Mariam Bint Imran – Legacy Of A Great Woman

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for husbands, and so on and so forth why women are supposed to pray in the back in the masjid and not with men because we receive, we receive this this verse request

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this request from some community members, why do you allow a woman to come and pray with you here?

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Okay, so we live in this environment, you know what I'm talking about? Allah subhana, Allah when Allah said Lisa vacarro can answer, there is no discrimination here.

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It doesn't mean anything, it means that they are different. Allah created them with different characters, different characteristics, different skills, different capacities, and they are supposed to play different roles in society and within family environment. And that's it. Very simple. Don't make it complicated.

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In a different in different areas. Allah subhanaw taala he said, none of them will be wrong, like myself we have inserted in the cell. When the Yamuna saw the Hatem in veker in our own cell, will who will be known for all that he cared who Luna janitor will allow us la moon and Akira.

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So in Surah, Nisa, Allah subhanaw taala. He said, those who do good with their males or females,

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while they are below we believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala then they'll they will enter Paradise, and they will not be wronged.

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So both of them will be given their rewards Allah Subhana Allah will appreciate the efforts of man males on this earth and He will appreciate the efforts of females on this earth. But both of them have different as I said roles to play on this earth wala Jota Allah Allah.

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But Allah Subhana Allah will treat them in the same way on the Day of Judgment.

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shows he said I have named her money and I seek Your protection for her and her offspring from Shaytaan the accursed and Allah subhanaw taala told us that he accepted her they accepted Miriam graciously and blessed her with a pleasant upbringing. So she was a pious grow. She was pure, a pure a child, Elena a Silla. Now Zachary and SLM used to take care of her you know the story of solitary Emraan. The other priests, other people who were competing and the made the, you know, the use of drawers to pick a name who would take care, pick the guardian to select the guardian of Maria, before she went into the masjid, and the name of Zachary appeared and he was the father, the husband

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of her and the father, the husband of her and so he should be the one who take care of her at that time because her father passed away right now Zekeriya Allah told us couldn't Emma Dona Ana, he has a very ill Mirabeau agenda in the hurry Scott whatever is actually entered the Mahara to visit Marian he would find some sustenance with her and he would ask her from where do you Where did you get this, from? Where you got this, this this food. Now the family said he used to ask her because this is another miracle that was given to Saint a miracle that was given to Mary earlier Salem. She was blessed with winter fruits in the summer. And she was given summer fruits in the winter during

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the winter. That is the interpretation of the owner of tafsir wala hota Allah Allah, that's why he was like asking for why he got this food, because if it was from him, or if it was normal food, seasonal food, then he wouldn't ask this question. But it was to him it was something unusual. And she said her replied was, this is from Allah subhanaw taala Verily, Allah provides sustenance to whom he wills without limit behavior. He said,

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now's the carrier SLM was inspired, even though he was a prophet. But he was inspired with this with Allah's provision to marry him.

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Because this is kind of miracle, right? So and he was a childless and he became old, and he became weak, and his wife was burned, she was not able to give to bear children. And his wife was old. But he thought since Allah Subhana Allah is giving Maryam fruits, winter fruit in the summer and summer fruits in the summer I will ask him for a child. So he made the beautiful dua. For those who I mean any father any parent can make this to including those who have children. It's a beautiful tie in a 38 in soret. In surah, two he immediately

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When he left from her place he made this to Onalaska that as a courier, but this is what Allah subhanaw taala said cholera be heavily militant cavalry yet and tayyiba in Nikka. Semi or, Oh my Lord, grant me from you a good offspring you are indeed the old hearing of invocations. So if someone is newly married, and he's hoping to, you know, to get pious children righteous children to be blessed with rice, well righteous and pious children, this is a good time to memorize the Dr. zakhary La Silla in Iowa 38 In Surah Al Imran rob the heavily Mila Dukkha to react and tayyiba in NACA, semi or dua, and INEC, SME or dua, also you can use it with others to us. It's a way of

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seeking nearness to Allah subhanaw taala tell us should be Esma Elaine Krishna, seeking nearness to Allah subhanaw taala by using his some of his names and attributes in your DUA and this is the best way to seek nearness to Allah subhanho wa Taala when making dua, so you mentioned some of His Names, some of his attributes, one of them here in NACA semi or dua, Verily, you are the old hearing of all invocations and Allah subhanaw taala he is old, all supplications there is no doubt about it.

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And then, in the on the same page, we're talking about her story in Surah Tamra and later on we'll we'll

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we'll talk about her story in Surah Maryam here Allah's her Tara told us that angels used to encourage Miriam to increase her Knut and Heroku and her schedule this is a proof that they used to perform sujood and RUCO and their prayer. Yeah Maria makuuchi lira Becky was Judy work a man rockin in this is 43 in soret in Surah Al Imran Oh Maria be devout to you, Lord, prostrate yourself in