Yahya Ibrahim – Fiqh for Teens #2

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of raising one's hand for spiritual purposes, including praying for spiritual health, is emphasized in Islam. The Sunlight discusses four ways to raise one's hand, including affirming the presence of the Prophet's wings, holding their hand in the chest, and praying with their hands. The church is also known for reciting out loud in the Sun title. Additionally, the speaker shares a draft of a surah and recommends beginning with the church's history of reciting out loud.
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All right.

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So I said a while back. So this is where we ended the last time we spoke about the autocannon, the wedge event, right. And when we spoke about the things that are requirements, we spoke previously about two things that you must do before you pray for your select to be valid, right? And we said that the reason you do so many things before you even pray is that a lot of trying to emphasize the importance of so that in and of itself, so it's like a gateway you got to go through so many things to actually come to that point that now you're standing face to face with a lot. So when the when you turn your face towards a lot Fatima to law, a lot is going to receive your prayers. So we've

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done our will do our clothing is appropriate. We've cleaned our clothes, we've cleaned the place we pray, we found within blend, the time of prayer has come, we've set our Nia, we made the technique.

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We recited the fact to have we've remained standing wherever we could and when we're unable to stand because of illness or tiredness, we sit just in that section, we've recited all of the facts as much as we can, whether we're the Imam, of course, it's an obligation. And if we're being led in prayer, when that ever the mind is quiet, we read, we made sure that the record is done. seminar law with the man coming out of Ghana where the content is spoken, that we said to Panama bl Allah subhana wa COVID all demon are subdued in our record, we sat in between the two to Raka and another to America. We've sat in the final prayer, we've made our Durand by sending Salama from the prophets of Allah

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Azza wa sallam. And we've ended Sala with Salah if you do that, from the outset, I would say it's beautiful. And it's rewarding. And it's the gateway to gentlemen. And if you do your five daily prayers with the bare skeleton minimum actions, you gain access to gender, but the likelihood of that being enough to save myself in you

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is unlikely. And therefore when the prophets I send them was asked by a man if all I did was preys upon their praise.

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If that's all I did, I didn't pray in it. Any other anything extra? Am I giving Ghana? Yes, in Sabah, if you're able to do so what encourages us to do our prayers better is to think about some of the things that increase our reward in Sadat. And that's our section today. So in your notes, as you're following along, this is the next section. Now, the third part of that so the first issue things before on that, why give and ruin things that are essential obligatory inside the solder. And the third is now the beauties, the beautification, the pseudonym, the recommended actions of the prophets of Allah, how do you install that? So the first place that we're going to begin and I kind

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of structured in a way from the beginning of so that one of the first things you're going to do is you're going to raise your hands up to make your Florida tech videos from your opening tech view. So there's two points that I want you to make notes about. And I want you to look up at me and watch me because it's important to be demonstrated. And that's how the prophets I seldom taught it to the Sahaba right. So how do we raise our hands up? Well, the prophets I cellmates, never recorded by anyone who prayed with him that he ever raised his hands past his ears. And there were nothing different isn't the top of the year of the bottom so you'll see some people they raise it to the

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bottom of the year. Other people to the top of the year is fine. You'll never see anyone go like this. Right for So have you ever seen anyone go along? You'll never see that. And you shouldn't see anyone go like this. You know the bear minute like this. This is unacceptable. So where did the Prophet raise his hands to from the middle of his chest, up to the top part of the ears is what they would have taught us is the range where your hand should be. So how do you raise them, it is from the top of the ear to the middle of the chest in that region. Sometimes you'll see people when they pray they have their hands like this though a lot of extra this isn't from the student of the

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province I sent him it's not recorded in that way. What is recorded is that his palms would face towards the left. So your palms are to face towards the camera towards the camera. And you will see some people just to make sure that they haven't gone over their ears to actually bring their hands to their ear low. You know some people get all fancy and some they're like a lot you know they do that a little flake. Now that flakies it from the pseudonym, the prophecy seven never held this year. Sometimes you see people go along like that. That wasn't something done by the properties and and he raised it to the level of the year but you don't have to touch the year hold that year to

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make sure

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your hands face to war.

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Words the filler, and they're out before your chest before your shoulders, it is anywhere near your shoulders to your ear lobe. This is the position of raising your hands. You don't clench your fingers together. And that wasn't something seen from the mouth. I sent them and you don't like freakishly spread them out. That wasn't done by the province. I tell them it was very natural from the Navy's natural position of your fingers, palms towards located when should you raise them? Now? That's a very important question. And all of us come from different backgrounds. So if you're coming from a background like say, India or Pakistan, if you come from a background like South Africa,

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you're probably following or turkey, you're probably following the Hanafi madhhab. You say? Who's that? And we'll study that kind of human level jump on your nine. What is what does it mean? Who's happy? Who's ever have you fallen out of mental life? Well, he's one of the great the moms, I remember honey. In fact, he took much of his deed much of the knowledge of the transmission of the life of the parents, I send them from one particular Sahabi named belying the mosquito with your loved one who, who's one of the oldest Sahaba, who followed the prophets of Allah and he was settling from the very early days of Islam. So I've been liking him. It's rude. It's known that when

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he prayed, he said, I saw the prophets I said and prayed. And he demonstrated the prayer of the prophets, I send them farakka, Yahoo magicmirror ROM, he raised his hand up with the first stick view, and then didn't raise it again in the Sunnah.

