Adnan Rajeh – Tafseer Surat Fussilat (23-29)

Adnan Rajeh
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Hiya Jemaine obod cello. We'll continue from where we left off yesterday in Suzhou Siddharth and I started stopped at number 22

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And this part of the sutra

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is pointing out the punishment of those who don't refuse to listen.

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refuse to listen was to what's being said.

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Surah that is pointing out the importance of performing Dawa. As articulately as possible,

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just how the surah began, with a sort of focused on at the beginning of it.

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The second part of it is that listening is obligatory is mandatory, not listening is the reason for punishment.

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It's not acceptable for someone to refuse something without giving it the benefit of the doubt, or at least allowing the argument to be presented to them. And for them to look at it logically, rationally. And when they debunk it or refuse it, they refuse it based on based on an argument that is stronger than it's or that makes more sense than it is.

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And not doing that as reader for punishment.

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And then the sutra altogether, we'll see

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that our through character is just better.

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Meaning if it just is more meaningful, it goes farther, and it lasts longer.

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But not listening is reason for punishment. And this is a problem. This is a problem because it goes both ways. Just like when we exactly the way we expect people to listen to what we have to say, anyone you're performing, Dow was a Muslim, yours, you expect people to listen, not to take Islam based on propaganda, or based on reputations of previous years, or what people with media told them, they deserve from you the same benefit of the doubt. I'm not asking you to go in and consider other faiths. What I'm talking about is the importance of when we refuse something when we have, when we take issue with something we take issue with it based on based on listening to what their arguments

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actually are, and not going by what the media tells us or what we were told culturally that this is what they do, or this what they think that we have a perceived notion of of their characteristics that is not actually based on fact or truth.

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We do it to others and that we don't like others doing it to us. And that's not fair. That's just unfair. The prophet Isaiah salatu salam wasn't wasn't like that. Alia salatu. Salam was very knowledgeable, they understood exactly the people exactly what they believed in all those who lived around him it used Salatu Salam is very aware of what their what their faith bases were, like he understood.

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And we owe it to ourselves to do the same. Muslims have always historically been educated on faiths, and in general, they understood exactly what it is every group of people believed in. And as Muslims today, we can claim that we understand a little bit of how Christianity works, you can claim it just a little bit of how Judaism work, but we don't really know much else outside, you know, beyond that, we don't really have that education. And it might teach us at least this is my experience. We're quite well versed in the, in the discipline of religions and faiths, meaning they knew about faith, but faith would say about themselves, not what I need, the cultural reputation was about them. I

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mean, they had listened to the actual arguments, and they looked for, and they looked at these arguments just as they look at their own, and they accept Islam based on the fact that it makes more sense to them. And that's the way this is supposed to be. If you don't do that, you're actually putting yourself in danger. You don't understand what you actually that's what you're doing.

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Not knowing what actually exists out there. You're you're vulnerable, you believe in this for now. For now, until that argument presents itself in a moment where you're struggling, where you're where you are vulnerable. And then because you didn't actually look at it the way appropriately, you didn't observe it, and you didn't analyze it and take the time to understand it and, and compare it to what you have. It can come to you at a moment where you're struggling with something and then and then it can flip you. And I find this to be the problem for a lot of Muslims is that we we love our faith, but we base our faith on on emotion and compassion

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and on and on inheritance. And that's not enough for faith to stand it just a faith can't stand that way. You're building your faith on something that that is very weak and wobbly, and it can fall down at any moment. Which is why to foster this emphasizes the point you have to listen. You have to listen to what's being said. And then when you hear it, you process it and you make a decision based on on what you're hearing. You expect that from the people that you're speaking to and is expected of you. And people who don't do it they do due to fear

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because you're scared to Why are you scared?

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Muslims aren't afraid, because a Muslim follows will help always, always, as long as you always follow will help you always go after what is right. Whatever righteousness is, whatever it is, you follow it, and I spent, you know, a large chunk of time last year, similar similar moments after if I explain to you Instagram to to sort of when he says call in Canada Rahmani wallet, and oh, what would I be doing say if the Lord man has a son, I'll be the first one to worship Him. If there's evidence for it, if you can prove that this thought makes any sense that I will be the first person to say, Where's the Son of God, and I'll worship Him. This is what the Quran says. And it's when it

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was in the same group of students, by the way, it's and how I mean, it's just a few students down the road, from Goslar, to cough, these are the seven students. They give seven pieces of advice as you performed our seven pieces of advice were performed after those seven things, things to do and things not to do. So it still gives us both things to do other things not to do. Make sure that your data through character is emphasized. And make sure that you give articulate, teaching, articulate, and that you listen, just like you want the other person to listen, you must listen as well.

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So these ayat, the last two, these two pages that we're reading, focus a lot on the importance of listening, and that the senses that you have are there for a reason. Make sure you absorb with them, just like you expect the others to do that you do it yourself. So the passage that we're in that we talked about yesterday or decided yesterday

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when the enemies of Allah Subhanallah come your mithya he refused the testimony of everything and everyone around them. And they will only accept testimony from themselves. Their senses will start to testify and bear witness against them.

