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The speakers discuss the use of Islam in prison, its positive impact on avoiding negative experiences, and its negative impact on boosting people's knowledge and skills. They also talk about the importance of using Islam in a positive way to create a sense of community and how it can be utilized to boost people's knowledge and skills. The speakers also discuss the use of Congressmen in Egypt to try to sell farm products and trade them off, the confusion surrounding values of Islam, and the importance of trust and hope in Islam. They end with a mention of a commercial market.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was Herbie Germaine we're gonna do salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Welcome to the Friday Halaqaat mobile phone center, and I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe.

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We have been taking a thematic journey through the Quran, and we reached to our use of and we had to help us and so our use of and we've come to the point where useful Islam is to be put in prison. The, again, the central theme of sola use of is it's a message to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the early Muslims. And obviously, in subsequent Muslims.

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There is a reminder there.

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A last minute, there was a story. The story of usury Salam runs through the whole surah and there is so many lessons,

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there is reassurance to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, there's a reminder that prophets go through what you've been through.

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There are a lot of wisdoms and themes in the Surah and saw yourself in terms of dealing with other specially

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difficult circumstances.

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So it was it came came in very timely for Prophet Mohammed Salah Salman the Companions, because they were going through a lot in in Mecca. And as we go through this, Inshallah, we will try to reveal some of those lessons. So we reached the verse number

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a loss versus all the potential energy from my brother, I don't mean back the model I will at last June I had to Hain and then they decided after they looked at the whole situation, and the whole thing that happened again with us for Islam, the wife of Al Aziz, the other women, everything, thought it's better in order to accuse us of put in print put him in prison. So rumors which were actually true around the wife where ISIS and other women do not spread further and do not gain

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you know, substance.

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So use for Islam was put in prison and he made it he asked Allah Subhana Allah before going to prison

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that Allah removes away all these plotting of women and all this fitna and this temptation.

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And the last one to either really saved him from that, by even putting him in prison, which from generally speaking, it's a negative experience. It's a painful experience. Yet there is an answer of die there's a there's protection. So things in life don't take up a meaning by themselves. They they should not be seen as a singular event they should be seen within the context. Specifically, what is the final outcome of all of this? So this is why Allah allows unpleasant, painful things to happen in this world, because they are part of a bigger context and eventually, they're going to transpire in a good way.

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So you just read Instagrams put in prison, Allah says with a Halima significa Yan call it human in Alani so Hamra, or call it hello in the arania phone call as it comes into global human bitten habitat really in lockup minute merci Nein. So there are two prisoners who entered the prison with him.

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one of them they approached us for this exam. One of them said that I saw myself serving or I saw myself making wine. The other one said I saw myself holding bread over my head and birds are eating from it.

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Then they asked us for a set up to interpret their dreams for them. And they explained why they approached us various salaam they said in analog coming in West Indian, we see you're one of the good people like we see your, your good, your exceptional and this shows Subhanallah that the goodness that was in use of it, Sadam projected out it showed on his face as a doula and your loved one, I believe said in that lesson at Nolan for Colby, all the unfilled wedgie that for the good deed, there is light in the heart and brightness in the face. We're in the masliah de Laval metaphysical hobby Washington Island witchy. And for the sin, there is darkness in the heart and

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there is

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Like a negative

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sort of

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flavor or that that shows them the face due to the sin.

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So they saw that use Friday sit on there's something so special so good about him. So they trusted him and they trusted his knowledge.

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He started responding to them.

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And he says here, while at Kumar Bahaman, towards the honey Elana, to come up with a really odd blend yet Yakama

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there will be no food or provision that comes to you. Except that I will tell you something about it before it comes in.

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He was speaking about his gift, the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala gave him the capacity.

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Valley command economy may eliminate Robbie says this is from what my LORD told me. Now what can we learn from this, we learn from this that it's okay for someone to mention the good things or the skills that they have some people feel, you know, it's inappropriate, or it's a bit a bit boastful to talk about oneself and to talk about skills. Now, if it's true, it doesn't have to be bad. And if there is a need, there is utility, it can be utilized, there's practical, you know, implications for

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talking about once one sins or making them known, then there's no harm with this, specially if the person wants to do something good through that. But if the person wants to boast only, or the person is saying something that's not true about themselves, they're claiming something that is not true. And it becomes haram.