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And he said, this is how I solve the problem. And I'm praying, that's wonderful. So that's one way to raise the hand. The second is narrated, for many others will have it many, many others will have a busaba prophets, I seldom pray that he raised his hands up with every movement while standing. And this is you finding the method where you have a sharpie, and the magnetic element of men so that the prophets that Allahu Akbar in the opening TextView and then to move to make room for a lot of

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semi Allahu

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Allahu Akbar, to go into sujood to rise up front, you're coming up for Institut Allahu Akbar when you stand up. So there's four places of that TextView. And that's very common. So if you're coming from a country like Indonesia, Malaysia, most of Egypt, most of you know most of those regions. Most Arabic countries, you'll probably know a little bit more about following that traditional method of shopping. There's also another tradition and you know, some of the students that we have a few students who attend our school, you will notice that they might raise their hands up more than others in their sauna, and they follow the physician that's narrated from it, or the alarm or angle,

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which is also found in our tradition. So as Muslims, even as Sunni Muslims, we know that it's assumed of the prophets, I seldom that he was raised his hand up with every tech EBU, even when he was seated. So in between your schedule, you come up, Allahu Akbar, and go back into the second to you that was done by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, this hadith that mentioned that. So those are the three ways of raising your hand.

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All of them are accepted, because all of them are verified back to the prophets. I send them through one of his companions, one of the Sahaba, who taught us how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed, the second point of earning rewards, is doing the pseudonym How did the Prophet grave now if I didn't raise my hand up at all? Is my prayer valid?

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Yes. Is my prayer valid? Yes. Why? Because it's not any central Upsala. It's not a route of

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placing your hands. Where do you put your hand? Okay, a lot like when I started the Select. The most common position amongst Sunni Muslims is that your hands go on your chest, your right hand over your left hand, and it could be your right hand, actually on the left hand, or your right hand, holding the wrist of your left hand, or holding a part of your hand with your wrist and putting it on your chest. Now the word chest in Arabic actually refers to your heart. So in the language of the hole, and there's four words that speak about your heart, there's Jeannine. There's, there's art and there's sublime, and almost says elimination of like a soda. haven't opened your heart, yet

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Mohammed's recently filled it with compassion and love and strength and ability. So the word saw that it doesn't mean chest but it means what's in the chest that's valuable, the heart and therefore the prophets. I seldom would put his hands on his heart, and it could be like this. A lot of sisters pray like this. It could be like this, which is more of a strong holding a lot of men who pray like this, and there's no difference between men and women in that both of them are valid. And it could be at the top of the chest or the bottom of the chest. Where is the chest is everything above the button, everything above this stomach and the stomach is where the navel is, you know your belly.

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button. And therefore you'll find with 100. Remember, they have their hand on their stomach, which is a part of the upper part of the bottom part of the chest. And it reminds them you know, part of the reason it reminds you that the one who feeds you and gives you strength and gives you success in life, the one who fulfills our hunger need is a lot. And if you put your hand on your chest, it's to remind you that your heart should be fearing the love that you're going to be bound in front of a loss and kind of mentality, you hold yourself tight in Oshawa. It's not meant to be like I'm just, you know, lazy. It's meant to be to bind yourself to hold yourself tight with

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the third way of placing your hands and so that is called said de sembly is also from the pseudonym. And if you read the books of tradition, you find that the method really mathematic allows the praying with the hands on the side suddenly position. Of course we know that

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people they have their hands here they follow the methow Valley or the alum I know and this is narrated from me, that he would pray with his hands and attention, a position of attention. So that's also referred back to the action of the Sahaba and from our w 127. All of that is valid and gives extra reward placing your hands on your chest. Placing your hands above your stomach above your navel gives you the reward of following the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed similarity

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number three reciting Quran as you begin, there are certain darat that the Prophet would read. And I want you to get you know, I didn't put the Euro here because I want you to go out and search it. And I want you to Google What did the Prophet begin to slow down with? I'm going to share with you some of them. So one of them could you imagine when you come to begin your prayer, and you begin you say Allahu Akbar and you stand and then you say a lot of them have a baby who have been hurt by a combat had there been any mention of the word Muslim? Over loss separate between me and my mistakes? The distance you have made between the East and the West

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of Sydney will not offend you. Or like cleanse me from the mistakes I've made today. Even if it is with water or snow or even ice and then the Prophet would say sighs and

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he would he would continue Oh Allah is asking for forgiveness.

