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So I can tell that there was no interest in

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it feel comfortable buying for the families and the children, even though I put it on Saturday, specifically with the intention of people bringing their kids so that they could listen to the film copies of it all. We talk a lot about the spiritual aspects of Ramadan, all throughout the different lessons and after Asia and drama. So I do a lot of that talking in Ramadan as well. But in the Philippines is important. I think kids, the earlier they learn about the field of Ramadan, the jurisprudence piece, like understanding what how to do stuff, the better for them. So I guess that didn't work. So maybe next year, we'll, I'll think of a different strategy, because no one showed up

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tonight today for this. But I still think it's worth doing. I do it in Arabic I do in English every year. I think it helps strengthen the the information regarding Ramadan, and the different aspects of rituals in Ramadan. And it gives you an ability as a Muslim also to explain it to people who maybe don't know, there are some common mistakes that occur before and throughout the month that I think are worthy of noting, and those who have people who are struggling or ill or older, they can have some information that they can later on use, I will not today share with you the field based on a specific method. I mean, one of the form of them, I will talk about what is the the majority

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opinion amongst the four are within them. And I won't specify them specifically except in a few instances, just just to point out if I agree with a minority opinion. Otherwise, I'll be just sharing the majority opinion either from the form of that I have, or the majority opinion that has lately become the majority opinion among scholars, because the more you study motherhood, you understand that there is always an evolution to these schools of jurisprudence, and they do evolve in terms of their of their rulings through throughout time, and the Shafi today may see them or, or the

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prominent position within his mouth have to be different than maybe what it was a couple of centuries ago. And that's all right, because that's how these metal have actually are designed to work. So if you are following a specific method, which we have some people now and hamdullah, who are doing that who have educated themselves in one that led him. So what you should do is you go and you listen to someone, there's a lot of this information online is, is abundantly available. If you want to hear maybe the specifics of Phyllis, Liam the filter hub, so yeah, man Ramadan, according to a specific method, you'll find a lot of people who explained that to you and you follow shot, if you

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can do that, I'm going to offer it in general with a generic kind of a broader stroke, the wider brush, and which is something that you're allowed, as someone who's trying to follow the Metalab of your Imam, you're allowed to do that. That's fine. We talked about this in our courses and whatnot, so you can follow up with him. And then for specific issues like Ramadan, you can follow the map of the Imam of the place that you are committing yourself to throw them alone, that's fine. You're also allowed to stick to your mother as well. But so today, it will not be met him specific or else it will take a very long time for me to go through this will be required four or five or six different

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sessions just to go through all of it. I'll just kind of talk about it summarize the ideas in general and offer you need the majority opinions as we move along with that.

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So the first thing we talked about intentions, I'm not here to talk about intention spiritually, which is obviously extremely important. The probably the most important part of any acts of worship is having a clear understanding of intentions from a spiritual perspective now of perfecting it and making it here I'm talking about the jurisprudence, piece of intentions, which means what? before Ramadan, before Islam, you have to have the intention of fasting, if it's a photo that is Ramadan. So to explain it to you little bit more, if you woke up tomorrow morning, or you woke up professional and you prayed for God, you didn't really have anything to eat, went back to sleep

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because it's a Sunday, you woke up around noon. It's not a good thing. But let's say you didn't and you decided because the house is empty. You don't need food. I'm just going to fast until until Monday. That's totally fine. There's no problem with that at all. Because it's an act of worship that is nephila, you can do that if you're trying to make up for a Ramadan day, you have to make that intention that the night before. But when we're talking about Ramadan, specifically, you have to have previous intentions for the fasting of Ramadan. Now the majority of scholars will say it should happen on a nightly basis. You don't have to necessarily say it, the chef AASA it's only if

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you go to a chef and he met the chef at the masjid, you'll find the Imam before a thorough ear will stand and you'll say I have the intention of fasting in Ramadan, tomorrow. lillahi Tada. Everyone says the same thing. They bring their intention. You don't have to do that. Even for the chef. Yeah, but you'd have to have the intention of fasting before the fajr before Daniel Fajr. Technically speaking, waking up for Sephora qualifies. If you just wake up first, then that qualifies, because what are you doing up at three o'clock in the morning eating aside from the fact that you want to pass so that's good enough. The problem would be if for some reason, you are so

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out of it. You're so spaced out that you don't remember you don't know what month it is. You wake up you don't wake up professionally. You wake up in the afternoon and you forget and then someone reminds you by the way, it's the month of Ramadan. You're like oh man, I should be flashing that doesn't work. That doesn't work. You can't you can't have the intention of fast

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During the day of Ramadan in the middle of it, you have to have it beforehand now the Imam Malik Muhammad Ali he made my life easier for all of us because he allowed you to put together an intention for fasting the whole month of Ramadan he's still requires an intention for Ramadan but unlike the other scholar he didn't require that intention to happen before each night he said you can have like one bulk at a Costco level of intention just have a one time beforehand and is good for the rest of the world on and I think that's I tend to think that opinions very very reasonable so you can go ahead and take that opinion me for like suburban if you wake up first of all, then

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that can qualify and if generally speaking if you know that tomorrow is Ramadan and you know that you're fasting tomorrow that's the intention is if for some reason somehow you completely forgot that tomorrow's Ramadan altogether and make no intention woke up after a job and then decided to end so that can be a problem. So just watch out for that and we come to intentions Ramadan requires an intention because it's a it's an act it's a funny law.

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It's a

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it's an obligatory fasting. It's not an extra

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so here's a general rule because I'm gonna talk about what Val invalidates your your fast because that's mostly what people ask about and you know, it's so lovely Allah here every year, the amount of messages I get, like on a nightly basis on how are dropped Ramadan, I brushed my teeth. I I vomited, I had a dream i i It's

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the look yeah, just not know the basic stuff about Ramadan so that you can educate other people so that you don't hate the time before Ramadan. So they actually enjoy themselves because people get Yeah, they're not the amount of questions that occur on is just ridiculous will lie for a bit before Ramadan.

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I should start charging for Ramadan based questions, Elijah. And that will hopefully bring people more so you know, ones here. So you run this trouble and no one shows up. But then you get the text, the urgent text message with the What am I gonna do? Like, how do you attended? Or watch the recording? Then you'd have heard the answer and then I could have slept in and then you could have not not panicked. So what's the general rule? Here's a nice really this is an amazing, easy general do anything that is taken intentionally and provides the medical definition of nourishment, or is equivalent will invalidate your fast. So anything that you take intentionally, that you take into

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your body intentionally, that is nourishing, and that definition is taken from the medical definition. Like how medicine defines what nourishment is, anything you take intentionally into your body that is the medical equivalent of nourishment is going to invalidate your fast that makes life much easier if you understand that rule in general. Okay.

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Now let's go through the council. So the actions that invalidate your fasting

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for a year because I should know them by heart, I don't so number one, obviously eating and drinking intentionally. So eating and drinking intentionally you should watch out for obviously, don't don't do it. Fasting is very interesting because no one has the ability to hold you accountable really for you know for fasting even if you're if you eat and drinking just I forgot, like at the end of the day, this is something between you and Allah subhana wa eat and drink intentionally and I've seen it happen people get upset or they fight with someone and they you know, this is what they decide to do as a as a as a hissy fit. Or you know as a temper tantrum they go and eat and drink. So just watch

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out for that it's a big sin.

