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The speakers discuss the importance of creating laws and behaviors, avoiding catastrophic events, and making changes to one's behavior. They also emphasize the need for diversity in the workplace and how it impacts their success. The speakers emphasize the importance of addressing diversity in the workplace and working together to ensure a larger future. They also emphasize the importance of diversity in terms of the workforce and how it impacts their ability to attract and retain employees.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e na vi carry

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Subhana Allah He will be Hamdi he are the huddle Li he What are you born FC? He was in at the outer she he want me dad can imati Allahumma elohiym ne Rushdie. What are the name in shchedrin fc?

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O Allah, we ask that you inspire us towards that which is good. And that our hearts blossom towards the correct decision, the way that our desires blossom towards what they want. Oh Allah, we ask that what are the knee mean? Surely enough, see, Oh Allah, we ask that the evil that within ourselves we are able to control that evil. And we as human beings in 2012, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala not only to control the evil that's within ourselves, but truly to understand it. For on many occasions, we have said, Don't blame shake on it's very easy to quickly say, well shaylen made me do it. I did it because Satan made me do it. And as we said, rather passively. The poor guys got a lot of other

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things. So think about Leave him alone for a little while. Think about yourself, think about the things that make us human beings. So we say Allahumma inni as Luca hoback will help bermain you have book will help baramati Yukari booni era of big O Allah help us understand what makes us human. And not only that, but make us amongst those whom you have given love. And when Allah subhana wa Taala loves someone what happens. Does anyone remember the narration? When because love to us is a intangible thing. Does anyone remember the narration when a loss of Hannah waka Allah loves someone, that person there? Allah loves them. What does he do? Who remembers that narration?

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Well, how does everyone loves him? Who does Allah subhanaw taala tell first gibreel he tells the angel who lives around he says Allah says I love this person. And he tells gibreel Go and tell the other angels and the other creatures that I love that person. And thus Angel Gabriel goes and tells the other angels and the angels tell the other angels and the creatures tell each other until it comes to this earth to you'll find someone you're like man, I really liked that guy, or I really like that person. And I feel closer to Allah and I've heard this on so many occasions, you'll look at someone and you'll say I'm attracted to them, but not the way we see it here you're attracted to

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a light and that is the light that you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for when you say you know slit All button most LP O Allah guide me to the straight consistent path. And along the way, let me let me fall in love with the tour guides. And amongst those tour guides were who the profits artists are that was set up because we covered on the very first day. Allah subhanho wa Taala created all of the human beings and said unto them as to be around be Paul rubella shahidan Hello Allah subhanho wa Taala created all of the human beings and then all of us testified the good the bad, the ugly said call you by Russia he did not accept amongst all of these lit souls. Allah subhana wa tada allowed

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about 120,000 of them to shine brighter than anyone else. And those were the prophets of Allah subhana wa Tada. So right now in within the first three minutes when I said Alhamdulillah I asked you to and I implore you praise Allah that we're still here that we're at the Prophet Ibrahim that you have been coming consistently that from Rama blonde till now a law hasn't turned the lights off. So forget motel six, Allah has always left the light on for you. And Allah will always be there to give us a dire Allahumma inni rubrica means our linea Matic Allah we ask your protection from the decrease in the good that we already have. The man that you came into this mustard with we say Oh

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Allah never decrease that. Or ban Allah. una vida de tener la Milligan kurama in La cantera have a salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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So we ended in LA, we're gonna pick up exactly where we left off, not a big introduction of last week. Last week, we covered all of the phases of Ibrahim Ali Sam, can you name just quickly a few things? Who was Ibrahim? What were some of the things that he had to go through? We said we started from the age of seven, so just call it what kind of things did he have to go through?

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He had to challenge his father and his father's father was an idol maker today. Surah 26, Isaiah number 69.

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To add to this is what we're gonna be covering, he challenged his father who not only made idols, but also lived in an idle society. And anything else that he did.

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He broke them. What else did he do? So he was a, we can say a warm blooded teenager. He didn't sit around and say, well, Allah, please help us know he got up and he did something. What else? Did he have to deal with sisters? Do we said something that he had to deal with? Yes.

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Yes, so he went up the mountain and he also what else happened? His people after worshipping the idols, what town Did he go to? Something we were going to cover in detail next week, he went to a people who worship what three things.

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The sun, the moon, and the stars. And we said the same way today we give ourselves into the suns the Lakers the heat, right? We give ourselves into them, and we worship them like idols, and in the same way that people worship the moon and the stars. So what we intend to do today is we intend to pick up from that very elementary stage, which was at the age of seven, Ibrahim Adi ceram, who was mentioned how many times in the Quran anyone can tell me he was mentioned well done sisters 73 times in the Quran, in how many surah in the Quran 25. Excellent. And of these 25 Sutras, there is an entire surah named Ibrahim, well done. So in this we start a seven year old, a young boy comes into

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his house and I want you to set the precedence here, he comes into this house, his dad carves idols, and it was very specific than it wasn't like he just made one idol over and over again. As a matter of fact, he had a warehouse full of items, and some of the idols had very large ears and one time seven year old Ibrahim, Adi Sena, came to dad and said, What's this? And he goes, don't you see the large ears This is a wise God, it can hear much whoever buys this idol. This idol will listen to their draw a lot. And what did you bring him on a psalm say?

