The Exact Date of the Day of Judgement

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One day Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem

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was sitting in a measureless he was at a gathering of people and he was speaking to the people.

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And a Bedouin Arab came in a lobby. He came in and the Bedouin, Arabs are very straightforward with their words, not having conventions and etiquettes of other people and he came right in. And he said to the Prophet Sal, Salah Mehta, SA,

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when is the hour?

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When is the last day?

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So this is a serious question. When is the day of judgment.

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And the Prophet Muhammad saw some of them as reported, continue to talk to the people in the metrics.

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Those who saw this had different opinions. Some said that maybe he didn't respond to the Bedouin because he hated this question. He didn't like this question. Others said no. Maybe he didn't hear what the person actually said.

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And the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, continue till he finished his discussion. And then he turned and he said, where is the question?

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And the battle came, and the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said to this person

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that if trust is lost, either do ye at Amana fantabulous Ah, he said that if Amana trust is lost, then wait for the hour. In other words, you will be close to their judgment.

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But the Bedouin continue K for a DA. He said, How will this be lost? And the Prophet SAW sudden and respond and said either was siddell, Amro? LFA Dr. Li, Fantasma de sa.

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If authority is given to people who are not suitable for it,

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then wait for the hour.

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In other words, the day of judgment would be very close.