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Let me explain to you how big of a sin it is. If you intentionally break your fast of Ramadan with no other with no reasonable or acceptable excuse, or an exemption, which I'll talk about for you, then

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nothing makes up for that even if you fast until the end of time. Now you have to make up for the day that you you missed. You have to make up for it by fasting one day, but the year that you lost when you broke your fast intentionally on a day of Ramadan, nothing will ever make up for it like that, or yoga is now gone. No matter how many days you fight if you fasted not from now until the end of time. If Allah gives you 5 million lives and you live to the end of the day, you fast every single day, you will never make up for that one day that you lost. That's the amount of mojo that exists in one obligatory day. That's why it is a big deal. That's why we talk about the fifth piece

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of it. Because you invalidate your past intentionally. Let's say you lost a job. Now, Allah subhanaw taala forgive you. You fast one day to make up for it. You make Toba, Allah forgives you, that's all it's all fine, you can be punished. Jolly won't be punished for it. Allah will accept your repentance, but the amount diversion of that you missed that you could have had and you lost that day, nothing will make up for it ever again. So that's why we talked about these things. So eating and drinking intentionally, sexual * or any or its equivalent. Obviously that can't you know, they have to say intentionally, but sexual * has not happened unintentionally

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anyways. So it's humanity's relations between a man and two spouses, then that will invalidate your fasting. Or if you if you do something that requires that causes the equivalent of that

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intentionally throughout the day of Ramadan, then you lose your fasting. Now, unintentionally, I'll talk about in a moment it doesn't, but intentionally it does. And that's a big deal. Because there's a huge explanation that's that

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attached to this one, I mean, there's actually a product there's a punishment and dunya for it that you have to, you have to go through. So relations between spouses or any equivalent, the equivalent of doing that intentionally, whether it's a man or a woman, achieving an * intentionally will cause you to lose your fasting throughout the day of Ramadan. Number three, intentional vomiting. Because you vomit intelligently, like if you take your fingers and you shove them down your throat until you vomit, that invalidates your fast, if you don't do it intentionally, that's different. I'm talking intentional vomiting, we will share these slides. So you can go through them later on, if

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you want to make sure that you consolidate your information here, intentional vomiting, then that will cause you to break your fast. Now,

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some people will do it when they feel sick. That's usually you know, aside from bulimia, which is a whole different problem altogether. And surely people don't have that if people do then they need to access some help and speak to us, we can get them resources, but usually we'll do them when they feel sick. And if you feel sick, you have an exemption, you have an exemption for for breaking your fast you can you can break your fast without a problem. So if you feel sick, then then do that break your fast in terms of the intention, and then vomit intentionally because you're trying to do it as an act that will relieve relieve distress or relieve pain. But don't do it before you make the

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intention of breaking your fast just so that you do it in the right order. But intentional vomiting will break your fast parenteral nourishment. So it's bred to me, it doesn't necessarily come through the mouth, whether it comes through an IV or any other Mac either way, even if if it's nourishment and it's going into your body then it breaks your fast. So if you go in, for example, the emergency room and the open an IV and you get normal saline, or any of those bags of fluid that is nourishment, and you lose your fast just based on that. And if you get nourishment even under sub musky iser subcutaneously under the skin, or intramuscularly within the muscle, if it's nourishment,

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you lose, you break your fast. All right, and, and vitamins don't don't actually qualify for that I'll talk about in a moment, but I think that's called parenteral nourishment. So if you're in the hospital, and you wonder, did I lose my fast today? We'll ask what did you give me? And if they gave you the same words that is this parenteral nourishment? And if they say yes it is and then you've lost your fast based on that. Smoking, any form of smoking, tobacco, shisha, vaping anything else you want to make up, all of that will break your fast, don't do it, it'll break your fast. And then the last thing is hailing the first so for a sister if she if her period begins, or if she gives

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birth, if it happens in the middle of the day of Ramadan, if admins a second before Muslim that day is gone. You have to repeat that day later. Or even if it's a second before I'm gonna it doesn't make a difference. If you the sister sees sees the blood. No, I don't even even it's like an hour before 11am And she's like, Yeah, I'll just act like it No, you lost that day is now you have to repeat that day. Unfortunately, that's how it is. So here are the six agreed upon

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actions that will cause you to lose your facet and validate your fasting know them well, so that you don't do them and that you help others if they if they're unclear. So, eating and drinking intentionally.

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Relations between spouses intentionally or their equivalent, intentional vomiting nourishment that comes into the body not through the mouth or through the not through your digestive system, but through the IV or something else, smoking and then Heylin effects.

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So actually that don't invalidate your fasting this and again, this is these are things that are agreed upon. So number one, brushing your teeth, you don't lose your fasting if you're brushing your teeth unless you swallow the toothpaste. So unless you have some weird habit of swallowing to spit toothpaste then you don't lose your fasting if you brush your teeth or if you use miswak or anything else like that.

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So you can brush your teeth Charla safely throughout the day of Ramadan, number two eating and drinking not intentionally or in a forgetful manner. So if you eat and drink and you forgot for a moment then it doesn't fit so I'm gonna share it even when Akela oh sorry by Nursey and fina Hari Ramadan for in nama Obama hula who was UCLA, if you eat or drink in a forgetful manner during the day of Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala just granted you you gotta you gotta you're free to eat, it's new, it's free to Allah. So I just gave you something to drink. Now, if you see someone who was eating and drinking and forgetful manner in Ramadan, let them finish. Now I know it's hard because

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you're probably as hungry as they are. And if you don't like them, then it's a really good opportunity to tell them and then now they have, you know, put them in the mouth. And if they remember the abductees spit it all out. So So let them finish Don't Don't remind them. Yeah, of course, if they have, like, if they're sitting in Popeyes and they're preparing their food, they probably didn't forget it. And probably you should go speak to them because that's a whole different problem. Yeah.

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Thank you

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not necessarily. It's a it's a I mean, it's a blessing from Allah Subhan doesn't necessarily mean more or less love. It just is a blessing. So you take it, but if you're watching someone, let them finish. So they have the cup of water and they're taking a sip, right, let them finish what they're doing before you remind them Don't remind them in this debate, because at that point, here's the problem. If you remind them and whatever is in their mouth is just they have to spit it out if they remembered and they still saw

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Look, you can even invalidate their fasting, you can ruin their day, it'll be on you like you actually prize. So be careful. Let people especially if they're you know if you know that they're forgot the Forgotten

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unintended sexual pleasure. So if you have a *, if you during the day probably won't go into sleep after the hood woke up at Virgin, there's no problem at all. You don't have to do anything you do Western so you can pray but you're fasting is fine. And if it happens at night, and you wake up and you're fragile, this is one of the questions I had once I guess it's reasonable, but I can understand. They told they said oh, I had a dream I woke up for Sahara and

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then I hadn't met Ghosal is my fasting acceptable? Yeah, you can just make porcelain pray for God, you don't have to, like you don't have to. You can't. There's nothing to do with each other. So it's only intentional. And obviously supposed to have relations at night or in the liquid level. So yummy waffle Ilan, Isa Ecomondo, the best of luck on when to leave us alone. But during the day, if you have if you have an app, and you know, we're dreaming that that's fine, it does not invalidate your fasting, or intramuscular or subcutaneous

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medical injections that are not nourishing.