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No, it isn't. It's big years. He laughed as a child did. But he didn't challenge his father. He only stated the obvious. So upon this his dad had there were some idols with big eyes so that you could they could see, they could tell you of your future. There were a bit some idols that had long tongues. There were idols that had different shapes and sizes, and in the same way that you look at today, right, our idols of the modern day, think about it's 2012 so you can't carry around heavy idols right? So we carry convenient idols with dead white people on them, called Benjamin Franklin. Right and these idols can fold up and put in your pocket and you will do anything for these aisles.

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Am I wrong? You will do anything to seek these idols as they did. So as they did we start in Surah number 26 ayah number 69. where Allah subhana wa Taala introduces us to a young boy and he went through facets time after time after time. So he says the last panel at the island reminds us what to do or lay him

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out or he and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being instructed, read unto them the story of Ibrahim and who was Ibrahim manca EVO he muya who do Alana's Rania. He wasn't a Jew. He wasn't a Christian. He wasn't anything that we could put into a box. He was the father of prophethood. Ibrahim Ali ceram story was recited unto us. So as a child, he came to his father, his or allele Abbey, he will call me Hema Tabu. He said to his father, his call at the abbey he every young person, please listen to this. Even if your parents are wrong. Look at the respect he spoke to his father in Surah, Baja, he says, Yeah, all my father, millenarian from all of the knowledge in the

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world and legends gave me a little bit, and I don't think we should be worshipping idols. Friends, we take one weekend course and we unload on our parents. We take we listen to one lecture and all of a sudden were the Grand Mufti of all of America. Because we took one class, no, a prophet is able to say to his father, Mina, Larry, from the little knowledge that I have, so he comes to them, and he says, Martha,

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what is it that you're worshipping? Now something key you have to make a notification or make a notation of this. Remember what happened in New hallasan hours time what things started for the first time? Sure. So shared starts for the first time, then all of humanity is wiped out except a couple of 100 people Idris are in the mood. We have four generations of people, let's not even say generations, four phases of people who have had the opportunity to

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re redefine the concept of schicke. So

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Now in Ibrahima raisons time they're not just worshipping idols, what else are they worshipping? For the first time and this is debatable. There was a king named who in the time of Ibrahim Nimrod, right? So if you take it in the normal, easiest transition, Nimrod was one of the first human beings that told his people I am your God. So he's asking them, how do you worship idols? How do you worship a person? How is this possible? Now, from new holiday salons time till now? What happens when shirk enters into a society? When you stop believing in a law and you cut a lot out of the picture? After a while? Think about today 2012 you walked outside to the am pm to buy coffee or to

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the McDonald's and you started talking about God? Would you be seen as a normal person or an abnormal person? Let's be real, completely abnormal. I'd be like, bro, what are you doing? Keep it in the mustard. Right? It would be awkward. This was the same situation Ibrahim Ali Salaam dealt with his people. They were not far from Allah. They just forgot about Allah. Think about it. A couple of generations of worshipping idols, you got some guy in a throne telling you he is God. At some point you stop believing that there is a God. And as it has been said in the in in what we hear, I wonder if a thug's prayers reach right he tells you that in his couplet. So when Jay Z is

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unaware of whether his prayers reach it is a time when there is no God in society. So then they answered him, this young men on boo boo

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ki Fede, he asked, What are you worshiping? They bypassed the question completely. And they said, We worship we are worshiping that which we found our forefathers doing, we are going to stick to these things devoutly. So instead of answering their question, his question, what do they do? They bypassed it as today, instead of talking about Islam, we attack four wives, we attack jihad, we attack the beard, we attack anything that's peripheral. But the only question is when you come to someone and say, but is that the book of God? Is that book on the shelf? 611 pages? Is it kept intact? They'll never answer the question because a lot is out of the picture as he was for the

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people of Ibrahim it cetera. So they said, We worship these idols, and we are. We are aquafeed. We are devout to this, so we're not going to let it go. So now here's the key factor for all of us. And we mentioned this last week, Ibrahim Ali salam, not only a father, not only a son, not only someone who had to deal with his wife when in times of difficulty, someone who built the garba someone burnt alive, someone negotiating with a king. He also was a master interfaith director. Right? So instead of attacking them with a law with the excuse me with the arguments that there is a God, he started to come to them at a rational level. And I encourage all of you to do that. When you when you take

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an attitude of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, away his attitude was like all the other prophets, but he exemplified one thing you know, when you get into an argument with your spouse, right? never happens to you guys, maybe sometimes, right? Subhana Allah these are you are students of God. And so it never happens. But imagine, and you're in an argument, you know that you entered into the discussion in order to extract an answer. But the person who's ticked off whether it's you or the or your spouse, they're going to scratch and scratch and scratch until they get a reaction. Something Ibrahima is an arm was a master of was he could see past the fluff. So they're telling us Nah, man

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find out what Lula ha caffeine, we we worship these idols. And undoubtedly these idols, we are devout and will stay devout. He didn't say you didn't answer my question. He didn't say that doesn't make any sense. He didn't say you're so irrational. No, we're not going to your mother's house. He didn't say any of those things. What did he say? He asked them all ahalya Smar onancock. in the other room, he brought a rational argument which we today in the world of atheism, need to bring up. We believe in a law because there isn't a law, but you cannot debate a law with someone who doesn't believe in him. So he says he asked them a simple question all the hell yes meruna come is that

