Important Lesson From the Seerah of Rasulullah and Ta’if

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Today short, hotter Inshallah, one of the incidents of the Sierra which I find a lot of benefits and wisdom. And as we're all aware, the incident of thought is well known to, and it's been discussed so many times, but the trajectory of what happened to the people of thought if the way that they accepted Islam there are so many benefits and wisdoms in this the tribe of thought if was the name of the tribe of five, who can remind me

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Sutcliffe that was called for Cliff, and setif and Quraysh were two rival tribes, right? They thought themselves to be the best of the Arabs. The tribal stative was one of the most obstinate and arrogant tribes and it accepted Islam with great difficulty. We know the incident of thought if the process went there, they rejected Him, and they treated him very cruelly, and the name of urban Abdi ideal comes up the one who was the chieftain of the tribe of thought, if so, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went back to Makkah, Allah azza wa jal blessed him with Medina. After the conquest of Makkah, in the eighth year of the hijra, in the month of Shawwal, the prophets are some right after concrete

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Makkah attempted to conquer or if as well, the famous battle of her name took place her name, her name was a partial victory. Because much of the army that was fighting against the Muslims, they fled back to thought if so her name itself was a victory in terms of minima in terms of getting the wealth, but the Warriors the majority of them fled back to thought if they were not captured. And so the Profit System then from her name, went up to thought if this is now the eighth year of the hedgerow, right 10 years have gone by since he visited thought if the first time and he laid siege to fall if for more than one month, he laid siege to five books of CRRC 40 days, he attempted

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multiple tactics, Sandman and fantasy like he had a given idea. He now gave the idea which idea did he give? And if

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the conduct is there, that's back in the in the trench men journey the catapults so he taught the Muslims how to build a rudimentary catapult which was unknown to the Arabs. Why because typhus at the top of a mountain and thought it has fortresses thought it had a massive gate and wall right. And Salman al Farsi taught them to build a mon Ginia a catapult in order to try to defeat the system. But it was too much. Then the Muslims began to burn the crops outside of thought if right and when they did so the people of thought if begged for mercy for their children and crops because, you know, when you destroy crops, right, it's not like destroying a building. What's the difference?

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A building you build it in one week, crops will require 2030 years. Crops means the legacy of its like long term, and it's also even bad for the victors because when you conquer the city, and there are no crops to feed you, it's actually even bad for the victors. Right. So they begged that at least don't destroy our crops. So the profits of Saddam gave that command don't destroy the crops, okay. After 40 days, the profits of Saddam decided that will leave life. So he went back to Medina, or if he's still unconquered. In the meantime, one of their chieftains one of their most respected elders are what Tibetan Masuda thought coffee by the way pause here put note in the Treaty of per

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day via wrote what was the one who went to the process and grabbed him by the beard as a mess gesture of brotherhood, you know, they would, they would grab by the beard when they're speaking right? And oh, what was the one who grabbed him by the beard and one of the Sahaba and Malia Robin Sharma who is also from the tribe of Tel Aviv, he hit him with his spear, the with the the hilt of the sword put and he said, Get your filthy hand of the beard of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right? So not You're not allowed to do this to the Prophet SAW said him, but I'll move here attempted to bring the Treaty of Arabia, like he was soft, and he wanted the Quran she said, sorry,

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not a Muslim,

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or whatever it was sort of, or what was he tried to bring a reconciliation. And he said to the people of Quraysh let them in what's wrong. I mean, it's not a big deal, but they didn't listen to him. So I had a soft spot. Eventually he accepted Islam. He visited the process. I mean, within the eighth year of the hijra, the prophets Assam said or Ottawa, I am worried for your life. If you go back to thought if I wrote a word laughed and said, you have a soul, Allah, my people, my home, they will listen to me. You don't know the respect I have amongst my people. If I say anything to them, they will obey me. That was the case before Islam. So the President said okay, if you want to go go,

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and he wants to back and he stood

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On his house, he called the people and he said, oh people I have an announcement to make. What is the announcement? A shadow Allah ilaha illAllah Muhammad Allah rasool Allah, destroy your idol worship Allah alone. And he continued to exhort them until one of the refuse stood up in front of everybody took his his bow and arrow and killed him, shot him on his own house, and he fell down dead. And nobody did anything to defend. This was his fate. He died a Shaheed at the hands of his own people, despite the fact before this point in time, he was the most respected person of thought if even he could not imagine his people doing what he did. The Prophet system knew better than him.

