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Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over a cat Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda Moon fauna on finally Mount Olympus Anna was at the Inman Yahama. Rocky need to ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increases knowledge along the Vedic NFE. Jimena. Hello, I'm Ron markoma. But you have to follow rock on and ready to rock and musoma. Well, I'll fina what I've been on a shocking and what I mean you're a bit I mean, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told Kumu monkfruit en la come get up all your sins are forgiven. I mean are *

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good Luna sea.

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Turtle no good. Call Luna sin.

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So we continue in sha Allah to Allah with our series about the funerals and 100 Arbor, I mean, we covered the huge portion. And today's chapter is salata. Janaza. Before we speak, and discuss the actual Salaat there are some

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things that has to be

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cleared. Before we speak about the actual, the actual prayer. First, you have to know that Serato janazah is for key fire for key fire. But as fortify Amin,

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excellent Mabu, if a group does it, it drops from the rest of the community. If a group does it, it will the responsibility will drop from the rest of of the community. So sattell Janessa is

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first cafe and like we spoke and discussed last week, that the heart of the Muslim and the Muslim are five, to reply the salam, if he sees and says Hamdulillah, you say Alhamdulillah? If he invites you, over you go and

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fully, you know, answer the invitation. If he gets sick, you visit them. And if they die, you follow their agendas and pray that Allah has on them. So this is one of the right of the Muslim and the Muslim. Now

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how about if a person die?

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Who is

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or who did not reach puberty yet a person who died and did not reach puberty yet, there is a difference of opinion. Some say that it is

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Mr. hub to pray the janazah. And some say you're going to have to pray the Janessa and their delille is that Rasulullah saw Salam did not pray on his son Ibrahim Serato Janessa when he died

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if people decide to pray, there's nothing wrong with it. But the DUA

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that we usually make for the maid yet will change. If the kid if the person is less if he did not hit puberty yet, we will come to that when we come to the salad to the actual salad because you're asking Allah to forgive him. But he is seven you know there is no forgiveness yet we will discuss what is that for the for them. Now if a person if a newborn fetus died before four months before four months in his mother's womb, there's no definitely there's no salad on him because we all know the Hadith for Salah Salem that after four months, the roux comes to the to the to the body. So before four months there is no so what are you praying salat on who? There's no way yet after the

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four months if you want to pray

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On the fetus that died before birth, it's okay. But if you don't pray is not a big deal. Okay. I just want to clarify that before we move forward.

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how about praying Janessa

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on a person that is sinful,

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a person that drinks alcohol, a person that do drugs, a person who does not pray, a person who does not give his jacket, you know, a sinful person,

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the janazah prayer must be offered, even if the person is a fragile.

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What does fragile mean?

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This fragile, corrupt person.

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Now, if the Imam knows that this person does not pray, for example, which is a major sin, the only sin that are Salah salem said that you if you do not perform the only Ibadah if you do not perform, you are a Kaffir is the salaat. Nothing else that also said and said, if you leave, you're a Kaffir. Okay, except the Salat even that

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if the Imam knows that this person does not pray.

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In order to teach a lesson to the community, he only can not pray. But he has to ask the community to pray. But most of the time, the Imam even though he knows he tries to hide as much as he can, but officially like Salah Salem, when he used to know about a major sinner, he used to tell them that, you know, go ahead and pray on your brother, when someone one time committed suicide.

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Or Salah Salem, he said the man came to me he said he had a sort of Allah, a person has died. He said, Did you see him with your own eyes? He said yes. I saw him cutting his own throat. He said go pray on your brother. I'm not praying on him. Go pray on your own brother. So first of all,

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it's not recommended that when you come to the masjid, and you're about to pray Janessa, you will ask this this guy pray was this guy, this is not. This is not really appropriate. You don't sit down you say your brother. May Allah subhanaw taala forgiven, you do your best to make dua for him. And you don't sit down and ask questions all if he doesn't play. I'm not going to pray Allah and the Last. One of the geneticists in the past. The guy said, no, no, no, I know this guy. He he did this. He did that. I'm not going to pray. tequila, tequila, the guys is dying. He needs every single. So you never know. In Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah says, Allah forgives everything, even if somebody

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leaves the salad, because there's a difference of opinion among amongst some declared them as a Kaffir. Some declared No, he has to be warned and jailed and you know, before you declare him as a calf, so this is difference of opinion. And there's a difference of opinion. There's no difference in opinion, when someone says, You know what, this salad is something from the past. This is not prescribed anymore. Why do I have to pray? He says that the salad is not necessarily this person. By agreement by all the other man, he's out of Islam and not only because of salad, if he says about anything halal, that is haram or anything that is halal. He's out of Islam, but the person when you

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tell him that he does not pray, and he says of Allah, He

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said, I know that I'm behind in my duties to Allah subhanaw taala Allah, I'm trying, May Allah guide me stuff like this person, this is where the Anima different, okay? So it's not time to sit down and ask questions, go ahead and pray on your brother and hope. So like I was saying, Allah will forgive everything except Sheikh, Allah told us that he will forgive everything except a few die on a state of shock. Other than that, Allah subhanaw taala is a food on Rahim.

