What’s the Process of Marrying a Divorced Woman

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One question that might come up often may be on the subject of how do you go about marrying a divorced woman? Does she need a walee? Can she make her own decision?

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One of the questions I received about divorce is what are the requirements or the procedure for marrying a divorce by divorced woman.

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There is a common, basically requirement between a divorced woman and a woman who never been married. Like she exactly the same, you still have to provide the Mohawk has to be witnesses, it has to have welly for her. And that's something a lot of people don't know these are all divorced woman, they don't need to worry that's not true. Actually.

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Those who allow the woman to marry without worry only hanafy.

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And they allowed this for a wise woman even if she is not married before but she's a wise woman. They said she can be the wedding of herself. But even though this is an opinion exists among the Hobbit, I don't believe in it. I believe that the strongest opinion is the opinion of the majority of the Muslim scholars who said that well he is required and this is the position of

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as far as I know, the Sahaba were the prophets Allah louder you it was sending them and

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there is so many evidence to support that position.

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And the famous Hanif nanika hated me when he no marriage without worry, and I shall the Alanna, she said, What differentiate marriage from Xena is basically one of the thing is the existence of the wealthy, the wealthy meant to support the woman not to control the woman. So we keep that in mind. So also one of the condition that it is very important to be a digital for divorced woman, that divorced woman. If her didn't, we must wait until her finish her waiting period, after the divorce finished. You cannot approach a woman and asked her for divorce if she's still in the waiting period. You cannot marry a woman while she's still in her waiting period. And it doesn't matter if

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this is

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a reversible divorce or reversible, reversible or irreversible divorce, reversible divorce, which is you cannot take her back, which is happened if you divorce your wife a third time, or the judge separate between both of them or a hole was made. reversible when you when you basically divorce your wife first time or second time, because you can take her back during that waiting period, during the waiting period is not a lot, you're not allowed to marry a divorced woman at all. If this is irreversible, some said, you can give a hint to her like a woman who's widow, you can give a hand due to hurry waiting period that you interested or maybe somebody's interested in marrying her but

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explicitly, you cannot approach her at all.

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And just let you know some of them even believe if you marry a woman during her waiting period. You're not allowed to marry this woman for the rest of your life. And this has been attributed to the line, even though I don't believe that is a very authentic opinion, a strong opinion. The majority said no, you're allowed. But there it's a sin and a great sin.

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And there is even a consequences for that the woman has to wait for two waiting periods now before she married this map. Anyway, so these are this is the procedure for marrying a divorced woman, then I have an advice for you. If you're going to marry a divorced woman, make sure that you stop comparing. Don't let you know what even if you had a bad experience in the past doesn't mean this man or this woman. While bring you the same experience. Don't compare, don't be sensitive. Don't prejudge the person don't keep saying, Oh, this is looks like the same thing. No, don't ever do that. Unfortunately, the rate is way, way higher in divorce when it comes to someone who is married

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for the third time or the second time, way more than the one who married for the first time. So be careful. Don't ever get into the marriage and your background said you know what i was divorced before so I can do it again. So you always have that door kind of open for you exit door, you're always thinking about it. You know and easily you can go through it. Don't do that. If you go for marriage, make sure that you're committed. Make sure that you don't look for just someone that you can live with for someone that you cannot live without. If you are going to divorce, marry a divorced person, make sure that you have a little bit of background about what is the story behind

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their divorce. Is it the scary divorce story something you should be concerned off. You know it is something that is wise to do. If you just get divorced and you just finish it. Please don't rush into a new marriage. Take your time, make self take your give yourself a time to heal. A man or a woman. You know rebound can be very dangerous because usually when we get to

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We have very low self esteem and usually we start looking for people we will not consider and regular time or other time. So that's why it's very important for you to give yourself a time to heal and to stand up and your feet again and sha Allah

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last Potala give you autofit and give all of us happiness. We discuss these issues and more others in my class of love. If it comes to your locality make sure that you join us each Allah Tada. Welcome to LA