Who Wants to Be Like Mike

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The speaker discusses the importance of human appreciation in achieving goals, and how animals can be rewarded for their behavior. They mention that Islam has a culture of thanking animals and thanking their owners. The speaker also mentions a recent event where remindeders of the event ask for their audience to participate in a rewarding journey.

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Hamdi Lau salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who wants to be like Mike. So I was reading an article about Michael Jordan turning 50. And it was big news, Michael Jordan turned 50 years old. You know the image of human athleticism, strength, power, agility, a man who was able to convince people that he could fly had turned 50 he had become a chef, in the linguistic sense, right? So it was a it was a big deal. And in the article, they interviewed Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, he talked about his transformation and how he's able to get along to live basically without playing the game of basketball. But in the article, he mentioned that if he could give all of it back, he would give all

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of it back. So he could play the game of basketball. And I thought to myself, somehow, this is a person who has a dream career like he, there's nothing. There's nobody who wouldn't trade places with Jordan to have that career, six championships Olympian, a statue outside of the United Center being considered by so many people to be the greatest of all time. And even then he's still not satisfied. The son of Adam is never satisfied, he would still want to go back and play the game of basketball. And I thought to myself, Ronald, even in his State of success, there's still a state of either there, there's torment there, because even while he was promised the mortality during his

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life, he sees that it's being chipped away. People are now committing, you know, the, the blasphemy, I remember Subhanallah you'd see sportscasters they would be hesitant to compare someone to Michael Jordan, there's actually like, it's like blasphemy in the religion of sports, that you say that someone is better than Michael Jordan. Yet now people are, you know, they are removed enough from his legacy that they can now say things like LeBron James is better than Jordan and this or that, or that it's projected that he's going to have a better career than Michael Jordan. And there's nothing that the real Michael Jordan can do. With all of his competitive nature, he can't play Kobe Bryant

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or LeBron James or Kevin Durant. He can't play them one on one, he simply can't. So he can just simply wait. That's all he can do, and see how their legacies play out. And subhanAllah it is for him. It is a type of either bits or type of punishment. And I thought to myself,

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if that's with him, if he's not satisfied with the portion that he's been given in this world, what makes it what makes me think that I'll be satisfied or that you'll be satisfied with what we've been given if we're destined to be given much less. And so, one of the things to learn from this is that human beings never have the ability to perfectly appreciate anything, so don't make your audience human beings. Choose your audience wisely. Make your audience Allah's Dogen Allah azza wa jal is the one who appreciates what you do in full and Allah azza wa jal is the one who knows everything that you do. Allah says Who Am I? If Allah Allahu Allah become in Chicago to Miami to McCann Allahu

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Shackelton Halima What does Allah gain from punishing you? If you would simply believe and be thankful? And Allah azza wa jal is all knowing, all appreciative or all appreciative all knowing Allah azza wa jal and you know, there are some people who they notice everything, but they're not thankful. And then there are some people who are very thankful they're very appreciative, but they're clueless, they don't notice what you do for them. You know, they walk into a house, they see that it's all clean, and they don't notice that somebody must have you know, done that or someone moves furniture around or someone wash their car for them or any of these things put gas in the

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tank, they don't notice these things. And so Allah azza wa jal is all appreciative and he is all thankful he sees the quiet sedge. He knows the burning patience, he knows everything that you go through to walk towards him and he appreciates all of it. Allah azza wa jal and when the people of paradise enter Paradise, he says to them in the Haida Canada come Jessa and what kind of Saturday call mascara, this is for you a reward and your journey was appreciated. We ask Allah Azza to make us have no audience other than Him and we ask Allah as the agenda he makes our actions, ones that are appreciated by him or Samba Allah and as you know, Hamid, it was it was interesting