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Omar Suleiman
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So what does the loss of monetize say about the blessings that he's provided to us and how we respond with those blessings? Allah says in Surah Al insaan, in Medina, who's Sabine imageshack, Iran, we're in Mecca for that we have guided him to the path we've made it very clear for him. So last time I was saying guidance comes from him. He's done his parts upon what's Allah, you can't say that a law has not done enough for you. We've made it very clear for him in Shakira what in Mecca for now, he decides men in turn decides whether to be grateful, or whether to be cafta, which is to be intensely ungrateful. The way that shavon has actually described is California. So to be not just

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caffeine at all, but to be intensely ungrateful because there's no limit to the ingratitude that we are capable of showing to Allah subhanho wa Taala but there is a limit to the gratitude that we are capable of showing to Allah subhanaw taala because we will never be able to fully thank Allah subhanaw taala so California is used in the intense form where I shock it is not okay, it's not shakoora and California, it's Shakira or California, right? So he chooses whether to be grateful or ungrateful. Now, here's the thing. shavon has a goal with his data. Once a phone calls people away from Allah Subhana Allah in essence, he wants to make you a shape on yourself. And we already

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established this before that there are shale, clean gin and shale clean ends that there are shale clean from amongst the gin and shale theme from amongst the human beings. So shavon wants to make you so bad that not only have you corrupted yourself, but his goal is that you will become a corruptor like him. But when shavon mentions all of these things that he does to a human being all of the things that he throws at you all of the ways that he tries to disconnect you from a loss of Hannah Montana. At the end of it all he says what do you do a thorough homeshare kidding? That you will find that the majority of them will be ungrateful people, right? So shade bonds goal is to make

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you ungrateful. Why? Because if you're ungrateful, you don't feel compelled to worship a lot anymore. You don't think Allah subhana wa tada for the blessings he's bestowed upon you. In fact, you're always complaining about the lack of perceived blessings, right? That you don't have in your life. So you're no longer saying you have the love for what you do have in life, just like shavon did not thank Allah for his position. Instead shavon was looking at them at his salon and saying, Why don't I have what he has? Right? So if shavon can disconnect us from that sense of sugar, we no longer feel compelled to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. The amazing thing is that Allah Subhana

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which Allah He confirmed, what Stefan said, he said, What Kali luminary by the a shocker. That few of my servants are actually going to be grateful people. You know that shavon is right when he says that you will find that the majority of them will not be grateful people, a loss of hundreds are saying you know what, you're right. But the thing is, does Allah subhanaw taala need the majority of his servants to be grateful does a loss is a loss parents are affected by the disbelief or the disobedience of any human being or of a large group of human beings collectively or any of his creation? Absolutely not. But there's a beautiful incident, a beautiful narration I want to share

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with you, which is actually based on this ayah and it's narrated by Ibrahim Itanium, Allah to Allah He says that all our mental health follow the law. He heard a man making a drought. And this man was a simple man and he was saying a llama Johnny, you know, Polly allama Johnny melancholy. Oh, Allah make me from the little. Okay, make me from the few. So I'll mow the lawn Whoa, you know, this is a man that loves the son of the Prophet slice of them. And when he hears something like that, he wonders, is it a cylinder that he missed? Or is it an innovation in the religion? Because if it's a cylinder that he missed, he wants to learn it. And if it's an innovation, he wants to stop it. So

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here's this man constantly saying, oh, Allah make me amongst the few. So he came to me and he said, you know, why are you making this do out? What is it that you're saying? So he said, I heard a loss of Hannah Montana say well, Caledon Menifee Valley a shocker that very few of my servants are grateful. Okay. palyed So I asked a loss of habitat to make me amongst them so I started to say Oh, Allah make me amongst the pallial make me amongst the few and Amato, the Allah tada and he sets upon a law everyone has more knowledge than almost they said, I'm the most ignorant man amongst you all, because I missed that. Where you know when that man said allama john, even though Colleen and truly

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what we see in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala constantly uses this word and invokes this concept, that it's not about the majority being good. It's about how committed that minority is right because when he talks about the profits before one I mean no matter who is a colleague, that that very few believed in him or they did not believe in Him, except for a few

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Are when Allah subhanaw taala says come and attend Cali Latin Allah but if you attend Kathy Allah tambien Allah, how many times have you seen in history that a very small group of people were able to overcome a very large group of people by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this invoking of khaleel is frequent in the Quran, it's the few it's the few. So it doesn't matter how many followers at least is going to accumulate at the end of the day. It's about that small group of people constantly invoking a loss of Hannah Montana and constantly showing gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Subhana Allah will not allow the day of judgment to be established on any

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group of people like that until no one even says the name of a lot anymore. This world will continue to exist so long as that family still exists Otherwise, there is no reason for the world to exist a cinema a common argument a lot of what a cat so I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series, then please do click on the top box and if you'd like to see all of the other episodes and the other videos we have to offer then please click on the box under that and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.

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