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So, subcutaneous, under the skin, or intramuscular injections are not nourishing, so like vitamin D 12. Antibiotics.

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for the most part, for the majority of people today. However, people who have diabetes have to be very careful and have to speak to their physician, maybe a week or two or three before Ramadan and ask whether they qualify to fat. So is it okay for them to fast, because if they don't, then they shouldn't, and we'll talk about what they should do instead. But I when I was a resident many years ago, not that long ago, but a few years ago, I neither during Ramadan at night, I would have all the old hedgies come in with DKA or with the low blood sugars, and she would go why because he's fasting I had gee, you don't have to fast and but they would do it anyways, and then do come in like a few

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weeks later with the same problem, it can be fatal, this is gonna kill you so so you have to watch out for that. But taking insulin on its own because not a nourishing drug does not necessarily invalidate your fast, it's just you have to be very careful in terms of, of regulating your sugar, so speak to your physician. And if you cannot fast if your physician says you know you'll need you can't fast because you have to continue to see have snacks throughout the day or water, then then we'll I'll show you show you what to do in a moment. But intramuscular or under the skin injection that are not nourishing don't break your fast, like a flu, a flu shot for example, right? That

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doesn't break your fast, right vaccines don't break your fast swallowing your own saliva. So swelling or saliva does not make your fast. Now if you even if you fill your mouse it with your own saliva, swallowing, it does not break your fast, but it is disgusting. So don't do it. Alright, but it doesn't break your fast like your fast is still fine. So even if you feel your mouth, your saliva to swallow it, it doesn't break your fast technically, but it's not. It's mcru is something that's undocumented Islamically. And it's disgusting. So please don't do it. And then And beware when it comes to any unintentional after ablution. So after we'll do it, for example you make will do and

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you have to do the metamodel you're allowed when you're fasting to do the model, where you take the water into your mouth and you swish it around, and then you spit it out. So and you don't have to actually be too OCD about it. Like you don't have to keep on No, just what would you do normally, when you're fasting, just do it. Normally, if anything is left in the mouth is fine. Like you don't have to go way over and beyond making sure that nothing is left in your mouth. Just don't overdo my mother. And don't make her do every hour because yeah, you get it so well that will dawn as soon as you only make will do it when needed and not to exaggerate the mother. And then don't You don't have

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to exaggerate to spinning it all out. But whatever's left is my fault. And who that is that is forgiven. Right? So these things don't invalidate your will do.

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You got it, you're fasting. So brushing your teeth, eating drinking unintentionally, unintended, unintended sexual pleasure of some sort, intermesh intramuscular, or under the skin injections that are not nourishing, swelling or saliva and whatever is left in your mouth after will do as long as you're not exaggerating the medulla and you're not trying to keep it at the end. Fasting is all about intentions. So you know what you're doing and why you're doing what you're doing. So just be careful. But Allah, Allah does not want you to go to do more than what you would normally do when it comes to making well don't just do it normally, whatever it drop here is there, that's fine. That's

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not a problem, okay? That don't invalidate your fasting. So number. So this issue of difference of opinion, here's where scholars don't all agree. All right, I'll give you my take on it inshallah. So these issues don't some scholars will say it invalidates your advancing Some scholars say it doesn't

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want to stay safe and stay away from them. If you have some medical condition that where you need and this is something that you can learn about. So when it comes to inhalers, now there's a difference of opinion I don't see it to be a problem at all. Especially if you have asthma or COPD, or some sort of some form of pulmonary problem, then you are welcome to, to to use your inhaler as needed throughout the day. So inhalers is but there are scholars who will again why am I saying is difference of opinion because I get if you look these things up or you're listening maybe to a to a scholar from a different method, you may find some people

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Ain't no this invalidates or, or the opposite. So and that's okay. Because there's there's no there's no consensus the stuff that I've shown you so far, there is consensus on what doesn't invalidate and what, what does. So there's almost no difference of opinion across the board here. We differ a little bit. So inhalers the difference, I think it's fine. I and eardrops. Also an issue of difference between I don't think is a problem either. I don't think it invalidates your your fasting, especially if you're using it for a medical reason. Obviously, if you're using it for someone for a recreational patient, then that's a whole different story. No, but if you have issues

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with your eyes, are you taking antibiotics into your ear, even if a drop ends up making its way when you consider that similar to what happens after we'll do because this is a medical need, and it's not nourishing? None of this is intended to be nourishment. So why isn't your drops, non nourishing IV infusions or injections. So the first two I think are don't invalidate your fasting. The second two I think they do. Again, there's difference of opinion, non nursing IV injections IV mean when they when they open an IV for you, let's say because antibiotics, you can get the antibiotics and get them intramuscularly. But you can also get them IV. Now once you get them IV,

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they're not nourishing per se, but they come in a solution that could be considered nourishing they they come in a solute they don't come in and small vial become a little bit bigger, and there's more fluid in that and anything goes into your veins basically fill up your vasculature. And that is what basically people that's what hydrate that's how hydration is defined medically, like when I define when we define hydration, medically, we're looking at the the how filled how full the vasculature is on the inside. So So non nourishing IV injections or IV

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like for example, certain types of antibiotics for example, chemotherapy, for example, even probably more

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appropriate for it for this session is people who have chronic kidney disease or an on dialysis where they have to go and was it this is obviously they shouldn't be fasting for a different reason. But let's say somehow that they want to do this. Once we open the IV, allow them this invalidates your fast anything that goes into the IV into your veins, allow them and validates your fast again there's this different difference of opinion so you will find scholars who will say No, as long as it's not nourishing they're okay with it. So, if this is for some reason important to you, because you have a condition of some sort, then you should look into this little bit more and make up your

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mind of how you want to deal with it.

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Keeping in mind obviously, that's a head taller than Nakajima to Allah Salah Mattila de and that the preservation of your health is prioritized over the wellness of your of your ritual. So So yeah, and then your health your health prior is prioritized over the ritual like your well being is more important so so you do what you need to do and then you kind of deal with the ritual in a different later suppositories, suppositories whether they are nourishing or not I believe I my my opinion on the matter is that they invalidate your fast regardless of whether the antibiotics or the Tylenol or whatever they are below the invalidate your fasting. There is difference in opinion on

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suppositories, so most people don't take suppositories regularly usually they're pretty sick and if they're sick enough to need one and they should probably break their fast because they're sick. But I see a lot of them that is depository of any sort will break your eyes. Some people have hemorrhoids so they take depositories for that

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it's a difference of opinion issue. I believe a lot of them suppositories of all so it goes the way I look at it anything that goes through the IV and I think that goes through goes into the into the * will will invalidate your face regardless will lock down yeah.

