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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves deeper into the topic of the Fiqh of Worship and is sure to enlighten us all of the various Arkan of Salah and also the Wajibat. Hence, we get the golden opportunity to make necessary amends in our Salah.

Some of the Arkan of Salah:

  • Standing up for the prayer
  • Takbeer 
  • Surah Fatihah
  • Ruku
  • Qiyam
  • Sujood
  • Calm and peaceful in every act of the Salah
  • Final Tashahhud
  • Sitting will saying Tashahhud
  • To do in the order above

Some of the Wajibat of Salat:

  • To say Subhana Rabbi Al Azeem and Subhana Rabbi Al Alaa in the Ruku and Sujood at least once.
  • To say Sami Allahu Liman Hamida and Rabbana wa lakal Hamd.
  • The first Tashahhud and sitting down in the Tashahhud.
  • To say Rabbighfirli between the two Sujood.


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