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Committed to Guidance


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The speaker discusses how Congress has allowed people to commit to guidance and protect their parents and children. They explain that guidance is the result of their commitment, not their environment, and that they are guided by their parents. The speaker also mentions that the Israeli population is not guided by prophets and is in a guided environment.

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So Allah says, At the end of SoTL, calfs hubback A half story, he says, Whoever Allah guides and that's the person that's committed to guidance to begin with, and whoever Allah decides to allow to be misled, then you will not find someone to protect over them will Ian and to set them to the right course more hidden. So if Allah decides to let you stay misguidance to things you will not get a Willie and a motion. I believe in motion. Now what is really in motion and again, someone protective over you, and someone who course corrects you. Now, interestingly, the first Willie moshed every one of us has in our life is our parents. They're protective over us. And they set us to the right

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course if you're misbehaving, they correct your misbehavior. If you're making a mess, they ask you to clean up your mess. If you're missing your prayers, they tell you to make your prayer. If you're not if you're not, if you didn't make will do they ask you to fix your will to make it properly. They're your Willie. And they're your motion. They're your first ones. Right? And in their case, of course, how will Cavs case? You know, they don't have parental guidance, they have parental misguidance. Right, and their parents aren't guided. So Allah says, and whoever Allah decides to guide,

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then they are the ones who commit to guidance themselves. And if Allah allows somebody to be misguided, it doesn't matter if their parents are good or not. It doesn't matter if they have any emotion, any any other believers, they could be in the best environment. But Allah decides that these people don't want to commit to guidance, so they don't deserve it. You know what this is telling us? It's a profound philosophical reality. Guidance is not the result of your environment. Guidance is the result of your commitment. It's not the result of your environment, Ibrahim Ali Sam could be in a hostile environment. And he's guided us herbal golf in an extremely hostile

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environment and they're not prophets and they're guided. And the Israelites were in the company of prophets every single generation and yet they weren't guided. Right. So you can be in a guided environment and not have guidance, and you can be in a misguided environment and you can have guidance