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So anything that is oral that goes down into the digestive system invalidates your fast across the board, like it doesn't there's no, there's no difference of opinion on this. No. So thanks for asking that. So so the example sometimes I have is someone

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with the example of not no water with it, though, like just a pill, you mean just a pill like a capsule? Okay, so I'm gonna get some some types of medications, specifically, psychiatric medications, or some type of

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antihypertensives or whatnot, that I get these questions about taking them. So usually the answer is just to take the medication before it's to hold and after for tour for the majority of medications that are twice a day or three times a day that works for the majority of these medications that that that works, you can you can get away with doing right before Fajr right after right after maghrib. Now if you can't for some reason, because cue six like every six hours, you need to take it right before hours. There's just no opinion in Islam that you can take something into your mouth and not not breaking might not break your fast like it just doesn't exist. It never has. It. It may at one

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point in the future when we talk about something at nine nourishing I doubt that they will because of the of the clarity of some of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam coats on this. So either they switch over to an intramuscular or to subcutaneous form of drug or they'll follow what I'll talk about in a moment in terms of people who have exemptions and people who have exemptions for fasting which actually matters quite a bit.

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But I'll come back to that in a moment. So circumstance that allow you to break your fast so number one illness

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So being ill allows you to break your fast if you are ill, whether you need, again, is the medical definition of illness, you need that one to be to be there. But most people are capable of kind of judging themselves, you have a fever, or you're in a lot of pain, or you're very nauseous or whatever, all this is fine, you can break your fast and you don't lose the end of that day of Ramadan. Remember, I was talking to you a moment ago that if you break your fast intentionally on the day of Ramadan, that module is gone, you'll never make up for that, again, you have to repeat the day of fasting and you make tau but Allah will forgive him that so but you lost that day. But if

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you do it with with a proper reason, there's a good circumstance, there's a good reason for it, there's an acceptable religious reason for you to break your fast so that you don't lose that agile. I just like it just held until you until you fast make up for that day of fasting later on after Ramadan. So you don't lose it, because you had a good reason for it. Right. So illness is one of them. And chronic illness is definitely one of them as well. And I'll talk about that when we talk about expectations if that's all right, that's why I'll give you I'll give you like a good breakdown of what to do with it. But illness is a is an acceptable excuse for you to break your fast on the

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day of Ramadan, traveling, traveling.

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So when it comes to the cost of enjoyment of Salah, so when it comes to prayer, I mean, combining them and shortening your prayers. This is one of the most this is one of the easiest, filthy aspects of Islam like extremely, extremely easy. So many Sahaba and so many scholars have, they're so flexible on the issue. So like I'm very, I'm very loose on on when it comes to the break into combining and shortening your periods on traveling, you asked me the question, doesn't matter how long you're traveling, I'll I don't see. Because it's not, it's an issue that has a lot of evidence of flexibility. It just does. When it comes to fasting during traveling, scholars tend to be a

00:26:43 --> 00:26:46

little bit more strict with it. And I kind of agree with that. So

00:26:47 --> 00:27:20

you're traveling, you're gonna break your fast because you're traveling should be the minimum distance should be the 82 kilometers that we use the 200 bill and the and the Shafia. Yeah, except so as to be at least that. And then if you're traveling, if you're continuously traveling, then you can you'll break your fast. But if you're traveling, let's say to another to Toronto, so that day of travel, you can break your fast, then depends on how you how long you stay there. It's I've been lucky. And I've been Okay, two, three and four days up something around that the Medicare A better, okay with a few more days and honey, we'll go beyond that. But I was I'd be very careful with these

00:27:20 --> 00:27:51

with these situations and maybe ask case by case if you're traveling for a long period of time, where you're going to be stuck in a specific area for a long time for a week or two weeks, and you're going traveling to Europe. So you break your fast on the day of travel, for example, if it's due date travels, whatever it is, but then you're there, how am I going to be there? Right? It's not recommended that you break your fasting in Ramadan too much, because very hard to make up for it i sisters who have like lots of days, it's very difficult. It's very difficult, it's very hard to make up days that you don't find someone. So try and try not to. But you do have the flexibility in terms

00:27:51 --> 00:28:19

of that. So if you're staying in a place three or four days, up to two weeks, sometimes you can still break the fast for that period if you're if you're traveling and you're in different country, but I do highly recommend against it. So if you're capable of fasting, then fast as much as you can and ask about these questions. Specifically, if you're going to be traveling for a long time during Ramadan, us, for sure the day of travel, whether you're on the way there and all the way back for sure you can break your fast there's no question it's about when you're stuck in that other spot that's not your home. Depending on how long you're there, you there is flexibility for you to break

00:28:19 --> 00:28:39

your fast but just be a little bit careful with that piece. Because not all scholars have like when it comes to Salah I need for months you can do customer Gemini if you're traveling somewhere. But when it comes to breaking fast of Ramadan, specifically, it's a little bit more tricky to try to be careful. I got a question once where he's a person. So I'm a trucker and a truck all the time. Like they're always trucking, like always. So what do I do? I'm like, well,

00:28:40 --> 00:29:17

technically speaking, for as long as you're trucking, you don't have to fast but you'll be stuck with what you know 200 days to make up for when you stop trucking in old age. I mean, maybe consider if this is your job to maybe not break your fast too often so that you have some days of Ramadan. But technically speaking, you could get away with not fasting and just doing a follow leader. But but it is these these tricky situations like for pilots and for people they should ask about like that topic by case by case type of approach. You allow them pregnancy and breastfeeding, a lady who was pregnant, or breastfeeding can break or fast but there's a little bit of a there's a caveat to

00:29:17 --> 00:29:53

that I'll talk about in a moment. But you're allowed is an excuse to break the fast and there's no harm in doing that. And then severe fatigue. This is why people don't know about too much. And I want to explain it to you just in case. So let's say this question I got when the Syrians emigrating to Europe and throw it to 2014 15 and 16 some of them went to the Scandinavian countries for some silly reason they went way up there. So and that was 2013 14 during those years Ramadan was like right in the middle of summer. It was really it was long days. So when I'm told me like the day is like literally 18 hours, and the sun doesn't seem to go down like he just stays and you go to bed.

00:29:53 --> 00:30:00

So what do I do when I'm working? I'm working in construction and then the sun I'm working construction or so what you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

do is you make the intention of fasting that day, right? You make an invention, you wake up for automatic investing. And then somewhere in the middle of the day, if you come to a point where the amount of fatigue is not tolerable, you can't stay, you're going to faint, you're going to harm yourself, physically, you can't function anymore, then you break your fast, and you'll make up for that day, later on. Right. Even if you do that every single day, throughout Ramadan, that's acceptable. However, you have to make the intention of fasting every single day, you can't say I'm going to be roofing in July during Ramadan in somewhere in the middle east. So I will not be able to

00:30:34 --> 00:30:57

fast I understand every day, you will wake up first of all, and you will make the intention of fasting and then you'll break based on need based a case based on need. And it's okay for that to be the case of severe fatigue, you can break your fast and then we'll talk about in a moment you make up for the day obviously later on in the in the in the winter, and then you pray you pick is best to pay a smartphone I'll point out in a moment Shall

00:30:58 --> 00:31:28

we don't have that problem here because we're now Ramadan is moving back into the winter areas. So this probably won't be a problem for the next 20 years. But once Ramadan comes back into August, or July, and if you're if the person is working outdoors in the middle of the sun, and they get really tired, they're starting to feel like they they're extremely dehydrated, they can break their fast. And if that happens every day in Ramadan, no problem if 30 days you fast no day because of the fact that you have to break your fast under fatigue, that's fine, but you have to make for it later. Now, this is something between you and Allah subhanaw taala as all aspects of fasting are, everything

00:31:28 --> 00:31:47

about fasting is very specific between you and Allah subhanho wa taala. So you can't bring people into this, like if you break your fantasy, like I was severely fatigue, I broke my fast, I can't come and judge that you weren't, it's not my job or something. But you knew and Allah subhanaw taala. So you have to make that judgment, we just give you the route that the basic ruling, and then you have to figure out what actually works for you what doesn't.