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And they will ask their skin's Nimisha hit to Marlena why is it that you are testifying against us you are us. We are trying to protect you while you're on top and Allah Allah subhanaw taala is the one who made us speak well, Allah the unpopular Sheikh Can you can command everything to speak and whoa, oh, well, I'm not watching what he told you. I only created the first time around and you all returned to him? Well, I'm not going to test at your own. And then I goes and says and you know, and that you didn't see that coming out? Did you didn't see that piece coming. That's your own body that your own senses are actually records against you.

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You think you yourself can be used against you on the Day of Judgment, which is the only thing that you think is actually gonna be protecting you but no, even even yourself will be used against you. And every and everything that you did is actually recorded somewhere inside of you. And it'll be brought to life your milk via

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the last piece which is where we're gonna start meeting today. Is it what I can run to? The real problem was that you assumed what I'm doing? And Hola. Hola. Hola, mocha, Thielen meme my loon that hola but I don't I didn't really know everything that you were doing or most of what you were doing is that Allah subhanaw taala didn't care that no one was keeping record. And just no one cared. It just wasn't relevant.

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And we'll recite the verse that comments on that fun show Allah together our villa he Nina shading on your verde

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim

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whether Alikum one no Kuhmo levy von thun thun be Europe become

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l DAC one federal spy to Meenal. Hall city in

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but yes be rufen Wilmoth Well, whom

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was he a star table?

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firmer Meenal more terribIe in

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Weatherley convert no calm and that indeed that assumption that we have just spoken out? Well I can run into an allah and You assume their problem was that you assume that Allah does not know a lot of what it is that you were doing. Whether alikhan von NuCalm see that assumption of yours that you had Allah the von Thun bureaux become that assumption that you had about your Lord, thinking that he didn't see that he didn't care and that he was not t keeping record of the that that was your that was your pitfall

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that was your demise

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That's where you made the mistake.

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as you went along, that's where you made the mistake. You assumed that Allah subhanaw taala did not know a lot of what was going on, and they didn't carry it and keep record that that assumption there. That's the one that's that's where you slipped up out of duck when Phil spoke to you know, high city and because of that today, you're in a losing state, middle class sitting amongst those who are losing the losers being just below. So they show

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they show perseverance or patience on that day, but now it almost will love them. With Hellfires going to be their final destination. We're in Istanbul and they've they've ended they appease their Lord VIPs Allah if they ask for another chance,

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or they asked to be sent back to do well to do it right to do it differently from our human being, they will not be offered that next chance. I mean, it makes no difference. Want to be patient or a yoga biller? On that day you want to be patient, be patient, you're still going to join them whether you're the biller, you want to go back, you're not going to go back. So do what you want. It doesn't matter anymore. At this point, making the right choices means nothing. Because in Donia, how'd you just be on your show and perseverance in your facade your own your own behavior is up, the perseverance on the Day of Judgment will be given the reward and there will be no asa there'll be no

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no one will be no accountability at all. You don't stand at all. There's a VIP case, keep on going until the end, right? The gates of heaven. If you're a persevering person in your life, the good judgment you persevere it means nothing. And dunya at the startup startup, you ask for another chance and duniya you ask for you asked to be pardoned, you appease Allah subhanaw taala you turn back to him say I'm going to do it better next time accepted. Allah subhanaw taala accepts repentance immediately the doors of repentance are the only doors that are never as closed, every other door will open and close the doors of the Hibben the doors of Allah and the door of risk are

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the open and closed throughout your life, the door of Toba never closes open 24/7 until your throat until your your spirits is as far as your throat or the sun comes up from the from the west. Until then you can always repent. So these two actions that in dunya are actually very, very lucrative. They're very beneficial. They're beautiful, you do them, you get so much, it's such a bang for your buck, if you if you do perform any amount of cyber perseverance, or if you asked if you just started if you ask for another chance or you repent, then immediately are accepted on the day of judgment you sing do to one of them, do both of them, do neither of them. No one cares. And now trauma

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follow. If you're going to the same place, and you're going to be the person will stay there regardless.

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And that's that's the problem with with us. We think that because we're you have freedom of choice that, that it's real, it's not real.

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Because it's temporary. Anything that's temporary doesn't really seem real. When it comes to rights, I don't think any right is meaningful. If it's temporary. If you think about it, if I'm only free for a number of years of my life, and then after that I'm going to lose my freedom, then that's not really a right and doesn't really mean anything. So, just taking that by that basic, basic concept. All that we think we have right now is temporary because you'll know piano is revoked was taken back, we lose it we don't we don't have the ability to continue to do it on the Day of Judgment.

