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The speaker discusses the impact of memory lane on Muslims and how it can lead to hardship and mental illness. They also mention the use of animals to symbolize success and reward followers, and the importance of collaboration between non Muslims and Muslims in the face of oppression and violence. The speaker describes the history of Islam, including the use of Phone-Mks for messages, and highlights the importance of serving promises and memory of past experiences.

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Today, we're going to talk about going down memory lane.

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Memories are part of us.

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And as they say it's it lights, the corners of our minds. Everyone has memories, some are painful, and some are pleasant. And very often we recall these memories

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the difference between a believer and an unbeliever when it comes to memories, sometimes painful memories can be cause of hardship, depression,

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a lot of sadness and mental illnesses to non

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It can cause such impact upon Muslims but

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is always way way lighter.

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As Muslims in anticipate the reward from Allah

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and they are tolerant whenever they recall it. They see Allah's blessings upon them, when they remember such painful memories. And often, Allah Himself reminds us of such painful memories, so that we can see his favorites and blessings upon us today, compared to yesterday, Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, and remember, when you were few and oppressed in the land, fearing the people might abduct you, but he the almighty sheltered you, supported you with his victory and provided you with good things that you might be grateful.

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Whenever there is

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a moment of going downhill

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few days, weeks, months, maybe years later, when you recover, and be in a better place. You look back, reflect and ponder upon these old days and be praising Allah azza wa jal and thankful to Allah subhanho wa taala. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to sit with his companions after fajr

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while he's remembering Allah, and they are recalling the days of pre Islamic era, and the things that they used to do, and they laugh of how

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weird and if we were to say, stupid, illogical things they used to do, because they were not Muslims. So they used to laugh about these silly things they used to do in the past, and the Prophet used to smile with them. alayhi salatu salam.

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Not only that, sometimes the Prophet alayhi salatu salam may sit with his companions,

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and tell them about his past,

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which is not that frequent, but he would recall a few of these memorable events. Once he said to his companions,

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every prophet had Shepherd sheep.

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So they said, What about you?

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It's the prophets are they so Sam said,

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I, as well.

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I worked for the family of so and so and shepherd their sheep for a number of gold coins or so.

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So he was paid for that when he was younger to his salatu salam before he got married.

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Among the things he recalls are a solid Sam and shares this memory with his companions for a purpose.

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He says to them, I had witnessed in the house of the of Abdullah have nature than a treaty or a covenant called healthful football.

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And I would not want the world in exchange for witnessing such a treaty. And if I were to be cold to a similar treaty in Islam, I would have asked

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And this shows you that there is nothing wrong in collaborating with the non Muslims

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over virtue and righteousness. If there is a charity organization that gives relief

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to the poor and needy, and those who are struck by calamities, earthquakes, floods, etc. There's no problem working with them and helping the poor, even if the donations are from non Muslims, and given to non Muslims, because this is a humanitarian Act. The Prophet said that in his salatu salam, if I were to be called to a similar treaty in Islam, though it is not part of the Sharia. I would have answered it. And

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this treaty was

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a call by Abdullah have an agenda and and disobeyed Him I did not call him when it was known by the tribes around Mecca, and the people of Makkah that a lot of injustice was done. So Quraysh used to do a lot of injustice to others in the Haram area, into the sanctuary. And this was unheard of. So they had to take a stand. And they signed this treaty, that whomever is being oppressed or treated unjustly, the whole of Quraysh, according to this treaty, would stand in the face of the oppressor and avenge the victims.

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Among his memories that people usually did not know of,

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that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam before becoming a messenger, noticed something that was really odd and strange.

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He says that I know of a rock in Mecca.

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Whenever I passed by it, it used to

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read me salaam,

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it used to say a Salam aleykum before I was revealed to by Allah azza wa jal, and I know this strux location till date, I know where it is in Makkah.

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So this is a memory, though vivid, yet profound, because it prepared the prophet or so Salaam for something that was much bigger, and that he were to be revealed

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to by the angel with the message of Allah azza wa jal.

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The Prophet SAW Selim, even when he was secured in Medina,

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even when he was safe among his people, he remembered

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the old days, he remembered the triumphs of Allah azza wa jal, the calamities the hardship, he says, I was intimidated in the sight of Allah, when no one else was intimidated. And I was harmed and abused physically, when no one was harmed or abused. And I remember 30 days and 30 Nights, beloved, and I had nothing to eat, that was suitable for a living creature, except something that Bilal could hide underneath his arm, so that they will not take it from him 30 Days and Nights a whole month and the prophet had nothing he had barely anything to consume for himself, and for Bilal, as well.

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such hardship

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the goodness people do to you

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at times of hardship, you never forget this. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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remembered the good things that were offered and done to him, even by the disbelievers.

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After the Battle of better in the second year of hijra,

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there were prisoners of war.