00:31:48 --> 00:32:05

So any day that you miss in Ramadan must be made up prior to the Ramadan that comes afterwards. Okay? The sisters are the struggle with this the most, because the only remember to make up those days, literally exactly the number of days right before Ramadan, and then it becomes a

00:32:07 --> 00:32:32

gold rush. They can't, they can't they can't get it done. So you have to make it up. If you don't, then you do owe a foul. And I'll talk about that in a moment. This is the general rule there is some meaning there is sin in not making up for the day that you missed in terms of fasting. Before the next Ramadan, there is sin and not doing it, meaning you have to make up for it still, obviously, and there is like a follow that you have to pay. But you also have to perform Toba because there's a sin bite by by doing that.

00:32:35 --> 00:32:39

So generally speaking, make sure that you always make up Yes.

00:32:43 --> 00:32:46

So, so the eighth I think we talked about puberty here.

00:32:47 --> 00:33:26

They talked about this year. But I feel like we did not talk about this. Well, I'm not talking about it. Not I mean, I talked about it a little bit, I think I talked about a little bit, but that's why I'll talk about I think that's fine. All right. So the age of where fasting is absolutely obligatory is blue when they when they hit puberty. Now, it's best that the children start to train themselves in fasting as early as they can be aware and be very careful with how early you start getting your kids to fast, especially if they are you know, not all kids have the same physical capacity, nor do they have the same amount of mental capacity or even self control. So don't force kids who are too

00:33:26 --> 00:33:52

young to fast for you, you can fast you should probably fast everyday if you're if you're capable of so that you're ready so that when you start because if you don't fast at all, until you hit puberty, then that first year is going to be very difficult for you. So you want to start as early as possible. But before that they're not necessarily held accountable. So be careful in terms of how you educate your children, how you encourage your children to fast. Once you if they have that capacity, make sure that they're you know, they're fasting as much as possible.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:12

And it out to be they use the word blue, blue is reaching maturity, but never reached. Right. So it's a word that's used to describe maturity. Maturity can be mental, it can be physical, it can be social, it can be financial, there's all these differences of maturity back in the day, people used to achieve all types of maturity at once.

00:34:13 --> 00:34:45

They would hit the physical maturity with the with the social and financial, my grandfather got married, he was 13 years old. He was physically mature. He was he had a job and he had he was socially mature and financially mature. And my grandmother was 14, they had 10 Kids very happy. And you know, we're here from them. So it's not, it's not like that anymore. Kids. People still mature physically at 1314. But then they mature financially mentally at 35 or something or maybe less than that. But so it's much later so it's not the same thing. So when you talk about maturity, well oh Allah when it comes to fasting and just my opinion on the matter, I gave you the general answer so

00:34:45 --> 00:35:00

that I'm not lying to you but misguiding you my opinion on the matter is that you start fasting when you have the maturity that is required for fasting to work. What's the maturity that is required in fasting there is the physical maturity and the self control. So once they have that they should start fast.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:30

Testing, which usually is around 10 years old, nine, 910 years old. Some kids can do it way earlier, some people will do a little bit later, as a parent be the judge of that do not make your children hate fasting and don't be too leaning to the point where by the time they shouldn't be fasting, they're still not fasting appropriately. Just have that wisdom and ask if you need help, and the others who will may have done this before you explanation can FARA right? This is important to knowing what the cause there are two types of FARA, when we're talking about major explanation, it should say major there, but I forgot to do that. It's a follow up it is a major expansion. So a

00:35:30 --> 00:35:36

major explanation is needed if you break your fast intentionally due to sexual *.

00:35:38 --> 00:36:14

If you have relation with your wife, now, if you reach an * outside of that doesn't apply here. Most scholars say no. Most scholars do some say yes, I've had situations where people, you know, broke their fast through doing something of the sort. They weren't married. And they decided to take the expedition on themselves. And they actually went through 60 days of fasting to make up for it. But we there's there's there's across the board agree of opinion that full agreement and consensus that if you break your fast due to relation with your wife during the day of Ramadan, then you you owe a major exploitation. If you break your fines due to eating and drinking intentionally in today,

00:36:14 --> 00:36:49

Ramadan, there are some differences of opinion. Not all of them are that I'd say that you owe a major exploitation. Some of them do. Some of them don't, I think it applies because eating and drinking is probably higher on the priority list when it comes to what you're holding off to off away from fasting. So if you're gonna give the explanation for his *, then probably eating and drinking, it makes more sense. But there is difference of opinion just so that I don't you know, lie to you. It matters because the major explanation is it's painful. So what are they? So it's freeing a slave, which we don't have today. So you have to move on to the next one is it you have to

00:36:49 --> 00:36:58

go through this in sequence? For Dario raka Melanesian? Firstly, yeah, I'm not sure how are you able to tell behind you fast 60 days in a row,

00:36:59 --> 00:37:38

right 60 days in a row. Now if you if you lose a day, then you have to their opinions there. So we'll talk offline if someone has this problem, but it's generally unable to die behind. If you can't do that, then pharmacy Tina Myskina you have to feed 60 miskeen. Today, I need roughly a meal is like around $20 It's not 10 anymore, not even the garbage, McDonald's will give you a $10 meal anymore. So it's 2020 times 60, that's $1,200 that will hurt your pocket. That's painful. $1,200 not not a small amount, 2 million people don't have that lying around anymore. So so be careful when it comes to breaking or fast intentionally whether by eating or drinking, for sure by by relations,

00:37:38 --> 00:38:12

you're going to win 100% Oh, that money or you have to pay too fast 60 days, if you do it by eating and drinking, there's some difference of opinion, I tend to be a bit more conservative when it comes to the obligatory actions of Islam. Because it makes more sense you want to be safe when it comes to your child. Because Allah subhanaw taala when it comes to the elderly, the way that it's judged is much more rigid and strict. Other stuff were much more open. So just be careful with that. So that's what is required. If you break your fast intentionally, either through * or through eating and drinking with a majority of scholars, then you owe either being a slave or fasting 60

00:38:12 --> 00:38:21

consecutive days or feeding 60 People adds up to around 1200 bucks, minor explanation, which is feeding one miskeen per day.

