Norway Prime Minister Challenged on Palestine

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Salam Alikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing? I'm here in Oslo in Norway. And we've just been doing some pro Palestinian activism. I'm fact. I'm here in the Islam net Center, which you helped build. MashAllah fantastic, excellent people, you are excellent people, you should be proud of yourself. And also someone else's, you should be proud of himself as this guy, one of the loyalists, one of the patrons on the compatriots, Mohsen, who was there with us in the demonstrations, let's take a look at his interaction with the Prime Minister of Norway and come back and react in kind

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tissue to somebody

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called Lisa, hello.

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Set aside

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the list of

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boycott these

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three policies.

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So one of the things which is a theme in the in the protests was a call for boycott. You can see I really liked how mustard actually lost in the first question. And then the Prime Minister responded, okay, it wasn't too bad of a response with trying to, but then he understood the game you see most understood the game. And this is from the training and probably I don't know if you've seen some of the videos on the trading. Certainly he was in the process. And I really respect him. Because he said, No, but what are you going to do about it? And how is it going to be?

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Are you going to boycott them or not. And that's when you can see the Prime Minister's on the backfoot. Tell us more about the strategy that you're employing here in Norway, have a push to sanctions and boycotts. So today is actually the day they are voting in the parliament. Whether or not they should sanction Israel. Unfortunately, unfortunately, the Labour Party

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that the Prime Minister is part of representing they have decided not to sanction Israel. And that's why it's not been met without consequence. You see, I mean, this guy is not accepting it. There are people outside there's a tent that is positioned right outside of Parliament. Yeah. Which I went into that tent and saw it every day, they're cooling this guy's name, that 1000s of people gathering the pro Palestinian activism is so vibrant Haven, as long as I think it's very important that we held our leaders in the western world accountable, yes, for the genocide, but

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we confront them, and we demand them, we need to demand from them that they they take a cloth clear stance, and at least boycott the genocide. You're right about that. And I'll tell you what I've been to in this kind of wave of pro Palestinian activism. I've been to so many different countries. I've been to Canada to Germany, obviously, as the UK, I'm here, Norway, different countries. And it's all during the conflict. And if I were to compare, right, I mean, some of these things that have been put to parliament's for example, about should we boycott? Should we sanction? Yes, in Norway? It wouldn't even be a question Germany, for example, it wouldn't even be a question. That would be

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considered to be an anti semitic thing to do. Yeah, of course. So what I'm saying is that this shows you the importance, okay. It shows you the importance of strong leadership, it shows you the importance of strong organizations. And it shows you the importance of establishing organizations which do work like this, because if you have people like I mentioned before, that will wake up in the morning, every morning, you know, six o'clock in the morning, and you've got the the Prime Minister, they're making noise outside of his house, they've literally put their have a tent, I went and saw the tent itself, pro Palestine, 10, outside, demonstrations, all these kinds of things. It

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does put pressure, and they are forced to another position. And I think if we push it even more here in Scandinavia, we'll get better results. So tell us more about what you're planning to do in terms of the Muslim Civil Rights Movement here in Norway. So first and foremost, I'd like to take this opportunity to praise the brother and I think that was a very honorable and courageous thing to do. I love the fact that he didn't take no for an answer. He wasn't taking a lie. I think that's that's praiseworthy when someone can stand up against the leader of a country when such injustice is happening, and really set out clearly that this is wrong. We need to really care for those. And what

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was what was clever about his strategy, Mohsen was that he offered him a way for the Prime Minister of the country to relieve his guilty conscience, which is

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I imposed sanctions you because I think I actually think the prime minister of this country does have a guilty you can see from his face. And by the way, he seemed like you know, what we do want to help the children we've seen. Honestly, I do think that I don't think he is any pro Israel person. I don't think that the the Prime Minister actually supports the genocide. But it's just the lack of any response. And I think that these people can move and take different stances if we as a Muslim community, we keep on Yanni encouraging, putting pressure and do our activism. And that's why I say that it is the center centers like Islam, that and, and other Islamic centers across the globe, who

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are active in the field of inspiring the Muslims, inspiring people to come closer to Allah. And not only focusing upon the Ibadat, which is a must, obviously, but also being activists and also Yanni making the change instead of just sitting there and relaxing in the sofa. And, and then watching the news, we need to actually encourage the Muslim communities to come forth. Yes, and you only take action, just like the Prophet sallallahu. If you see a monk or change it with your hands, if you're not able to then with your tongue, if you're not able to the hate.

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The weakness of it weakest of a man is true. We're not at that level, and we cannot accept to be at that level a lie alone. If we can't change that with our hands, then we need to at least do it with our tongues. And if we don't speak out against injustice, yes, that there's a problem with our Eman and we need to really encourage every single Muslim to do that. And those Islamic institutions who are active in building, building people, men building men who are able to stand up for for the religion of Islam, I think we need to support them. And here in Norway, you know who those people are mistreated. And it's you and you know what I have to say to you, look, guys, I mean, we're

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talking about doing something with your hands. And I think we should do something with the hands right now, which is the following. I think you should go to the link below and continue funding this institution. They've done brilliant work with Alkaff. Now I've seen that they've you guys have bought properties, self funded this organization. They're doing great Muslims of rights work, they're getting new messages across the country, this is the place to invest. This is the place to invest just because the pressure invest. Click the link below right now honestly, it's something we can all do, not only for the pro Palestinian cause for the Muslim civil rights movement for the

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dollar in general. For the Muslims in general. This is the place to invest is the place to donate. Do it now. We'll set up our

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brothers and sisters. Let me introduce you to Norway. This is a European country where the vast majority of people have become religious, or 200,000. Muslims have a population of about 5 million. And also these 200,000 Muslims have no idea how to explain Islam to their non Muslim friends and neighbors. But that means to change a law son his messenger to call people to eternal success. And that is why Muslims in Norway are now establishing a masjid and our center to enhance the Norwegian Dawa. What they cannot do this alone we need to support them. If you donate to this cause you will insha Allah reap the rewards. 1000s of Muslims coming back to Islam and many of those who become

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diet and invite slum you will share in the reward for all those shareholders and good deeds to come in sha Allah. So click the link and donate now and share the video for extra route