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I think we will conclude the Sharla in this session, I don't think we will go to session three, the material is almost, we're almost there, but we will see what happens in Sharla. Now, in yesterday's sessions, and today, we reached a conclusion, how Fiq had developed since the very beginning of the revelation of the prophet to the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam, till the last fourth Manhattan, which is the Madhavi Ma'am, I met him in Hamburg. Where do we stand today, when we talk about

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when we talk about jurisprudence, and this is a vast area of knowledge, where as Muslims do we stand today,

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Philip at the present time, is

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looked upon as follows. First of all, what differentiates our time from their times, is the ease of access to knowledge compared to theirs. In my mathematical humble, great Imam had to travel the whole Islamic world in order to build up his knowledge and to compile his book, Muslim the

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well known

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reference of Hadith. Nowadays, the youngest of us could have not the most not all of the books of Hades that have ever been compiled in his hard drive.

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The access to knowledge is so easy, because all the books have are published are printed you find with any student of knowledge, her home or house, many bookshelves filled with Abu hanifa Imam Imam, Imam Shafi Imam Malik, the explanation of their detailed books as we have referenced in earlier sessions. So this is where we stand today. Also, one of the biggest differences is that we have the establishment of assemblies. Nowadays, the problems arising are way different than the problems of the previous imams. We have the rulings of things that did not exist on their times. We have IVF people who are unable to have children. We have organ donations, we have DNA mutilations, we have

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things to do with transactions selling gold simultaneously. Nowadays people say okay, we are in banks, we have money transfers, we have credit cards, we have debit cards, we have different form of

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transactions when we get into a group to buy an investment or to do this. Is it a one man show? No. So you have to have these assemblies. And in these assemblies, you don't only get scholars of fifth you get specialists. So when the question comes to me and someone says share what is the ruling on cryptocurrency?

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Although cryptocurrency I know Krypton where Superman came from, but I don't know their currency. So not sure if it's a different currency altogether. So okay, I need experts please. So this man comes from with the concept of chain blocks. This man comes with the concept of digging for crypto digging. I don't understand explain, explain. Explain that. Okay. Now I can find out halal haram concept I give you the verdict. Likewise, when someone comes to me talking about

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the n r, is it in? No no. in

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medical term, when you take to the emergency, they have the DNR Do Not Resuscitate. So it people say what's the ruling on that? I am over 90. I have health problems. And I know that I'm going to die already in 30 years. overtime. I have bonus because the ages of my own man between 60 and 70. So I'm 90. I have heart

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problems getting in problems, everything problems. So they request when admitted to hospital to emergency, DNR Do Not Resuscitate. Meaning that if you need to plug me in, just to keep me alive, I don't want this. So what's the ruling on this? shift can say, yeah, take the pork off. save electricity, save money, too much expenses. It's not that easy. I have to sit with physicians, doctors trustworthy and say, Listen, if he's not a vegetative state, he still is conscious. He can pray he can live. So if we take it, we will be killing him. I didn't know that. Or someone who said no, this guy no matter what you do, he's in a coma. He will never wake up. His brain is dead. So

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yes, the liver, the heart, the kidneys are working. But he's a he's like a vegetable. So the chef needs to acquire knowledge from experts. These assemblies act like this. And we are in need of such assemblies because they are not scholars from Saudi Arabia. They're not only from Egypt, they are from all over the world and the two biggest assembly nowadays there are so many. The biggest is one Organization of Islamic Corporation known as one of them as a town Islamic. Usually this is political.

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Usually, some don't take that Vedic says Oh, Islams. No. Sometimes they even have Christians to monitor. Yeah, but it's political. Then you have the word Muslim, that the Muslim World League. This is Islamic. And it was established long ago in Makkah, and it's trying its level best to keep politics away, though it nowadays is very difficult. Everything is politicized. Everything, unfortunately, and if you're not with us,

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anyhow, so we go on to other things that are present nowadays in our field. We have fifth insight to encyclopedias, and Subhana Allah if Allah azza wa jal once Good for you, Allah would give you something that he deprives others from the biggest and most influential and most accepted and authentic encyclopedia is the Kuwaiti encyclopedia.