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their own? Look, you're a human being at the end of the day you ask the idols because they need to give you something. So when you ask the idols, is that is that their own? Is it such that they can hear you? Now remember, these are people who didn't answer his question. So he didn't wait for a response because what does a great rationalists do? He puts a question in front of you that you know the answer in your

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Heart, but your ego will never let you say. So he asked them Oh, yeah. Now

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instead of waiting and saying, so what's the answer? He wasn't out to win the argument. He was out to transfer the information. And he said, then said, he waited a moment and said, do they benefit you young Pharaoh? Do they benefit you? Or do they harm you? Do they hear you when you ask them? And they said nothing? There's no answer to this to the actual question. But after saying Aki Fie, and we are devout to them, their belief in these idols that they that they worshiped was poked on. And then they said, Oh, do

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I have

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a key phrase here? I'm asking you, you're the son. You're the Dad, you're arguing back and forth. And at some point, I say something irrational, that dad has the choice, you have the choice in the argument about it with an atheist don't fall prey to the argument. So he says, do they hear you? Do they benefit you? Do they harm you? They're like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ba Lu Belorussia. Now we found our forefathers our great grandfather's doing this, cuz radica falloon. And, and that's what we do we do what we found them doing. So far. Have they answered any of the question Martha Buddha, and what are you worshiping? They didn't answer. Then he said, Does he does it Listen, he didn't

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And then Ibrahim Ali Salam realizes something. And he says to

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and he says, You and your ancient forefathers. So fine, you see the the sarcasm in the voice? Oh, so it's you and your ancient forefathers? So beat your answer to what are you worshiping is my grandfather. So what are you doing young man, my grandfather? That doesn't make any actual sense that doesn't hold any value. But still, is he poking at them? No. Then he brings a lot into the picture up till now is 69 to 76. Have you seen the word a lot in your reading? Not at all. A lot is not even in their bracket. So he brings in, in Mr. Woody Illa. Allah Allah Ameen, indeed what your forefathers did what you all are doing and these idols are truly open enemies. And the only one that

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I place my trust him he brings a lot into the picture, a young man, a young woman who's standing in front of what is wrong, stands up and says, You know what, I got a lot on my side. I'm just fine. The next six is, in my opinion, in my opinion, are the most emotionally connecting is in the Quran for us as human beings. So if you can read it as if Ibrahim is anonymous saying it but then also read this is when the going gets tough. When life is difficult, and Allah subhanho wa Taala is testing you. And undoubtedly everyone in this room has been tested just like Ibrahim is around, but he was tested over and over and over. And this is one point where we have to realize we have to

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bring him back into the picture. You have to realize once we bring a lot of them understand why Allah hates Schick so much. He says and then v Hannah kaniva, who is

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completely logical statement. If you made me the one who made me, he is the one who will guide me, the one who created me, the Mercedes dealership made this car, the Mercedes dealership what surface this car, the Breitling watchmaker wound this watch for $50,000 do you take it to the mall to get fixed? Where do you take your watch after that? You take it to the Breitling store, you take it to the specific place. Why? Because unless he Hala kaniva, who is the one who made it, he is the one who's going to be able to guide because if you left it up to females and you said collapse will live a feminist society, then we would see there would be no order. If we left it to males, there would

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be chaos and bloodshed. And then if we left it just up to your own whims and desires, we would still be left that's what capitalism is. And it still doesn't have so unless we had a bunny for who is Dean. So now I asked you when Allah subhanho wa Taala created us undoubtably he has to guide us right? Just bear with me for this six minutes. This is not necessarily one of the easier parts of the lecture to understand. So Allah, Allah created us does not want us to face difficulty on this earth. we prove that from the beginning of Adam, from the beginning of Adam Adam alayhis salam ate from the tree, Allah subhanaw taala taught him the words of love by now. Voila.

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For Santa Fe Lana water hamdallah raccoon and nominal hot cereal. Every time human beings slipped up Allah subhanaw taala was there to catch us whether it was during the time of new doing she thought he said our time whether it was during the time of Idris and even the people of Sati. Who got that camel, that huge camel. They got it they hamstrung it. Even then Allah subhanaw taala sent mercy sent Rama. So if we took the big picture, and we're now at the biggest climax at Ibrahima raisonne What is one thing that would cut you away from Allah, not missing Salah. You miss Salah you make it up, right? You even sometimes if you miss a lot what happens? You actually make more while you're

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like, Oh, I'm very sorry, you make it that far. You set double alarms, you actually become a little bit more like someone rattles your cage. Okay, so what is it that if it's introduced into our lives were destroyed. And that's a shift but it's so difficult to think of it that way. We said this in during Ramadan. We said it throughout the lectures, Allah has two ways to teach us something. Number one, Allah subhana wa Taala can give you a bounty upon bounty upon bounty, and you're thankful for it. But let's face it, we're human beings, we don't do that. So the second way Allah subhanho wa Taala tests us is to take something away, to take something away so that you can be you can be

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thankful for it you can recognize Allah subhana wa tada is the one who gave me this in the first place, introduce shinnick I am truly going through a divorce. I am truly my child is sick in the hospital, I am truly in debt. I am truly at work, I'm lost to my I'm lost and I'm overwhelmed and depressed. I'm anxious I have, I have also I have a medical illness, I have depression. Now if you start asking someone other than Allah,

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can Allah stand that you are in pain without asking for him?

