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In this episode of the Tafsir of Surah al-Fatihah, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi explicitly elaborates on the following aspects:

  • A detailed analysis on two of the most beautiful and majestic names of Allah that are the embodiment of His extreme Mercy –  Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem.
  • The wisdom behind Allah choosing the names Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem to put into the Basmala (Bismillah).
  • The difference between Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem.
  • The numerous ways by which we can be hopeful to earn the Mercy of Allah.
  • The Dhikr that every Muslim recites before drinking, eating, putting on clothes, enter homes and much more.


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Man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad and while he was so happy as your mind about yesterday we had mentioned of the benefits and wisdoms of the name Allah itself that the name Allah itself it means the one who is the ultimate being that is worthy of being worshipped. This is the linguistic meaning of the name Allah. And we said that this is the primary name of allah agenda gelato, because the one who is worthy of being worshipped must be characterized by all attributes of perfection, all attributes of majesty, all attributes of glory, because Allah is worthy of worship IE because Allah is Allah, he must also be a semir and elbow seal

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and aloha food Anna Rahim. And so each and every name of Allah is but an explanation of why Allah is Allah IE why Allah is worthy of being worshipped. So explain this yesterday, today inshallah. Allah will move on, and we will explain some of the wisdoms why Allah chose the names of Rahman and Rahim out of all of his many names, a lot of xojo chose two names to put in the best manner, which is the most common Deacon every Muslim does. Think about it. The most common phrase that comes from your mother is Islamic before you eat before you drink before you wear your clothes before you enter your house before you do anything you say. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And this is a phrase that Allah

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chose to begin every surah of the Quran with except surah Toba. So why are Rahman and Rahim the meaning of rahima the meaning of rahima means to show mercy in order to bring benefit to our honorable as for honey, who's one of the famous linguists of the Arabic language, he says, cartoon characters in a sandwich.

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It's a mercy or tenderness that is intended to benefit the object of mercy. So Rama is not just mercy. Rama is a mercy that is intended to benefit a mercy that actually ends up benefiting the being that is shown mercy. So if you have real reima it will be shown in action and not just in theory, that's the meaning of Lima. And by deriving two names from the same root rahima Allah derived Ar Rahman and Allah derived Rahim by deriving two different names from the same concept. Allah is emphasizing his merciful nature. Allah is emphasizing that he has Rama and his characterized with Rama the name of Allah or Rahman is a very significant name in that it has

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speciality is that no other name has of these speciality is it is the only name that Allah has equated with his name a law in multiple verses. For example, Allah says political law a widow old man, a young fella with a smile persona, Allah says call upon Allah or call upon our man these are the two names mentioned. Whichever name you choose, no that to Him belong all the beautiful names. So Allah subhana wa tada quite literally said, Call upon Allah or call upon a Rahman whichever name you choose, know that all the rest of the names belong to Him. So Allah subhana wa Tada. It is as if he highlighted the name of man as being almost the same as our meaning complimentary to the name a

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lot also of this speciality of the name of a man, it is the only name of Allah that Allah revealed an entire surah to explain Surah terashima Allah azza wa jal did not reveal a sutra about a medical produce a Salaam and Aziz, he revealed a whole sutra and every idea of the sutra is an explanation of the name of a man or a man why I learn Quran he taught the orang Hala Khan inside He created man, I lemme hold by and he taught man how to speak and on and on and on every single idea of Sugata Rahman is an explanation of why a ramen is a ramen. And there's no other name that Allah chose to reveal an entire sutra behind the name of ramen. It occurs 57 times in the Quran, and that is a huge

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amount and it is the only name other than the name of Allah that typically occurs by itself. What do I mean by this? All of you are aware when you read the Quran. Typically names occur in two foreign entities.

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ality IE they occur together I should say in pairs a semi and alim. Right. Alpha Rahim

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Rahim and as usual Hakeem they typically occur together with two. But the name a lot itself rarely occurs with any other name. And also the name of man rarely occurs with any other name. It is a name that has been given highlighted as if it is also one of the most unique names and therefore the scholars say that after the name of Allah, the most significant and the most important Name of Allah is the name of man. And the name of Rahim it occurs 114 times in the Quran, and typically it does occur with other pairs. For example, a fool or Rahim Aziza Rahim to wabo Rahim. So typically the name occurs with other pairs, for example, or ramanagara him that occurs in a pair. Now the question

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that is on everybody's mind, what is the difference between Ar Rahman AR Rahim? We understand they are both from the same verb rahima. We understand that they both indicate that Allah has a mercy. That means he will show that mercy to us the mercy will be demonstrated. But what is the difference between a man and a Rahim? Some scholars have given a there's many opinions and all of them are valid. These opinions are not contradictory. They are complimentary of the differences are mentioned. Some scholars say that our man is the one who shows His mercy to the entire creation. For all of times, our man shows mercy to the one who believes and the one who doesn't believe our man

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shows mercy to the Muslim to the Kaffir. Man shows mercy in this world and in the next. And a Rahim is the one who shows an extra special mercy to those who believe in him. So Allah says in the Quran, Allah, Allah, Allah says, stowa the man has risen over the throne. In other words, that man is the one that is in charge of the whole creation as well. And yet Allah says what kind of build me Nina rahima. Allah is Rahim with the believers. Allah is Rahim with the believers. So it is as if the name of Rahim is an extra Rama that is shown to the believers that is one opinion. Another opinion is that a man is a noun that indicates a law is merciful by nature. And Rahim is a noun that