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Then useful Islam, attributes whatever he knows back to Allah subhanaw taala. And that's how it should be done. Because everything that is good that we have is from Allah subhanho wa taala, you should always refer it back to Allah. Then he gets to a point because it usually isn't me seeing that these two people are trusting Him and they are seeking his interpretation for their dreams. It's a very beautiful occasion for him and they are receptive, they are trusting. So he tells them about Allah. And he says, in the italic to me letter, only Allah Umino nebula he will humbly fly to interferon, he said, I, I turned away i, i

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i removed myself from a religion a path a way of life that

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does not believe in Allah does not worship Allah alone and does not believe in the hereafter in the next life.

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With regard to military evil on email is helpful way Hakuba and I followed the path the religion of my forefathers might, Ibrahim is happening I hope makaira Not initially Kevin Himanshi it is not permissible for us to associate partners with Allah. The early coming in probably late early now and in Nashville, I can tell a nasty guy your score on this is from the blessings of Allah upon us and upon all of humanity. But most humans are on grateful then are thankful this beautiful blessing of Allah the guidance, the truth that is first put inside of us in the form of a federal law and in a weakened and enhanced through revelation.

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You know, most people are ungrateful and being grateful to that is by following it, but denying it is ungratefulness

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then he says yes, I am a US citizen.

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Or like meats or prison meats or

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all my friends or my my buddies like prison buddies right

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it's a very beautiful way of addressing them and it shows this connection this personal bond

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or bear one whatever you're gonna hire on me let

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our money gods who are separate to be worshipped. Is that better than one worshipping the one the only one true God who's dominant over all the universe and the creation?

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That he addresses them directly? He says matter wouldn't I mean do any less man send me to more and two more commands I'll be having so far. This is what you guys worship. These are names and titles that you and your forefathers gave to these objects that your worship

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and Allah did not give permission for that.

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In your hook Memorial Elena judgment truly belongs to Allah

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am Allah Allah terrible to Allah? Yeah, his command is judgment is that you worship only Him. None but himself.

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That he could didn't pay him when I can act on acid I'm one that is the straight

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religion, the upright religion the correct way

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way of life, but most people do not know. Now here people do not know doesn't necessarily mean ignorance that people just completely oblivious to the truth. But it also refers to something.

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Because this happens a few times in the Quran, lay Allah, Allah refers to the fact that people do not search for the truth or when they see the truth at a distance, they turn away from it. And that's why they don't know. So it's not always like, inevitable or innocent lack of knowledge. But many times it's actually lack of intention, or an intention to the opposite.

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Then he starts interpreting the dream. So he says, he also have a sitting on my face failed, but who have more, all my

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friends, my prison buddies, one of you and he doesn't specify one of you will be a waiter, it will serve alcohol to your

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master, you must will be influential, a very big person, and the other will be crucified. And birds would eat like prey birds would eat from his head. He did not specify

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then. And he says audial amaro Lady He testified the issue that you're asking about has been decided it's been the other year here from Allah, tada means that a judgment has been passed. And it's been in the sense that it's been, you know, executed and fulfilled. Why? Because this is the knowledge of use or any Salam Allah gave him this knowledge. So from the dreams, he knew what was going to happen.

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It's not like it's likely not this is going to happen emphatically for sure.

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Then use very seldom approaches the person that he believes will be saved and will become a waiter, like will sort of wine. He says to him of coordinating the big mention me to your master, and it shows Subhanallah us ready Salaam

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in the prison, although he's accepting of Allah Spada is content with Allah's father, he's patient with the circumstances, yet he tries everything he can, without any attachment to the outcome, without being consumed, like I need to get out of prison. I don't understand about this. This is the condition that Allah put me in, I accept it, and I deal with it. And it doesn't mean I accepted that I decided to stay forever, no. Now, whatever happened in the past, up until this moment, I accept now from now on is a new story, I engage with active proactive, you know, actions and efforts to get out of here without an attachment to the outcome without being so like frustrated with my present

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condition, this is the balance. So, this is what use for at least we can see this we can we can sort of get this from from the way he was he was behaving and he was speaking. So he says to that person mentioned me mentioned this story mentioned everything you know about me to your master. And well he forgot to say by the permission of Allah insha Allah and thus a loss we're going to cause that person to forget Allah cause that person to forget news rally has

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remained in the prison for years for a number of years. So it was a long time that he spent in prison

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then years later, the king sees a dream king of Egypt so he says a dream as seven fat cows being eaten by seven skinny cows and seven green

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ears of grain

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and seven are not and other seven ears of green

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you know, one set of seven grains that are there's green and the other set is dry.

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So the king feels there is something about this dream there's something true about there's a message in the stream so he seeks interpretation but you know, the sisters the people around him they say oh, it's a brothel and these are just random you know, dreams thoughts meaningless to worry about them. But then now this waiter remembers he remembers us release them and the whole story and how the interpretation of use of Elysium came out to be true.

