Palestine the land of the oppressed

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How can you not feel great seeing 75 years of humiliation men, women, children, children have to see the father's going through checkpoints. They're hungry. How can you still not feel pain? How can you not feel pain when you see this garbage on your media? 40 children be headed for tea chew baby be headed load of nonsense, but that's what happens. And you should know nobody should know better than you. Smilla Rahmanir Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Satan. Oh sorry Maulana Muhammad wa ala early he was hired to human severe hombre Sonny Illa Yomi de Baba respected brothers elders. Sisters Salam aleikum. Wa Rahmatullah. I'm sure everybody's aware of what is happening in

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Gaza. It just another cycle. Another time. We've seen it repeated so many times. It's as though it happens, the world forgets, and then it happens again. And a few days, it's on the forefront of our minds. And then the world forget to get and achieve think about it every single time watch the media. It's as though the clock stops with the Palestinians do something is selective amnesia, this issue did not start on the eighth. This issue has been going on for 75 years, 75 years this is going on for but every time there is a response. It says though the started right now, and everybody is expected to forget 75 years and think about what's happened right now. So every single time the

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victim, the oppressed, the occupied becomes the barbarian and the oppressor, and the occupier, the valley, becomes the Muslim becomes the poor, oppressed. And we've seen this cycle. So so many times, and what's the condemnation? This is the condemnation, the condemnation is every anchor will start with this statement. Do you condemn the acts of so and so which happened on so and so day, every single one, they have 1000s of interviews with Israelis, they never asked them? Do you condemn your 75 years of brutal apartheid and occupation and you know, this condemnation? We shouldn't really forget it because we've been through it for 20 years. I'm sure some of those are elder. Remember,

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anything happened anywhere in the UK, all the Muslims were meant to collectively condemn it. So when you Frank, a Muslim organization, what they would have on salah, A salaam, salaam peace, peace, peace, because you get badgered into condemning something that you had nothing to do with something would happen some way on the other side of the world, perpetrated with organizations which have nothing to do, oh, Muslims must condemn it. What do you think about this atrocity, so even now, when a Muslim goes on to TV he's expected to condemn. So we, the UK Brits should remember that this cell contamination never helps, because you don't deal with the root problem. You start the clock. Now,

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you start the clock five days ago, what is the root problem? The root problem is this that we have occupiers and we have the occupied. That's the root problem. We have a brutal apartheid regime. And then we have those who have to go through a humiliation on a daily basis. And the time comes when enough is enough. Everybody has a breaking point. But no, no, no, not the Palestinians. Now the Palestinians, every time something happens, yeah, they just throw roses on people. You know, there is the famous playwright Osama several weeks, he says that I when I heard that the Americans were organizing a safe corridor, I write my family in Gaza. And I said it's best you get out. She said,

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My auntie said to me, so what do you want us to do is either we live our entire life in a refugee camp, or we die in our homes. And for those who do not understand this, I've been into Gaza. I've been into the West Bank. I've been into the refugee camps in Jordan. I've been into jail refuge Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. sympathies is many of them still have the keys of their homes matches. You have the keys of your homes. Your father has the keys of his home, but he can never return. But if you're a Jew from any way in the world, you have the right to go and live in somebody else's home. Millions of Palestinians around the world scattered around the world. So she said would

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you want me to do you want me to go and leave my home? Because that's what they did in the first NACA, they gave them a safe corridor, and now you're never coming back home again. And listen

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very interesting how they reduced this entire conflict to one militant group and the entire Israelis. It's like nobody else besides Hamas are involved. It's like the 2.2 million people in the Gaza Strip. All those in the West Bank, who goes through brutality every single day are now involved in this look, you know, for those who are old enough to remember when we were kids who was a terrorist. Yes, Arafat you remember? Yes? Arafat? Yes. Arafat was every time you heard Yasser Arafat was the terrorist PLO was a terrorist. And then what happened? The PLO 30 years negotiated that okay, we will recognize we will, we will recognize Israel, we will put down our arms, you need to go

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back to international laws, the 1967 borders, that's what they did. For 3830 years. They recognized, they recognized Israel, they put down their arms, no, one day have the Israelis sees the expansion and the occupation. You know, this is, you know, you may think this is the first time this has happened in Gaza. This is the fifth time one last it 51 days, 51 days, you know, Gaza, they read, they say the Palestinians who run Gaza, Gaza, nothing goes in, nothing goes out of Gaza, unless the Israelis allow it. Nothing. And I'm saying this, I've been to Gaza. I've seen nothing goes if I saw a girl in a hospital after they had attacked, and this girl's face had literally blown up. She had

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birds. Why? Because she used to have to use a particular canister because Israeli wouldn't allow gas canisters or particular Ganic canister which are normally used. This is what they have to go through day in day out of humiliation. And remember this, you know today, it's really interesting that it's all about Hamas today, the Israeli times the Times of Israel, and Harrods, which is the most popular newspaper, both had articles, how Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Why did you prefer Hamas? Like they're propped up by Lokar, either in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets? Why did they prop up because they knew and he said to look at pot, he looked at a party in 2019. He said, If you don't want a