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Can a lot tolerate can Allah just if I can use the word stand by while you're in depression, asking an idle asking the Zoloft pill asking anything except a lot you think a lot feels happy? You think a lot is happy? Then you think about to yourself like why did a lot band shake? What's the big deal? It doesn't affect a lot when we pray to something else. But I want you to think about it this way. When you pray to something other than Allah. Allah cannot fulfill what you ask from him. She is not a negative thing that Allah is high and mighty and he needs to be worshipped by himself. Here is something that when it's added into our lives, then Allah subhana wa tada is cut out. So Allah has

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put a firewall Allah has put parameters to keep us safe. So when you leave today's lecture I want you to think about Ibrahim RT saddam he wasn't there to eradicate the idols because idols are bad.

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That that's too trivial. That's too childish. The idol being there and you worshipping it doesn't do anything to the idol nor does it affect Allah who does it affect though?

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It affects us and if you cut a lot out of the picture, it doesn't affect a lot. But he says what levy Who are you? Are you Mooney ya asleep? When we are hungry when we are thirsty who feeds us a law. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that you are going to go through some times of difficulty and you say no, no, I'm going to get a good job and a job is going to put food on my table. I'm going to get married to someone rich and they're going to take care of me You cut a lot out of the picture and then you are left alone. It is a completely different concept and I told you should is a topic just in itself. There are 67 hours of lectures that I have researched just on this

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topic and only about chick but I'm putting it in a box for you today. It is not the idle affecting a lot. It is not the idle getting giddy that we worship it. It is us destroying our life. For there is rehab for drugs and alcohol. But there's no rehab when you cut a lot of the out of the picture. There's no one to wake you up. And that is the society that we are in now. So when I say there's an emotional attachment to this, take one narration and I am number 79 Allah subhanho wa Taala says what levy Who are you Clary Mooney is steam.

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He says that when you are hungry Allah subhanaw taala fulfills the need of a food when you are thirsty Allah subhana wa tada fulfills the need. So take one narration of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophet peace be upon him if you want a reason to keep alive in your life. Listen to this. The prophets of llamada Salaam said on the Day of Judgment, everything will be taken account for and the companions were waiting for an example the prophets of the law it was sent him said you know on the

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hardest day of the year when a glass of water is there on the hottest day you just came from outside you were stuck on the five for like three hours in traffic you just got into LA, you tip the glass and the water goes down. You can't even taste it right because there's all that film on the on your tongue and you can't swallow. Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the believer will be asked even for this, the believer will be asked, Well what about that sip of water? And that is Allah. So now if you're looking for a reason to think a lot, it is a law who puts the nourishment in that water? But it is not a law no read the Hadith again, though it's not a negative

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thing. You will be asked and ask yourself this much will Allah say did you praise me? Or will Allah say, Did you enjoy that water? Did it feel good when you drink it? Subhanallah your record said you said Subhana Allah, I give you tenfold on top of that. Think about Allah. How would Allah ask that question? For Allah asked the burning people of hell who have come out of hell who are entering to the agenda, who asked him as a hallucinogen nutty man zira who asked him Oh Allah, I'm the last person to get out of the hellfire. Where do I go? Allah subhanaw taala gives him 50 paradises. 50 places 50 plots of land. So when Allah asks, you took a drink of that water, how was it? So Panama

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record says he says Panama record said you did good. Hey, this time you didn't say Subhana Allah. But last time you did, so I'll fulfill here. This is a law we're talking about. So now Ibrahim Ali Salam is having this rational debate. And he realizes that he has penetrated the rational realm. So he increases he upped the ante. He doubles the pot, and he says to them, what is Mario?

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ISP. Now it's no more no longer something rational. Because you can ask an atheist you can go to the hospital like the good brothers volunteering in the hospital, go volunteer at the hospital a little while. Go to the sickest person. You know what they say when the morphine drip stops between morphine clicks? What does everyone say? Oh, God. Oh, and the everyone has, whether they believe or not, do you all remember the statement of when Abu lahab Abu lahab son was running away from Makkah in the four months, the prophets Allah wa Salaam gave them leeway to leave Mecca. Y'all remember a little bit? Okay, so he gave them four months to leave. Abu lahab son jumped on a ship and they were

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sailing through the ship. This is again where do we find a lot? So this ship starts getting thrown around like a sailboat. Every mushnik on the boat starts yelling What? Yeah, Allah, Allah and what did the son of Abu lahab say? He said, This is ridiculous. We are running away from Allah. But now we're here on the boat calling Ya Allah and he turned around, came back and said I should one nine and Allah. This is when we Why did I give false stories when a sick person calls out to Allah because Allah has brought him down to the bare minimum human level where he has a catheter for his urine, and he doesn't have the ability to defecate. This is when Allah subhanho wa Taala turns on

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the light and flickers the light and says now you can wake up because when we include a loss of Panama tala into the emotional times, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when you call an Allah in times of difficulty, Allah will remember you in times of good. So he says what Eva Maria tufa who is fee in when you are sick when you become sick when I am sick, for who I mean, these idols Don't make me better. Tylenol doesn't make me better. It is a Zarya it is a path through which Allah subhanho wa Taala gives me life. One levy on me, Tony,

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he, and one day if I eventually do fall sick and I die, and something stops my life. He says a lot. The one notice he has not said a lot yet he didn't say a name of a God. He said, Oh Balala mean the Lord of all the nations. He was not a la centric, where sometimes we get into rational debates with with non Muslims or with an atheist or someone who's not close to Islam and what do you say, Allah? Allah, right? It's like, Bro, I get it. Right? It's not that dramatic, right? I don't have your thing in that word that much. So when we say God, when we say a lot when we say Lord, we play several words in front of them to bring back the picture of the one who they testified in front of

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one lady you meet to Nice to meet you here. It is He Allah subhanho wa Taala to which he will cause my death and to him I shall return and upon this Ibrahim it saddam turns to his family, and he's waiting for some type of rational discussion, but nothing happens.

