Who Lives Longer Kings Queens or Scholars

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of knowledge and how it can be fleeting and impactful in various ways. They also mention the death of Queen Elizabeth and how it reminds them of the length of their life as a queen. The speaker also talks about the rise of knowledge among different cultures and how it can lead to decepted access to de la Shara Delano's name.
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Good you call people to,

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it will continue to be a benefit for you,

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as long as they practice it, and it will not take away from their reward anything. And so there is there's,

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there's something very unique about knowledge.

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You know, with the death of Queen, Elizabeth, you see the you see how fleeting life is like this lady lives for 90 years, and she lived as a queen. And she lived as a queen of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Like it doesn't get bigger, better. And more than that, like the Queen of England, at this period of time in human history. And she didn't live for 20 years, she lived for 90 years she lives for as long as a life as a person can hope for.

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And her life now can be summarized in what five minutes, six minutes, seven minutes. You know, you just talk about her.

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Shit, it's already it just seems like it was just like this. 90 years gone by like this.

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The death of Kings is always the death of Kings is always ever, it's always something to really just reflect on. Because there are very few people who get that level of wealth, as well as power, as well as reverence literally the line for her, whatever, like, I'm shocked that her variable is taking two weeks. Like that's how long it's taken and the line to go see her whatever is 30 hours long.

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You know?

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Yeah, it's 30 hours long. But at the end of the day, after all of that is what it's just death in a grave. And that's it right there. Very few people are ever going to have that level of dunya access as someone like royalty gets. And at the same time, it's so fleeting. And the reason why this reminds me of Scholars is because their lives really are the longest their lives are the longest. So for example

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during the time of Imam Malik, there were hola

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and during the time of Imam

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let's say let's say Imitate me and even repay him and those guys there were incredibly wealthy businessmen, people who were and like in every generation, there are people who are have incredible access to the dunya.

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But where are they now?

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And where are their stories? And where are their legacies and where they're, they're unknown. Right and yet someone like Buhari is coded every single day. People say, carbohydrate or ham Allah Roybal Hydra mo Allah every time they mentioned his name, what are they saying? Rahim Allah Tala. Like they're saying I show all the Allah Anna and why I show over everybody else there otherwise we're the believers. But more than anybody else, she's tied to knowledge. And so you say well, my de la Shara Delano center model de la Anna