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So he says Send me to use of I'll get you the interpretation of the dream he goes to use in prison use race so he tells him in a race the dream to use various and I'm use of says use of Islam does not only interpret the dream, but also gives a prescription, a strategy for as to how to handle you know the situation that the dream describes.

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So your success is not gonna stop as

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You know, he says, you know, plant, grow grains, produce etc For seven years consistently

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farmer has a term for the roof is somebody who whatever you harvest leave it in. It's like the grain leave it in its ears, except for the little that you eat and be very economical in what you eat.

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For my team embedded delicate someone cheated on me I couldn't afford them to Milan, I love Korean Lima, too soon, then there will be

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there will come seven years of drought, extreme drought,

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that would eat everything that you stored X, almost everything that you're storing, except for the little that you managed to keep. So it will leave little for you. Just only if you you know work on the first seven years properly.

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Then after that, there will be a year of ease and drain and abundance.

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Now this person goes and tells the king and this captivates the king and he sees the wisdom and the knowledge and the strategy.

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So he says give me this man, usefully Islam refuses to leave the prison he says let your master

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a question and Ask and inquire about you know those ladies that I was accused of messing with.

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So I was accused I was convicted. Let him find out the reality of the matter. So the king checks out with the ladies and with a woeful disease and eventually the truth gets exposed the wife of a disease confesses that it was her fault it was her problem and use very seldom is cleared

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now the king is brought to the king king speaks to him regarding medical 20 became a stimulus for NFC for America. Lemme color in Nico yo Marina McCune me. So the king said Bring him this is mine. This passion is mine. He's mine mind share.

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When he spoke with him, he admired him further. And he said you are among us. You are a person of authority. You're one of us. And I mean, you're trusted. We trust you.

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usefully Islam spoke and he's another proactive approach from use V center because it's quite the journey I left for setting Aldini Hatfield on him. He said, appoint me to be responsible for the Treasury for the Ministry of Finance.

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Let me because I am someone in the heavier I am. I'm very good with calculations numbers planning strategy.

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Also Haffield I'm trustworthy, and I'm very good with numbers and aim. I know how to handle these things. Honesty and knowledge, character and know how expertise

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and last one that says, Okay, daddy can McKinna the use of an older YouTuber woman Hey, Felicia, and thus we have given us for His authority on the land. And he can reach wherever he wants with authority.

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Now, the first seven years pass, seven years of drought start, Egyptians are ready because of the plan of use of Allah, Hasina.

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Other countries are in pain are all in a state of lack, starvation, they're not prepared for that. So Egypt is so well prepared that they even have a surplus that they can trade off, they can sell to people from other countries. So the family of use of the brothers of use of cane were sent by their father to come. They brought some of their personal stuff their goods and they wanted to sell them

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and our trade them off for some grain and some food. And that's what people started flooding to Egypt to do that us ready Salam was in charge of this kind of distribution and this kind of trade off. So he saw his brothers what to use so far, for our farm for the holiday give our homeowner, the homeowner.

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They came to us they entered upon Him because they have to deal with him. He's the officer that they have to deal with.

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He recognized them they did not recognize him. They did not recognize him.

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Why? Because for them use of was that this is like mental bias cognitive bias, the mind cancels the possibilities. So this is why although probably subconsciously they they they noticed something. But it did not occur to them that this was use of insulin, because for them use of it was gone. That's it.

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Probably dead or in a faraway country.

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Then use very seldom prepared, like took their, whatever their the goodies they came to, to, to exchange or to trade off. And he loaded the camels with their grains and their food, etc.

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And then he says to them that I see, according to the records, there's one of your brother's missing. So if you come next year, bring him with you. Because I want to make sure the records are right.

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These details are, by the way in some of the books of Tafseer and the stories of the Quran, so

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and if you don't bring him then I will not give you a lot trade off with you next year. They said, Okay, we'll speak with his father and see if he gives us permission. Use financing I'm seeing from the kind, he's aware now of the situation and other countries, poverty stricken starvation.

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People are selling their own things in order to, you know, get food in exchange. And he could see it from the stuff that his brothers brought that this these were the personal things, the necessary things.

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So he was concerned, they might not have something to come and trade off next year. So he told his servants to put these goodies back in the caravan back in the camels of his own brothers.