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So I give you for homework, if you have the opportunity, it's an 82 to 95. Read through this is. So after breaking them down rationally, remember, this is a young man, even if we say at the age of seven, he was asking his dad questions. Now somewhere in his early teens, he comes and he realizes the people don't have an answer. And this debate didn't happen once it happened again and again and again, until he realized there was no answer. So he had to up the ante again, he broke down the rationale, then he got into the emotions that when you're thirsty and hungry, a lot takes care of you, when you're sick. A lot takes care of you. When you smile, a lot takes care of you. And when

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you cry, a lot soothes your tears. And when you accept a lot like that, then you have a different concept of the Creator, not someone who created hell and who is going to punish us, but someone who put a consequence. Now you start seeing a lot in a different light. If a lot did not tell us there was a hell, then would it be on the Day of Judgment would say a lot. It's not fair. If you're a child in a household, and your parents say, if you touch this vase, if you take out the car, then you can't drive for a week. Then you have some consequence, right? Say you come home, your parents have never told you anything. You tuck the vases broken your parents, like that's it. You're

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grounded for a week. What's the first word this can come out of your mouth young people? It's not fair. Like that's what I would say why it's not fair. You never told me that I can't use the car. You never told me that. So when we see a lot through the lens of the Most High, the most great than what Allah created us to go to hell, now the Willamette Valley, Allah would but Allah knew that our desires and the beauty of this world would be very high. So he had to put something there that really caught our attention. Right if Allah said, you know, if you don't pray, someone was someone will say no, no. Seven will say James James chichi. Right, you'll be like, what? That that doesn't

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do anything for me. But until Allah subhana wa tada talks about the intestines wrapping around the throat until Allah subhanaw taala talks about hanging from hooks of fire, the human being is not urged to action. Why do I bring this up? He broke the rationale he brought in emotion. And then finally in the next seven is he only talks about acid. And as we have introduced here, it is, in my opinion, and that is a very small, weak opinion. I believe if we all work on our Eman, Bill a zero, it will help all other parts of human and I leave in front of you one small example. Do you all wake up for fudger? For example, this morning, brother Imran, for example. I could ask or I can ask

00:32:37--> 00:33:22

anyone here did you wake up for a fight here this morning? Because Ah, lovely to be lucky Robin 100 hammered in nebbia. Or did you wake up a lot, my dear now I'm in a nap. I woke up allow my gentlemen and now that's the reality. What got me out of that warm tied up blanket with double pillows and a body pillow was I ain't going to hell. I love Allah. I want to meet Allah. I want to get to Jana. So if you increase your Eman bill, then the other levels of ersan will increase Eman bill after being the strongest working on Eman, be reseller in the messengers. And finally our concept of Allah will be strong. We will think that Allah loves us so much that even when we make the mistake, we will

00:33:22--> 00:34:02

turn and say a Stubblefield law he'll be mean could be them be more to buoy day and then just get to another good action. That is why I kept pointing this out. Every man embodies an attitude and the attitude of the prophets as Ibrahim Alayhi Salam now we phase out of this story. He grows up and as Ibrahim Ali Salaam, he only had two followers early on some narrations are giving us It could have been his nephew or one of his close relatives who was who what was his name? He lived at the same time Ibrahim took care of the fruity people in the valley. Lutheranism. Thanks guys. Right. So Lou darussalam was a believer and then we have narrations that there was another believer but he had

00:34:02--> 00:34:45

very few people to believe him. I promise you if two people came to my class, what would I do? I probably wouldn't be here. I probably wouldn't survive. But this was the Yaki in the attitude of the prophets did did new hallasan remember when he said and I give I give open? I call the people in the morning in the evening publicly privately I tweeted I Facebook I give flyers. He said I did every single thing possible. This was the attitude of the prophets. Bring the message and Allah will give the hidayah do your part. Get on the train of this Deen and Allah will bring it to its destination. And that is the key factor. So upon this the attitude of the prophets, he now grew up and his people

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

were very agitated with the way he acted with the way he was. Until one day all of the people came so he gave them three levels of rationale, the most important being a man will after he now comes to them and they're all going out for a huge festival.

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

This is a very key part they're going out for a huge festival or for some ritual worship. So they came to him and they said, Yeah blah he if Abraham let's go we're gonna go out of the out of the city and we're gonna go do whatever festival what festival do we have here? Mardi Gras polos. So going out to Mardi Gras is worst festival I could come up with right now. So Ibrahim it Salam says no, I am sick. And I'd like you to know this though because you will find this later on Muslims, non Muslims will attack well How could a prophet lie? Can anyone use your rationale? If you believe that Allah subhanaw taala he confirmed all profits are monsoon. You are students of a class of prophetic

00:35:41--> 00:35:52

dynasty. Use your rationale to tell me when Ibrahim Ali Salam said I was sick. What did he mean? And I'll confirm with give you the answer that the scholars get. What was he sick up?