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A lot of manakin even a good Ruby well hotwire can buy or sell will be alumina Denis Oh Allah clean me the way a white piece of clothing becomes brilliant and shiny in its light in its whiteness after a good wash wash me away from my students. So imagine you begin for that that's the first thing that's on your mind. That's a part of your media in entering sada or cleanse me wash me remove me separate me from my ears, and then you begin to be left I'm gonna shake on over Jean. Allah let me pray without being tempted and tested and molested by the shape on Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. And having to do that in the beginning of

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another hour of opening the prayer the prophets I send them he would say

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he would say some of the Lord sent him he would read from sort of an inner solidarity when we Suki Wilma, he a a woman, Murthy, Linda here on the island in all my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death. All of it belongs to you, the Lord of all existence will be non economists. I've been ordered to do this or that or what law except me from those and witness that I'm one of those who have submitted to you. Along maybe with Jacques de la kawaji felt enough somehow it went on I will I turn my face towards you, you're the one who created the heavens and the earth. So when you begin your solder and there's many other draft of the prototypes, and and all of them are so beautiful, like

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the ones I shared with you when you begin So now with that draft, it's going to be a different color than the one that you just made with us sawn off.

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Why? Because it gives you greater meaning in your connection with a lot the simplest your app to beginner. So that is our very laggy meaner shape on a regime is that you ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect you from the curse JSON. What's next?

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How else do we earn rewards is that you say I mean when you read the Fatiha by the way when you read Sultan Fatiha outside saw that it is not the norm of the arrival of the Quran to say me so if I'm teaching you for I'm and I'm teaching you the reading of salted Fatiha every time we say Well, you didn't know Mugabe in one of the board mean you don't always have to say I mean unless you're using it as a prayer so fitting assembly we use it as a prayer sometimes. So we do say me, but it is a recommendation I mean been meant the word defeating means it is that you say I mean for both the mom and the followers after reciting salted Fatima now if you follow them and never really memorable

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hanifa is that you don't raise your voice out loud. And this was the hamlet of some of the Sahaba of the lightning Mr. Rude he didn't raise his voice out loud and say

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I mean, he didn't say it out loud. But there are numerous studies to show in the life of the province. And I tell them that the Sahaba yageo, they would raise their voice with the amine, and they would raise their voice with it. And they would say that the prophets I send them said, the one who's mean is equal in measure and their voice is the same with the voice of the Imam, their sins are forgiven.

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So you want to say it with the man Don't be before them. Don't be too late after them. You want to say amin together in your slot out with the Imam. And whether you say it loud Geron or you say it with a thief with a lower voice, all of it is from the tradition in the pseudonym a province,

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or an increased citation after the Fatima now that's a pseudonym. So we pray to lots of books, and you read to open that you have and there's still a little bit of time, then you should read Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, you read another surah. And it is better to read a hole sooner than a smaller tool, it is better to read a section that has a meaning in an in the surah than just random verses. And you should read from one place that gives meaning to a complete meaning to another place. So you shouldn't cut the middle of an area. If you don't have if you have an opportunity to read it. What is the shortest amount that earns you the reward of reading something after source? In

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fact, there is at least three verses and why do we say three verses cuz the shortest surah in the whole ad is in the National Council for Sunday, they have a bigger one come in now, Shani account will have come three verses the shortest amount that is defined as for time, you should also try to recite specific schools where the Prophet used to recite it. So for a lot of dumon it was a regular habit wasn't always but it was a regular habit of the prophets, I send them in the first block I had to read the fact he hadn't submitted some of them began earlier. And in the second rocket and Fatiha and * attack.

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He would do that also for both prayers. And

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he would pray some allow it was celebrated with specific sections of surahs in specific places. And it's recommended to follow that habit of the prophets I seldom one of the recommended the actions of some of those who have I like randomly japin was to read for the hawala who had even if you ran another tool, so just say you read something from Nara, he would also read pull a lot I had because of his love for that chapter. Another way of earning rewards is to make the first hour long in the citation of the foreign person often pleasure. And that gives people as an email gives people an opportunity to wake up and join you sometimes, you know, it's tough to wake up prevention. So if

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people are a little bit late to come to the gym, and you didn't just say alarm, I put all I had and then you and then everybody comes like whoa, you finished already. And it's a sign of the knowledge of the demand to meet long section, the profit would leave 6080 versus for the first and archive of salons. And

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finally, reciting out loud in the second record of solid and faster and do more.

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And for the first soonercon mechanism first to have a shot. You don't have to read a lot of evidence out loud. You don't have to read so often in a chat or so often, out loud. And there might be you know, the occasion you're at work and you have to pray at work. And you're going to lead yourself in the middle of you know, I'm saying Bismillah here, Rocky Mountain you don't have to do that. You could just very quietly read it softly you don't get the reward of reading out loud. Why did the Prophet read out loud in the prayers of the darkness? Thank you It's still dark magic in Asia, because that's when people are still a little bit drowsy. So you want them to wake up. So the Imam

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writes one of the reasons not the only reason it's one of the reasons we recite out loud but the prayer is valid even if you were to recite in a low voice. Those are ways of earning greater greater reward with our signal. This is where we're going to start with our lesson today inshallah and next time we are going to continue with some more sooner.

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So that was the sooner of standing in prayer. And we'll continue with the Sunnah of Roku to earn greater reward and soda does not come on welfare was Salam. Alaikum wa rahmatullah.


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