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And the process that actually I like, I'm worried for you, if you go back stay here in Medina. He said, No, you're a Salah my people, you know, you don't know the respect they have for me, actually, the process of knew his people better than he knew his own people. So they killed or whatever the minister with a third party he died a Shaheed so then the prophecy isn't continued the conquest, he's sending letters to more caucus to kiss syrup, you know, to Kyser, he's sending letters to all of these, he doesn't send letters to time, let them be, because there's nothing to be done for the people of life. Until finally, everything is conquered, except life. And that's when the people have

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thought if realize we have no allies, the people of Turkey, if we don't have any allies, what are we going to do now. So then they decided to send a delegation, see if they could carve out some type of middle ground, see if they can work out some, you know, reconciliation between, you know, whatever they're upon between, you know, this new empire and power that they know as Islam. And so, now, here's a bit of a gray area of controversy, according to some books, the same even at the allele, who taunted the Prophet system was sent, according to others, it was a relative, so we're not 100% certain, but either way, somebody from that family, the either the same person, which of course has

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very interesting implications, right. And I wish I could say that certainly make the story. But unfortunately, I have to be a little more academic and say, we're not certain is it that same individual? Remember when he came to thought if 1011 years ago, the three chieftains mocked him, right? And they made fun of him? It is very possible one of those is now in the delegation. And it is possible it's a relative we're not 100% Certain right. In any case, regardless of whether it's the same person or not the Prophet sallallahu I think he was salam honored them. He set up special VIP tents outside the masjid for them, he made sure they were given the utmost hospitality he

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allowed them to interact and see Islam firsthand. This was by the way a tactic the process I'm always employed the psychology of seeing the Ummah right this is an we understand this point that Allah is not just argumentation Dawa is absorbing an Islamic ethos Islamic Society see how Muslims are see the generosity see the clock, so he wanted them to interact with the Muslims and everyday just treating them nicely. They spent, we don't know exactly probably 14 days or maybe more they spent in Medina and the process of did not bring up any negotiations. He just wants them to see just wants them to live in the city of Medina and see the beauty of the clock of the Sahaba until finally

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they began to rethink through but still they're not certain. So if an up the alien or his cousin or brother again, as I said, we're not so sure certain the same person or somebody from that family, he approaches his rasool Allah, you know, or actually Mohammed is not a Muslim yet. Excuse me. We have we have an undergoes we want to make a surah want to make a treaty. So the President said okay, what is your conditions? What do you have in mind? So they said And subhanAllah what is one of the most bizarre incidents in the Sierra to be honest, right? They said, we, we are willing to accept your faith but with some conditions. Number one, we're not going to give up Zina.

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Number two, we're not going to give up drinking alcohol. And number three, we're not going to give up our idol.

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What type of Islam is this? Okay, what we get some compromise but we're going to remain upon certain things that we are so the prophets have said um, said

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Xena is haram there's no they said the other suit Allah Medina but we have to do Zina. That's what they said literally, right. We have to do Zina stuff. That's their mentality, okay. We are people who are always traveling and we're not we cannot be monogamous. And the problem is that Allah has made Zina haram. Okay, how about hammer? Ya rasool Allah we're used to hammer we live in the mountains we are big gives us comfort and whatnot. And the problem is that it is from the instrum

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So shaytaan etcetera, etcetera, we cannot make any, you know, compromise here. So they said what do we have to do to embrace your faith. The Prophet said you have to pray five times a day, we cannot pray five times a day, that's too difficult. So, and this is really interesting soon and Aveda would has this, the process agreed for a period of time that they pray two times a day. He gave that concession for a period of time now from this a lot of controversy amongst leader fuqaha Is this an exception? Or what I personally believe a new converts. You give him some laxity, you know, a new convert literally if he accepts Islam right now, you cannot expect him to learn Arabic learn the

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fatwa and start praying for God to harass and Maghrib as it is, you give him case by case, you know, like some leeway for a while. And this is the position of some ruler, martyrs also the one that I adopt that the one who is in charge, looks at this new convert and gently pushes him. So the process agreed that they don't have to pray five times a day. You can start with two prayers a day. Then they said what else do we have to do? The giving of Zika ya rasool Allah we cannot give zakat that's our money. Okay, we have to go for jihad, the pastor, you have to go for jihad, Yasuda, we're not going to fight with you. We're not going to lose our children for you. The Prophet has allowed them

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knows that Ka, and no jihad. Pause here. A few days later, when they left he explained to the Sahaba what is the psychology he goes, say at Assad the own wasa Yuja he don't. Yes, this is the condition I gave. But I know that they're going to be fasting and praying or giving Zika and they're going to be doing jihad just give them some time for Eman to get in. This isn't a permanent condition, even though they thought it was permanent. Right? But the prophecy isn't new. It's just a matter of time. They're going to join the group. But for now I need to get their get their you know, Ema and get them to accept Islam. So then they said the other suit Allah one thing we cannot give up? What is

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that? Our idol?