00:38:22 --> 00:38:34

Right? So feeding one miskeen per day you you owe you owe, that's when you end up owing the matrix. That's what the matrix patient is. What are you there on 20 bucks right per day. So who owe these things,

00:38:36 --> 00:39:06

terminally ill, those who are terminally ill, someone who has an illness that won't go away someone who has a chronic kidney disease always on dialysis, someone who has diabetes, it's never going to get better. Someone who has a disease that won't go away so much are they so the example that you brought up is like if someone is taking has to take pills every day, every four or five hours by mouth. So these people actually see it, even if you're young, you're young and healthy, they're seen as terminally ill because of the requirements of this medication. And what they do is, is that they just they just pay the minor expedition for every day of Ramadan, they don't fast.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:47

So 20 times 30 is 600 bucks. So it's much more money for the whole month. That's for the whole month. So if you can't fast, and that is what you should do. If you have an elderly parent parent, if you have an elder who's ill then to do that for the elderly is also a reason for it. So l the elderly if you're over a certain age and Islam if you're under a certain age, you don't have to you don't have to fast if you're older. So there's actually whereas there's geriatric and the standard geriatric something for you to look into is actually geriatric, fifth minute Nyssa Illa de la don't do any Curhan for a Sally Hina Jeanette Han and Yolanda theorbo. novella Motability Jatin Buzina.

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

Elderly women don't even if they don't have to wear their hijab on their heads anymore. elderly individuals and it's not they don't have to fast they just pay explanation for each day. Some scholars say that the children are responsible to paying for it

00:40:00 --> 00:40:07

If they don't have the money, like some scholars are I agree with that opinion very heavily if they can't fit because you're elderly, people who are old.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:37

Obviously, dementia is more of a terminally ill terminal terminal illness, but even just being old and frail. Now there is no, it's a subjective decision. So it's not based, there's no numbers specifically, it's kind of left to it again, like fasting, fasting is a lot, a lot of things are just your intention and what you how you judge it. So being elderly gives you the option not to fast, especially if you're not, if the person was old, it feels like they can't do it anymore, then they have a way out, they can just pay for each day. 600 bucks for the whole month, and then they're off the hook. They don't have to make up for any of it.

00:40:39 --> 00:41:09

Those who postpone making up for missing days, right? So if you, especially for the sister specifically, so you know what to do. So let's say you meet Jani last year. You're pregnant? Yeah, children. So you didn't some ladies actually can't don't fast. Any of Ramadan NIFA. They have their child's right to put them on. And that's 40 days, they don't find today. And they're not allowed to because none of us now they are all three days. So they try to make up for it before Ramadan. But then they can't they end up making up for 20 days or whatever. And they have some days or leftover after Ramadan. So first of all,

00:41:11 --> 00:41:43

you have to repent from that requires Toba. I'm just being very specific here. And you ate you owe for each day that you didn't fast before that for the next Ramadan expedition. So let's say you had 10 days that you didn't make up for it and no one wanted an external on came then you owe 1020 times 10 is 200 bucks. Now let's say those 10 days you don't make up for even after the next Ramadan. You owe another 10 Didn't know you don't it's one time. So one time where else is impossible. When sister came and said i i have like days from from 1994 that I haven't I haven't fasted, do I?

00:41:44 --> 00:41:59

Your husband? I couldn't metabo and Yeah, and if you do the calculation, that's 1000s of dollars. No, it's a one time x minor explanation that you pay for that day. But you still owe the day. You still owe that day as a as a you still owe the day. You have to you have to make up for it.

00:42:00 --> 00:42:14

I'm differentiating between when you have to owe it you still owe the date for someone who wants to get it who's not ill who's not elderly. The next Ramadan came they didn't make up for it yet. The pay explanation is still Oh, making up for that day. All right, terminally ill and elderly, they don't have to. But

00:42:16 --> 00:42:24

hold on. So breastfeeding and pregnancy breastfeeding, let me say this. So pregnant breastfeeding. So you have the exemption

00:42:25 --> 00:43:01

of actually the ladies here, you guys aren't gonna be pregnant or breastfeeding anytime soon. But for the sisters, so you're allowed if you're pregnant, or you're breastfeeding to, to break your fast for as long as you like in Ramadan. But the moment you do it, even if you make up for it before the next Ramadan, you still owe an explanation for that. Right? Even if you're gonna make up for it before the next Ramadan, just by the fact that it's for hire for sorry, for Hamid, whereby for pregnancy and breastfeeding, you still owe the expectation just by nature. So if you know that, well, I am I'm new, I have a an infant, or is a four month old baby or something that I can fast,

00:43:01 --> 00:43:30

but I'm breastfeeding, I don't want to fast, then you can make it you can say I'm not going too fast because of that you have the right to do that. But what I would what I would do is I would pay the expedition upfront, just pay it right then and there. So you don't forget and then make up for it as you go along. So the question here is a funny question. Well, what if I you pay for the expedition, and then you don't make up for it before next Ramadan, you would Oh, another one, you would or took a photo here when initially for the for the breastfeeding, because that just comes with it and you don't have to pay it. The husband pays it by the way, you don't have to pay it. It's not out of your

00:43:30 --> 00:44:10

pocket out of his pocket. So do it, do it. Let them pay. Yeah, but then if you don't make up for it before the next Ramadan, then you owe from your own wealth for that because you didn't do it before the next Ramadan, but the man has to actually pay the Kufa for his wife who is going to do it for pregnancy or breastfeeding, it's on him out of his mouth. So those are the four examples that we have in terms of a minor explanation. If you have parents who are terminally ill, or elderly, they don't have to fast and will lie It's best if they don't. Now, if you are someone who has like I have a friend who has something called FMT, Mediterranean Fever, so a type of disease where this person

00:44:10 --> 00:44:43

cannot be dehydrated throughout the day at all they get they get very, very sick. So lack of an enzyme, they end up getting extremely ill. So they have to continue to drink water all day long, or have some parenteral nourishment, so they can't fast. So what do they do? They pay explanation, and they don't fast. But what you should what you're required to do. Islamically when you're in that situation, is that you don't openly eat all day long in front of people. No, you just take in whatever is needed. And you do that outside of the sight of people. And you even when it's time for Iftar you go when you have your meal with your family. So so someone who's old, right, and they

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

they're used to fasting and fasting for 60 years, and now they can't fast anymore because they have to take all this medication and the doctor told them that if you fast you'll die and we don't want them to die. So they're not going to fast. So what they do is they take in whatever it is that they need to survive. They don't take any more and they and they have their photo with the family.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:30

And when you see your paid explanation, so there's still an addendum of when you're not able to fast and how to behave around people who are fasting. And that's why it's so important. So if you can't fast, it doesn't mean that you know, we see you at Korres in the morning having a breakfast and no, you can't find so you take in whatever is absolutely necessary to keep you going. And then you break you have your meal with your family at the end of the day. So you don't take this as a okay, I can just go and do whatever I want. No. So that's in terms of minor explanation. Yes.