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Then, Chef moved to the topic that we discussed before. And we emphasized on making sure that you die or you try to cover all your debt before you die. And we mentioned the story of Salah Salem, when he found out that the person has to dinner to dinner of that he refused at a salon to a salon to pray Janez on him. And then one of the Sahaba said you had a sort of Allah I'll take care of it. Please pray on him. Then this was I said I prayed the next day he asked us a hobby. Did you pay it said Jana so much was only yesterday.

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The next day was so sad sentiments. Did you pray it? He said yes. I paid it. He said now he can rest.

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Allahu Akbar. So if you have any debt, make sure you take care of it before the before death comes suddenly. Now here's a very

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sensitive or very common question

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Can I go to a non Muslim janazah?

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Can I attend a non Muslim Janessa?

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Yeah, one. If the man non Muslim is sick,

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he's sick. You will be rewarded if you visit him.

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Okay, visiting him is rewarding. If

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someone died someone at work, one of your colleagues at work his son, his mother died to offer condolences Allahu Akbar, excellent. Very good. But to go to the Janessa and participate in the prayers in the church is definitely not allowed. Definitely not allowed.

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Who was the most

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non Muslim person beloved, through Salah Salem.

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His uncle did he attended Janessa

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did wrestler seminar attended Janessa Batali.

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Anybody knows

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he did not he totally go bury your father.

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I will tell him

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we all know what happened and the last moment Yeah, Uncle just say Leila hit lumbus punnamada Salsa, Salem, he loves him so much and he wants to he wants him to be saved.

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C'est la ilaha illallah he died admitting confessing that I believe on the rub off of the mortality. Right? So he totally and even though I can I cannot even imagine how the the suicide and feel because we all know the father of Abu Talib on Rasul Allah Islam, he's still totally go and bury your father. Now we have a special case here, a brother, who has converted to Islam, he became a Muslim and his father died.

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Right? Now here we are, most of us, not all of us, we are born Muslims, right.

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And, in this, in this situation, maybe is a friend at work or neighbor, this will apply to us, but for our brother or our sister that lost their father, and their parents are not Muslims. What did you do in that situation? Now,

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the same ruling applies to them, except, except if they know that their attendance of the janazah could by anyhow cause anybody to soften their heart to Islam. Bismillah but if they know they're gonna go, they're good most of the time. Jaquan if you go to why you Why is not permitted to go to the church in a

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at the time of a funeral. Because at that time, all they're saying, or they're saying and this is not the time to discuss, let's sit down and debate and have interfaith it's not the time, right, there's a dead person right there, you're not going to sit down and discuss who's Jesus and all that they are sitting there and saying things that do not you we do not agree with, we consider them as against our belief. And at the same time, we cannot say anything. Can you stand up in the funeral in the church and say,

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let me tell you about Muhammad Sallallahu you're not going to do that. So that's why your presence you are hearing things that are against your deen, that is the saying constantly that Allah has a son, Allah has a son, Jesus is gonna save you. And you're sitting there and you can do anything and you know that this is not true.

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This is not true. Right? Allah told us in the Quran that the worst thing you could ever commit or ever say is to say that Allah has a son, well Carlota Rana laka, G, Toshi and Edgar to caribou summer were to yet nominee was walk out of water

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under the rock man,

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just by without understanding Arabic You know that these chicks mountain, Allah said that the sky is trembling, the mountains are moving and the earth is is shaking, just because they said they said Allah has a son. And I'm sitting there, Jesus, Jesus has said he's gonna save you. And I can't say anything. So your presence there is not allowed. Okay? Now if that is the case of a son or a daughter, and they think that they might help in a, in a in a Dawa, or they see maybe from their o'clock that that will attract them to Islam. Because at that time, people, a lot of people at that time of death, people remember God. So if you could come in a smart manner and introduce your deen,

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I know it's very hard and it's not a time for dollar. But if you can, and you're a very strong character, and you have you are influential in your family Bismillah but in general, like I said before visiting them when they're sick, Allahu Akbar, conduct after you they come up from the church.

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Do you come to their house and you offer your condolences? This man is my neighbor for 1015 20 years and his son died and then go and tell him, you know, offer him My condolences. No, we go and we offer our condolences, but the point is attending the Janessa.

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Now somebody might say how about the monad?

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How about the hypocrite? Well, first of all, neither myself nor you, nor anyone I know personally can

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call someone a hypocrite.

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So they might tell you but, Amara, about the Allah Han told Rasulillah salam ala Rasulillah How could you pray on?

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Obey Edna saloon, he is less than one africaine that's a different story. He was known to be in one effort by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and even him after he prayed what happened? What happened after a suicide and preyed on Abdullah in the saloon?

