Reminders Worship Allah Not Shaytaan

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Colombia in saline Valley he was heavy he made

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less amount of data as this question and he said Allah Maha de la come you have any other a lot I will do shut down in the hula kumada movie

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bodoni has a Serato stocking

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data set,

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they do not make a promise a covenant, that you would not worship the shaitan

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Verily, He is to you a clear and manifest anyway, I do move in or enable journey, and therefore worship me has a Serato must okay. And this is the correct paths directly guided paths.

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I remind myself I knew that when we make a promise, we are supposed to fulfill this promise.

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And this is a promise with Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the promise that is made is made by all of mankind as well as Roger said, you have any other

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out of mankind. The vast majority does not even recognize a loss.

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So they are wherever they are.

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But we are concerned about ourselves because we recognize Allah, we worship Allah, we do not make sure with Allah subhanaw taala we don't join partners with Allah subhanaw taala

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yet we disobey Allah subhanaw taala in certain parts of our lives.

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That is tragic because people who don't recognize Allah at all. They are doing something which is disobedience of Allah and

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I don't say that is good or something but when you can understand because he doesn't even recognize Allah Himself. So obviously the question of disobeying Allah does not arise before him, but the one who recognizes Allah when he disobeys Allah, then what do we say about this? And the amount of obedience Allah subhanaw taala is complete. Selective obedience is not Islam. Islam is submission to Allah subhanaw taala in every aspect of our lives, it's not some vision where we feel like submitting and rebellion where we feel like rebelling

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and the benefits of submission dollars Manoj Allah is

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a life hat on Teva fifth had to do near fiducia in the junior beautiful life in this dunya and Jana in the financial.

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So I remind myself when you to keep our focus on this and say that the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala First of all, is not an option, because somebody who readings on a agreement who goes back on an agreement, this is treason. This is something which is punishable under any law in the world. And obviously, it's also punishable with Allah subhanaw taala. So first of all, we don't go back on an agreement. And secondly, when the agreement results in a beautiful life in this dunya as well as in the ashram, why would you want to go back on this agreement in any case.

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So obviously, we have to remind ourselves and stop being thoughtless.

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We don't deliberately go back on the agreement inshallah, but we do it because of thoughtlessness because we forget. And that's why the whole importance in Islam on the core of Allah subhanaw taala.

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The good is not just to turn it around in the hand, the secret is to be consciously aware of Allah subhanaw taala in all that we say in all that we do, and in every aspect of our lives, and that is the true meaning of Ziggler. And therefore I went myself and you always to be in a state of zikalala.

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So that we are connected with him every time. And then of course, the benefit of being connected with Allah subhanaw taala is the acceptance of God, you're connected to Allah, anything we want to ask Allah subhanaw taala

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you will get used to this business of asking Allah subhanaw taala for every little thing, and this is the holy service or Salah, very sad, even if the lives of your shoes broken, ask Allah.

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And this is a very simple thing to do. And we can do this if you are connected with others. So therefore very important for us to keep our connection with Allah subhanaw taala and remember that we made a promise that we will obey Allah and Allah subhanaw taala warned us the shaitaan is our enemy. And we knowing the enemy is very important in winning any battle. If you don't know the enemy, you can't win the battle here, the enemy has been clearly demarcated has been clearly identified. And if we still follow that enemy, then we have only ourselves to blame. Therefore I remind myself and you never to follow the footsteps of Satan, and to follow the deal that was

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brought by Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in the correct way that has been shown to us and not deviate from here from that way for anything in this world. Was Allah Allah Allah will Karima

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He was heavy as made the document