00:45:37 --> 00:45:51

Very good. So they pay the explanation from your tariqa from your inheritance. Yeah, so if someone passes away and we know that they owe a certain number of days and we actually pay from their atellica explanation for those days

00:45:53 --> 00:46:28

are you allowed to fast on people's behalf? That's like a that's a big one people differ on that heavily Islamically the majority opinion is no see, I'm on Salah when the two things below it and from the majority opinion of scholars that you can't make up for someone else. Hygiene, for example is something that you can do for someone else, but I don't see them so definitely know me the overwhelming majority say you know there's a few scholars here and there but it's an overwhelming it's almost a Jamar when it comes to fasting the vast majority say no like there's maybe a few companions here and there but they don't there's not enough but we would take their out of their out

00:46:28 --> 00:46:42

of their dedicate you have to know those things though. So someone has to put that in there you know, the it's hard to know these things unless you're a close friend and they said something funny guy, but you know, and they don't have to they shouldn't put in their will. They should just pay it throughout their lives. Like there's no point to putting in your will just just pay it throughout your life.

00:46:44 --> 00:47:21

All right. So here's some sunnah fasting, here's a Sunday I could do what you should what we should do from a student perspective. So make sure your code is late and daily, and make sure your photo is obviously daily, but make sure that it's early. And this is one of the aspects of understanding the concept of benign Islam. This is where the Prophet alayhi salam explained what he meant. Don't don't you're fasting from from sunrise to sunset, don't fast any longer out of you know, extra piety or something you know, he does fast exactly from sun rise to sunset not a second longer, because it will I feel good, I'm all strong, I'm gonna actually have fluid now really not in a minute and just

00:47:21 --> 00:47:54

just make her as late as possible. And the moment Allahu Akbar from firmographic Eat. Now, this is not saying that we should some people actually leave read these things and think that he means eat a lot. No, no, he's just talking about the timing that don't out of a miss and a misguided understanding of piety. think that having an early sufferer and starting earlier or having a late football starting later, is somehow more pious or more beloved to unlock it is you make a late surge and an early for tour. But again the Sunday here is not to

00:47:55 --> 00:48:19

you it is not to overeat I don't I didn't put up there so that you don't because people wouldn't come if I put that up. But don't don't over eat Ramadan is the only time where you're not supposed to over eat. I tried to actually lessen the amount of intake let your stomach actually shrink a bit. It's good it's healthier for you and it's better if you do so maybe eat less first quarter so Oh, there's Baraka in Soho. There's a hello Vanessa holy Baraka is about like having

00:48:21 --> 00:48:59

a few days some milk some water. Well, I've seen people Michelle Leone, when it comes to the hood. It's something to watch on your watch people Michelle Leone, everyone in the house is very is extremely, extremely busy and preoccupied with making a meal that Jonnie masala and then they eat they eat, people actually like have a full full so what is not designed for that you take doesn't matter how much water you drink soda by the way, it doesn't matter it's gonna end up going to the bathroom more often throughout the day doesn't make a difference just taken a normal amount maybe around roughly half a liter to a liter right and then photo do the same. Anything more is just

00:48:59 --> 00:49:32

you're just filling your bladder more frequently and going to the bathroom more frequently it's not it's not going to take away the dehydration or the lack or the need for water. Don't eat things out so horrors that are extremely savory don't eat a lot of Malahat photo don't eat things are going to cause you if you eat a lot that has salt in it or sugar you need water with that like the body in order for it to smell ever heard of osmosis you need when you put in a lot of salt or sugar it has the in order for the body not to explode or implode, you need the cells need to bring in water with with that with whatever with the salts or the or the proteins that they take in. So if you eat too

00:49:32 --> 00:49:52

much, you have to drink an equivalent amount. So the more you eat, the more you have to drink right so just be very careful what you eat and what you actually intake. So the less intake the better for you. But make it something simple. So what are the Prophet Allah Islam do So breaking your fast or doing the whole with moist dates? What is called Rajab. That's the Sunnah if you can't do more states do better which is the

00:49:53 --> 00:50:00

dry days and if you have neither than break your fast on water, right? That's that's the Sunnah of the Prophet Aliso

00:50:00 --> 00:50:07

Want to know if you do something else or super something's fine but if you want the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam have a lot of one Bucha either one or three or five

00:50:08 --> 00:50:39

or 13 or 25 or whatever want to do have that and then if you don't have a lot of then maybe regular Temodal more dry and if you don't have that then then break your fast on a sip of water second after that make dua there is a heavy sunnah to make dua right before you make break your fast right after you break your fast doesn't matter something people like to just differ upon it's no big deal just just around your time of making a saw any any end in the future he there our turn to road right when we saw him when you make breaches faster less downtime it gives them a unpredictable

00:50:41 --> 00:50:46

so make make draw remember to do that and then fast from sin when you fast make sure your fight yes

00:50:50 --> 00:50:51


00:50:56 --> 00:51:20

yeah so break your fast right at the end that's what I mean. Like have the water or the date right at the event and then go pray Well, let me come back and have your meal but don't wait until after Salah no break your fast right away. Right so some people do have your sip of water or your date before you go and you pray just like looking good question. Good question. So fast from sin. Jani. It makes it absolutely makes no sense for you to be fasting from eating and drinking a lot of things from your relationship.

00:51:21 --> 00:51:56

And then you're staring at haram listening to haram saying haram thinking about how am I am? It's just It's absolutely ridiculous. So just be very careful. In order for fightstick to work, I need you. He says at least I'm Melania Dakota Zuhdi. Well, I'm gonna be here ladies and gentlemen, any other outdoor anima who worship Baba, Allah subhanaw taala has no need for you to stop eating and drinking. If you're going to continue to say Zulu. Say it's a lie and live by lies like say it and give false testimony and live by false testimony. There is no need for you to no point you know, you didn't understand this if you don't if he is subhanaw taala saying here's the line for haram. You're

00:51:56 --> 00:52:16

here in Allah and here's haram he picks up that line. He puts it over here because now that what was that is now haram, you have to stand over there. So you're twice as far away from him than you were before. It doesn't make any sense. So just be very careful when it comes to you know when it comes to this to this issue. Did you did you build something? You built something? You did? Oh, awesome. Okay. Yeah, it will be we can do it. We'll do it.

00:52:17 --> 00:52:22

It's okay. No, we can do it. The kids will enjoy it. This is actually the only time I think it can you just move on to the next one.

00:52:24 --> 00:52:53

All right, so tell me a second metabolize quickly. The value of therapy revolves around the amount of Quran being recited so you want to attend it has a hitman in it where the whole Quran has been recited at least once, at least once. No less than once. This is ridiculous. People talk about I want to pray like the Prophet alayhi salam says I'm gonna do eight but I do like the Prophet it is from Allah Rossi. We will start at eight o'clock and finish at 230 in the morning. And that wouldn't even be as lately he did it in Ramadan Allah salatu salam no problem during the Prophet I am ready we can do it from eight to three every night. That's how we did it. It's not about number number

00:52:53 --> 00:53:27

don't matter he did he did delivered he did 13 Jonnie if you anyone who has a problem with numbers in total we did not study because he Molokhia will keep up to 46 in the chapter 20 In the NFL, a dozen numbers never mattered in this whole issue. It's about the huddle, the presence of your heart. It's about the amount of Quran being recited what your focus, so do it make sure you do thorough research if you're young, come stand open the Quran, listen to the Imam stay until the Imam is done. There's a lot of value in staying until the Imam is done. No. It used to be one of the hallmarks of any file if someone left before the man was done. It doesn't apply anymore. People need to get up in