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That means it's not real, it's just it's just an opportunity. It becomes just a window, a window here's a window where you can do some things you're not gonna be able to do later and if that's me taking back away from you, so maybe maybe it's use the time that you have right now use this opportunity that you got. See we're all going to turn back to Allah subhanho wa Tada we are all going to show the best of ethics we're all going to have the the highest degree of iman, we will all make dua we will all praise Allah subhanaw taala will all

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embrace and engage in remembrance and invocation you will do it all the question is just when it's all it is just when you get to choose you really what you and I are choosing just when we're going to do it when you want to do it. I'll do it now where it counts, you want to do it then where it doesn't, but you're gonna it's gonna happen either way. You have no way around you there's no way around, it's going to turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. We're going to show somewhere as the I pointed out, and we're going to repent as the I pointed out, and as to profit pointed out value we will make dua and all of it will happen. All of the beautiful actions that Allah subhanaw taala

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commanded us to do in dunya and he added reward to all of them are going to happen your multi mo but they're going to happen to your multi Yama

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with nothing attached to them.

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And if you if you want to make if you want to be even a little bit more

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concerned about this concept

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Yo milkymap can go as far as 50,000 years.

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Relative the length of your meal piano is not the same for every person. May Allah make it short for a say I mean, but it's not the same. Some people it's like, like I team coffee for taneous already Hema, like you're praying to Fukuoka before forgot before for Java and then you're done. And some people will stand for 50,000 years. If you live,

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let's say let's say that we're on a scale somewhere, all right, because from between two minutes,

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50,000 years, right? Let's say a couple of let's say 70 years, probably closer to this side over here. It's pretty good. In comparison to 50,000 years, seven years is not that bad, I would say seven days. And if if moving on a scale, the closer you are to Allah the shorter that it is, the farther away the longer it is. I think 70 years is pretty 80 is not that bad. I mean, it's way better than

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on average, on average. 80 years is pretty good. It is a lifetime. A lifetime.

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Some of you didn't do that bad and dunya ended up standing a lifetime.

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During that lifetime, he'll persevere and make dua to perform Toba invoke Allah subhanho wa taala, he'll risk 80 years at a full life, parallel to the life he lived.

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Imagine if a little bit more, let's say let's say 100 years, more than you lived, you spent more time you'll multicam returning to doing what Allah subhanaw taala asked you to do in dunya for a longer time than you lived in dunya actually, but it's not going to be accepted. Understand how sad that's going to be for so many sad that they're gonna stand that you live without I lived maybe 75 years. But then I spent 200 years just turning to Allah. That's all I did. That on the Day of Judgment, there's no there's no, there's nothing else that you can do. You stand there, you're quiet. You're not given permission to chit chat. There's no food, there's no drink, there's you

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rested. So you just stand there and you turn to Allah subhana wa Tada hoping that maybe if you persevere, you'll accept your perseverance because you know, perseverance is important. Maybe from from Toby, he'll accept it. Maybe Maybe nothing's accepted. You spend maybe twice the time of your lifetime doing it. What a horrible deal. What a horrible deal. Because you live for. I mean, imagine if you just spent you didn't have to you live for 75 years, you didn't have to spend all of it standing and praying and repenting and joy and perseverance. It is hard to do a little bit of it. There's a specific portion to it properly, but that you didn't have to do the whole time. But no,

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you'll miss Damn, there's nothing else to do. There's nowhere else to go. There's no other activities that are planned for that day, you're just standing there turning to Allah hoping that the end is not going to be at the wrong place. And it could be longer than your lifetime. Imagine those who stand for 50,000 years doing that.

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Right. And if you you pray, we pray a lot. An hour and a half a night for a few nights. We feel that we're saints. Someone's gonna stand there and pray for 50,000 years, nothing. Nothing. Written nothing at all.

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We just revert back to the go back to what he did in those early 70 years. He's probably saying I've been around for 50,070 years. Can we just ignore the first 70 Please?

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The other 50,000 were amazing. I was I was amazing. I didn't even I didn't sit for a moment. I asked for nothing I complained not once I didn't I just prayed the whole time. Just ignore the first 70 Sorry that the only ones that count

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the only ones that kept

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going to stand this is what the is trying to see. But yes beautiful. They can persevere. It's not a steal. When you stop people when they ask for another chance. I'm not home anymore to me there are no second chances is it isn't a video game. You don't respond somewhere else. This is it. You get one chance either you live once you live once

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I know I know they use that or the wrong way and you live only once if you get one shot that's it one shot there's no second chance you do this right? You do this right because you can't go back and do it again. It's really weird how they then they take that I find it I don't understand they take that and they twist in yeah all at once. And they use that to go do something What are you talking about? You look what exactly you only live once. What are you doing? What are you doing with it? How are you going to defend this one check you know, it was one chance to begin with

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Yes, Allah subhanaw taala Salam

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are going waka Yun Na Allah whom Khurana FSA Yahoo la whom

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Moses they get older whom? Boehner ad him warmer Hall for whom

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What have I got a mu V Oomen

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B Omeo call the holiday meal cubberly him

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mill Powderly him Meenal Jean knee well in this

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in God hoo ha CD in.

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And now he moves on subhanaw taala he points out in life what was happening a yagna and we assigned for them are assigned to them at assigned to them Purana, those who are companions to them. badeen is someone who's always there, parallel to you,

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down on a sheet will be shaking and something is being associated with something else. But as an associate, someone is always there. If you're there, then they are there to Parana.

