Menstruation, attending the mosque and reading Qur’an

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Yeah, I know this is a core question. There are a few things you know when women are in their menstruation, in hired in their monthly cycle when they fast you know the blood, few things agreed upon further one thing is in that condition women cannot pay that agreed upon that are very far given to they don't need to make it up. Second thing they don't fast but they have to do it again Ramadan fasting they have to make up when the time comes, they cannot do tava. But when you know if it a part of hunger they can do later they can do there are some things which are not agreed upon. For one thing is reading the Quran. Can we meet their condition read the Quran to many other people,

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they take it very similar to sexual you know, major impurity when people have relations with each other. They can't read the Quran, it is very clear. So people think since women also have to do host after distinct, they also need to, you know, have they can't read any Quran either men and women cannot read when they have, you know, the

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stain or major impurity and so on. Also the carpenter, the mosque, but there are automatic Mom, mom, Malik Mr. Buhari and our dispute there's no there's no similarity between these two things. It's a complete different matter, you know, we must condition is not by them, it happened naturally. They don't, they don't do not any dry matter, sexual relations enjoyment in an asset happened by the People's Choice and then they can stop they can have birth, nothing, nothing can stop them. This the women cannot do. So there's no proof from the Quran sooner that we meanwhile they're RMS tuition, they can't read the Quran. They can't interpret into the most Joker to these automatically. Now I

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can I don't want to go more detail in the sometime I've done the detail. But what I've understood really is that it is always a plus the AF category which category women is the hired only fast you know, meskhetian belong. These people things belong to the category of measuring purity, to I don't agree with that. It has some similarity, but not not to the category. If we will read the Quran. I don't really stick I think a poorer catwalk people made the Parana sacred book to cart. No, it is book after function. You tell guidance people need to read they need to have attachment to the current 24 hours. So now in the past, maybe a month, my photographer for a few years. Now I give her

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that a woman you know in that condition, you can read the Quran, you know, they can understand and also if they need hikmah to go to the mosque, you know some time there is sermon subject kailasa Sunday speech it you know, they don't go for prayer anyway because your condition can't pray. But sometimes there could be a ceremony preaching sometime you got to hurry up. You don't you know, you can't pray. But least you can come to the mosque, you can see the people doing the work you can see the house of Allah, you get reward for that when people look at the Kaaba, they can reward. So these are fatawa now if I follow that you're in dire condition, though we will can't pray. They don't

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fast. But if they read the Quran, there's no harm in that actually, they you know, they make them near to Allah subhanaw taala and if they come to the most for any needed, you know, coming unnecessarily nobody comes unnecessarily anyway, but then he can ask some circuit or some learning or some permission like we go for hygiene hombre and you know, you want to spend some time in the forum. So I don't think any problem in that. So these are what I prefer in this career.