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And at the time as well, people would travel they're not necessarily would would watch over their camels because this is a huge caravan. And it's just like traveling today, you you take your luggage you check in at the airport, and you don't know what happens to your luggage throughout the flight. Even if you have connections, it's been transferred, etc. You only get it when you arrive, you just pick up your luggage, pretty much similar system at the time. They would only know about their luggage, you know, once they arrived

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once they arrived back in Palestine

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Okay, so

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they go back and they tell the story to their dad, and they tell him you know, we need to get our brother next time. You have to let him come with us. And he said am I going to trust you with with him just as I trusted you with his brother before, he still has not forgotten he is actually actually still great grief grieving.

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And then he says, But I put my trust in Allah, he's the one who preserves and he's the most merciful. But then when they checked, check their luggage they realized

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it's not it's it's not only the food that is there, but also their goodies.

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So they said to their father, you know, we have we've been given back old goodies. So most likely we'll be able to go next time or next year to get

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you know, our our provisions, more provisions. So the father says to them, I will not send him with you, until you give me promises,

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emphasized confirmed promises and Allah is the witness over these promises that you will not you will bring back your brother with you, unless it becomes a desperate situation and you are unable to bring him. So that's what they did. And then their father told them you know, when you enter the city, that city there don't enter altogether.

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Disperse, scatter each one by yourself and into. So there are issues here.

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He understood that something has been set up, he could read that. So he didn't know exactly what that was. So for the sake of safety of his own children, his own sons. This was a tactic so when they spread it's difficult to you know, watch them by one or two people and they would not be noticed. And some scholars said because generally speaking the family of Jacobi Sarang were very beautiful handsome. So he said if you enter all together all of you together

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with these handsome faces it's going to draw a lot of attention it's going to be problematic. Some scholars say said it's all about at hesed and evil I

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again these are just interpretations

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and then

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they go to us very salon was really Salam takes his brother to the side and speaks with Him and He reveals His identity is in the Enter a hawker fellow deputized to be my canary. I'm your brother. Do not feel bad about what they used to do, do not we'll deal with it. We'll handle that.

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Then he was very slim had a plan. So his plan was to

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when he prepared their provisions.

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There is the measuring cup because they used these to measure

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key things with it you know the amount instead of wait

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so usually said I'm instructed his servants or his workers his staff to put his own cup the main cup

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which is a royal cup

00:25:24--> 00:25:29

in the luggage of his own brother Binyamin, the youngest

00:25:34--> 00:25:55

the caravan set out on the way back to Palestine an announcement was made loud voice you people have this caravan you are thieves you stole the you know, the measuring cup or the golden cup of the king. They said we you know, we're not thieves.

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You know, we're not we're not people of corruption and we're not thieves. So they say they say the officer was investigating he said okay, what is then the punishment? If we find it, we're going to search your luggage? If we find it in your luggage on the luggage Have any of you what would be the punishment? Now here? Why did they offer them this because this was curtsy? Because Egypt has it had its own laws.

00:26:22--> 00:26:26

And Palestine had its own laws. So they would offer strangers

00:26:28--> 00:26:33

to be judged according to their own the law of their local land out there.

00:26:39--> 00:26:45

So they said what is the ruling of a thief in your land because in the rule of Egypt

00:26:48--> 00:27:01

the the punishment for theft such as theft, like stealing from the king, or from the authorities was punished was punished by capital punishment or severe punishment. Capital punishment.

00:27:02--> 00:27:17

So you salicin obviously did not want this. He was so he wanted the law of Palestine what was the law of Palestine, then the thief if he's caught, he would serve the person that he stole from either for a period of period of time or whatever.

00:27:19--> 00:27:36

So they said hello. For managers that are holding quantum candy been you know, what is the punishment for a thief if you are guys are not telling the truth, you are not telling the truth? Harder, which is that a woman wouldn't if you're ready for what is that? Okay, then you can actually find him it said whoever is found it's found in in his luggage.

00:27:37--> 00:27:41

Then he's taken as a servant by the king.

00:27:42--> 00:27:50

And this is the punishment of those who do rock. So the search started by Youssef or his staff started

00:27:51--> 00:28:02

the search the luggage of the brothers first before bidding me and they left Binyamin till the end, just not to, you know, allow any suspicion to arise.

00:28:07--> 00:28:18

And thus now then they found it in the luggage of Binyomin. Useful acnm says okay, then what is the ruling? This guy, your younger brother stays with me. He has to serve me.