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Imagine Kuwait is How big? No, no, it's how small.

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What do you say? How old are you know how young? Yeah, but when it comes to Kuwait, how big no is how small, very small, tiny men youth state has a lot of oil. Very rich, but they've utilized their wealth in a number of good things. One of them is this encyclopedia that not a single student of knowledge does not use it. Now it's printed. And it's huge, but have the left we have it on soft copy. So we have it we can in Arabic Of course.

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Don't even think about different languages. Again, we come to the issue of stabbed

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you remember yesterday, so don't even come close to languages now. Arabic is essential. So shall we are in the diploma stage. What do you advise? Focus on Arabic? This is what fixes your relationship with Allah azza wa jal meaning he I don't speak Arabic. I can't be good Muslim. Yeah, you can. But it would be different, a lot different when you know, the Arabic that comes out of your mouth chef, but my accent is not good. sellman and faricy was Persian. His accent was so funny when he speaks though he was among the one who gives fretwork at the time, but his accent is funny. Yet, this did not

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stop him from being close to Allah azza wa jal, and one of the greatest scholar, companions of the Prophet Sam, so you have to learn Arabic. So we have the Kuwaiti encyclopedia, and we have a soft copy which is known as jammer alpha. All of these are contemporary 20, not even 20, maybe 15 years or less, they find people collecting it,

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putting in a soft copy and giving it for free. Now imagine the reward these people have. Yeah, and the one who came up with the idea of the encyclopedia. Of course, they took like seven eight years to compile and hard work, but at the end of the day,

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How much did it cost? The cost of one football match? inviting Manchester United? To over to come? Yes. Yet the reward stays from here till the Day of Judgment. If you look at Islam q&a,

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of shaping religion, it started in the late 1990s. No, yeah, almost in the 90s and

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97 to be exact, I remember. And look at the website. Now. Do you know how many people visit this website? 890 million, nine, 0 million people go to consultation to this website? Where is the chef sleeping?

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But his meter

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is working. Yeah, and you never look down at good deeds. Something that you teach, will harvest will grow? Well,

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yeah. And he give you so much reward will love without you knowing it, your child, five years of age,

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the father and the mother fight.

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Who teaches him the fact you have first. Why? Because they know whoever teaches in the Fatiha will continue to reap the rewards of Fatiha until the child dies. Maybe he reaches 78 years of age. So if I teach my child how to pray, if I teach my child how to do thicker, if I teach, now cascade this, if I teach my students how to understand how to behave, how to learn,

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and I get reward, so always keep it in the back of their mind, how to get closer to a large soldier, and not to let anyone compete me to Allah and reach there before me. So these are the encyclopedias What else? We have the fifth

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periodicals. Now, a lot in Arabic again, a lot of the institutions in the Arab world give every three months some every six months, a periodical, a paper made of like 2030 subjects that have not been discussed before. And they explain it to the scholars or the students or these are references. Now if I'd like to speak about space travel,

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astronauts, when it's time for Salah, where do they face.

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Similar Scribbler, we have only the earth does this count on? What timings should we apply because the sun is there. They're orbiting the Earth. So when his mother died when is fragile, we don't know. You need such researchers. You need such people with experts to collaborate. These periodicals come every three months, six months with full fledged research. Among the very well known is the one published in Saudi Arabia by

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the FDA and the Ministry of Information, they have a big, very nice, printed, but very well informed articles in it. research that you read. And you just keep on getting knowledge more and more and more by researchers that are well accredited. We have websites. So there are dedicated websites for free. I'm not talking about fatwah. I'm not talking about Heidi, I'm talking about only issues when it comes to issues of marriage. Because when you look at the contemporary issues, you will find a lot of difference of opinion, especially in the West. They have American Islam. They have European Islam. They don't have reference point of reference to real scholars and sharing any real scholars

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only in Saudi Arabia. No, but the vast majority of racecars

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are Excuse me, I am not going to defend myself because I'm from Saudi Arabia. No, no, they're not. They are real scholars, people who are well established in all branches of Sciences now disregard any political

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orientation. We're talking about Islamic knowledge. So if you have people in America who claim to be scholars, PhD holders, and they come and give you fatwas, they say yeah fatwa in Saudi is this

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Different than in America. So in America, if a woman accepts Islam and her husband is Christian, it's okay to stay live with him.