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And this is referring to two types of dreams that the Quran talks about shall play in an NC religion, talks about those of its mean your companions of human beings that are associated that you associate with or that are associated with you, and the Perine of jinn. Meaning shaitan, who will always be around you for as long as you are doing well. Or doing a good thing shaitan is there to make sure he has a say you somehow or he'll try somehow to poke a hole or make it seem less impressive, or try to get you to maybe add a bad intention somewhere there. They'll try to mix it up for you so that it's not it's not sincere, is not meaningful, he keeps on looking down at the lake

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and he does not like to see an act as sincere, selfless act of any sort. It bothers him he needs to make sure that he that he mixes it up or messes it up somehow. So these are the Khurana that you have these are the ones who you're associated with in your your life. I tend not to understand the concept of badeen in the Quran. And this is my my take on it and the scholars have different takes on this so you're welcome to Yanni to embrace whatever take you like, I don't tend to see that Jana, you have a specific gem that is always there or but that's not how I don't I don't seem to I don't tend to take that understanding of it. I'd rather see that yes, obviously beliefs will will assign

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someone to continuously harass you and try to perform what's what's next as far as they go. You know, this is the worst was that they do they continue to put something bad ideas, bad thoughts. Shape on is really not more powerful, powerful than a you know, a fancy catalog holder, right? He just all he does he just stands there hoping that he shows you something that you can't share the next size. And then when the next gets preoccupied or is taken by something, see something that legs then it gets focused on it and then you you're struggling. That's why you're standing in prayer, like

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stop thinking about the stupid why is it that you started asking yourself this question why am I thinking about this one thing that I happened a year ago and I don't care about is because Shetland needs anything, any hook and if you just think of something just don't think of Allah is Don't think of your sin. Just don't think of it don't think of something productive think of think of something useless. This is as far as your tongue goes. He really has nothing more in the K the shape or any kind of life. His is his plot to his always week. He's smart, he knows what to show you. Like he knows what to put ahead of you so that you're you're you're bound to pick up on something his hooks

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are many so one of the things he shows you will be attractive enough that you hold on to or stick with your knifes if you haven't learned to to get rid of that, but he doesn't really have any more powers than that. Men have sinned in your whims and desires. They do the rest they just kind of continue this

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charade but but the shutdown doesn't go beyond that. Actually, the worst of the Koreans or the shaytaan aliens

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upon it ends is way worse.

00:24:05 --> 00:24:09

By far, the Apollo agenda is pretty tiny.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:48

It's not it's not that significant. It's pathetic, you if you want to compare him to Sheraton mocha yob Noida him Purana we are assigned to them in their lives are associated with them in their lives, companions associates, as a human being to add him on well for him, and they eluded them to feel that what they were doing in their lives and what they did before was good. They Yenna me make it look good, even though it's not. Xena. The concept of Xena is something isn't very nice. So you bring a doorman so you make it look nice. But it's not actually nice. But it seems that way if I'm in xwiki and I love who sue Well, I'm only I'm only here for Abu Hassan, the person who has their

00:24:48 --> 00:25:00

bad deeds adoring for them delves by breed and then they look at their bad deeds and it seems to them that they're good even though they're not. So if it was a good new physique and whatever mad at him and what they were doing at the time.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

I'm moving forward on Mount Khalifa home and the stuff that they did before like in their past.

00:25:05 --> 00:25:29

And because of that, how Bali he will go to be Omen, Kahala communicably him in Elgin New Orleans and because of that they they deserved rightfully to go to the same place that the nations of Jin Nan ins before them went to no whom can cause it in indeed these are the ones who are losers as well. So these two verses if you look in a row, I 23 and 25 they are defining what it means to lose the ability

00:25:30 --> 00:25:35

to have the wrong assumption of who Allah subhanaw taala is and the second one is to allow the associates to

00:25:37 --> 00:25:37

elude you

00:25:38 --> 00:25:50

shaytaan ins is way worse than they are with Ebola administrator and your Vadim and they share Tylenol Jen leaves when she finally ins comes to UCR with Ebola he missed the Atlanta human see if he leaves

00:25:51 --> 00:26:14

he won't leave she had fallen ill instead associate from ins from the human beings around you the the bad friend, a bad friend doesn't leave him in a ship on him he doesn't leave with with anything you can do way more than that he still won't go away. And if he or she is perseverance and persistence enough, they will stick around until they get you to do the one thing that you know you shouldn't be doing

00:26:15 --> 00:26:24

shaytaan agenda isn't that Isn't that powerful? He just isn't your run away the moment you start or pick up a Quran and start praising Allah subhanaw taala if he runs

00:26:25 --> 00:26:26

ins doesn't

00:26:27 --> 00:27:03

we listen to these verses just understand where the power actually is. Understand where the danger actually the actual danger is not really shaped on Genesis. That's why he pointed out the end here subpoena which is the Ummah many nations but the ultimate blame that lived before them, you know, Gini will ensue from both from gentlemen. Because the Corinne the concept of the associate is not just Virginia, it's actually for both. It's in the quantum kinetic as a giant liquid in a billion. I do want share clean and innocent virgin new Hey, Belle Domina about Zuko. Falco live Aurora, he points this out Subhana wa Tada. And in the Quran, is both Chaplin in Smiljan. But this verse here

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in the midst of all of it,

00:27:06 --> 00:27:22

is pointing out what I was trying to say what the suit is going to see in the next page. Dawa and cat with character is much more meaningful, for both ways. Both ways, meaning good, Dawa with character is more meaningful and God.

