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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative sentiment of Elijah's story, which is a story about his wife's negative opinion on her relationship with him. They also talk about Azov's story and how it affected her experiences. The importance of avoiding negative opinion and reading is emphasized, along with the need for people to act with the best. The speakers also mention the use of a stick shift car row and the importance of action in Hellfire.
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Welcome to a ride along we have with a special guest who each share half is when you share with us along with a modern myself. And the topic of today's discussion, which we are completely winging it is surah.

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Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically a chapter on the surah. About the Battle of the Trench during the time of the Prophet Muhammad has the full content I am not aware of, because I don't know the surah.

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So the story is basically this every year in Ramadan, we go over. For the past two years, we've done with Chef Woody asuni Oven Hola, we read books of the year. And this year, what we did was we read sort of the last up.

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So the idea is, is that what we do is we'll read from different books. So different collections. So every week we'll take a different author. And it's beautiful, because you get to you get to understand a little bit what the methodology of what it ought to be, for example, how does he write and what does he focus on? What does even cathedral what this SFC for example? What did he specializes in? These clauses all in Arabic? Yeah. Because you're not gonna, most of them aren't even translated. So you're just gonna, what we do is we basically just read, okay. And you're reading and I hear about this last this guy attacks, but it's like, I can't benefit because I don't

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For us who do understand Arabic? Yeah, I mean, say I can get by in the conversation maybe. But

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how did they get

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knows I just remembering the last time I said the word don't Syria, Syria, sorry, which is racism. And I was like, I don't understand what does the mother of Syria have to do with everything that I was

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talking about?

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So that was my clicker. is about as good as my Oh, to do.

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I'm gonna mask

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this mask. But hey, that's about it. All right. Clap your hands.

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Clap your hands. Somebody put their hands.

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There we go.

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Welcome back.

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Double check, because this was half battery. All right.

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I don't know how much we lost in the last one. But

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You said change your battery pack, like less than three minutes. And but anyway, we're talking about and my inability to purely understand academic Arabic, and how this guy is able to turn all these cool classes, and LaRochelle for lead. So I had wanted to just share like three or four

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gems from basora

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that I really enjoyed. So one is, this one actually was something that was shocking for me, okay. So, you know, sort of the law has obviously goes into the story of Eliza. And then an Ottawa. He's got to be he has, you know, he spends a lot of time discussing Sierra. And so he tells the entire story of Elijah from like the beginning to the end. And then he has a narration in there, which as we were reading, I'm like guys stop, because everyone just kept going over it. They just went over and they just kept reading.

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And you know, the story of Azov after the Battle of allies up side of Newmont dies. Yes. Great companion. An absolute aside. Here's the bowler is amazing. I don't know if he's a baller, but he was the leader amongst the unsought. Okay. And he you know, there's absolute like, legend this guy. absolute legend below the line Ottawa. So, Saturday night passes away right after the battle. And I should there's a narration that'll put you mentioned from Asia that I showed on the line that she says, other than a sort of loss of lesson them. I never saw a man who was more handsome than sad didn't. And everyone just keeps on reading. And I'm like, hold on, guys. Hold on. I was like, what I

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was like,

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Do you skip over this guy? No, not just how do you skip over the narration itself that I showed up the line? Hold on one more minute is saying that this man was exceptionally handsome. I have never seen anyone who's more handsome than him other than also love some of the lies. And I was like, is it really like, the Mother of the Believers would say, say something like that publicly. And both of you would just write it and everybody would just read it. Like it's something that's normal. Like, how would you imagine?

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You know, imagine like a sister saying, Oh my God, this brother is not oh my god, but this brother is like the most handsome person other than my husband. Like what our culture allow for something like that to be set.

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And everybody's like, you're just, you know, we're being weird. I'm like, No, this is I don't think this is acceptable than our

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Culture anymore. And so that was something that just really, you know, it stood out to me because their culture was pure hearted. And so that allowed for them to engage each other in a way that we don't allow for ourselves. And rightfully so because of the fact that we have so many ulterior motives. We have negative connotations behind the things we say negative connotations behind the thing and say, our hearts aren't as pure. And so you'll find the ways that those have interacted with each other, the male and the female, you find that they interacted with each other with

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greater frequency, because they had greater innocence. So like Gavin mnemonic, he talks about how, in his story of his repentance after the Battle of the book, he mentioned in his, you know, telling of his own story, he says that, you know, he said, I'm the wife of the province that Elijah said, she was really concerned about my affair, like my issue, like the fact that he's like, she was really concerned. And so when the revelation came down of him being his repentance being accepted, he's telling the story, how it was revealed in the house of him set him up, and how upset him I said, O Messenger of Allah. Like, no relation to her. No. Okay. But they live on that I know,

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building not lived in the same building, they didn't have an apartment complexes and stuff like that.