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This is this is found in their photos. What are you doing? What are you doing? says no, no, no, it's different. Where would she go? What would she do? Islam rules, not the other way around. They say it's okay to take home mortgages. It's interest base, it's river said yeah, but this is America. Oh, because it's America Hello, hello. So, they give these fatwas which is totally unacceptable. But they claim to be scholars when they are not and the people underneath them consider them to be scholars because they don't know anyone better there. And this is a catastrophe when people who do not possess the right knowledge to be pushed ahead, not luck. Not even muster heads up yet. But at

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the moment they are the best around and they start giving fight was left right and center. This is when you find Islam being undermined. This is when you find a Masjid with a woman Imam

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and the men What are you praying for praying that mercy? Why Oh, the man has a beautiful voice and a good body.

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I'd like to I like to pray them, what is this yourself it is no segregation, we have equality we a mom is like Okay, hello, do you have equality next year inshallah you get pregnant

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instead of your wife, what did you do mean equality. So, you have strange fact was strange ideas because they are acquiring knowledge from people who are not qualified. And this is a big problem now.

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Part of what we have in today's time is the call for modernization and development. And this is how you undermine Islam.

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Okay, the title is beautiful.

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Does anyone oppose modernization? No. Do you oppose development at all this is all accepted, but what is your intention? My intention of modernization is instead of having women stand at the back row, let us know sit

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that is stand in the same row, shoulder to shoulder with the foot, hip to hip

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What is this? This is modernization development. What do you mean by development? Hey, why use water all the time? We can use wiping favor You know, this tissues

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that they use for the children, the wives Halas have the learning development do this do that why? For a car or a car for entry, make the three for development. Now this goes against Islam. And this call is usually coming

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rarely from people with good intention. But the vast majority of those candidates are hypocrites. They want to undermine Islam.

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categorizes filk nowadays compared to the old times is the amount of new issues every single day you have new issues. Now we have driver less cars. What happens if a driverless car hits someone and kills him?

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Who will pay the DIA who will fast the two months? So who am I to blame? These are new things. I cannot ask Google to

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fast two months. There has to be an individual doing this. You have new things in mobiles. So my postpaid prepaid postpaid, what is it

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if I'm out of credit, and I call the company and they give me credit, but with a higher price is this river

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meaning it is

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postpaid. prepaid

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postpaid now different opinion of

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scholars, we have to go to this assembly.

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Yeah, no, but I'm talking about the usual

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ha given rule about

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goodwill and prepaid. So, let's assume I prepaid 100 range

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And for a month, 20 days, I consumed my 100. So they do not allow me to make calls. So I call them and I say I need credit for next month. They say, Okay, we'll give you 120

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because I'm in need of it now I don't have money to pay. So it's okay. They will give it to you for 120. So 20 bring it more than the usual price. Is this rebar or not? No, it's not

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sure they're lending me 100 ringgit, and they're taking 20 profit. No, they're not lending you, they're sending you airtime. So they have the right to sell you the airtime for 500 you biodome, but up to you, they're not lending me money for money. This is the you don't have it. You don't need Islamic assemblies for this, I can do the factor for you. But meaning that there are new things coming up new things coming up, you need to have

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people knowledgeable of the way it's done. So in order for you to know whether it's hot, or it's hot, and among the characteristics of our time, that was that is a lot a lot different than before, is that we have the Shetty colleges and the fifth departments. This is one of the greatest blessings of Allah azza wa jal, so many Islamic colleges Cedi, our colleges, and the students in order to get a master's degree, or in order to get a PhD, they have to write a research paper. And it's not only a page or two, you're talking about 300 to 500 pages. And this is scrutinized by three professors. So you have someone appointed to help you a professor telling you Yeah, put this put that he has a