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And I was revealed don't pray on anyone on any one of them. That was Sunday. I don't pray on any one of them if they die anymore. Don't pray anymore. So the hokum came after that even lawsuits I said and prayed. But after that does happen, the king will cancel the almond from before that was an was canceled. You do not pray on

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and before that, please don't ever accuse someone that you are a monastic. Who are you to care to accuse someone who's gonna happen Subhan Allah rasool Allah is seldom even gonna Susannah Salam gave us the characteristic of a malefic what are the characteristic for

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Because when he speaks, He's always lying. Not he lied once. We know does not work like that. Or second.

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Either rather.

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He broke his promise, right?

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Is that to me now?

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Con, when he gives a you're giving him an Amana? He does not fulfill that. And then he betrays that Amanda and

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either ha summer, fragile, if he fights with you, he forgets 2015 20 years of

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it becomes like, you know, he brings everything you told him the secrets. He everything he would become open to the public. Ledger he changes completely. Okay. Now, if one person if a person has one of these signs, so Salem is saying that if someone has own four signs, he's gonna check

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my aluminum luck. But if someone has assigned one of them, we don't call him on Africa one. What do we say? He has a sign of default. He has one of one of the signs of NIFA and again, not about the person that lied once or did something well, no, this is by the way, stay away from calling people in Africa. Jaquan This is not your job. Leave it to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah He, the best thing to do is concentrate on yourself. Concentrate on yourself. When you're pointing one finger there are four fingers pointing at you. Concentrate on yourself and fix yourself before you accuse others and judge others. This is not your job. Not when somebody asked me brother is this person

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going to help? Because he's not a Muslim? Is this going to help because he did that when I Okay, I don't know where I'm going.

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I have no clue where I'm going Subhanallah so why am I why am I worried about others? Let me concentrate on on myself.

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Okay, we come with one more thing inshallah and we'll continue next week. Solid.

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Solid, alive Serrato Janaza. in absentia, absent the person the body is not here. Now.

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Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik Rahim Allah, they are from the opinion. If the Sumatra Jenessa was performed.

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There is no need to perform Janessa anymore.

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Imam Shafi Rahim Allah He said No, it's okay. If somebody prayed Janessa somewhere else. You can also pray Janessa here even though the body is not here, and he used the Hadith off

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and the Joshi as a delete, because we all know that when he passed away Rasulillah Salam asked the Sahaba they came and he said a brother of yours passed away. And let's pray John has on him. The reason why he nobody pray Janessa on him in that place. Surah Surah Salam played played the Janessa alive. There's a very common practice that when someone very famous, passed away, whether it's a president or a shareholder, this and that people pray Janessa over like we said, a member of honey for him Allah Allah Malik, they are not from that opinion. It is sufficient or some people are very emotional. We hear that

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For example, their father or their mother passed away overseas. So they gathered here and they play Janessa. Again, this is there's nothing like that. We see from the Sunnah, that you know if someone died overseas, and people have already prayed on them, there's no need to pray again on the on the Janessa type. Can I for example, I came to the masjid and I prayed I missed salatu Janessa I missed Sonata Janessa the whole thing was done. The people who are outside. Can I pray Janessa on that person in the graveyard?

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Yes or no?

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Who say no.

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You know, the woman that used to clean the Masjid.

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What happened with her?

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What happened with her?

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So Maasai Salam came, and they told me out of Salalah last night, the woman that cleans the masjid, she passed away, and we buried her at night. So why don't you tell me lava? Look how kind and loving he is. You know? He said, Why don't you tell me so the other night was late at night and we don't want to bother you.

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Let's go. Allahu Akbar. He took the Sahaba went to her grave, and pray Janessa again, the from that the automat said if you missed it, and you would like to pray over there, just the Janessa know somata regular sloth. That's a different story. You could pray Serato Janessa if you missed it in the in the masjid. Now in sha Allah Allah.

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If Allah kept us alive the next week, or you know what, let's just one more I'm sorry. One more because before we go to the summer, where do you pray Salafi Janessa? Is it better to pray inside the masjid or outside the masjid

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Estella fellow anima.

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Outside Emmanuel Hanifa hamdulillah is from the opinion outside is better. Because this was the norm. There was no someone next to us, I sent him his message. This is where they pray the Janessa if you pray inside, there's no harm or so much I send them also. But if you look at the majority of the Salah for Salah Salem, they were outside, he prayed inside. He prayed and said as a matter of fact, I should have the Allah Allah. Someone said that.

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No, don't pray inside. This is a bit dull. So this thing was happening even at the time of the alarm. So he said, How fast do people speak up about things of which they have no knowledge? They objected to bringing the Janaza inside the masjid by Allah, but so Maasai Salam, he prayed over Sohail and his brother inside the masjid so don't say it's a bit odd to pray inside the Masjid. They're both Okay, on the land if you pray outside is better. But if you pray inside, there's nothing wrong about that. And so from a cactus alive, we'll continue next week with the actual salad of of a Janessa and how all the mazahub will different maybe some very, very little difference

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between or the mother head brother.

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See you next week insha Allah subhana

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