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So we'll just begin, like, was announced maybe just about 1015 minutes in, and then we'll pause for this evening.

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move on

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to the

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So the question here is just so the sisters know as well. So the question here are twofold.

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What is our position in terms of innovation in the religion? How do we protect ourselves from newly invented matters when it comes to the religion?

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And secondly, the menubar, or the pulpit that is used for the speaker to do his quota or a sermon? What is the purpose of that? So something like what you have here?

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Is it an insult to the religion at all if something like that is not utilized? Or not? So what's the position on those things? Now, the first thing is innovation in our religion, there is only one, actually two ways two main primary methods on how to protect yourself from this. Number one, it's through education, you have to be learning and you have to find prominent individuals who also have the reputation of being individuals of knowledge, they can't be a person of knowledge, just because you know, he's like the daddy's uncle brother or something, they have to have a reputation amongst the general public, that this individual is known to excel in a particular field, it's just like,

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when you go to university and you get a PhD, you're not going to get a PhD from somebody who has just a regular degree, you're going to get that PhD, to the others who also are your equal, others who have a PhD are going to grant you that and say you have are you are of our equal. So it's the same idea. So the second method, so the first one is, through knowledge, you have to be educated. Number two, is that

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the majority of Muslims and what they are following, as long as that also agrees with good authentic evidences is what we talked about today, that just because an evidence is good, and doesn't mean that it applies to a particular situation immediately, also has to be verified and has to be able to live in proper wisdom and knowledge. I mean, this kind of a question is a very comprehensive question and requires a lengthy discussion. But those are the two main things are really helping individual get out of any kind of problems, especially issues that they can control themselves. It's not just an individualistic problem, it's more of a community issue, the way to get out of that is

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look and see what the closest community to you or others around you, that are also following the same criterias for n and Sunnah, and how Islam is being practiced amongst them. It's also a good method to do that. The reason why I say that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself tells us stick with the majority, stick with the majority, the majority that's doing the right things, and according to these teachings, try to adhere to them as much as possible. The second part of the question is the member of the pulpit, the pulpit is a pseudonym. And what that means is that if you use it, it's good, Allah will reward you for it. But if you don't use it a lot doesn't punish

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you for it. You're not punishable for it. It's more of an etiquette that you follow the prophets of the law, how it was sort of used to get hold of us, on the floor and himself. And then eventually, later on as The Omen and companion started to grow. Remember, they didn't have what I'm holding in my hand right now. So the way that he was able to project his voice to the big larger audience was he would elevate himself, he would elevate himself so people could know where his presence wasn't that you can project his voice in an easier fashion. Today, whether you use a pulpit or not, does not have any effect to the actual sermon itself. It's more of a perfection, it's more of an

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etiquette. It is nice that if you do have access to it, you should try to use it. It's a good thing. It's always healthy. But the point is, is that the hope is still intact. Everybody still gets what they came for in shalom Toronto. Okay. Is there a question from the sisters? I'll try to kind of go back and forth. Is there something that the sisters that they want to write it down if they want to ask it, it's no problem, whatever they're comfortable with. So in the meantime, they're doing that

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Okay, so this is the core of our discussion. So the front end is asking basically, when you have knowledge and you don't utilize that knowledge, what happens to the knowledge at the end of the day? Okay. And the sooner both? Yeah, yeah, so we're gonna generalize it just called it they're both knowledges. Right? Well, different sciences have the same thing. So you have knowledge you're learning, but it's not taking you anywhere, not becoming a better person. You're not improving your life, your heart is not becoming leaner. You're not finding the attack edge, or the benefits of that knowledge I'm doing much for you. The the answer to something like this is really more or less a

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therapy that you have to go through with your own self. It all starts off on that journey and how it started off in the first place. Why did you search for that knowledge in the first place? Because on the Day of Judgment, there will come three main individuals that will be judged according to their reasons why they did certain acts, one of those individuals as a person of knowledge, a lot is going to bring them and ask them, why did you learn it and knowledge. So the man is going to respond, and he's going to say, oh, Allah, I learned for you, I learned for you. So Allah is going to respond to that individual caught a cat that you are a liar, you didn't learn it just for me. But rather you

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learnt it. So others could call you this or that for fame or popularity, you did it because it was the right thing to do, you didn't because you just happen to be around that surrounding you just did it because your husband or your wife told you to do those, do those things. So all of these reasons Allah is going to expose it, then Allah is going to order His angels to come and drag that person on their face, and throw them into the punishment mentalize. So agenda protect us from this. So it starts off with sincerity. Now, what happens is that the more you learn, the more you increase, and you don't have a valid so you don't have a good sincerity of the philosophy behind it. Knowledge