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roadmap for you, you fulfill it, you finish it, now, you give copies to three professors, they scrutinized every single word of it, and then you have a session or four hours, they sit with you and you say that you have done this mistake or you did something good, you have to elaborate a little bit more, and then you come with a good piece of work. This is something new, it wasn't found 200 or 300 years ago, which means that the filter is to continue to be developing and modernized through the classical and traditional way which is good insha Allah as well.

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Okay, now, if we would like to talk about this course, and the Judas friends. So, in a helicopter view, when we look at

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what do we see? We see three prominent schools.

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First school is the School of Hadith. Second score, the school of opinion. Third school is the School of a VA Harry Yeah, the fourth school is not a school.

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It's a trend and we will talk about this inshallah later on. So, what is the School of Hadith? The School of Hadith

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illustrated in the School of Imam Malik, the school of Islam Shafi, the school of Imam I met him in Hamburg, they had a lot of focus and emphasis over Hadith.

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Some are more than others. So when you come to a man

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school of thought, it is prominent in abiding and heating, calling people to the sooner This is their priority.

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Yet they do not neglect an analogy, which is a PS, so they have great emphasis on Athol. What do you mean by Arthur Hadith of the professor Sam, I thought of the companions of the Tabby reign of Tabby, Tabby, and, okay, why do they have so much strong emphasis on this because the Prophet said alayhi salatu salam, Hyrule Koran, the best of generations is my generation, the generation that follows and the generation that follows the prophets generation is the companions

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those who follow our that have been who saw the companions but did not

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See the Prophet Assam. Those who follow our tab Iraq, Tabby rain, who saw the tambourine but did not see the companions. So when the Prophet tells us they are the best of generations, what does he want to tell us? He wants to tell us that you have to abide by their understanding. Oh, you mean blind following them? So no, no, no, don't go to extreme. When you follow them in their understanding of the poor and and of the sooner you do this for a number of reasons. One, they're closer to the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam stymying. To they're more fluent in Arabic, and they understand the context that it came through. Three, they are closer to the companions to the tambourine. So the

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whole area is not corrupt by the by innovation by wrong ideology. You know, they were so close nowadays, can we say this? We have so many sects and cults and religions and schools and ideologies, that sometimes people come and say, well, like, I don't know if I'm on the right track or not. Do you believe I get so many Muslims coming to me? Practicing who pray in the masjid? And say,

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I'm embarrassed, but I have to ask you.

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I say no, I'm married. So this is, you know, this is what was not my question. My question is, how do I know that I am on the right path? How do I know that Islam is the right religion?

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So I don't know. I know I'm right. Are you gay? Is it No. So how do you know that you're not gay?

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What kind of question is this? A Muslim is a Muslim by birth. We born Muslims. We pray because everybody's pray. But if we I go to Australia, and nobody prays there and nobody knows me. Well, I pray. Yes, of course. Okay. In this case, you're a good Muslim. You're doing it out of fear of a lot. So just now, why do you doubt said Yeah, because maybe is what who's bringing these ideas to you? So I don't know. But if you're convinced of your religion, why doubted. Because you don't have conviction. You don't read the Quran. And you read it to believe you read it, because it's, I just want to read it. You don't know what Fatiha is. When you say Alhamdulillah, Allah, Allah, Allah

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mean, the Lord of the worlds, and he's a merciful, most beneficial. And he is Manny kiyomi. Dean. So why does Allah say that he is the Owner of the Day of Judgment? Okay, who is the owner of this world?

