Where’s the Best Place to Study Islam

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses a question that has been asked multiple times, which is what is the best place to study Islam. They give examples of people asking the question before, and then discuss a question that has been asked multiple times, which is what is the best place to study? They give examples of people asking the question before and then discuss the importance of having knowledge for success in learning.

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Number two, the fact that you're asking knowledge from ALLAH indicates to us that knowledge is something that Allah bestows.

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There is a question, and I'm sure I've mentioned this to you before, but there is a question that I've heard a million times.

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It is a question that some of you have asked, is a question that I'm sure you have seen other people ask. And that question is this. What is the best place for me to study Islam?

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What is it? Should I go to column? Should I go to a mother? Should I go to Alaska? Should I go to Medina University? Should I study online? Should I study in person? What books should I study? Should I What shape should I study with here in Houston? What should I do? Cool.

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Great. Have you guys seen this question asked before? Have you Okay, great.

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I'm glad

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we haven't gotten to the point where someone says to me, which tic tock account should I follow?

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Which one?

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Where should I get my knowledge from? Like, okay, that's where I plug in mine. Right? Like, so. He says, The best answer I've heard on this topic, and I've seen this question over a very long time to different shoe and what have you. The best answer I've seen was given by Chef Muhammad Matata, Shanthi available Allah, he's one of the focal heart of Medina. And he said, take all of the books, take all of the programs, take all of the institute's take all of all of those things, and cast them to the side

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and make your concern.

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Make your preoccupation show look a shattering that you ask Allah for knowledge. Because if Allah decrees that you have knowledge, that He will guide you to the best program and the best teacher and the best. And if Allah decrees that you don't have knowledge, then even if you are in the University of Houston, the great beacon of learning.

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Don't you know people who are your classmates, who you would not trust their degrees when they graduate, even though they're in the same programs as you even though they're their same school as you even though they're gonna have the same degree as you when you graduate. But you're like your presence here. You didn't benefit from right, so we learned that it's not just about being in the best program and having the best teacher or even studying really hard. It is about whether Allah Subhana Allah blesses you to have knowledge of a quarterback visit in Edmond.