00:35:53--> 00:36:33

He was sick of. He was sick of idol worship. Now he didn't say I'm sick because my tummy hurts. I'm sick because my ear hurts. He said I'm sick. So in actuality, he did not lie. He was sick of the idol worship. Now we go the next step. He comes in, and again, he put rational arguments in front of them a few years ago. Now we're in the main warehouse. It's his dad's warehouse. Some narrations tell you that it was the it was the temple. I'm gonna actually kind of shake the status quo a little bit. The narrations that I read. He went into his dad's warehouse, you know, like the firecracker warehouse. Right? And he just by accidentally lit a match and walked away. Right? So he walked into

00:36:33--> 00:37:08

the big warehouse where his dad had all the idols and did what to one? Right. And it's one of those weird, you know, when they saw the security camera in the liquor store, one bottle falls over and the whole thing smashes. Right, you shouldn't be watching that anyway. So the first thing crashes and all the idols crashed. And then he breaks the idols one by one by one by one. And then finally, what does he do? We all know, what does he do with the hammer? He puts it, young people I need to know how much detail to go. How many people don't know how many people you know, okay, so a few people don't know, he went in, he took the hammer that used the jackhammer that he broke all the

00:37:08--> 00:37:49

other ones with and he hung it around the neck of the biggest idol. So now everyone comes back from Mardi Gras. They're coming back. Oh, they feel happy and, and they walk into the warehouse, like you know what happened? Ibrahim Ali Hassan was like, yo, you got to ask him, bro. It was crazy. Right? He kept his cool. He was it was crazy. And he spoke as if he believed what he was saying, he's a yield. This guy went bull, you know, totally psycho. You got to talk to him. And he taunted them with logic. He didn't just say, well, Allah has anointed me to say no, he kept a lot out of the rational arguments. And he pointed at the big one. What was he doing? Again, which I mentioned a few

00:37:49--> 00:38:26

minutes ago. What was he making there? What was he making them do? scratch he was scratch perfect. She was scratching so that they could understand there is an answer. So now they finally looked around, and they were like, there's that kid Ibrahim. He because Ibrahim alesana made this and they really looked around for a little while. Remember, if we all worship the idols, and one day all the idols were broken for about 10 minutes, you'd be like, I wonder how he did that. I wonder how the idol got up and moved. But after a while they found him. Now upon this, this is challenging status quo. And if I rock the boat today, please, I apologize. But I said it was gonna get heavier and

00:38:26--> 00:39:07

heavier as we got through this. If you're a sister who lives in a community where no one wears a job, and you say, you know what, I'm going to put on a job today. And I know in Southern California, that is taboo, like there is no tomorrow. So I will leave the topic. But if you are a brother, who is maybe your friends are all into a certain action, they all hang out for double apple and grape and mint. Right? Right. And they all good, good good in the evening, and you say I'm not going to do this, you change status quo, you are standing up the way Ibrahim alayhi salatu. Salam did because everyone in his society acted a certain way. So zoom the camera out really far and leave the idols

00:39:07--> 00:39:26

for a second. Let's change the idols to alcohol. Everyone in his community was drinking alcohol. So he broke all the alcohol and said the big bottle did it. Everyone in his community was cheating. Anyone in his community community with cursing was disrespecting their parents was dressing promiscuous. He broke status quo and when did he do this in his old age after the age of 40, or

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

in his youth, and that is why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is narrated in the books of Buhari and in the books of Muslim. The seven under the shade of a loss of hand water is thrown on the day when the sun will be the distance that a spear thrower can throw his spear. The sun will be close enough that you could hit it with a spear The only shade will be the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the third group of people who will be under this throne who

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

Who my young sisters,

00:40:02--> 00:40:41

young people who loved Allah subhana wa Taala and challenge status quo. They woke up for fudger not when they had to wake up because their wife and kids had to get up. They woke up for the 100. And Father when Allah subhanaw taala gave them energy. They woke up and trade during the night when I like gave them energy to sit in the lounge, playing dominoes and cards till six in the morning, they then chose to do it then. And let's be real, my beloved sisters, they covered their head when they were beautiful, not when they were grown up and done with marriage, they covered because they knew they were beautiful. And this was something they did to start to challenge the status quo be amongst

00:40:41--> 00:41:21

the third group of people who turn under the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala to His mercy be amongst the youth. So upon this, he challenged status quo they took him and if you don't see the analogy, or you don't see the symbolism, when you don't follow status quo, what are you? You're you're not cool, right? You're not cool? You're hot. I'm hot, because you're not right, that whole business of you are not good. And after a while people say you're not cool, you'll get burnt. You keep hearing the phrase, right? If you if you have a beard, bro, you can burn bro. You know, people won't accept you. So what did the people of Ibrahim arisa actually decide to do? Everyone knows.