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And bad peer pressure was dealt with character is just as bad as well. It's character that that affects you. It's people's behaviors around us, the people that you associate yourself with, they're the ones who are going to affect you. And that's why Dawa through character is more meaningful, because when you're behaving in a certain way around people, it actually affects them way more than what you have to say. What you have to say to them doesn't really, obviously they can hear parts of it. They may not listen to it as diverse as pointed out, like people don't want to listen. But behavior and character Oh, that that totally lands. And for both whether you're doing good or you're

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doing bad. And this I hear took just a moment, a moment to point out that bad character has horrible, horrible consequences, the Khurana the associates that they hadn't done here are the ones who eluded them to think that that what they were doing was good when it wasn't. That's the biggest problem.

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The big, it's one thing for you to know what you're doing is wrong. It's another thing for you to be doing it and thinking it's right when it's not. How do you save someone like that? How do you fix it? If they can't even acknowledge that what they're doing is wrong? It's almost impossible. You're at a point where there's no there's nothing you can do besides wait and hope and hope that at some point that a doorman falls, the Xena falls off and the person can see what they're doing is wrong. And then maybe if they see that there's hope for them to accept that and repenting go back. But if they can't, if they're convinced that the wrong thing that they're doing is right, how do you fix

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Because again, with a home Medina ad, what they're continuously doing moving forward, what about hunting them what they did in the past, because if they didn't say again from the past, then they could look back and then have remorse. So that was wrong. Maybe if that was wrong, then maybe what I'm doing right now is wrong. So the associate has to make sure that what you're doing right now seems right and that what you were doing before is also seems right because if you figure it out, if you see the hole, if somehow the Xena falls off and you're not eluded any more than you know, and there's hope that you find your way back, but they didn't work colleague will vote and he deserved

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that all what the nations of Jinan ins before them that made these mistakes deserved and they're all in a state of loss on the Day of Judgment. That's Allah subhanaw taala is to them. This is a very important verse. Because in the midst of the Sunnah is trying to the sort of the struggle to explain the importance of data with character in this area here has to be there to show the flip coin, the flip side of the coin, the flip side.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:46

It doesn't matter how old you are. It could be 1015 it could be 7075.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:48

Bad friends,

00:29:50 --> 00:29:59

are bad. If you associate yourself with people who are negative, or toxic, who will have bad characteristics or bad habits or bad thoughts and

00:30:00 --> 00:30:32

bad behaviors and bad words, they're going to rub off on you, it's going to affect you negatively. Doesn't matter how you understand, like, even very elderly people will have the same problem, which is when you get older, you just don't have as much time to spend with people and a lot of your friends die and leave. And so you end up a little bit more alone. So you don't have you don't spend as much damage is just as bad. I've seen people, I've seen people well in their 70s meet a friend they haven't seen in a long time and I see something Spark, I'm like, Oh my God, when they were younger, they must have done because you know, immediately that there's, it doesn't go away.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:43

The influence we have upon each other doesn't stop at any point, be very careful, be very picky. It's okay to be very picky with whom you spend your time. That is your right, that is your obligation.

00:30:44 --> 00:31:07

It doesn't really matter. A lot of other stuff doesn't matter, like your possessions, what type of car you drive, and what house you live in, and what clothes you wear. All these are just details that no one cares about. No one's gonna remember this stuff. No one's no one's taking notes, I can tell you that no one's taking notes, they take note today, they'll won't remember anything. Now no one cares. So don't be too picky on these things. And then spend your time which is the most valuable currency that you have with anyone.

00:31:08 --> 00:31:35

choose very carefully who you spend your time with. Because this is the most valuable currency you have. This is the this is what you've got, this is your capital. This is what you are you and I were just time we're just a chunk of time. And every moment that moves on we lose a chunk of ourselves because we lose a little bit of time. So since that's the most valuable thing that you have that you can never get back because anything you buy today and you sell you can get again, you can just get it again but you can't get back a moment that's gone.

00:31:36 --> 00:31:38

The moment that's sorted such that we just prayed on

00:31:40 --> 00:32:09

the second day of April 22 It will never come back again. You can never go back and fix that and change it and make it No it's gone. It's done. The way it is the way it is whatever you put into it is what's going to be in it there's nothing you can do. But if you don't like something and sell it and buy something or possessions or meaningless time, choose wisely who you spend your time with will quintuple finish the previous show explain and let you go well Paul Lavina Kapha ruler test smart only has