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indicates Allah is merciful in his actions, and this is a valid point linguistically, man means by his nature, Allah is always merciful. In other words, a ramen is characterized with Rama and R Rahim, the one who shows mercy through his actions, so our ramen The one whose nature is merciful, or Rahim, the one whose actions are merciful. It is also said for one of the students of the Sahaba His name is Alia. Alia said a rush man is the one who gives when you ask him. And r Rahim is the one who is angry when you do not ask him. I repeat, R Rahman is the one who gives when you ask, Muslim confident doesn't matter. All right, man we'll give because our lives are a man even the caffeine

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has recovered in this world, even the coffee as somebody after all, Allah created him, Allah gives him sustenance, Allah gives him it is so alright man. When you ask he will give a Rahim. If you don't ask, he will be irritated. Why didn't you ask? This is the Rahim. So that is that extra mercy that comes with the name of Rahim. And so by using these two names, AR Rahman and Rahim, Allah is indicating how important Rama is for him. And in fact the Quran and the Sunnah clearly mentioned this, Allah says in the Quran warra hemmati. What's the arch kulesza my Rama surrounds everything. Without Allah Rama we could not be here while he was at Kula shake, and our Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said that when Allah created the creation, he wrote a book for himself a rule book for himself, that he keeps over the throne, and in that book is in Ramat eternally buho be my Rama will always extend wish, my wrath, my rahama will always extinguish my anger, my Rama will always overcome my anger. So Allah has a rule, even Allah has rules. A lot places these rules on himself. We do not place these rules on a law. A law has rules. Allah has made these rules for himself. No one has the right to place rules on Allah other than Allah. So what are those rules? We only know some of them. What is rule number one? rule number one for Allah, my man shall always overcome my

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This is in a law's book for himself. And so Allah wants to emphasize who he is. He is a man and he is Rahim and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if even the calf he knew how much Rama Allah had, then the cafard would be optimistic about entering gender. And it isn't Buhari. If the non Muslim really understood how much Rama Allah has, then he would also be optimistic even on the Day of Judgment, Allah will forgive me. That's how much Rama Allah has. And our prophets are some said in the famous Hadith that Verily, Allah has more Rama upon His servants than a mother does upon her child. This is the famous idea we're all familiar with, and in our world, in this world

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that we inhabit, there is no Rama that is more powerful than the Rama of a mother for her child. This is the highest example for our imagination. And what did our Profit System say? Verily, I swear a lot Rama for his servants is more than the Rama of a mother for her child. And therefore some of the righteous would make dua to Allah and they would say over law, your prophet has told us that your mercy is more than the mercy of my own mother for me and I know that my mother would not want to see me in pain and suffering. So Oh Allah you as well. You are going to remove this pain and suffering from me. So they use this hadith and they make it into a DA and there is no problem with

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that. And Allah azza wa jal mentions his Rama in the Quran in so many verses, one mil Rama t he is a common phrase of his Rama. Allah says one mil Rama t he he created the night and the day one mil Rama t he he sends the winds upon you wonder Rama T is the alternation of the night and day one mil rahmati said is the the oceans and you write them one mil rahmati he says is the differences in your languages and ethnicities and skin colors of His mercy, he says is that he has created you in pairs, male and female and that you live in harmony with one another. As married couples of His mercy Allah subhana wa tada says he sends the rain he brings forward the vegetation. If you read the Quran, so

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many times Allah subhana wa tada says of His mercy because of his mercy, your creation is but an attribute of His mercy or a manifestation of His mercy. Our Rahman wild animals are on a holocaust insane because he is a man He created us and he gave us all that we have. And so how do we obtain a loss? We want a loss. How do we obtain it simple. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhana wa tada said Hadith has had the hood see the famous Hadith are raw. Hey, Muna your hammer home All right, man. era hammelmann fill out of the year hammacher manifest sama, beautiful Hadith memorize it. Those who are merciful, will be shown mercy from the one who is full of mercy,

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or raw Hey, mon, your hammer home or rock man. Those who are merciful to others will be shown mercy by the one who is a rock man, it or how more men fill out your hammacher manifests Allah have mercy on those in this world, and the one in the heavens will have mercy on you. And we conclude by mentioning that this is of the most beloved attributes to Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore, he has given it to those whom he has loved, and especially he has given it to our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because Allah is a man. He has sent nubby your Reimer woman out of sanaka illa. Myrtle in the mean, because the law is a man he has chosen for us the best human being

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and sent for us the best message and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'm gonna be your Rama, I am then B of Rama. He described himself as being Nabeel Rama and Allah azza wa jal mentioned the book as well as the Koran as being a book of Rama that Allah says that this book is a book of Ramadan was Shiva, it is a book of Rama. So we have a religion of Rama and an ad of Rama and a book of Rama. And of course this would be our religion because a rough man is the one who revealed the Book and sent the messenger and gave us this beautiful religion. May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who tastes a lot of drama in this world and in the next was Salam Alikum warahmatu La

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