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Palestinian state, then allow money to go into Gaza and prop up Hamas. Why? Because that would keep the Palestinians divided. You would have the PLO and the West Bank and you would have Howard hammers. So by UK law, listen to this, by UK law, if Netanyahu was here in the UK, he would be locked up for supporting a proscribed terrorist organization, the Prime Minister of Israel will be locked up. But this is the sad thing. This is the third thing and then listen, brothers, you know, never become despondent one line. You know, overseer hurts, you see believable, but never become despondent. You may see all the media, the Western media, portraying it in a way you think, how can

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you do this? How can you support the apartheid state? Why? Because their self interest. That's it, Biden said, our best 3 billion that we spent every year is over there. In Israel, Why could they give it the now for nearly $4 million every year? Why is it imagine how much we would have to spend if Israel wasn't there to control that region? The money that they give to Egypt? Why didn't they give hands out to Egypt and the all the other countries to keep them subdued, but never ever become despondent? You know, people say oh, look at the media, you have media in your hands Wallah. You have it in your hand, the strongest media, you have your mobile phone, you have this is what people

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people don't watch TV. But as long as you're you have the gap and go to develop and send it around. You know, there was a time there was a time that you would only have one narrative, only one narrative. And that was the narrative of the Israelis. I remember the time when the Palestinian guys to come on TV, none of us speak English properly. Now you see that Mashallah. They are they articulate themselves? I want I want you to remember Wallahi this issue is not complicated. You know, like they say it was a very complicated issue. Wallah, he this issue is not complicated. This is the oppressor and oppressed. This is the brutality and the brutalize that's all it is. This is an

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apartheid state. So never get taken in always too complicated. It wasn't Ukraine wasn't complicated. Ukraine. What was taught was the argument there. We had an occupied we had the occupied. Let me tell you about Gaza. So me and a handful of brothers from the US

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Okay, we drove from here all the way to Gaza afterwards attacked I think it was 2010 after Operation consulate from here we went all the way there we entered with great difficulty, great difficulty with the journey and Subhan Allah. I honestly Wallahi that lace. The massage is a full feature you compare it to the West Bank and at every West Bank Barbie West Bank, but you compare it to Jerusalem. The masajid are full. These are people of Eman after 70 years everybody wells with a cut and run the entire world. Look at look, look at you feel despondent today. Yeah. You feel despondent. When you watch the news, you feel despondent? When you hear Stahma and you hear Sunak

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and you have prevalent you feel despondent? Imagine if you lived in Gaza, and you had all those Muslim countries around you, you had nearly 2 billion Muslims, and you were 2.2 million of that OMA and you were Trump, imagine how you would feel but that's the difference between you. And then these are people of Allah who people are among masajid are full, and you don't want it really struck me when I got there. And then I really understood literally every house you go into to have martyrs that people who have died in the occupation. You see that picture when you're using this person's family got to members, this family's gonna find members. And this is why when you see the result,

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you understand what their result is like. And listen, you have media, your media and your hands. You are the media you should know the facts. It's your responsibility. The Messenger of Allah said a lot we know that congested and why the believers are like one body How can you not feel the pain? How can you be a believer not feel the pain? How can you be a believer and see 75 years of occupation in your most holiest land and mushy? doxa and still not feel pain? How? How can you not feel great seeing 75 years of humiliation, men, women, children, children have to see their fathers going through checkpoints. They're hungry. How can you still not feel pain? How can you not feel pain when

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you see this garbage on your media? 40 children be headed 42 Baby headed load of nonsense, but that's what happens. And you should know nobody should know better than you when they want to dehumanize a group of people. They start dehumanizing for a very long time, the Muslims in the UK in the West were dehumanized. Every other article was about the Muslims. You should know about dehumanization. Because when you dehumanize a group of people, when you say these people killed 40 babies 40 Babies, if people are animals. Exactly. That's what the defense minister said, isn't it? He said no electricity, no water, no food, because we are dealing with human animals. Nobody says a

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word the Western mute the holder you know, we are upholding human rights. Everybody's quiet. Nobody says the word. So let me make this quite clear. The issue is crystal clear. The issue is crystal clear. Your press a group of people for 75 years international law says that you have entered it is your legal right to find the occupied maybe Kashmir, maybe Palestine they talk about international law. The hostages must be kept by international law and Kier Starmer, very interesting. Listen to this Kier Starmer when he was asked, do Israel have the right to brocade electricity food? He said I think they have the right what'd you say? He's a lawyer by profession. He knows that this is against

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international law, because collective punishment. You can't punish 2.2 million people for the action of a few 100. And what does it mean? So he says this Sunak says, oh, unequivocal support, Braverman says tells a police ban the Palestinian, therefore she was alluding to she can't ban it but ban the Palestinian flag. You know what this is? This is a endeavor to scare the sport is of Palestine and the supporters of Palestine are not just Muslim. I'll tell you now, the most ardent supporters on Whoa. of Palestine in the West I know you and I is normally non Muslims who will get locked up how many Muslims? Have you ever seen going to Grace grocery shop and walk out with Israeli goods so I'm

