Abdulbary Yahya – Ramadan Fiqh Part 1

Abdulbary Yahya
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sub sub Remi attea Allah

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and Allah subhana wa as you do one the least of which is between 10 and 700. So that's why not everyone does a deed to get the same amount of reward.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala magnifies it based on the person's sincerity, sometimes circumstances and situations, because sometimes it's more difficult for a person to do a deed than another person and they're struggling mightily to try to do somethings and others it may be easier for them. So Allah subhanaw taala gives to whomever he wills however much he wills well

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that which is unknown, which means it's exclusive. Now like the other deeds, that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not set an amount. You know, some people when you do something, you know that your bonus is going to be this much if you do this one, you'll get this much. If you work just regular, you get this much. If you work that much, you get that much, or the maximum you'll get is this, but not with fasting the prophets Allah Allah has some said, Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, And when in the Hadith that the Prophet Salla lamb says, Allah has sets what do we call that hadith?

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And Hadith, you could say very good. Mashallah, may Allah increase all of your knowledge? He says, endlessly am Allah says, except for fasting Kulu I'm living Adela and Carlo Azerbaijan Hill Assyria for a new holy

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war and I GCB because it's solely mine. And I will be the one who will fully reward it. In the hotel raka Xiao Hua Hua karma who was Sharapova whom in agilely? Because he has abandoned his desires, his food and his drink, for my sake. So when the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says,

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Indeed, Allah says, fasting is his, why is this?

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The case is an act that is internal, in terms of as continuous. So you're fasting, not just for a few moments, but you're fasting for a whole day.

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And during that day, there are times in which you are alone.

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And there are times in which you are with people.

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When you are alone, no one, no one know.

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When you eat, and if you eat or drink, even when you're making wudu.

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And you put water in your mouth, give you a very thirsty.

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If you're very thirsty, what do you do?

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What can you do, you can swallow the water and nobody will know. Even if someone's watching you, they will know to swallow some of that water. And if you rent your mouth three times, you're trying to tell your son to pass that he doesn't want to fast when he's making we'll do are you going to stop making wudu

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and he can drink and nobody will know.

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We just

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even if it's

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why don't we do it? Because even if nobody knows, you know that the fast to make up that day, you can lie to the people

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this far I mean Komaba

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home youngsters,

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for those who are able to for those who are able to get married, that didn't do so, for him yesterday

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and he was not able to do so, Friday he was so then it may be fast a lot

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to know a little low wages, because it is a protection for him.

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It helps him to lower his gaze and it will help to protect his private part. How does it do that? How does it help you to lower your gaze? When a person fasts correctly?

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The purpose of the fast is to help you attain Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, you know, Koulibaly Mercia, gamma Houthi by either Latina men publico law

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are you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you, just like it was prescribed upon those before you so that you may have

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Alcohol, what is the what is God consciousness. So the purpose of the fast is not so that you go hungry and thirsty.

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It is so that you become aware. And you put yourself in a in, in a state where you're aware and conscious of Allah. So that so you stay away from the disobedience of Allah. When you're fasting,

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it helps you to be conscious of Allah. So when you are put in a situation where you're thinking of disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, someone who's fasting all the time,

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someone who's fasting all the time, and often they're all that water because Allah knows. So right now bear with me.

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I'm not going to I can't have anyone. So you put yourself in a state where you remember a long way. And that's why the more you remember ALLAH, the easier it is for you to stay away from sins. Well, they miss collaterally they correct and

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punished my prayer. For the for the remembrance when you remember Allah all the time it helps you to stay away from me.

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I'll fascia you will mukha

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indeed, prayers prevent a person from evil in lieu actions and bad actions and sins. In other words, because you're remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala often, and so fasting, the fasting helps you to be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala helps you to abstain from that which is haram. And because it's a continuous thing, Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards you tremendously without any limit, without any limit Dyneema UEFA sabe Runa ADRA home BYOD high SAT Allah who will reward those who are patient

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and he will give them the reward Allah subhanho wa Taala will fulfill the reward and will will give in full measure the reward of those who fast without haste app without any limit and without

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any specific limits. So what does that mean?

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That means a day of fasting.