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Why didn't he say that the owner of this world and the word of judgment, because this world, so many people claim to be the owners. I'm the king. I'm the president. I am a millionaire. I'm a billionaire. I own this world, on the day of judgment, not a single person would claim that he owns it. So Allah is saying, if I own the Day of Judgment, and I own everything else, when you contemplate and recite with conviction and belief, there is no room for doubt. But when you get this doubt, then you have a problem. So the first school the School of Hadith, they believe in Quran and Sunnah with the understanding of the favorite three generations, because of what we have mentioned.

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Then we have the School of opinion, madrasa to Hillier right? Now Hello, Ray is not something that is condemned. Because all you're using your logic, you're using your opinion, more advantage about himself was approved by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he sent him to Yemen, we mentioned this yesterday. What will you judge with the Quran? If you don't find it in the Quran? And the Sunnah, if you don't find in the Sunnah is it, I will use my opinion to the best of my knowledge said, may Allah azza wa jal grant you success because Praise be to Allah who guided the messenger of the Messenger of Allah to the right path. So it is not condemned. Where is it condemned? When you do

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not look at the Quran and the Sunnah, and decide that I'm going to use my logic and the vast majority of us need to be spanked and hit and punished because of that, we all use the same methodology. So if a problem comes

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what is the

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rolling on this or sister? What is the rolling on this? This is circumcision. I think it's like this. Yeah, yeah, it's most likely like this. How do you know? Do you have a scale? You know, weighing potatoes and tomatoes? How do you know? You know, it looks hallel No, I think this is how it doesn't it doesn't sound good. And that's why when I asked you about topping your mobile

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it's easy. If I tell you I have a stomachache, I need to take medication. What should I say?

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What should I take? nobody speaks This is he's gonna die he's going to source so they don't speak they don't. But when it comes to religion,

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everybody, even the guy who fixes your tire in the mechanic, hello, no problem, they have no problem. Therefore, it is essential that we know the School of artillery is not condemned when they do their level best and Tafseer also, we have two prominent schools Tafseer

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bill Arthur and the follow the Hadith and tafsir

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like a man or puppy, like it shows me all of these great interpreters of the Quran. Not every single time they quote a hadith there are a lot of times there are no Hadith so they tell you in Arabic This means so and so. And in real life we know this and that and they compare Apple to Apple and they give you their opinion. So they study the Hadith, but it's not as strong while analogy plays a great role and and ology is it accepted in Islam or not

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just as the same not what pieces do say no.

00:31:55--> 00:31:59

This is okay. Yes. So what do you say? Yes. So like the Indians

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have to either know yes or no, no

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analogy in Islam is well established. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam was approached by a man and he said My mother died. And I think she would have wanted to perform hajj, shall I perform Hajj on her behalf? The Prophet said, if your mother had the debt, would you pay it? said yes. Then the Prophet said then unless debt is more worthy, Yanni perform Hajj as well to Apple, so there's no issue in that but the Prophet is always directing us to Qur'an and drew shouldn't so the third school is known as a VA Harry Yeah. And what is the a VA at a school, they only accept the Hadith, and they reject an apology and even the actions of the companions via Hurriya only take what is on the

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surface, what appears from the Hadith. So, there is when you go deep down in oshoala, you will find that there is something called math whom something that is understood, but it is not in black and white, you understand that from the Hadith. And if for example, the prophet said I saw either Bella Rama opal latini Let me see if the water reaches the amount of two jars, it will not carry in purity in adjuster. So what is the mushroom? mushroom? If it is less than two jars? It will.

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Okay, but the Prophet did not say that. So some schools of thought say that my home is accepted. Others say no normal is not accepted. Buhari says it is not accepted. You do not make assumptions. The Prophet did not say if it's less he said two and above does not carry than adjustment. Okay, what about too and less? But still, we don't have knowledge in that. So we do not say it does, or it must. So it's an issue of dispute, according to the methodology of the method, how it directs you to understand because those who go by them of whom some of them say if it is less than two jars, if then adjuster falls into it, it becomes automatically nudges. Other scores said we agree with them

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at home with the understanding not of the text itself, but the understanding of it. Yet we do not agree with you. Why is it if it's less than two jars and Allah Jessa I can see it fell into it a drop of urine, it is still pure, unless the three characteristics are one of them is changed. So if there is no color, and if there is no taste, I don't know how it tastes.