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He just knew that she cared a lot about the fact that he was being boycotted by the Muslim community. Okay, you know, so, like, there was this brotherhood, there was a fraternity amongst the Brothers and Sisters in Islam during that time, which you don't really find now. Because, again, it's we deal with each other with a lot more distance, because of the fact that, you know, we all have to guard ourselves. So anyway, that was the first thing. The second is the verse where Allah says, well, but she didn't want meaning another home and Allah He felt like caveolar tell the believers give them glad tidings that they have from Eliza Jen.

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Great Bounty, great grace from Eliza, lots of fevers. And so I remember what he's saying that this is a verse that people who are active in Dawa, they really, really, really need to remember, because we're very much about warning people.

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Everybody's going to the hellfire, everybody's around police.

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See that?

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And he says, you know, Allah is telling us that we should.

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We should be people who give glad tidings to people and let them know that the Lord that they worship, he is the bestower of incredible fever and incredible grace. So don't always be you're going to hell.

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Essentially, the province says Michigan went out to the field of St. Louis.

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He says give glad tidings and don't repel, and make things easy. And don't make things difficult.

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What was the next one? The other one. And this really was just amazing. We got to hibbett cathedra at this point, by this time in the sort of reading with you, okay. And there's like book by book. Yeah. So we're just like you're reading for one week we read from A to B in the next week, for example, we read from a tableau. We go through the whole song in one week. No, no, you're not reading it again. And again, you're just reading, for example, the first 10 verses. Okay, so you just choose different books to read from that. Yeah. So you're just hopping around. And so by the end, okay, read that they've seen of the surah. But from different sources. Okay, I got to get

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different. So it's like one to 10. Week one, two to 20. Yeah. Oh, like 11 to 20 the next week, but it's a different source. Exactly. Okay. That's interesting. He gives different so does it give you like different angles? And that's kind of like watching, like a,

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like a collection of short films on the same topic, but from different directors of each film.

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Okay, that's a good enough. Or how about this be not? It's like watching one of those episodes where the same situation happens, but from the different vantage points of the different characters. It was that but you're in the story at that point. Yeah, we're talking about different people who presented the story. You're right. You are right. Anybody see The Animatrix? You know what I'm talking about?

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Okay, somehow I took the roar for Gotham night. The next verse though, which was amazing was, Allah says, In the Surah

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will have the innate meaning or may not be Lady Macbeth subwoofer for the

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movie and those who harm the believing men and the believing woman with other than what they've done. When they have taken upon themselves slander, and manifests in the people who accused the believing men and the believing woman, you accuse them of something other than what they've done. Gotcha, okay.

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Then they have taken it upon themselves to commit slander and

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manifest sin.

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All right, now, if you can see he mentioned the Hadith in history.

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See it of that verse but the hadith is weak. The hadith is the province of Christendom says, Do you know what the most deliverer of Riba is?

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The most labor of riba Okay, the most Xirius of usury okay, what is the worst river that you can do based on interest? What is the most compound of it? And he says that which you take from the dignity of a Muslim

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that which you incur of the honorable Muslim interesting because it means to increase so, it's like what you exaggerate what you Okay, well, you take of a Muslim right? And you just think about that because

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look how many conferences happen look how much stress and energy is exerted in this issue of interest?

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Right and how much people try to avoid even you know, the dollar

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is it yeah, look all right.

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We're not entering

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the action sorry guys. Maybe you shouldn't hold the stick. Well, is that a stick shift car row whatever. putting your hand on it? I can hold the microphone

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hold the microphone

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Good. Well, we had our action scene at least we yeah, we got our action seat in I mean, that was hardly an action scene. You should see what I'm driving by myself dude go the wrong way

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for Lane traffic going the opposite way.

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So the most serious of usury Is that what you take the honor of you're Muslim and so Shefali the comment that on that and he said

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you know the look at how much people you know they they're concerned about

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and the province a little I do send them he said he didn't say that the thing that will most enter people into the Hellfire is the did hum into the anon. But the thing that will most enter the people into the Hellfire is their tongues Nice. Scary but really that's like

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how easy we type things how easy we tweet things how easy we say things

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and those are the things that take us into the Hellfire the most

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the last thing that really stuck with me is the last verse

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of sort of

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Realizer just says the beloved when I feel data and when I feel bad when we should again or should God we have to but law who I didn't mean and wouldn't want me not

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so much action in One Drive. I really need to get like a suction cup thing you really need to

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because I'm like driving so slow and so gingerly. Same time, dudes taking turns left and right. Going down the wrong way make a U turns in

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San Antonio All right. San Antonio, here we come