs. He wants you to learn how to safeguard yourself, your family, in your religion, in your worship of Allah Subhana. Allah, your connection with the loss of Hannah

00:43:39--> 00:44:19

Montana. And this was the single thing that used to preoccupy the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he came to this issue, in the hadith of for the for the long run, when he was asking the Prophet seldom after this time of goodness meaning the beginning of Islam, will there be a time of evil, then will there be a time of God? Then will there be a time of evil only was preoccupied about was learning how do I save myself from this? So when the prophet SAW Selim said that a time will come, that there will be corners to the gates of the fire? whosoever answers them will be thrown into the fire. For the first set almost in Java law describe them to us.

00:44:19--> 00:45:00

So the professor seldom said humans will detonate ethical lamona. We also know that those people are from us. They will speak with our languages, they will speak with our terms. This is a reminder Be careful towards Yama, Yama, humans seek authentic knowledge, so that you must safeguard yourself so that you can safeguard yourself and your religion. And that is why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke to the companions about the Jan, the only question or one of the very few questions that the companions asked concerning that time is how do we pray? How do we pray? Because that is the whole point of that sign of human piano. It is

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

The whole point of the signs of Yama, Yama, that you increase your connection with a large soldier. So messenger of Allah, how do we pray during the time of the job, that is the essence. That is the point of studying the signs of Yama, Yama. So go through those signs, sit with your family, with your children, explain it to them, let them be aware of the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because in it, that is also a sign about the truthfulness of this religion. And also then teach them about the greatest reminder that you can take from this and that is how to safeguard your religion, especially in these times of fitness. For the from from the signs of normal pm is what the prophet

00:45:40--> 00:46:19

sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that a time will come to be like the darkness of the night, meaning that it will be fitness after fitness trial after trial. It is like the darkness of the night, meaning Everywhere you look, you can't see any light. You don't see any escape. You don't see where any relief will come from. That is the time that we're living in today. So when you study those signs of Yama, Yama, you take from it these lessons, and you take from it this reminder, perchance that Allah subhanaw taala through this will safeguard us and our children, steadfast upon this religion. Let's colossal panel dialogue by its most beautiful names, lofty attributes, that He gives

00:46:19--> 00:46:47

us the authentic knowledge of this religion, that are marzotto mixes from the inheritors of the prophets that are large total teaches us the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the correct understanding that a lot of zones will safeguard ourselves and our families from every type of harm and fitna, under a lot of social keeps us steadfast upon this religion until our deaths and our alarm xojo resurrects us in the company of our profits on a law violation will seldom hurt the law.

00:46:48--> 00:46:56

Immediately. Islam was sort of low in the Vietnam War early he was a big marine Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.