00:53:27 --> 00:53:56

the morning to have jobs. It's not I'm not saying that's the issue anymore, but it was a big deal. So you want the full stay until the Imam is finished their prayer email may stick around for an hour we're doing something else. But if they've done their prayer, stay until they're done there. There's a lot of pleasure in doing that. Especially if you're young. Make sure that you get used to it you're not going to do it now when if you don't stand up and throw away and hold the car what are you gonna do it when you're old? You can't do it when you're old Subhanallah people are capable of standing in line for hours to get their driver's license and hope gardens and when the hosts people

00:53:56 --> 00:54:23

you'll see the guy jumping up and down and duck guy and then when it comes to throw he needs three chairs and is suddenly like oh my knees hurt me My back hurts me and my neck hurt everything hurts when it's sightline persona. So you may be in Ramadan is your opportunity to attend with the congregation there's a baraka and noon and a lot of Ramadan. There is nothing that's even remotely similar to it. If you're missing out, I don't know what else you're hoping for. And it is. So make sure that you attend something that's ultimate whether you do it at home or do it in congregation, it's all good. There's evidence for both I tend to

00:54:24 --> 00:54:32

encourage people doing it in congregation because it's just very meaningful when you pray with with your Gemma it strengthens those social

00:54:33 --> 00:54:59

relationships I find it to be very very beautiful. So just focus on really what what the point of Tarot is which was which is the the time that you spend the Quran that's being recited and the presence of your heart and we tried to make it as enjoyable as possible. Inshallah here we do a summary of that for you beforehand. We talked about specific versus we have different emotions, different voices, so you have two different tastes, and it's called can we have that away from Tawi Tawi comes from raw raw highs rest that we I mean time

00:55:00 --> 00:55:30

Rest. So you see, when I, if you stand behind me and Salah and I say Allahu Akbar, that's it, your mind, your mind, you can't move until I said, I'm not gonna plot, you're stuck with me. Even if I say for an hour, you can be boiling, you have to stand until I am done. That's how this works. So because that's not helpful for people during Ramadan, when they're tired, they came up with the idea of total rehab, where they would make the character a little bit shorter, so that if you got tired, you would hideaway out, someone just said, I'm gonna drop a block, you're done. So if you don't want to stand immediately and pray the next day, like I want to go to the bathroom, we want to rest for a

00:55:30 --> 00:56:03

second, you have that option. Now the sooner for us as people who are leading is we finished the cinematic unfinished, we stand up we go on immediately. This disclaimer is not for us people who are leading. That's not all we ever do. So it's for you so that you can take a moment. So my advice to you is if you're not used to praying all of them because they're too long take off, too. Like I said, We'd along with the Imam sitting down don't pray, don't pray that like and then pray that when after but try to stay till the end, an hour and 15 minutes an hour and a half is not a lot. Well, that's not a long time. It really isn't. It really isn't

00:56:04 --> 00:56:38

a huge amount. It's Ramadan. It's not a long time to I know people, we all have jobs too. It's tiring. And sometimes I am doing this phone call sometimes I'm up until the next day just pray. We're all here we have to come in the morning jobs, just do it you will always regret that not doing it after somebody will always regret it. I'll go back and wish that you pushed yourself a little bit more you get tired, pray sitting down, pray sitting down, no problem doesn't you don't need a reason. For tomorrow yeah, you don't need a reason you can just sit down because you're you don't want to sit down there's no reason and you still get a job. So use these exemptions and these

00:56:38 --> 00:56:59

concepts and if you take two rock off or sit down go ahead and do that try to stay until the dawn of winter and end your night with the end with with the congregation there's a lot of agile and doing that and when we do the HashMap even if you don't attend the whole thing or you're not there you get the ionic stay or you pray you get the idea of the full hokhmah or the citation of the whole Quran because even if you don't do your order citation on your own

00:57:00 --> 00:57:29

All right, it got to the filter in April and with that inshallah Tada and then you can do the Kahoot after so long does that okay, we'll do that for someone shorter. So the kids want to actually see if they learned anything today they can they can do a who doctor so after they show and show love to Sheffield United is called sequential. So so take away 15 That's wrong that was from last year. It's now with it with the inflation and the good efforts of all Trudeau is now $20 and rising so 12 $20 per person is is needed to be to be given out

00:57:31 --> 00:57:40

before solidarity and aid you owe it before sorority aid now there are scholarly opinions that allow you to give it out the first day of Ramadan

00:57:41 --> 00:58:03

there's scholarly opinions allow you to do it that early and opinions that allow you a week before a few days before I tend to opinion I think is most reasonable is a week before a week before eight to give out your as a content filter. So it has enough time to make so it can make it to the people who are in need of if you do it the day before. You don't know if it's actually making it to people who are in need of it. Now there is an ongoing

00:58:09 --> 00:58:46

graph that people enjoy to engage in when it comes to Can I give the guy to filter money, but do I have to do so I'm in Berlin Elsa Anisha Euro Simon tomorrow, there's this long going any differences or controversy you can give it out and it's not it's not a big deal. I don't know why this is always comes up every year and becomes a big deal it's really not that big of a deal you can give out to yours like I can feel as wealth and money there's a full madhhab that agrees with that kind of fear and other muda have within them they have that opinion as a less prominent but an acceptable one. If you have access to getting it out as food, then that's that's great. You can go ahead and do that

00:58:46 --> 00:59:22

most people don't have access to do that like they're not in a position where they can so just give it out as well and it's fine. The man the breadwinner of the family which is the man in this case is responsible to giving second to the fifth vote for for himself and all those whom he is financially responsible for those whom you're financially responsible for you have to pay a car for so if you're financially responsible for your parents or your siblings that you have to pay the guidance builder for them. So as a as myself, I paid for myself for my wife for my children. And if my wife is pregnant over 120 days then for the fetus in her in her womb less than 120 days there's some

00:59:22 --> 00:59:56

difference of opinion most scholars are okay with you not paying it but if it's more than four months me the RA is already in its then you Oh yeah, I got that filter, preferably a week before before Ramadan. Before ah Forgive me, a parent highly recommended to go to prayer is considered a funky face I can consider the Sunnah and consider the foreign key fire meaning it's an obligatory action that at least some of us should do but everyone should do the Prophet Allah is on the Sunnah was that we would do it outdoors people will go out there the wives the children, they will take out their horses and their camels and their animals like was Oh family expedition go out and pray eat

00:59:56 --> 01:00:00

out and outdoors was one eight. It's really ridiculous sometimes predict

01:00:00 --> 01:00:30

was to me sometimes how many reason end up running in the city you don't need 50 aids you need me one, maybe two, maybe three times. If you want people to get the whole point of eight is the congregation coming together and the salah and the edge of that Salah. So try to try to plan that out. We will never have eight in this Masjid ever so don't ask the question why community should have one pair if possible, I'll end with that inshallah Tada after the after Salah will run a Kahoot and then I'll be around for some q&a If you want put your hands up. Otherwise inshallah and it will just end tomorrow we will talk about

01:00:31 --> 01:00:35

another aspect of Ramadan, a spiritual aspect. We're gonna please come and bring your kids for that as well. So Michael Gandhi, Shola.

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