Ridealong – Last Will, and Hajj on Mars with Belal Khan

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The speakers discuss hedging and the importance of having a will in the future. They mention a discussion about hydrogen and the need for people to write a will in their will. They also talk about hedging and the importance of having a will in the future.

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Welcome to a ride along with Ahmad and Bilal, we are here on our way to message Medea to do an event with a model called redemption. Tomorrow never ends tomorrow that Brendan's redemption. No, it's called tomorrow and the redemption of God and humanity. Okay. Yeah. I don't even know what it's called. Anyway. So it's all good. It's all good. Yeah. So yeah, we're actually on our way to pick up one of the guys who's gonna be with us. So you might see him crawling to the back somewhere, or the trunk if he doesn't want to be on video. Exactly.

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So we're gonna make him sign or at least for him.

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So one of the thoughts that we had that we wanted to talk about was, last will and testament and hedge, especially considering the hedges around the corner. And one of the thoughts that I had in my mind, I'm gonna mention it, because we're actually coming from one of the discussions that took place last night with Dr. salaah, Sally, about the subject of hedge. Yeah, so he was talking about hydrogen, he was talking about just one of the ways to prepare for how just to have a will. And he was mentioning how if you have anything to be bequeath, or anything that's deserving of, whoa, hold on. He said, no short term, then make a U turn.

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That you should have a will that you shouldn't spend two days or go two nights without having a will. So you should have a will, if you a have something to give to.

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You have a responsibility that, you know, people don't know about. So it's something that you know, just between you something you've been taking care of someone no one knows about. So you should write it down so that that responsibility can continue after someone else can take it. Or three, you have a debt that needs to get paid. Who doesn't have that? Yeah. So you have in a debt society, though.

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Everyone's in debt. Yeah. Honestly. say most people, yes. So if you owe people money, kind of, you know, at the funeral prayer, you kind of depend on just everybody standing up, or like the the family of the of the deceased saying, Guys, by the way, if anybody owes this person, any money, please come up to me. But you should have a more systematic approach than that you should actually have a will. And if any, your family are able to look at that well done and know exactly who you owe money to, so that they can go ahead and take care of it. How many people will show up to your funeral? And will that be enough to cover your debts.

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Or some people go in debt in their funeral,

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in the sense that their family take on an incredible amount of debt. That's another thing I just saw. I mentioned last night, he said that some people, their funerals are literally as extravagant as their weddings. Like they pull out all the stops for funerals. And he was saying that, Oh, that's another thing that he mentioned that you should put in your will, if he said it's recommended that if you're if you live in a society where the Sunnah is not followed with regards to funerals, he said, it's, it's recommended that you simply write in your will, that I am free, in front of a lot, I am free from whatever these people are going to do. So if they're going to ball out at your

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funeral, and they're going to bring drums and they're gonna bring all sorts of, you know, festivities and stuff like that. But beyond the Sunnah, he said, it's recommended that the person simply write that in their in their will, that they're free from all of that. I was asking what is hedging? Wills have to do with each other? And it's like, back in the day, like today? Yeah, you booked a ticket, you get on a plane, you go and come back. Yeah. Back in the day, it's like, is the person ever gonna come back or not? Yeah, the hundreds, the journey of a lifetime.

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It's like, I just want to think about that what would be

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and that's why they would delay Hajj until like, almost the end of their life, right? Because this is a journey that I'm going to interrupt my life for. And I don't know if I'm going to come back, then let me just push it till the end. You know, and that's how we became culturally, you do hedge at the end of your life, you don't do it at the beginning. But now that it's become so safe people just in their 20s people in their late teens go and do hedge. It's funny, though, because like, even when the younger people I mean, I don't know if you experienced this, but like, whenever when I said I was going, the folks were like what, you've committed so many sins that you gotta go. Yeah. Well,

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you probably did.

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I'm just trying to say what would be the equivalent of something like that now, what? Where somebody is like they're going on a journey of a lifetime. And they don't know they're going to return. I don't think there is anything I always think of the mind is going to Mars. What's the ruling on sulla and hives and all these other things if you go to Mars?

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All right. Well, that wraps up this wrap right along discussion. Make sure that you have a will if you don't, if you've got anything to bequeath if you have something to be queasy, you don't know who to become

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isn't to highlight your boy. I'll be there for you if it's a debt handed over to be that he'll take care of it.

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oh peace, love and air grease or whatever

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he's loved. What is it is may you be blessed peace, safety, security and freedom now and in this article, you should put that into your own

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thing I'll just use it

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alright guys