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not paying for this is illegal. How we've never I've seen dozens and dozens of non Muslims do it because this is an issue of human humanity. This is bondage. This is slavery. The law the largest open air prison that's what they call Gaza. I don't call it the largest open air concentration camp in the world. So when she says Listen, when she says we want to burn, the flag Wallah he

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One light, if any of you get budget, and if you get fear because of that, you need to check your Eman bombs are raining down on people. They have no electricity. The hospitals have been bombed men, women and children have been displaced. And you say, oh, yeah, well, I read my Palestinian flag. Let me let me put it down. Don't you ever one lie speak about the ombre game? Don't you ever you can't even do the minimal, you know, you kind of stand up for something which is so basic. And you see look, the Anglosphere countries our country America, Canada, Australia, known as the Anglosphere country, they are the most ardent supporters of Israel. Why? Because if you look, this country is

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the father. This is where they generally emanated from. This is a father. What was America built on? What was Canada built on? Who was Australia built on? It was built on genocide, ethnic cleansing, killing, raping, pillaging, murdering, so this is the father and all these other countries are the illegitimate children of this country. They are the Haram your love of this country, and who's doing what they did is Israel occupying taking people's country, ethically, cleansing them. So now, Israel is the illegitimate and Harami grandchild of this country and the children of the that's why they have given unflinching support Ukraine. 16 years Gaza has been under siege. You didn't wait six days

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for Ukraine and Gaza 60 years nothing goes in. Nothing goes out here total utter humiliation. So I want to listen remind you about the flicker that people had for this ummah once upon a time Notre Dame Viki Rahmatullah la the teacher of Salahuddin In Egypt there was a town which was besieged by the Crusaders, so in order to do what he did, he besieged the Crusaders. He came behind the Crusaders, but the Crusaders have besieged the city so that we'll have this hadith scholars said to know Rudy, we're gonna read Hadith and auditing sat down. So they began to read the Hadith and they read a hadith which is more so Subic the bassoon must also be Tabassum is when the Mercy of Allah

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narrated this narration. He smiled. So when the Sahaba narrated narration, he smiled the Mercy of Allah. And then when the next person read it, they smile, and they smiled, and this is how it's reached us. So the Hadith scholar narrates this narration, and he smiles no deed was the most powerful Muslim of his time. He smiled the Notre Dame smile. nurudeen said how can I smile when the Muslims are under siege? Wallah he today it's not just seach is bombs raining on your head your children in incubators and there is no electricity. You know, I remind this reminds me of the story in the Quran, when Musa Lai Sonata slum stood in front of Pharaoh and Pharaoh will say to Musa Musa

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say free my people even emancipated my people free my people they've had enough and fun I will say is to Musa Do you remember when you kill that one cop? One terminal Catherine and you are from the ungrateful ones. Imagine this Musa is being told by fear own the one who killed 10s of 1000s You remember when you kill that one person today? You put your God killed you STD criminalize you brutalize people for 75 years. You really hated him. And then you get upset when the slave kicks back. As a queer Oh said We told you it was coming. But the words don't want to hear Wallah he let me tell you if the same amount of Palestinians died every single day as Israelis died. No one

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wouldn't be on your TV screens. No Israeli would ever be asked to condemn no Israeli lead No IDF member but the Palestinians are so my brothers and sisters. Yes, it hurts a believer. But these are days that Allah say Tilka Yamanaka would have been in us these are days that we rotate most people you know Allah He, I've been to Gaza. I've seen the result of our proposition Wallahi. I'm telling you firsthand, I went directly after they were bombed after Operation Cast Lead, and the man was to something else that a man was something else. So I want you to remind you of the word of Allah. When Allah says, which happened after the Battle of 170 Sahaba were passed away. Allah says, let you know

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well I don't know what animal Allah Luna in contain what we need, let you know do not do not fall in despondency in grief and despair until you are the highest even in defeat because you are grieved to Allah subhanaw taala as long as you leave the dunya in the State of Belief, so we make dua that Allah subhanaw taala grant our shahada janitor for those that Allah subhanaw taala Free Palestine honestly, I grew up with this statement Free Palestine. Everybody's heard it, but it looks like the old

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The Muslim country on the world which is free is Palestine every other country is occupied besides Palestine, there's only resistance from one group of people, everybody else, every other country as the as the leader is muted, so we make dua that Allah subhanaw taala, free mushy Luxa that Allah has wanted to create a million Salah Hadith in this ummah, that Allah subhanaw taala make us a vehicle of assisting our brothers and sisters in Palestine, that Allah subhanaw taala keep our hearts in light in the dunya and reunited agenda for those brothers. Put just little differences aside, nobody's interested. You have bigger fish to fry, don't divide the Ummah on your petty issues.

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Omar's writing about this little issue and that little issue and bombs are raining on people's heads. You know, I remember it very interesting. When we went to Gaza we drove drove from it all the way to Gaza. There was one two brothers on that convoy. There's a few 100 of us who would have pressed a lot behind everybody else. And I thought to myself, you're going to help people all the way in Gaza, you most likely wouldn't even press a lot of behind the people you're going to help So may Allah subhanaw taala alleviate their sufferings