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Just one day of fasting can save you from the hellfire. A day of fasting can raise your status to the highest level and Paradise. And anyone who fasts, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give him so much reward that day of judgment, He will be surprised and you will be so happy

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when he sees the actual reward and when he realizes how great it is that he will be happy you know when the prophets of Allah Allah he was suddenly said when he saw me Farhan here fro whom

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Alyssa in for heighten

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here for whom

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a person was fasting we have two moments of joy

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when you're breaking your fast, you're happy it's a joyous moment

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but also either after a fairly heavy fell three way the allottee or a boho terracotta Anna fairly heavy so me he's happy as fast why? Because he's surprised of how much he gets because he's getting more than what he expected.

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Can you get the battery

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behind the Nanos behind the monitor

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so imagine

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so I want you guys to imagine right now no loss of Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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on the Day of Judgment is giving you the reward for every single day. So you see the reward of your sadaqa, your prayer, your hedge, and so forth. So rewards good deed. And then you are expected.

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Here expecting the reward to be a certain amount. So let's say you're working and your normal salary. Let's say you know that your your check is normally $1,000 $1,000 around $1,000 every every week, right

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If you get a check for $1,000, all of a sudden you did something illegal. Let's say you did something else, a little bit different than what you normally do. It's not harder. But then you get the check, and you're expecting how much like you know about $1,000, then all of a sudden,

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the person who was hiring you to do something, he says, oh, you know, you did this was really good job that you did, I'll give you $10,000. When You're Expecting $1,000,

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and you get 1000. Now, you'd be happy. Some of

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you will say, wow, you're like, so happy, because you were expecting something less than that. But then what you got was so much that it was unexpected. And not only wasn't an unexpected, it was such a big surprise for you, that you got so much more than what you even felt that you deserved. So how does that make you feel?

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How does that make you feel?

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Extremely, this is specifically for fasting. Because, of course, when you see the reward of your prayer and everything, everybody

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there, you're going to be happy, right? Everyone is happy. But why did the prophets have a lot, so I'm saying

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that, specifically, you're going to be happy with your fasting, because it's going to be so much more, that you're gonna you're expecting maybe $1,000 And you're getting $100,000. If you have a law, this is more than what I expected. This is what I get throughout the whole year, and I'm getting that much. And so it makes you happy. So the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when he saw me Farhat, and yeah, for whom a person was fasting has two moments of joy.

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The moment when he breaks his fast, he's happy.

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You're so hungry, and tired and thirsty. And then when you drink Hamdulillah, you're thankful to Allah for some of the things that you take

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every day. And then but on the day of judgment, is after a fairly heavy fat free will either love the robber who terracotta Allah, very heavy, so that he is going to be surprised and extremely happy, because of the great reward of his fast. And so fasting

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is something that's very unique, and unique in that the reward is unlimited.

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Or the reward will be so much. It's not just hey,

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the most I'm expecting to get as this, if I get this one, I would be extremely happy.

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But if you're fast, is sincere, done correctly.

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The happiness that you get the joy that you have.

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Not only do you have the joy of Ramadan and the festive mood, when you're coming together to break fast with each other, your families come together. It's a very, very joyous occasion. And on the Day of Judgment, when the reward is distributed, the reward of fasting is one that will make you extremely happy

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when that will surprise you.

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When that has no limit, because fast patience, and one who is patient, the reward for those who are patient, unlimited. Allah does not set a limit in the milieu of Asahi Runa DiRocco, the lady ASAP and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Leslie, I'm in the holy

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except for fasting because it's solely my one agency. And I will be the one who will reward it. Because he leaves his desires

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has fast food in his drinks, for the sake of Allah. So what does that mean?

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If you want to be happy with your fast, you do it because Allah told you to do it.

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You do it for the sake of Allah.

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Because he says in Hatanaka Shaohua toto ima who was horrible, menagerie man

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with Agile Allah subhanho wa Taala mean agilely Allah says, For my sake.

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And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to prolong our life so that we can worship Him during the month of Ramadan and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to increase us and prolong our life in His obedience. We ask Allah subhana wa to give us the

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As to this world in the Hereafter we're SallAllahu ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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will continue with this this is the beginning Shall we continue some more with the virtues of fasting and some of the rulings that will come afterwards

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