00:32:17 --> 00:32:21

well Loafie healer I let him tell only boo

00:32:26 --> 00:32:33

fella knew the on Lavina kerfeld who either been shady the

00:32:40 --> 00:32:46

wall energies Ian as well. Levy gun yeah man

00:32:54 --> 00:32:56

there Lika Jazza

00:32:59 --> 00:32:59


00:33:08 --> 00:33:12

low whom fee had rule fooled

00:33:16 --> 00:33:24

Jezza be maca can you be yeah Tina yadgir had to

00:33:31 --> 00:33:38

work on Lizzie NACA for banner arena level loving

00:33:48 --> 00:33:53

one learner Meenal gene me well in

00:33:58 --> 00:34:02

Nigeria I live to the airport the Amina

00:34:06 --> 00:34:11

Leah can menial is fairly

00:34:14 --> 00:34:46

so he says we'll call a lady in a Cafaro and the disbelievers in general what they said was let us not only have the Quran so here's it kind of becomes a bit more clear what the theme of the sutra is and what it's talking about. Not that small. Don't listen to this Quran. Don't listen to it. This is what they would say. They would say these things to the people coming into Mecca. Tell him Don't listen to him to this gentleman here. And he would call him names so Allah Allah who also have you send them very, very disrespectful descriptions of Himani salatu salam and very inaccurate as well. And they will tell people don't listen to him because he will he will you cast a spell on you with

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

his words. Because what they used to say Allah CASAS will cast a spell on you with his words and they will convince people that that was going to happen. So don't be afraid of hearing him on his onto us that he's going to say, here's what I have to no no, no, don't don't speak and they would run away and people like to fail.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

anomala dosi was one of the known scholars of his time he was a he was a poet too. He was he was a person of knowledge. He was one of the Sadat and one of the renewables of the Arab. He they kept on telling him beware, beware. So he put cotton in his ears. And then as he was walking around the Kaaba, he's like, What am I doing? He's thinking to himself the apple fade as you as you're known, you lost your mind as you enter Coachella your cookies. See just saying words. And if you read every you've read all the literature in the world in the world, you'll you're scared of a few words of what's what's wrong with you. So he pulls the continent.

00:35:37 --> 00:35:54

I know maybe they were right, because he listened to the Prophet Allah salatu salam and accepts Islam almost immediately. Maybe their rights or maybe what makes sense makes sense. Or maybe what lands and you just can't deny the is a force. It's an was undeniable force the Quran

00:35:55 --> 00:36:00

and undeniable for unstoppable at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

00:36:01 --> 00:36:03

It's a why it takes so long because they wouldn't listen.

00:36:04 --> 00:36:39

It took long because they wouldn't listen to it. That's why if you take the graph, just take the graph of the Muslim population, and you look at what it looks like the profit ally of Southwest. If I use trickles along just trickles along 100 do when it comes down, it goes down a little bit then comes up again and trickles along. And then at some point, you just just just it just skyrockets within a year. So you go, Well, what happened? What happened? Her debut happened, that's what happened, or debut, or they brought a treaty of peace, where people could listen. Because the idea was that asthma only had to listen to what he has to say. Why don't listen to what he has to say.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:44

Well, hopefully he drown it out. drown it out, just say anything.

00:36:45 --> 00:37:16

Yeah, tuna, Managua. We've never heard of the man by the name of another woman. They would bring him as Muhammad speaks speak. As he tells me he was dead. We wait for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to say something who has come up and started speaking as well, telling you the stories because he was a gentleman who would would travel to Fotis in a room he had listened. He had he had a lot of fables. He had learned fables and had learned he was cultured. So he ran for the property was a metaphor. Kobe niobium Mohammed who were who I knew had to come because also I know how did you come? Because what was the difference between us? He tells you stories I tell you stories that Allah ha You saw

00:37:16 --> 00:37:36

him. He was standing there and he would just drown it out. Don't let people hear it's not little people here because once they hear it, what's going to be his if you cast a spell? No, it's gonna make sense. Well, Golfy white that I like them, definitely. But maybe you'll prevail. Maybe you'll win. Maybe if you just make enough noise around it. People won't be interested in listening to what he has to say.

00:37:38 --> 00:38:13

Just do that, And subhanAllah that didn't really change that much did it? I didn't change at all. Actually, I just the only way Islam is hold back. Just make a lot of noise around it is make a lot of noise. A lot of propagandists make it look bad, just so that people don't listen to what acid because once you listen to what it has to say, once you actually take a moment, take a step back, calm down and hear what the client is trying to teach. Why Why wouldn't you? There's no reason. It's very easy to accept this. Straightforward. It's very pure. It's simple. It'll make sense there's nothing there's no clutter. There's no extra issues you have to believe in that may get you like my

00:38:13 --> 00:38:18

cognitive dissonance is giving me a headache but I'm just gonna accept it anyways does not there

00:38:19 --> 00:38:33

you're your mind and your heart open up perfect. This gives me a worldview that aligns with everything. It explains it all makes it all very clear to me and simple. It gives me ease it gives me serenity gives me clarity gives me purpose.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:39

What do they say that this means don't listen to it. Well hold up law who is saying words nonsense.

00:38:40 --> 00:38:43

Let them tell us drown it out with nonsense. So maybe you when

00:38:45 --> 00:38:49

no one story of it's told to us Bible Sofia and himself.