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now, instead of rewarding you and starts to punish you, starts to go against you. Because what you're doing is you're building evidence against you now on the Day of Judgment, right? You're just getting more and more. That's not very healthy. As a matter of fact, that is a really difficult situation to be in. We ask a lot, so we'll jump to protect us from this. Yes. Do ladies have to cover their ankles when they pray? Question by a nine year old? Yes, they should cover their ankles. Now there's a difference of opinion of how much of their ankles should be covered? Should it be the entire ankle? Or should it should the garment that they're wearing fall and resting just above the

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ankle? You see what I'm saying? It's either it's just above the ankle, or it's covering it completely. So it goes below the ankle as well. According to the majority of scholars of fit, this is an Islamic law question, a fifth question jority of scholars encourage and teach us that a woman should cover that ankle itself, cover the ankle. The reason why, again, goes back to a very, very important concept when it comes to the way we dress. And women they have to be more strict than us, the men but we still also have our own feature. We have our own type of key job, that the job is whatever we wear, it has to meet certain standards. You can just wear whatever you think you want to

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wear and you know it's tight. And it's like kind of like that span. Next level. If you're going up and get old body parts and things like that are all exposed. This also validates the conditions of how women dress. It's not just for the woman alone. So when I say we have our own hijab linguistically, we have our own cover that we have to follow as well. So we shall love that exercise the lesson and also the profits of the love are the use of them. Encourage the women to do so as well. Is there something else from the brother?

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Okay, I like this question.

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I like this question. A lot. All

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already knows where you're going. Either the Hellfire or the paradise? Why not just put you in there? No questions asked to get like this expressing visa pass or whatever and just go inside, you know why just why not just let it happen? As a matter of fact, a lot of non Muslims asked this question. A lot of non Muslims asked, What if Allah knows where you're going? What's the point of doing anything? See, it's a valid question logically makes sense to some degree. So the response to this is very, very simple. Very, very simple. And I like to make things simple. I like to take things that are complicated, and just make them simple. So I want to say that for us, it's not that

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easy. When things are giving easy to you, you don't work for it, you devalue it. So what Allah is saying to you, even though your final decision is in my hand, I want you to value your time and your effort here, I want you to work for it. I want you to feel that level of satisfaction and gratitude that after a certain level of effort, you get a reward. All of you sitting here today, after when you work a week or two and you get that paycheck. What do you say? You go down for such depth and a lot of luck? Well, you know, I mean, 100 enough, after all those hours, you will get that reward. What do you do, you don't just take the check in, you spend it lavishly, and you just go all over

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the place, you're very careful of how you use that money, as opposed to if it was just given to you, I'm including myself into this. It's only natural that human beings, when we're given something free, we have a tendency to devalue that thing. But when we work for it, we devalue it. So Allah azza wa jal wants us to be that way. As a result, even psychologically, this is unbelievable. Because it causes the Muslim to become intelligent and work hard in their life, not to just wait for things to be given to them. But they also put forth a struggle to achieve and get what they want what they deserve. This is why the Prophet peace be upon in one set for a man go out and work, even

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if you've got to sell a car. But he knows what a car is.

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This is my see what

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the system see what is the traditional, it's basically like a toothbrush, this is the toothbrush of the profits of the lavar, it will suddenly start different branches and different trees, their different grades of this, and basically you chew off the end, and you can use it as a sea web. Even doctors today, cats can't really understand how this works. It is absolutely a miracle from a lot of these ones. It's a miracle formula. If you don't have a celiac, go out and get one man I wish I owned a company right now and in this market that all the way go out and get a see what I hope inshallah This is even accessible to you here on the island is something you can find here as well.

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I'll go out and get one make a part of your life. I see why. The amount of benefits on it, scholars have actually written books on this, from increasing your memory to cleansing the teeth to increasing the respiratory and digestive system and how it functions. All of these things. I'll tell you a story. There was a brother who was getting a gum infection.

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Okay, my brother was me, right?

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Brother, you know myself, I was getting a gum infection. Once upon a time about 12 years ago, when I was younger, I was the master of junk food, I will challenge anybody to see how much junk food they can eat, and I will try to eat more. So it eventually caught up to go to the dentist, he said you're going to get gum disease. And we would have to extract two of your teeth. Now, I don't know about anybody here but your teeth. That's your teeth, man. Like you're not gonna just take that away from me. That's my teeth. I grew up with this thing. I maintain it, it's my teeth. So I actually started to feel somewhat depressed that my teeth is gonna get pulled out of my mouth. So one day, I'm

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sitting in MSDN, just like this, or why I'm depressed. I'm like, I'm going to lose my teeth. I'm gonna have to wear dentures. And I'm like, 12 years old, right? And a brother came up to me and asked me is like, are you okay? And what's wrong with you? And I'm like, I went to the dentist and the dentist told me that I got to pull out a teeth. So the brother said, Here use this. He gave me my first see what he says use this and try it for a month or so and see what happens to you. I try it. The infection started to disappear. So I kept using it more and more day and night. Just see whacks you up all the time. I was also a guy to walk around like this. Sorry, brother, how's it

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up, I just keep it in mind. I didn't want to let go of it.