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Don't ask me. And if there is no smell of majestic, it's pure. So even if it's this small,

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I saw a little drop coming, but it did not change the water, still, water is still pure. So the home concept, this is what I'm trying to highlight. Some schools applied some schools applied, but do not apply it in all cases, some schools like bahariya, completely rejected at all, it's not foreign. So I will not accept it.

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This type of rigidness is applicable and praised in some aspects, when it comes to different schools of thought where they went overboard and rejected the Hadith and the sun and the poor and, but in some cases, it is totally unacceptable. And for example, there must have of

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the well known a man of mishap. avahi is even has some of it even has a mother, his father was a ruler in an envelope. And it stated that he was in his youth, maybe mid 20s. He was you know, well dressed.

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aristocrat. He came to the masjid once. And he sat down. And an elderly man told him, why did you sit down, stand up and pray to rock as the hated machine. So he prayed to hate him. He just sat down the following day. He came after us. So he wanted to pray the hate of magic. Another one said, What are you doing this time of restriction? Sit down.

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One place with me says pray. One says we don't pray. I will study Islam until I know how to take my own decisions. And he studied Islam until he became an email.

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A member of must have advisory and he has many books among them is Al mohalla. In eight volumes, I think big book which has a lot of knowledge, yet 70% of what he says is 100% correct. 30% is totally overboard. Yeah, for example, he says that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the Hadith, do not urinate in stagnant water, and then perform Moodle.

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So he says if you urinate in a plate, and then pour it down in the stagnant water, it's okay. Because you did not directly do it. This is far higher meaning he takes the face value. Not only that, he says if you defecate in water, stagnant water, it's okay. Because the Prophet only said your prices. This is not logical. So this school of thought is

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well known, but not everything. And he used to speak very ill of the four schools of thought

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he used and this is why in an Arab say his sword is

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sharper than a head judge, one of the tyrant rulers of Romania, and his tongue is sharper than the tongue government has him. Why if it has him, his books, he says a chauffeur he said so and so. And this is rubbish. He says this. He says these people are imbeciles. They're ignorant. How dare they say such a thing when the Prophet said it so shut up when they

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say it. But in a nice way say they said so. And so and this is incorrect.

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If you read the books, if you learn from the lectures of chefman bass, and she had been a mean, while law he you will not hear a single L Word. I've studied their books and literature and heard almost all of their lectures.

00:39:09--> 00:39:20

When people ask me about songs, he's in Brazil, he doesn't understand it if I see him get a pension because I'm not brought up on the attempt like they were

00:39:21--> 00:39:36

if you ask them about something and people ask them does this scholar so and so said that you do not understand that you're blind that you don't do this, this is it. May Allah forgive me for the Yes, but

00:39:37--> 00:39:39

let's it May Allah forgive him.

00:39:40--> 00:40:00

You will see sheer ignorance I mean speak about sects and cults and salsa without naming them and without abusing them or cursing them. He just tells you that they say so and this is wrong. This is schilke This is against Islam, but he would not go into their Emacs and and this

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

is what we need to learn.

00:40:02--> 00:40:13

Even with our enemies, so when we mentioned Trump may Allah, may Allah crucify him, I will step on him with my shoe, I will spit on him.

00:40:14--> 00:40:16

Why are you so angry?

00:40:18--> 00:40:30

Chill, you don't have to do this. See, I have so much hatred in my heart. And this is why when my son does something, I don't have sons, their daughters, if my daughter does something, and I would like to

00:40:32--> 00:40:37

reprimand her, I would curse. I would yell, are you a donkey?

00:40:38--> 00:40:42

I said, Why are so many parents make dua?