00:38:50 --> 00:39:12

He said I used to go. I used to listen to the prophets of Allah Hatha Yoga Have you said to them when he used to pray in his home in Mecca, this time in Mecca, that he would wait until it was nightfall like at nighttime and it was very dark and he would go and I don't know if you've seen our houses are some parts of the Middle East but they have backyards that are walled around the walls so it's a harsh

00:39:14 --> 00:39:46

especially in Damascus or that's how the whole is a beautiful houses you have like a bit of a backyard and it's and it's white nicely fenced around so no one can see and there's bushes on the outside. There was a few I would go and he would sit in the bushes outside of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam his backyard to hear what he was staying because the property of assaulting was standing the backyard and do pmla un Muslim Minakami Leila Illa kalila he would pray most of the nights except a little bit of Neil Sua, who have a bit of enforcement of colonnade a little bit of less Oh, is it that they are a bit more what a detail Purana tell Tila and they recite the Quran

00:39:46 --> 00:39:51

slowly and clearly and enjoy the Quran, the Hadith Allahu Allah to some that was his obligation at the time.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

There was a Theon would go and he was down there to hear the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was with you. I knew that this was something different but there was too much

00:40:00 --> 00:40:22

Obviously going on in his heart and his mind that held him back for many years for whatever reason, and analyzing that is important, by the way, but it's not for today, though he's doing it and then as he's sitting there he is very dark and he's listening to the Prophet, Allah, your soul. So he bumps into someone. He's sitting in a bush under a outside of a person's backyard, and he bumps into someone so he looks to Cebu Jackson.

00:40:23 --> 00:40:32

And then Abuja * who has been bumped into by him, Sophia, and tilts over and bumps into another person is a good book to read, Nisha, I mean, all three of them are sitting there. What are you doing here?

00:40:34 --> 00:41:07

They don't have much of an explanation. We're just I just want to hear what he has to say to prepare in Luna, lair to Luna, if the people see us, they will kill us. We're telling them that this man is everything. And we're sitting here like rabbits outside of a bush listening to him at night, but oxygen will emerge and we'll have a lot to do and they stood there. And they agreed and they swore heavy oaths that they would never do this again. It was a few I was like, well, we swore the oath, they're not going to come back tomorrow. So he came back tomorrow, and he bumped in the other two again. Instead, what did we say yesterday, so they swore again, and they said not to come back

00:41:07 --> 00:41:18

again. And then each one thought, okay, no one's gonna come back and they bumped into him joke a third time. But Allah Allah, he was looking to sell them reciting the book of Allah. And then they stopped doing it, but this is what they had. This is what they were doing.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:32

Why? Because it was it was different. It delivered, fell exactly where it needs to fall in their brains and their hearts. They heard something that was different that meanings, the teachings, the values, the principle, the art,

00:41:34 --> 00:42:04

profoundness of it is just speed them they had never heard anything like it before. They are the people of literature they have, they have decided, they have the pieces of poetry written and Kaaba with the water of gold, they used to have the memorizing poetry was a big part of out of out a person's life. We don't do it anymore, and we're good or better or for worse, we don't do it anymore. I'm not sure what I prefer that than whatever garbage people are memorizing today. And maybe at least at least, that will teach you a language and teach you some degree of Jonnie, but

00:42:05 --> 00:42:39

give you a vocabulary. But the these are the people who understood what they had command of a language. Their linguistics is what they that's their pride is their linguistic and their ability to describe and to articulate and they're hearing him say something I thought was under they'd never heard before. It just they could not understand it. They couldn't characterize it. They couldn't categorize it. They didn't know what it was. But it was beautiful. They needed to listen to what they wanted more. They didn't want people to want more. Because if people want more than people are going to they're going to it makes sense. So what let us not only just don't listen to it, why don't

00:42:39 --> 00:43:16

listen to it. And don't be afraid of arguments. This is what I try to explain in people of course, Kenny came to me with with questions. This is why I talked about never ever, don't ever not listen to science. Don't ever not listen to an argument ever. Why wouldn't you? What are you scared of? Tell me what what is good? What are you scared of? What is what's the fear of learning something? What's the fear of hearing an argument? There's no fear. We have nothing we're not afraid of anything. But all everything whatever facts you have told me about me, by all means. There's nothing to be afraid of. And other doesn't make a difference. If you are confident in what you have if

00:43:16 --> 00:43:24

you're confident in your creed in your faith and your belief system that nothing you don't you're not afraid of what other people have to say or what they think

00:43:25 --> 00:44:00

the Prophet Allah your source, I will tell them Come let's debate please bring your what's the best that you got? Bring me the best you got but listening, listen to me. But let me speak to they wouldn't do that. They wouldn't do that. Here's what he was asking for Honolulu V. neopagan. And this is the phrase Let me speak to people. No, they would come and they would do Joshua, they would make all this money there. This is early Islam and our fathers and then when he came to speak, they would walk away. Notice not only heard the Quran, well, Kofi drown it out. Now let them tell them the boat, maybe you will prevail, and they will prevail, fall into the canyon that these two verses

00:44:00 --> 00:44:31

here are various vicious and very heavy bailando the peninsula the inner cover, we're going to make sure that the disbelievers will taste by all means either been studied a severe punishment, what alleges the unknown, and we're going to give them recompensate them as soon as a levy can we aren't alone, when to compensate them for the worst things that they did and Muslim on the Day of Judgment. If Allah subhanaw taala is satisfied with you, he will compensate you for the best things that you did and he'll forget about everything else. Everything else will throw away. We'll just brush it away. If it wasn't there, what are the best things you what are your best moments? What were your

00:44:31 --> 00:44:36

best moments 1234 those best moments you're gonna be rewarded as if those are the only things you did.