00:41:22--> 00:42:03

They spent three days cooking a fire as a matter of fact, the narrations and you'll find this not only through Islamic narration, but in the Islamic era, they dug a pit in this pit they put balls of fire or cold, you know, the big thick cold and they cooked the fire for three days. Meaning they cook the fire till and now to give you an idea of how burn how hot the temperature of this fire was. They couldn't throw him in the fire. Does anyone know how they got him into the fire? What did they Yes, exactly. They and I think it's actually pretty cool to think about this. Right? You know those slingshot things that great adventure Disneyland right there to build one of those bad boys. Shoot

00:42:03--> 00:42:30

Ibrahim alayhis salam and here's the amazing part. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meets Ibrahim it said I'm in the highest heaven. Ibrahima during Islamic Mirage right? So you're thinking man, he's got flung maybe his body parts are dislocated. He's in the fire. He spent three days in the fire. So you meet through suta lots of lots of them in the highest heaven and the prophets a lot ism speaks to him remember what did we say about that meeting that was special.

00:42:31--> 00:43:17

He walked to rescued a lot. And as he walked to Ibrahim alayhis salam, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam in a very fatherly, overlooking the little brother if I could, who was a brother in Prophethood. He said, You know the best time on earth Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know what the best time was rescued last a lot is some thought. Ibrahim it said I'm looked at the greatest human being on the earth and said, You know those three days in the fire? You know when you saw the flame? those flames used to touch me like rose petals. If a law can change physical law to make a Prophet's life better if you sacrifice something in your life for Allah, can you imagine how amazing Allah would

00:43:17--> 00:43:56

make your life he changed fire into rose petals for someone who was a young person remember he was a young he did he broke the items if you make a change in your life for a lot and you do something that's awkward that your family will say is weird that your the people around you say oh he turned into a movie five classes of profit. Radek dynasty turned into a movie Here we go. You smile and you say you know what, a lot something better for me. And if you feel that inclination right now and you feel like you know what, I want to make a change say the words little banner, la Zoo banner bar that it had atena will have Lana Milan kurama in the country will have a llama I mean, so after three

00:43:56--> 00:44:17

days in the fire, and and this is really to their dismay, Ibrahima Sam literally walks out of the fire does one of these and it goes just big smile. And they're like, and naturally for that moment, the entire town where Ibraheem alehissalaam did what did they do for that moment? After he walked out the fire? What did they do?

00:44:18--> 00:44:57

They believed for that moment. They believed Hidayat enter their heart. That's what I was trying to make a connection. If right now you felt that moment a lot. I'm going to pray five times a day, I'm going to cover my buddy a lot. I'm gonna stop making these financial transactions which are caught on if you felt that in your heart. Remember the people of Ibrahim, he walked out of the fire? And undoubtedly you couldn't say anything but oh man, he's a prophet. And in that moment, if they had said a shadow La Ilaha Illa. Allah would have accepted them. But then what did they do? They went back to rationale. They went back to their brain, they went back to their frontal lobe who went to

00:44:57--> 00:45:00

this part, who was the first creature

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

When told to do something for a second, he was like, well, such duh he's looking around everyone's making says that who was the first one? I'm not saying he has a frontal lobe. I'm saying he used his rationale, who was it? holla Contini me,

00:45:15--> 00:46:01

I made a fire rationally, the biomolecular structure of fire is better than the human brain than clay. And upon this, we realize this opportunity when guidance touches you, grab it, bite into it with your molar teeth and don't let go. Because we all wait for that one speaker to give that speech at that time on that day, and then I'm going to change. But then we realize Allah subhanho wa Taala drops diamonds in front of us. But we say, Man, it's too small. I'm sure one day he's going to drop something really amazing. Like, you know, Isa Li Salaam is going to come back or something, then I believe, then I'll make a change in my life. The job will come floating out of the sky with like

00:46:01--> 00:46:39

laser beams out of his fingers along my journey. I mean, as applicable along my journey. I mean, I do a lot of my genome in fitness with the gel, but I don't joke about it. But I give us we're waiting for some catastrophic thing. I don't know like a 900 mile wide storm. I don't know like two tsunamis. I don't know. Maybe we're waiting for something that's already in front of us. So in this, we he came out of the fire, and naturally what do they do to him? They banished him. I mean, they're 20 narrations to tell you someone thought he was bewitched. Someone thought he was possessed. It's like all of them have the same exact script from New Holly Salaam timer. Oh, if he's a prophet, he

00:46:39--> 00:47:23

must be possessed. He must be a liar. He must be a magician, right? Why? Who is their professor who writes who wrote the script? Please, police shape. better, better set shape law is the professor. Right? Everyone who goes to UCI you kind of see their flavor. Everyone who goes to UCLA you see their flavor. Everyone who followed shavonne has the same rational thing. And I leave you on that take home that concept that shavon we'll start off the concept from a rational point, and then you'll get lost. We end up here Ibrahima, a tsunami in his young age packed up all this stuff and it's ready to go. He ends out and he leaves the city. One follower in hand his nephew, possibly a

00:47:23--> 00:48:02

family member who has left the town and Abraham it Sam leaves we'll pick up next week be it's an Allahu taala here. And here is where the next group of people don't worship idols. They worship celestial bodies. And I do intend to do a heavy parallel between the stars of today who we worship while they're on Disney Channel and then they go platinum and then they shave their head and get divorced. And we still follow them because they're judged on The X Factor. I am going to make a direct correlation between them worshipping the sun, the moon and the stars and the fact that our nation is godless and we follow stars be eaten in the heat Allah we pick up from there tomorrow.

