Working As A Cashier At A Store That Sells Haraam Items

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the ideal situation for a cashier in a store that sells certain items. They suggest avoiding harm and finding a better source of income. The cashier may need to take out some of their income and give it to the other side.
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Is it haram to work as a cashier in a store that sells haram items?

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Obviously the ideal answer to this is that you should avoid dealing with any kind of harm and you look for something better inshallah tada tada and if our last panel if you have sincerity in your heart and put trust in Allah azza wa jal then Allah Subhana Allah will provide for you vanilla or halal, full pure inconvenient diabolical data. However, reality for many, many people they cannot find jobs like that. So, they see themselves you know, working in stores or other places that sells haram items and hidden items in this case was the running of my income.

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah sponsored Fatah Hamas Tata, if utilized as much as you can be conscious of Allah as much as you can, if this is the only thing you could do, until you find a better opportunity in Sharla robotica with Allah then make sure that that that store that you work on is not fully haram like liquor store for example, or if the income of the product or the commodity or the inventory is merely haram item then it's haram to work over there.

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But if that store that you work in working in has a variety of commodities and variety of inventories and so forth, and a portion of it is actually is held on item by for example, Walmart for instance, it says many many things and part of it is also sells you know, harem items, in this case with the cashier, what do you do in this case, in this case, obviously the ultimate they say the Haram income is actually in your salary is in proportion to the amount of that inventory to the entire store. So therefore people they might in this case, take out of their income, maybe 5% 10% whatever percent and get out of it, get it away from their income, they can give it to you know, the

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you know, some some organizations that that they can handle that stuff and keep it away from their income and so it is hard for them and shala to borrow Katana until they're blessed inshallah have better opportunities to have a pure halal income in sha Allah May Allah make it easy for them to Bananaman and make the you know, there's their efforts successful.