00:40:43--> 00:41:32

May Allah destroy you? May Allah burn you May Allah not make you grow up. So why are you doing this? Said, because he did something wrong by one of two, when you make dua with Allah except there is a possibility. Right? Why not make to me Allah guide you. May Allah make you a righteous person says if this doesn't work, I will die with a heart attack. If I say this, I need to curse I need to say something bad, something evil, so that I would try to vent my anger. This is something wrong with us. We have to fix ourselves. And this is why when you befriend when you accompany when you associate yourself with someone who's wiser, who is better in moral conduct and alarm, you will

00:41:32--> 00:41:48

learn from him. This is why when you surround yourself 24 seven with righteous practicing people, your life changes. And even you see the youth when they play football together. When they practicing said he passed the ball just like a low Hayden.

00:41:50--> 00:41:50

A score.

00:41:54--> 00:42:25

They make frustration. Yeah, everything is transformed completely into being practicing and and you find people they have Jazakallah hair without even knowing it will lie. Oh, I used to know people in my youth. When we started practicing Jazakallah hair was 24 seven when we used to go to non practicing people. And this is Elijah Don't say that. Say sugar. Yeah, I'm telling me a lie the word you just said no, no, we don't know this word. She say shukran

00:42:26--> 00:42:43

people, they need to vent. So if you know that making door will be accepted then make it in something that is beneficial. So Mr. Libin hasn't had a very short tongue. Nevertheless, he was a great scholar of Islam logic.

00:42:45--> 00:42:51

When we talk about the School of logic, we don't praise them by saying logic is a good thing, right?

00:42:52--> 00:43:06

logic is a good thing. But here it is condemned. Because this school originated from el mar Jazeera. Al martez ila, they do not accept the hadith of a hat. What is the hadith of a hat?

00:43:08--> 00:43:09

It's not one.

00:43:10--> 00:44:06

It is one Narrator In the chain of narrators. Because we have a hat we have much more, we have a very we have mutawatir. So the Moto otter, that each layer of the chain of narrators, there are more than 10. So this is almost not almost This is definitely authentic without any doubt. But the mutawatir among the 10,000 of Hades are not more than 100. Very little percentage, and the rest are either a hat or make sure you have two or three in each line. But when you come to a hat, such as in MLM, arobin, net only or marble hopper narrated, no one no other companion. This school of logic says no, no, we don't take this hadith. We'd rather apply our logic we rather ignore the Hadith, but

00:44:06--> 00:44:08

this is not a school of thought.

00:44:09--> 00:44:12

This is not considered a school of thought because this is

00:44:14--> 00:44:59

something that is weird, abnormal fluke that came. Unfortunately, they are dominating they are dominating the scene nowadays. If you open the TV, local or international, if you read their literature, if you read magazines, you will find always them coming in top why they are close to the authorities. In most countries, Muslim countries because they have the audacity to change the Quran and the Sunnah without any problem. They will undermine Islam without any problem. So you get prominent scholars who compiled books. I'm not going to give names who come and say listen if you make that we're in Korea.

00:45:00--> 00:45:13

Do Islam don't tell them that eating dogs meat is haram? Why? Because there is nothing mentioned in the Quran or the minister. Yeah, you mean it's hella

00:45:14--> 00:45:31

can be so little big. This is the School of logic that is sick because it goes against the coronation. Yes If it goes in line with the Quran and Sunni I have no problem. But when someone comes to me and says

00:45:32--> 00:45:33

the Hadith of the Prophet Allah

00:45:34--> 00:45:48

it is best for a man to be stabbed in his head with a needle of steel rather than to touch a woman that is not permissible for him. He says Ah, this is not what I wanted. So it's okay to shake hands with women, no matter

00:45:49--> 00:45:56

how deep is there is it yeah but I don't accept it. Who are you to not accept it is it is

00:45:57--> 00:46:34

so they start to build the foundation of a new religion. Where it is okay for you whenever you think that this is not practical. scrap it out from a woman traveling without the maharam. Now, today's difficult, she has to go to Serbia to Langkawi or whatever you call it. She has to travel with it without palace this headache I do not accept and you change the religion and you change the foundation that was established by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa he was selling