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We cannot give up our idol. A robber was the name of the idol. A lot was outside a robber was inside. Their main idol was a robber. They said we cannot this is we have our entire culture, our entire theology built around upon this. So give us a few years then we'll give up idolatry allow us to worship for a few more years. The president said no. They said Okay, three No. Two years. No one year No. Six months. No one month no, it must be destroyed immediately. This was no compromise. They begged they pleaded zero compromise. We understand this point. And this shows you Subhanallah he compromised on prayer for a while he compromised with them on sadaqa NZQA. He compromised you know

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on doing jihad with the Prophets ism all of this compromise. But idolatry. There is no compromise. You cannot worship other than Allah and be a Muslim. No. So then they said, but ya Rasulullah at least we should not don't tell us to destroy our own God. Don't tell us to destroy our own idol. So the problem said okay, I will send you people from Medina to destroy. So he did allow them this. And even in this there's wisdom, maybe some hardliners say no, no, you must destroy we're gonna see a destroyed from your hearts. But see, you know, Ibn Abbas has a statement not regards to the tribe of faith. But overall, Ibn Abbas has a statement reported in Sahih Muslim, he said, there were people

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who accepted Islam outwardly, even as their hearts hated it. But Allah subhana wa Tada brought to them and their hearts into Islam. Ibn Abbas is describing a phenomenon in Medina, a phenomenon that was well known. There were people who did not want to embrace Islam, but they did it in this case for political reasons. And slowly Islam crept into their heart. And this shows us and I've been very blunt in my theater lectures. We don't have any problem saying this, we incentivize conversion. we incentivize conversion, go ahead and convert for whatever reason, if you want to convert, convert, and we are confident we have the truth. So eventually, Iman will enter your heart, right? That's the

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way we look at it. we incentivize conversion, no problem. So the Prophet system allowed them to not destroy their own idol. He said, I will send people to destroy you don't have to destroy it. Now. The story doesn't finish here. One final anecdote which actually has some humor in it as well. So the process some said, how did they learn Waleed, and Elmo hero, even sure, but Elmo hero was the only Sahabi from the tribe of thief who lived in Medina. So Mohit, I'm not sure about was from the tribe of Turkey. He himself has a long story I mentioned in my theater lectures and my Sahaba lectures, very interesting story and you know, some sad bits as well and he's now living in Medina,

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but he's from the tribe of Turkey born and raised and live.

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You know, a Mojito is related to Otowa. And everybody knows him. So Al Mahira then comes with holidaylender will lead to destroy the idol of his youth. This is the idol he worshipped as a child, and Mahira comes and he says to Khalid, hey, look, give me the X and just go along with what I'm going to do. Just don't do anything. Okay? So I'll move the Euro takes the X takes, you know, the hammer, whatever it is, and he jumps on the the idol, we assume it's a big idol. And he cracks it hard. And then he drops the X drops and he pretends he's having a spasm. Okay. The tribe stands up. Ah, look, you see, a robber is attacking robbers defending itself, right? He's did an entire

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practical joke of the highest level, like Ibrahim alayhis, salam, you know, so many centuries ago said, Oh, that idol did it right. He pretended to have a spasm as if something's happening. The entire tribe is jumping for joy. What does that show their emotion? What does that show where their loyalties lie? Right? And when they're jumping for joy, then I'll Mahira stands up completely normal holds the X. And he says, People used to say Phil Heath are the most intelligent, but will Allah He I am telling you 13 And he's one of them is the most outwork the most foolish. You think bricks and stones control you? Let me show you the reality. And he then continue to destroy until nothing was

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left, right. This is how you teach to hate to people that need to be taught it in that manner. Right now. Subhanallah you know, it took a while for them. But as we know, the people of Turkey Fanta if eventually they prayed five times a day, they're now fasting, praying, they're of the most righteous of Muslims. And we stop here and remind ourselves 15 years ago, what did the angel Jibreel say to the process? And and what did you build a process and say back to him? Gibreel said, If you want your rasool Allah Allah has given you permission. Get rid of these people. They're obstinate, they deserve it. If you want, we will hammer them, nothing will be left of them. And the process is

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thinking long term. And he said no, even if they are obstinate from their progeny from their children, there shall be righteous people. And this is the exact reality we find to this day. The people of thought so far have the best of people have the kindness the people have the warmth, and they are the descendants of the people of the thief. And also the o'clock of the process and will lie amazing. You know, when somebody does something really nasty to me, hurts me and then comes to apologize, I have to just bring up a little bit you know, just poke a little bit and then say, okay, you're forgiven human nature, when they came to the process and whether it's the same person or his

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relative. The process I'm in never brought up what they had done to him. He didn't bring it up because there's no personal grudge. His heart was so pure. He didn't even mention how they humiliated him. He was just generous, Kadeem hospitable, showing them the utmost kindness. How do you think that made them feel? So really in this incident and the story of the people have thought if so much benefit so much points for us to think about? We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to allow us to gain that that mercy, that purity to allow us to walk in the footsteps of our promises and to have genuine care for other people and to forgive what they have done to us and inshallah we'll continue

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later on. Zack Koloff has cinematic Allahu Barakatuh

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in metal Mussolini now, Lima D one meaning me 19 one quantity now

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the more saw the pain I was saw the bond he was eating I was solving a lot for sharing you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching The one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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