00:48:03--> 00:48:51

Next week be isn't in LA. If I may make a quick recommendation. Let's close on a DA we did not do this yet. I encourage you to make law make law for yourself. Make dua that Allah subhanaw taala gives you the hikma and the strength, the courage and the wisdom that Ibrahima ceram had because he stuck by it when times were good when times were bad when he was popular when he was not popular when he was young when he was old. A Warhammer elohiym new rushdi were at Neiman shchedrin fc Allahumma Elif dynaco Lumina was that abena Nina Sula, Sarah wanna Gina Amina Lulu Mati Illa knew what jen nibin alpha heisha marwaha amin her mama baton over la save us from the lewd illicit things

00:48:51--> 00:49:20

that are apparent and that are hidden Allahumma baddeck letter V Asmar in our other sloty now lubaina was word you know was good react in our tuba in a in a cantata Baba Rahim. Allah bring Baraka increase, bring multifold into our hearing into our scene into our hearts and our intellect, in our spouses and in our children and our love Forgive us, for you are the greatest of all forgivers ask Allah for what you need in your language.

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a law

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so cannot be caught up in it. It is a foreigner Sara monada mursaleen Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

if you would, so give me the opportunity to make some small announcements. Next week be the millah it's going to be a heavy intense week in terms of reading. So if you can take surah

00:50:00--> 00:50:17

naram Surah anom i a number 69 to 81, heavy, heavy conversation, Ibrahim Ali Salam has now grown up. He's not just a strong blooded teenager. So if you can be aware of what he says, All

00:50:18--> 00:50:25

you need is am number 80. It's an amazing conversation that takes place. And we're gonna look at it. Look at the word to

00:50:27--> 00:50:34

do me to say this word, what did it say? What did it take?

00:50:35--> 00:51:08

took a long time, right? This is the equivalent of saying, Are you going to have this long stretched out debate about Allah wa Katahdin? When I'm the one who's claiming Prophethood, it's a very interesting conversation. He is an Allahu taala. We'll look at it next week. With that being said, if you get the chance to go over your notes, because tomorrow at the end of class, I would like to do a small review. Because according to our schedule, here at the i o at the Institute, we will not be meeting for the last three weeks of December.

00:51:09--> 00:51:49

kind of hurt. But that's just how it is. So if it's okay with you, the way I see it is if you've already given me an hour a week, every Wednesday, I'm not sure exactly how we're going to do this. But I believe we're going to get it done. What can we all put our email on on one list. And at least every Wednesday, I can send you the other area that we would have covered, we can do more as Gar together we can do more self reflection things that you can do on your own. And I can also direct you, hey, here's 20 minutes, I can even make a fresh clip and send it out to you. But if we're all on one email list just for prophetic dynasty, that way then next week, we have clocks the week after

00:51:49--> 00:52:27

that, I won't be physically here. But you'll get the doors in your in your inbox, you'll get what we were going to cover, you'll cover a few things. And that way we'll never get disconnected. And if Allah subhanaw taala actually blesses us yeah, McCullough, if Allah blesses us, then you're going, I think people will start responding to the email. And in those three weeks, we can make a solid note packet. I know that's not really going to happen with the brothers, someone look up here. So sisters, if you get the opportunity, inshallah, and then we'll start on this email list, we'll do a reply all and then we can say, Hey, I learned this, this this, and eventually, someone can put them

00:52:27--> 00:52:50

together, because I don't see that we have a notes packet for this class. And I want you to make that. So be in Atlanta next week. If you have the chance to come, please do come. And if there's someone who you want to bring to visit, definitely just squeeze them in next week. They might be a little lost. But hey, at least there'll be here right? So be Ethan Allahu Allah, Allah subhanaw taala bless all of you. I got requests from some young brothers and sisters who are going for counseling.

00:52:51--> 00:53:30

They asked us to make law. I asked the elders in our the married people who are here in our class, MiG Tao for the youngsters. They not only are turmoil in with Islam, but they don't necessarily have a culture. American culture doesn't necessarily define how they're going to be with their wife or how their wife is going to be with their husband or how they're going to be with their in laws. So the elders of the community I request the doula we are seeing much divorce closer than you can think. So these young people have been speaking and I asked him my own accord to please do make do offer these young couples. There is a lack of culture even if you said you're an Egyptian Muslim in

00:53:30--> 00:54:10

Egypt has a way husband wife, relate india pakistan have a way they relate Syria has the way they relate Jordan does. We are seeing this growth of Islam in America without a culture. And this is why Islam has to leave. Only being in the mustard. We need to be Muslim all the time. And so that doesn't mean we come here pray Somali come and be really nice here. Right? You know how to do that. I know how I was taught how to say Salaam to uncle's in the masjid. But we were never taught how to deal with our sisters. And in the name of Bertha in the name of hijab. We also don't teach our young men how to deal with women in general. So I asked you to do that. Make dua that the culture that is

00:54:10--> 00:54:49

being cultivated now that Hamza Yusuf and Suraj Mahajan haffi, the Humala used to talk about 20 years ago at the economic conference, we're developing a Muslim culture, we are the ones who write the script to that. So try to define that. If you see young people say give your advice little bit because we live in America where no one shares but back home, Egypt anywhere India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, an elder would share it right, elder would share too much, but they sit you down for like 3040 minutes well in our time. So I encourage you to help the youngsters develop an an American Muslim culture if you want to call it or a true Muslim culture. So how not to be corrupted is that

00:54:49--> 00:54:54

they are mostly foreigners. fonasa mursaleen but hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah