Asim Khan – Tafsir of Surah Jumuah #1

Asim Khan
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this villa Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield Ambia it will Rosaleen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. As Marian some I'm about their brothers and sisters, we have now a session studying the Tafseer of surah. Two Jamar a very amazing surah in the Quran some introductory points before we recite some of this amazing Surah there's actually a lot that we can find out about the surah from just two, a hadith just to Hadith the first Hadith of the hadith of Buhari or or do longtime Hadith found in Sahih Bukhari he says that we were all sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when this Surah Surah two Juma descended down upon

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him. Now this one narration teaches us three things. The first thing it teaches us is about when the surah was revealed, because the person who narrated the Hadith Abu Hurayrah became Muslim in Medina, around the sixth Hijiri year. So it must have been around this time when the surah was revealed. And that's interesting because the surah will speak about the yahood the Jews and around the 600 a year, the focus for the Muslims was now the dangers coming from the Jewish tribes, namely that Jews are hybrid. So the mention of the Jews is found in surah. Juma and I will see how everything links up later on. The second thing we learn from this hadith is that the whole surah was reviewed one go,

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because I will worry about the loader and said that wounds in it Serato Joomla, the Surah Al Jumuah was revealed to the processor meaning in one go and the third thing we learn is that the name of the Surah Surah tool l Jumuah. Which can also be pronounced as Juma was, was named by the prophets that Allahu Allah was an all at least the Companions themselves as you know sometimes of surah was named by the person and certain others by the Companions, the Surah The name was set by them or the person or the Companions themselves. Now the other narration or the other Hadith which is very important is the hadith of Jagger on the mountain and valid in this in the Sunnah of Tirmidhi. And classes Shiva

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Shiva combining Rahim Allah, in this hadith, which is known as a hadith of infield. Lord, the there is an incident that occurs in Medina, during the life of the process, annum, which triggers the revelation of the surah. It is an incident where something happened during one Jumada the person was delivering, he was on the member, and he was delivering his hotbar. And what happened is during that time, where this incident took place, there was a kind of like a famine or drought taking place. And the people were in need of some external sources, bringing them you know, some food and some supplies. Now, what happens during the football for a tsunami is that one such caravan comes from

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Syria, and they hear the caravan coming, and it's laden with food supplies and oils. And what happens is they stand up and they leave Subhanallah and they leave the person and once he's doing the chutzpah, and they basically disperse out to go and find something in a caravan to buy and to purchase. And after that Allah subhanaw taala revealed the surah in which he he criticized the Muslims for doing that, because all except 12 companions panela were remained sitting there, listen to football, everybody else left. So these are the two Hadith that you need to bear in mind if you really want to grasp the whole surah in its entirety, and the meaning behind it. And essentially,

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the surah is literally as the name suggests about a Juma and not just the day of Juma but the congregational prayer, the two part prayer which is coming together to listen to the heartbeat of the Imam and then praying the to Urraca prayer. Now, you may think that this is just a ritual, you know, like what impact does it have on the Muslim community? Besides being just a ritual which they have to do once a week, we will find in this surah Subhanallah that the Juma congregation is actually Subhanallah a means of reforming the Muslim country

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Unity Yeah, it's like an institution and this is how we should now inshallah after studying it recognize the role of this congregation and Juma in reforming society at large okay and educating them and reforming them. Another interesting thing in the Surah is we will find that the role of the Prophet and seldom as a messenger to mankind is explained to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala So, these are some introductory remarks and shallow let's recite some of this surah before we go any further

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one long hula Dino cow one one you mean? Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala begins this surah in a way that many soar are begun by glorifying himself. So Allah subhanaw taala begins by saying, you said Behold, Allah Himself is somehow what you might feel and that everything in the skies in the summer what, as well as on the earth, you know what they're doing right now. They are glorifying Allah, they are making the speech of Allah saying, declaring that Allah you are free from any imperfection, there's no shortcoming whatsoever that could be attributed to you. And Allah subhanaw taala said that they are doing that using the present tense verb u sub Bishop. In other places he used the past

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Saba, in this surah, Allah began, I think you said the

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present tense, meaning that it's happening right now. But in Arabic, when something is said in the present tense, it also has the meaning as of now I should have said, of esteem, broad antigen, good, which means something happening now. And for the foreseeable future, and that's quite amazing. Allah is telling us that everything out there in space and outer space, as well as on the earth. Let me tell you what they're doing right now. And what they will continue to do up until Yom Okayama. They're glorifying me. They're saying you're Allah, you are so perfect, and you have no imperfections whatsoever. And then Allah subhana, Allah describes himself with full names. He says,

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You said Behold, Allah Himself is somewhat you may feel ug l Malik, Al kudos and Aziz al Hakim, for very amazing names, the first of which is Al Malik, that Allah is the king, saying Allah is the king denotes his power, denotes his authority, and denotes his control over everything in his kingdom, which is everything that exists. And magic number two, and kudos, which is to say as a puppet, he said, a pie here that he is the most pure, from the root words, which signifies purity.

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Could those is a way of saying in mubadala in a more intense way, that Allah is so unbelievably absolutely pure,

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meaning far removed from any, any lowliness any shortcomings that he is so pure, Al Malik, Al cudos, Allah Aziz, and then Allah says it is mighty, as if to say that there is nothing out there that could resist His will, that could go against what he wants and resist his command. Whatever he wants, He is Almighty and there is nothing out there that could possibly resist that. And in the end, he is Al Hakim, the most wise, there is wisdom behind the way he regulates the affairs

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of the inhabitants of this universe.

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Now, there's a question that we need to ask you, which is we said in the introduction that Surah two Dumas is all about this, the salah to Juma the, in the beginning, you have the hotbar that takes place and thereafter you have the Salah, and the congregation that happens on this blessed day of Joomla. Now, how is verse number one,

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introduction into talking about the date of Joomla and this activity, this institution that has been legislated for us. You know, the question is basically, how is this number one verse linked to and related to the later verses which speak explicitly about the prayer on Joomla? Have a think about that for a second. in pairs, if you can discuss with the person next to you. What do you think is a Lincoln how is this verse which is opening by saying everything out there in the skies above on the earth is glorifying Allah subhanaw taala and then describing Allah in this magnificent ways.

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