00:44:38 --> 00:44:59

We're gonna forget about all the other mediocre stuff. Give me your best moments, we're going to compensate you for your best moments that engender psychologically you're happy to you're not being compensated for mediocre stuff that you're a little bit ashamed of you did them but you're not too happy about none of what compensated for the best of what you did, so that your pleasure is actually is real. And the disbeliever on the day will be punished for the worst of what they did, as well.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:19

Let's see, can we have the worst things compensate for the worst stuff that they did in their lives? There are leakages. That is the compensation that is the reward either of the enemies of Allah and it's the Hellfire Nehalem fie hideout on hold, they have within it an eternal state doubt on hold an eternal state

00:45:20 --> 00:45:57

is a MB Mecca and will be a teenager huddling compensation for how they denied our signs. It's not the first time he said the supine hotel in the suit. All right, go back to number 15. He said that once before, what can will be a teenager, they denied the signs, it made sense to them was clear. He heard them. They heard the verses, they saw the signs, but they didn't. They denied them. They didn't want to even want to listen to it. They saw it but didn't. They didn't want it. The observable didn't want to see it. They heard but didn't want to listen. And they deny that which was clear to them. And that was the consequence. The last verse just takes us back to the idea of aka

00:45:57 --> 00:46:30

yoga is like at the end of this passage, because the verse that we start with next week, you all know the verse that we start with next week. And if you don't read them, just make sure you do these verses that come next are the probably some of the most famous ideas in the Quran. Some of the most famous verses in the Quran recited if you go to read, if someone asks you to read Quran, when in any given event, if it's not a marriage, obviously because marriage we run to suit the room, do whatever verses in the Quran that we can do. But if you go to any other event, then this is the these are really good choices. In Allah deen of Allah, Buddha, Allah wisdom. These are amazing. First of all,

00:46:30 --> 00:47:03

they're beautiful. They're very meaningful. And we'll you'll figure it out in Sharla. Finally, exactly what they're teaching because we're talking about dollar with character. But right before that, at the end of the passage, we'll call it a lady in a tough row, the ones that were that were assigned to associates and the associates eluded them to think that what they were doing what they did before was meaningful when it wasn't, that caused them to be punished like all the nations before them of Jinan incident they were in a state of loss that day, what will they say a lot better, or Lord Edwina Lavine of Allah show us the two types of people that misguided us meaning the

00:47:03 --> 00:47:40

shaytaan of jinn that would do West wasa and there's a ton of innocent peers who actually brought me to where I am right now. The one who brought their their crappy character to me and I actually followed and I and I took parts of it I embraced him my own and I took it and I adopted some of what they were doing it in a letting show them to us to to Levine, Italian and Arabic to a letter you need our learner, the ones who misguided us middle, Ginny. Well, it's for both Jinan ins, Niger I Luma. Dr. Akademia so we put them under our feet, bring them to me, I want to step I want to stomp on them with my feet, Lee Hakuna spring to make them the lowest of the low or what they did to us.

00:47:41 --> 00:47:42

Where's the answer of this verse?

00:47:44 --> 00:47:45

Whereas the answer to this verse,

00:47:47 --> 00:47:47

There isn't.

00:47:48 --> 00:47:49

There is a no one cares.

00:47:51 --> 00:47:53

Is what you want to do. Yeah, no one cares. It's

00:47:54 --> 00:48:32

too late. No, doesn't matter. Do that in dunya. Maybe not exactly like this, but you understand what I mean? Don't step on people today and cause problems. But the idea is clear. If those who are misguiding you from safe from shale play into the gin, we'll get rid of them. Because your milk Tiana you'll be up in arms, bring them to me, bring them to me. Let me let me show them what they're worth. No one's listening. There's not even an answer a yes or no some some some questions in the Quran. Allah No, there's an answer, at least yes or no or not. This is completely ignored. It's an ignored claim. And it just it just moves on to the next passage. It just moves on to the next

00:48:32 --> 00:48:57

paragraph altogether. Because it's not even worth talking about but it's showing you this is the feeling that happens on the piano to prevent that prevent that feeling by making sure we make the right choice and we listen and doing it the way we're supposed to. I hope that was a benefit to you. And with that and Charlotte Allah Subhanallah ham Dixon Hola. Hola. Hola. And Federico to Lake wa sallahu wa salam O Allah like Allah and Abby you know have you been on Muhammad you know early he also had big mane is looking located on vertical Lo Fi comm Saramonic marketplace.

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