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So we will continue with the characteristics of a vida. Rahman May Allah make us all from other men. What was the first characteristic?

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I'm sure that a lot of the Hona they walk on Earth with the humility and the second characteristic by the Hautala, homily J Luna, called who Salama and if they have any kind of argument they would leave with dignity. Now tonight in sha Allah Tala will take the third quality.

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Well let the NIV tune earlier on be him so judge Oh.

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And the ones

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listen to this.

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The ones who spend the night in one of two ways, either in sujood or mkm.

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They spend the night

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either suggestion or clamor. They're standing up in the salaat

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are sort of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said a corrupt Mayor Kuhn labs Isla Robbie fijo filet.

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The closest you are to Allah

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in the last third or in the middle of the night

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and the closest you are to Allah, when you are in sujood. So if you are in sujood and in the middle of the night You are the closest to Allah.

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So you would imagine this, these people would be the first people in the list.

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They are the closest to Allah azza wa jal

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and what does

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pm do to us? It humbles us.

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You are alone with Allah azza wa jal alone.

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It gives you humility. And the more secretive is a better the more sincere is the better. And the more accepted is the better.

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So what do we learn by having the people who walk on Earth with humility, and they do not argue that came before the ones who are the closest to Allah? The lesson here? You want to have humility with Allah in the middle of the night have the humility with people during the day

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when Hassan bascially was asked, listen carefully please he said Yeah, Imam yeah other side his nickname is other side. So the other side

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I'm having a hard time performing clear.

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Just like in our time, shift, I put the alarm I asked my wife to wake me up. I sleep early, but I'm not getting up for pm in our terms. He said that cousin overbook.

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Your sins have chained you down

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so if any anybody who's arrogant looking down on others, you will not find this guy performance PM. He would be deprived from clear

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because the humility with people came before the humbleness with Allah azza wa jal. So the third characteristic are these people who perform pm and listen to this.

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Pamela well Athena Joby tuna lira be him

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that means they are doing it only for the sake of Allah not to show off Have you ever seen someone who did Korean sincerely come the next day Wallah hiya Shabaab I'm exhausted why Wallahi all night and pm

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nobody does that.

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Nobody sincerely does that. Well Athena Joby tune le Rob be him. The Korean has been praised so much in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala when he wants to describe the machine, what did he say about about them? Can who can who Cali in a lame Joane way Bill S hurry homea still feel alone, they used to hardly sleep. These are the machine may Allah make us all among them. And they used to make still far at the time of soul. That's why I always tell the brothers and sisters now at this time, we keep eating till the time 612 Till we keep eating till 611 59 Right, six, six and 11 and 59 seconds we keep eating until any of Subhanallah we have that and there's nothing wrong with that. But I'm

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saying please leave one minute, one minute or two minutes for us too far.

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Why so you can be from the Mr. Farina bill as the one who make is the father at the time of support Allah praise him all over the Quran that

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you had your own out of the home Hello fellow Tanana when in

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home your home, they cannot sleep at night. They keep moving left and right. Well how can I sleep and I have no clue what is my destination? You know sometimes if you have a court date, you cannot sleep what the judge is gonna say how about the judge of judges on the Day of Judgment unsleeping comfortable and I have no clue if my destination is is genuine or not.

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So the people have to have had been praised all over the Quran. And even in the hadith is beautiful Hadith fella that when you hit boom Allah while you're talking to him, where steps should be him. Three kinds of people, Allah loves them

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and smiles to them. And a step shall be him. Who are they Allah Who are they are Rasulillah one of them is a person who has a comfortable bed and he has a wife and he leaves his comfort of his bed and he leaves his wife and get up and perform TM

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and what OSHA a rocket and if you want it it's not a it's not a must, if you wish, if he wished to sleep, he could have slept.

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But he did it just for me. Allah will love him. So that hadith of the virtue of Korea, if you breed any Salam told Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam know for a fact Yeah, Muhammad and shut off and workman the shut off the honor of the believer. pm late.

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The shut off of the believer is pm only. Yeah, 1pm and Lane is any solid performed from after Isha all the way to Azure. You can start with just to recap, after some validation.

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Or to recap before you sleep. All of the best TM is the last third of the night, half an hour, 45 minutes before the advent of Frasier. That's the best game. That's what I said and said, man, maybe I should be a Columbia communal coffee, because anytime we hear PM, we think that's going to be one hour, two hours, three hours. That's great if we get to that level, but I seldom said whoever perform TM with 10 Aya and in fact Kullu Allahu Ahad let me come in on behalf Helene he's not heedless. He will not be recorded as he this woman call maybe me can I mean on carnitine and I'm sure ever get up with 100 area he's from the devout ones women come maybe LCA can come Tareen and

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I'm sure ever performed Korean with 1000 day and by the way 1000

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Barack is 1000 area he will be from the country in any the ones with cannot hear the one with with mountains of hasnat

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and I will finish with this perform pm

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for one of two reasons either because you have so many blessings

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get up and perform pm and thank Allah for them or you have a lot of sins get up and perform pm and ask Allah to forgive you. Yeah Isha.

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is asking era surah Allah

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why do you get up all night and all your previous and future sins are forgiven?

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Can I assume when was the last time

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your feet get swollen from doing any a bad?

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Anyone your feet swollen, swollen feet from performing a bad act of worship?

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Rasul Allah says Allah who's guaranteed Jana, his feet gets sworn in from performing pm and me and you have no clue where we're going. And we are snoring. Subhan Allah. So this is the time you have one. What are the results I Salam Telara FLR Akun Abdun chakra when she asked him, Why are you doing this? He said shouldn't I be a thankful grateful slave to Allah azza wa jal Lamas elimina *reen not much under Mina *reen Allah Masha laminal call me by the way, it's a lot of tarawih is the pm of Ramadan.

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And the pm

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of Ramadan is called Tarawa but it's actually TM so Hamdulillah I mean, we are now being trained for 30 days to perform this ADA so big Allah to make us from the people who will continue performing it after Ramadan Jacqueline Lockyer salam ala

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in Muslim me now almost Lima

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Do you want to know meaning I mean it will quantity now I look on it the more slowly been I was born in Poland he was sloppy Rena was sloppy a lot the one before she you know wonderful she

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wouldn't call she mean I want to follow she didn't want one downside the lino one downside the party was slow on me now it was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one half quality was good enough love that gets you oh what's going on? I don't know hula

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