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And while they were in captivity,

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the prophets Allah Allah seldom remembered

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it he said, if Elmo time Ibnu ID

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Were alive.

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And He interceded for these stinking prisoners, I would have set them free for his sake.

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Because the time when the Prophet SAW Selim came down from five, after they had rejected him and stoned him until his feet were bleeding, when he went to Mecca, he was afraid that if he enters Mecca again, the

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idol worshippers of Mecca would kill him.

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So he needed someone to give him protection. A lot. I mean, nobody offered this protection and went to the masjid of Al haram, and announced it to the whole tribes of Quraysh that Mohammed is in my custody, and under my protection, and whoever lays a hand on him, then he has to answer to me. And nobody ever said or did anything to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, which may the Prophet SAW Salem recall his favor, even after his death.

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And the Prophet, indeed, remembered the favors of the Muslims

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as well. He said I his salatu salam, no one had ever done me a favor, except I would have repaid him in full or more. anyone

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except Abu Bakr,

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he had done so much to me. I could not repay him, Allah, the Almighty will repay him. And there is no wealth that had benefited me more than the wealth of Abu Bakar.

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Also the prophets Allah Allah wa sallam

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loved his companions

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and loved his relatives from his companions. One of the most beloved people to his heart was Hamza. If you know abdiel, remote pilot, may Allah be pleased with him. And Hamza

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was the prophets. Paternal uncle.

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At the same time, he was his brother through suckling.

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I will sell them Hamza and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they were all brothers from suckling. They had the same wet nurse.

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And we all know that Hamza was martyred and killed

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in the Battle of Oxford,

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and the one who killed him was washy, even harder, who was a slave to hende binter atva. And she ordered him to assassinate and kill Hamza if he can, because Hamza Ali, and

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a third companion from Benny Abdul Muttalib, managed to kill her father, her uncle and her brother.

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So she was outraged and wanted vengeance.

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So she told him if you kill, Hamza, you set free. So he ambushed him. And he threw a spear at him. without him noticing him, he could not face him in battle, nobody could face Hamza in battle, because he was a fierce warrior.

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And the prophet describes him to be the Lion of Allah.

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So he managed to kill him. And years passed by, and Hamza and where she was free, roaming the earth, but he didn't feel good. And Allah through Islam in his heart, so he came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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and gave him the Pledge of Allegiance and accepted Islam.

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Then he asked the Prophet if he were

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if he has safety,

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and no one would attack him. So the Prophet said, yes, you're a Muslim, you're safe. So then he revealed his face and told him that I am washy. And the Prophet immediately recognized that He's the killer of his uncle.

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So he asked him How did you kill my uncle?

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And when he described to the Prophet Allah system, the process

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the prophets, Allah Salam made dua for him forgiveness, it's a

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drunk, but because of the memory of his dear uncle to his heart, the Prophet said to him, I have a request. If you can,

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don't show me your face again.

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Because whenever I see your face, I'll remember my uncle Hamza, and what you had done to him, and

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I don't feel good about it.

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This is what some painful memories do to you. The Prophet Salah Salem

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also remembered the good memories.

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Khadija may Allah be pleased to hear the love of his life, the Mother of the Believers. Isha says, I never felt jealous of any of the prophets, or the wives, except from Khadija. Though I've never met her. And I've never seen her.

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I was very jealous of her. Because the Prophet so often mentioned her name. Khadija did this, Khadija did that Khadija used to like this. And whenever he slaughtered or sacrificed a ram, he would order give portion of this to this woman, and that woman, and this woman, they were friends of Hadiya the Prophet never forgot. Or they saw Salam, the sweet memory of her deja, and how his life was perfect with her, may Allah be pleased with her. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam also had

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sad memories that would sort of haunt him every now and then.

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He always remembered his mom.

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His mother died when he was six years of age, so he barely remembers things about her yet. The love of the mother in the heart is something that cannot be forgotten.

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And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam once

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visited her grave, and he wept a lot. And he made everyone around him, weep as well. And he said, I

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requested Allah azza wa jal to seek forgiveness from my mother. And Allah denied me.

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And I requested him to visit her grave. And Allah granted me this request.

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How many times do we recall and remember our parents

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if they were dead? How many times do we remember them when they're alive? By serving them by trying to be dutiful, obedient and respectful by trying to make them laugh and be happy and enjoy the few remaining days of their lives?

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And finally, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had a beautiful memory of his companions, whom he loved and shared their pains with them.

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Yet they were martyred or died before him.

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The prophets Allah Salam as Akbar hidden amor may Allah be pleased with him says, once went and prayed

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for the martyrs have ushered, and those were, who were buried in Al Baqir.

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And that was like a farewell

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bidding the living and the debt as if the prophet was bidding us farewell as living and he was also bidding the dead. That was at the last days of his life. sallallahu alayhi wasallam