00:28:20--> 00:29:05

Last one that he says that we gave us for any Salam knowledge gave us for His knowledge. His brothers said now if he steals then he had a brother who's told before look at the bitterness they still have about us values. They are basically what they're referring to is that the claim that usually said I'm stole the heart of his own father, then, although they were the ones who wronged us for the Sunnah. But they will always projecting that on him, even until now use have kept it to himself. And he did not, you know, have an issue with them. And he says Allah knows the truth. And this shows that a believer generally speaking, even when there are lies, or rumors, or you know,

00:29:05--> 00:29:35

things that are not true, that a person should not be taken completely by the fact that people are accepting them. Although this is something that has to be dealt with, but should always be firm knowing that the truth only matters only the truth matters, because that's what really matters with a loss pan, what are added the truth has its own intrinsic power. So they said to us for any Salam, you know, he has an old father, his father's concerned for him. So take one of one What if one of us instead of him?

00:29:36--> 00:29:55

He said, No, it's injustice, the thief, whoever we found, whoever the person that we found this cop in his luggage and that's the person that we're going to take we're not going to shift it to someone else this would be injustice. So when the brothers of Yusuf became desperate,

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

they realize they could not get their brother back

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The either the oldest or the most wise among them. He said, Don't you know that your father in law had an agreement with you there's an agreement, there's a covenant, there's an oath. I'm not going to go back. And previously remember what you did to yourself. And it shows that this brother seems to be the wisest among them was not fully in line with their earlier crime. But again, sometimes the spirit of the group becomes overwhelming. So he says, I'm going to stay here you guys go back home, and I will not go back home until my father allows me to come back.

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Or Allah subhanaw taala passes a judgment or gives a judgment especial judgment in my case, go back to your dad, tell him exactly what happened. Tell him your son was found to be a thief was, was caught stealing. And that's what we were saying what we saw what we witnessed and you can and we did not know the unseen we, when we gave you a promise we did not know that your son was going to steal or caught stealing was was going to be caught stealing. And, and you can ask the people of Egypt if you want go to Egypt and ask all you ask the caravan that we came along with.

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Their father said no, you guys have a plot. You guys already plotted for something that he says I will hold on to beautiful patients for suborn Jimmy this time, he says as Allahu winyah to nab him, Jimmy, I hope Allah will bring all of them back. Imagine the I've already said he's a prophet and he he remembers the dream of yours for Islam and has not been fulfilled. So he knows there's hope that use when he's come back to him. So he was hoping that this would be the moment. So he said I still love him and yet to nab him Jimmy Anna, hopefully Allah will bring all of them back to me. In Now whoever even Hakeem Allah is the most Allah's the All Knowing and most wise.

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And he turned away and he cried more on use of any sensitive to the point that his eyes turned white out of extreme sadness and weeping. And this is, by the way, not a form of despair or depression or losing balance. On the contrary, this is the love of a father. His heart is content with whatever Allah writes. But his his fatherly connection to his son

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makes him emotional. And that's it. So there's no it's not imbalanced here. He's not someone who's insisting on suffering or playing a victim. On the contrary, he just being a father

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will be able to enter in the work of him. And he's not showing this sadness. You know, he's not displaying he's keeping it between himself and Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And then they make a comment to left out at collusive attack on HoloLens automatically is still you know, remember I mentioned us very seldom until you sort of, you know, burn yourself out.

00:33:07--> 00:33:10

And you know, until you cause yourself to die.

00:33:12--> 00:33:50

He says to them in the Marine Corps. bethey was in the in Alajuela moment Allah humanitarian he said, I am expressing my sadness, my fatherly loss, I'm expressing that to Allah, not to you. I know from Allah what you don't know. I know about Allah what you don't know. And I have news from Allah which you do not have you guys don't know you think you know you think you're being smart? And you don't know what I know what I'm aware of. And he says you haven't yet have offered the headsets will be useful for Wi Fi he will assume Rohilla enamel as moto Allah Illa como caphyon He says, oh my children, my my son's

00:33:52--> 00:33:54

he says go and

00:33:56--> 00:34:07

look for news about your suffering syndrome. About yourself and his brother. And do not ever don't ever give up on Allah. Don't give up hope.

00:34:09--> 00:34:20

You know when it comes to dealing with Allah subhanaw taala because no one despairs of Allah's mercy but people who don't truly believe as long as you believe there is trust, there is hope in Allah Subhanallah to add

00:34:22--> 00:34:24

some Allah profound lessons in the soul.

00:34:26--> 00:34:28

And we're going to stop here in sha Allah and we will

00:34:30--> 00:34:36

finish them next Friday be it Nila he to add. So Jacqueline locker for joining us

00:34:37--> 00:34:44

this week and again, stay safe and take care of yourself. Or Sarah Marie commercial market