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Two months later, I went to the dentist. My dentist looked at me and said and I quote you as a

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exact words. He said, praise the Lord, this is a miracle. That's what he said, Praise the Lord. This is a miracle.

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I'm sitting there. My mom was when I was like, What do you mean? There is no sign or indication that you are going to get gum disease, and there is no indication that you had it in the first place. He asked me What's your secret? So I showed him this. It's like a stick.

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Stick is what you use. My mom I didn't even know really what it was my mom had to explain it to him. This year is a miracle ever since there are 111 is become a part of me and I travel with it anywhere I go into the world, get a see what can people do?

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Is there anything else?

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Let's say I have two days of what I'm about to make up if I am going to fast two days of show what can I do them on the same day? Or do I have to fast forward days will have to fast for days, because so fast in the days of Ramadan is a compulsory act that a lot orders you to do. Law says

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I ordered you to fast in Ramadan. Allah doesn't order you to fasting

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which tells you that Shadwell is one of those voluntary acts of worship that you do, you have a choice to do it and if you do it alone will give you the reward. But if you want what is better, than do what Allah has ordered you to do, this is why our Prophet peace be upon him once told us that acts of worship that Allah loves the most are the obligatory acts of worship. Once you perfect those, then you can go to the voluntary things. So the responsibility for the questioner is make up the two days of what I'm upon that you miss them. And then you can go on and enjoy the voluntary past. And let me say to you, Allah will reward you more than if you fast in the day of show what you

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will get more reward. So see what has to work.

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People who take

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an offense

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on the forehead

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of the

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Most people take offense to

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What advice for the Muslims to

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So bye,

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very serious situation. So we should get insulted

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for these people.

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So just so the sisters know what's happening. I mean, the brother just wanted to

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comment and everything that is said everything that we talked about, as long as we're talking about on behalf of our religion, it's something that we should try to find in our hearts to humbly accept, it's not an insult. We're not here to point fingers at anybody. Or you can find somebody like this, this person doesn't deserve to speak to you about the religion. Because what it tells you is that a person has a problem with their own selves. It is not our duty to point out your mistakes. I've not come to do this. I don't encourage anybody else to do this. Because if that was the case, then you all would do a much better job pointing out my mistakes than I could with you. Okay, you guys could

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do the same with me. We could do this all day with each other. But that's not the point here. The point is, is that the Prophet sallallahu carlinville

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So they always told us when you see something, you try to advise and try to change it as best to your ability. Now, having said that, we always keep in mind.

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Always keep in mind beforehand, Allah says,

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oh, Mohammed, some love,

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you can guide anybody

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starting the Prophet, you can guide anyone, all you can do is just tell people, you can just pass on the message on my island, that email Bella, it's nothing upon me except to just pass the message. That's what I do. That's what all of you do, as well, you find each other you look out for one another. And Allah is telling the Prophet given you the best person, you yourself can do this. While I cannot lie,

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only a lot is going to allow that values to sink into that person. I use the very interesting example last night about purchasing bread. The guys who were with me last night, bear with me when I share this with the brothers here. And I did a I did a session in front of non Muslims in Toronto. And then a non Muslim stood up and started verbally attacking me. Because I said that the poor end has all the answers.

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He's like, You're a liar. You're a liar. You're a liar you're talking about. So I responded. And I said,

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What do you mean? The man says, If I want to know the price of bread from the poor end, I can't find it in the end. So you're a liar.

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I can't find the price of bread. So I told him that I could find out the price of bread. There's the formula or the equation in the end, that can help me find out the price of bread. And the price of any item on the face of this earth is what I told him. So he's like, okay, okay, call me Oh, how do you do it? So I asked the audience, who here knows the price of bread? And I mentioned that the rods just say only the sisters put up their hands because I guess, you know, they go the groceries or something, right? So all of them put up their hands. And one of the sisters says $2. So I said, Okay, $2 for the price of bread. And they looked at the menu and I said to him, unless says in the

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When you don't know, ask someone who does.

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Like when you don't have knowledge about something, Allah says Ask, ask the people who have the knowledge.

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So what did I do? I asked,

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What's the price of red?

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At the end of the discussion,

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from verbally attacking, to appreciating that I tried to instill guidance. I didn't say to him, No, you're wrong. The plan is the happiness the word of one who accepted you descend that No, I didn't do that. I just I told myself I have to understand that his level is understanding his eyes of Islam. I gotta put myself there.

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And that's how we talked about this yesterday exactly how to use this to

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analyze. So we

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still got two more here. Should I just finish it? Yeah, it's getting late guys. So I want to just stop here for this evening just

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taking these questions and then then then we'll use it as a really like

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to start start off right after Mother's Day, or maybe after Mother's Day. And then after that.

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There is a kicker of the brother for Mary's daughter

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in China starting at four o'clock, so there will be some

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activities, and then the dinner will be served. And then

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so just so everybody knows the topic for tomorrow that I'll be talking about is race