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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of following rules and following strict guidelines is highlighted in the video segment. A woman claims to have seen a woman in her head and is being punished by the United Nations. The speakers emphasize the need to avoid false and witnessing, and the use of "well being" in relation to actions and consequences. The segment also touches on popular French language language and its use with "vanishing" in English, and concludes with a discussion of the use of "vanishing" in various English language environments.
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So we are continuing Charlotte Allah with a bad run and may Allah make us all from my brother Lachman.

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We mentioned few characteristics and the lessons we mentioned when Allah subhanaw taala said when living in Allah Jong Hoon Emma Allah Hina huddle what I have turned on and off seletti Her Roman law in bill while he has known me for

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you have loved other young women

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Manawa I'm Ilana saw on your phone. You can you bet deal no who say to him husband, work can Allah wa for on Rahima one tabula rasa Neha Fein to Allah Hema

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we finished this part that Allah subhanaw taala said the burger ramen, they do not commit any shirk. They do not kill anyone with other just cause and they do not commit Zina.

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You know there's something about those three. This is exactly what the UN is asking for all three of them.

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The United Nations, they're asking for all three. They're asking to obey other than Allah to obey their rules and forget about the Sharia of Allah. So that is the owner Maha Maha Isla and

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we have to Luna neffs and they are promoting abortion. They want to kill you know, the babies and we all know that is haram in our deen and third, I don't even have to discuss they even permitted same same gender to marry each other. So Subhanallah

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all that all the enemies of Islam they are fighting to make sure that these three are applicable and if you want to be from a bad rock man, you have to stay away from all three. So

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now we come to the next one.

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When lady in your head when a zoo were either not a rule below him or rule Kirana and they do not witness zoom and I will explain what the Zoom mean. And if they

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come close or they pass by low and I will explain what level they pass KERAMA in indignity in honor. What does What does zoom mean

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xuer could mean shirk.

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Zoo is any

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place where Haram

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is happening

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and lay a shadow in a zoo they do not with this rule means one of two things or both.

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Number one, they do not attend any gathering where Allah is being disobeyed.

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You will never see a better run than attending a concert.

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You will never see a better run attending a place where rebirth is taking place where cameras taking place.

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lie ahead owners azul they are not witness to a zoo. They do not witness any kind of falsehood taking place. This is number one. The second one listen to what Rasulillah Salam wa sallam was sitting with the Sahaba and he said and that will not be come Should I inform you about Akbar Al Qaeda al the biggest of the biggest sins Subhanallah the biggest of the biggest sins said yesterday or assault Allah, He said a sheer cupola associating partners with Allah second.

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Or Coachella Valley Thane being disobedient and disrespectful to your parents. Subhan Allah and this young man today just decided Wakaba Buka Allah taboo Illa will remain near Santa Subhan Allah if your parents are still alive, make sure that you are

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making sure that you are never ever let them be upset with you, Allah He pleased them before the time comes and you would wish that they could come back and you please them.

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Things change in a fraction of a second Subhan Allah. You had a sort of like what is the third one? Listen to this. And he said and he was lying down. He said should it be Billa Hokulea valid

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Ain't and he was lying down and then he said, What is your? What's your heard that azul? Azul? What's your heard that is your vocabulary zoo, which I heard that Zoo.

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And the Sahaba said, we were worried that he's not going to stop. That isn't Buhari,

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witnessing, saying falsehood, witnessing falsehood, and this is the second meaning of Charlottesville, Charlottesville is to literally what it means false witness.

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There are countries, no names mentioned that people stand at the door of the court.

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And this is the job

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as you're going to your case,

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you see a guy

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how much 500 500 You give him 500 He goes inside, I saw him with my own eyes making the killing. I saw him steal, I was there.

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This is one of the biggest, most major sins you could ever imagine. It destroys lives, it destroys societies. And listen to what Allah subhanho wa Taala which verb that Allah use with the zoo, anybody knows

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which 10 Eboo called a zoo.

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And we mentioned before that the verb is 10 Hebrew is worse than haram. Why? Because it was used with

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alcohol, worshipping idols and gambling.

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The word is tenable. The verb is tenable, was used with alcohol.

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So alcohol is not my crew. And it was used with gambling and the Shirke and Allah subhanaw taala used to serve the same verb with Zulu.

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Stay away from falsehood. So, anytime you see sometimes

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in our jobs are our maybe families, we feel like you know, they are pushing us to attend the gathering that I know when I'm there, I do not belong. Have you ever been there? You are in a place you are in a situation that you know that you don't belong in there. But you're so shy to leave because what they're gonna say about me, if you are from a Blade Runner and you gotta leave, you have to leave.

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Now, what happens if they were in a place and they felt that is not appropriate, they carry themselves and they leave? How do they leave the next part? Where are you there Maru? Beloved, we Maruka Rama What does love mean? Love who means vain talk

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wasted time gossip

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any useless things if they find out that there is somebody walking and this will they found few guys just discussing

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nothing has any benefit at all. Salam aleikum. Kurama they leave? They listen, they leave with honor. They do not leave. What kind of people are you? What's wrong with you? And then they leave? No. They leave Corona.

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They leave in with Karim with UCLA. How does this apply to us? You are in a WhatsApp group.

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Allah has happened to me many times, Whatsapp group and you find your loved one guy started something and the other guy yella arguing for nothing. And or they bring somebody they mentioned someone and they start gossiping about him. What do you do?

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exit because being there, you have two choices, either you're going to start telling them this is haram. And you know, that would be great to stop the Haram and most people do not do that or you leave with dignity. You leave kahraman why they matter? well below this is all level. Yeah, he the guy is not in the group. What are you doing? What are you doing? Or that topic that you're discussing? This is what is this? You're wasting your time we could have done so many better, much better things than forwarding this kind of stuff. Subhanallah way the Maru beloved, Maru Kurama Allah He, if you study the characteristics of a bad man, you will increase your DUA in these days by

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saying Lama Jan Neiman a bad Rahman such a beautiful, amazing characteristics that Allah subhanaw taala honored them by calling them a bad not about Allah. We are all about Allah. He bad or Rahman, Allah Masha nominee by the man alone was a better man. You Allah make our last deeds or best deeds. Our last words

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ilaha illallah inshallah Allah will continue on Sunday better Kamala freecom Subhana Allah Allah, masha Allah and a stock broker

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in musli me now the most Lima Do you want to know meaning I want to know Mina the one quantity now I don't need that anymore saw the pain I was saw the Ponte was saw the Rena was Slavia rod the one before she you know before she

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was before she I mean I want to call her she is the one downside btw now one downside the party was on me now was all in.

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Wouldn't have you Lena photo gentlemen, one half year warranty was good enough. Guess

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what's the guilt or I don't

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genuine. I'll leave

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